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    Going Rogue Ch.7 Deluxe – Ker


    Going Rogue Chapter 7 Deluxe by Ker, Going Rogue by Ker is an adult game about The protagonist graduates from the police academy, and under the pressure of circumstances is forced to agree to work undercover, to infiltrate one of the gangs. You will have to make difficult decisions, which will determine the development of the plot and the lives of other characters. Kill an unarmed drug dealer to prove your reliability to the mafia? Leak information to the police, at the risk of exposing yourself? Disappear from your ex-partner’s life, or let her know you’re okay? And so that you can relax a bit between making serious decisions, there are three main romantic options in the game.

    Updated: 2023-05-14
    Release Date: 2023-05-14
    Developer: Ker Patreon – Steam – – Twitter
    Censored: No
    Version: Chapter 7 Deluxe
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dcg, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, combat, creampie, dating sim, drugs, exhibitionism, groping, handjob, humiliation, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, mobile game, ntr, oral sex, point & click, prostitution, romance, spanking, teasing, vaginal sex

    1. Extract and run.
    Chapter 7
    401 renders, 10000 words, and 14 animations.

    Chapter 6

    • Dialogues – 12000 words
    • Images – 366 rendered + 18 animations
    • Code – 2650 lines

    Dialogues – 8500 words
    Images – 340 rendered + 16 animations
    Code – 2000 lines

    Dialogues – 10000 words
    Images – 438 rendered + 16 animations
    Code – 3000 lines

    Chapter 3
    438 renders.
    9500 words.
    11 animations.

    2022-01-02 Chapter 2
    A small update of the second chapter. Contains a few corrections, changed a few scenes, added a teaser of the third chapter.

    Chapter 2
    453 renders.
    9000 words.
    7 animations.

    Chapter 1
    640 renders, 500 animation frames, 2000+ lines of code.


    This content contains optional NTR.


    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For MAC
    Download For Android

    Download For Unofficial Android
    Download For Compressed Win/Lin
    Download For Compressed MAC
    Download For WALKTHROUGH Mod
    MEDIAFIRE *For Ch7 **Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into “Goingrogue-Chapter4-pc” folder. Or copy or move all the files in the mod’s “game” folder into “Goingrogue-Chapter4-pc”‘s “game” folder. Overwrite if it requires
    Download For Gallery
    MEDIAFIRE *Replay gallery unlock, to use download the file as a .rpy into the game’s `game` folder

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