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    Love of Magic [B1 v1.0.5d + B2 v1.0.12][Droid Productions]


    Love of Magic B1 v1.0.5d + B2 v1.0.12 by Droid Productions, Love of Magic Game “We thank you for your application to the Master of Arts in Applied Thaumaturgy (Evoc.) at Edinburgh University. After careful consideration it has been determined that you are hereby admitted to the 2019 intake.”

    Love of Magic Game is welcome to the world of Magic, where demi-Gods drink in your local pub, and the great grand-daughter of King Arthur is your study-buddy. Fight your way through the Paths of Elsewhere, romance a variety of gorgeous women, and discover your destiny.​

    Updated: 2024-03-17
    Release Date: 2024-03-17
    Developer: Droid Productions – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 1.4.0 (Book 1) 1.0.8b (Book 2) B1 v1.0.5d + B2 v1.0.12(Book 3)
    Length: ~35-45 hrs
    OS: Window, Linux, Mac, Android
    Language: English

    3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Mobile game, Groping , Handjob, School Setting, Tentacles , Teasing, Virgin, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys
    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Click on “Rogue-Like.exe” to start playing.
    Book 1 NG+ : 1.6.4c

    – Fixed Day104 continuity issue

    – Removed the TTS widget if TTS isn’t enabled

    – Added Spankbank entry for Jenny’s new event
    – Fixed Bella in incorrect outfit at the Beach Party
    – Set up Act6 to save to both act6.ngp1 (new game+ version) and act6.sav (normal version) so it’s still compatible with Book 2
    – End of Act screen now loopable

    Book 3 – 1.0.2d

    – Added map exits for the various Elsewhere rooms, in case anyone gets stuck there.
    – Fixes for people starting Book 3 without a Book 2 savegame:
    – Opens up the old hunting grounds
    – Opens up the demon hunting groups
    – Bella’s fully upgraded
    – Akane’s shadowhunter gear unlocked
    – Default loadout now includes storybased gems from Book 1/2 (Shield9 from Emily, Rage9 from Bella, Lightning9 from Thor)

    – Fixed a bug where you could risk not getting RP if you started a save without having an existing savegame
    – Fixed a bug where you could tell Zenia about Matthew ahead of time


    – Fixed Fia’s conversation Day <220 referencing things that hasn’t happened yet
    – Fixed up some issues related to Large icon/large text accessibility mode
    – The opening video now plays immediately, without the sliding box first.
    – Typo pass

    Act XIV+

    – Typos and cleanup
    – New feature system on the main menu

    – Rewrote the debug interface to be cleaner and easier to use
    – Ported over the debugging interface for achievements, and added that to the new interface
    – New event: Dylan at the library (post day 250, assuming you’ve completed his Scouts questline)
    – New event: new encounter in Elsewhere, day 255+ (assuming you’ve done the little mermaid quest)
    – New crowley event (Night time, at least 2 days after visiting Bellanoch in book 3)
    – New KD event, night, after Dylan shows up with Katie.
    – New KD event, evening day 222+
    – Completed Glade’s secret quest

    – Updated one of Akane’s animations
    – Some more typos

    – Fixed typos
    – Fixed restarting a game from Save/Load screen
    – Fixed not being able to read Diana’s books from the tea house

    – Akane recurring sex (requires buying outfit, day 222)
    – New sequence while eating if Akane recurring sex done

    – New event (day 222+). Buying outfit at dress express

    – Two new events (Drinking at night, Crowley)
    – StatsUI now shows ingredients again

    – New book from Diana
    – Can now sell ingredients to Chloe
    – New event drinking at the Crowley

    – New video frame for end of act XIV
    – Chloe lingerie event

    – Molly shoes event

    – Fixed a bug that could stop the birthday celebration if you bought the necklace on the day itself
    – New Sarah event at the university, at least 2 days after doing her belly dance scene
    – New item you can buy at the Crowley, after you buy lingerie for Emily. (Doesn’t trigger the follow-up scene yet)

    Act XIII+

    – Typo pass
    – New video for Emily’s lingerie session
    – Some image tweaks
    – Fixed text for some of the quests

    – New event with Emily, evenings in the Great Hall, after purchasing new lingerie for her

    – New event day 222+ in the Dojo in the evening, after meeting KD
    – Typo pass


    Act XII+

    – Typo fixes
    – Fixed DxP not opening a second time

    – Mionor main menu tweaks

    – Fixed a potentially broken connection on day 233 conversation
    – Fixed Adrian’s name not being auto-set
    – auto-set uses
    – added an explicit quest for Sarah
    – Updated the A Court Divided Quest info
    – Shibari ropes conversation now correctly removed after you buy it
    – Changed upsell to go to Book 3

    – Game+ now works again
    – Release candidate for Act XII+

    – New event in Bellanoch (any time after the opening sequence)

    – New conversation in the teacher’s lounge at the University
    – New conversation in DGN1

    – New Quest, You Raise Me Up. Trigger from Facial software at night, after completing the new Jenny event
    – Fixed the attachments from Email sorting below the rest of the computer UI
    – Typo pass

    – New event at Crowely. Talk to Chloe 2 days or more after talking to Ian.

    – New Elsewhere roaming creature

    – New roaming creature on Elsewhere map
    – Fixed molly butting in to the conversation with Zenia

    – Fixed Dylan’s quest not progressing.


    Book 3

    – Typo fixes

    – Removed some text in the first meeting with Kulbir
    – Minor typos
    – Hid the castle bedroom
    – Hid the repeating sex
    – KD is not a valid travel target from KD
    – Boxing bags now show up all the time, even when Katie’s hanging out in the room
    – Crowley drinking now recurring, and not allowed in the morning
    – Fixed a bug where video speeds could carry on into the next video cutscene
    – Once you run out of Diana’s books there’s no longer an option to read it
    – correctly saves end of act auto-save
    – fixes incorrect default music for Jet

    – Kulbir’s drinking session at night now gated to minimum day 204
    – Typos fixed up

    – Added code to fix a bug where sometimes rolling back a conversation will cause the characters to disappear.
    – Speeded up transitions a little and reduced fade in times/pan
    – New small conversation with Olivia, and a recurring ‘tail’ until something new happens
    – New small conversation when you Facial mom
    – New small quest/dialog at the gate
    – Rewrote x-fading and entry-transitions for characters
    – Standardized how reading Dylan’s books work in terms of hiding and restoring characters
    – Shifted Hannah’s trip to the Evening, since mornings are in short supply
    – New Emily spine for the blue court dress
    – Fixed Dylan re-joining the party

    – New conversation with Kulbir, after talking to him at Castle Prime after day 204
    – Removed the old kingdom events

    – Typo pass
    – Fixed Merlin’s Ghost not having a name
    – Fixed exit from KD being blocked
    – Fixed a bug where hannah could show up at the basement before arriving at KD

    – Rewrote the character loading code to make it smoother and less likely to bug out
    – New day 211 event
    – Small new event re-visiting Katie in the gym
    – Fixed missing quest entries and officially tied them off
    – Dylan joins your party after the meeting in the library.

    – Minor typos and fixes

    – Fixed broken addressables
    – Start Game screen no longer stretches at ultrawide resolutions

    – Reverting lost content.
    – Day 213 end of content
    – Fixed bedroom being always open
    – Fixed CTRL/Space not being usable in the collar ui and letter ui

    – Added a final event for Day 213. XIII main storyline is now done, on to side-content.

    – Day 213.

    – Day 212 complete

    – End of day 210

    – Opening day 210

    – Fixed Load from day loading to the correct rooms

    – Pendragon Inc now requires an explicit keyword to be set
    – Drinking at the KD will time out
    – Fixed a bug where zenia wouldn’t return after a conversation
    – Fixed a bug where Merlin’s tower wouldn’t stay open after day 208
    – Added an explicit quest for Arms Dealer II
    – Updated the next sequence of Dylan’s quest-line
    – Fixed having met Dylan before talking to Emily about him causing his next convo chunk to not trigger

    – Fixed up dylan’s questline, extending it a bit
    – Fixed up Pendragon Inc being accessible before day 210
    – Fixed a bug that would make Zenia non-recurring
    – Updated Dylan’s questline, triggered by talking to Zenia
    – Fixed a bug where you could talk to Olivia about book 2 occurances
    – Fixed a bug where you could facial mom at Late Night
    – Fixed a bug where Molly would be wearing the wrong outfit after reading in KD (making her invisible)

    – Fixed Emily talk day 205
    – New Dylan event after talking to Emily
    – New Zenia talk advancing Cooler than a jedi knight
    – Fixed some sandbox issues (late night events triggering, etc)

    – Day 207 event shifted to 208
    – New small event Day 207

    – New day 205 update
    – Fixed wiki links going to the wrong locations

    – Fixed some bugs in Molly’s new KD scene

    – Typo pass
    – New outfit for Molly
    – New dancing sequence drinking at the King’s Dragon
    – Day 207 opens up Merlin’s tower (skipping over 205, which still needs to be finished)

    – New dialogs at Merlin’s tower
    – New dialogs at Castrum Prime
    – New morning day 204 content
    – Zenia now reporting for duty day 204+

    – Broken camera scaling fixed

    – Shaking off the hex with a brand new version number
    – fixed up the precaching to use the camera cross-fade to hide loading
    – fixed up the broken elsewhere camera
    – removed zooming sequence when exiting elsewhere/overworld

    – More camera transition fun. Should work now

    – Fixed transition camera into and out of elsewhere
    – Fixed waiting for image caching between scenes
    – Fixed some recurring activities not taking time

    – Partially done quests cleared out at a new game
    – You can now drink/read in the crowley and KD
    – Fixed Ian letting you read at the cafe night
    – Fixed Diana letting you shop at night
    – Tweaked the camera to make it less zoomy (some people were complaining about motion sickness)

    – New diana dialog
    – New book from Diana
    – Pendragon Inc disabled by default

    – Katie now reverted to pre-red devil state
    – Emily reverts to opening book 2 state
    – Bella loses her shield buster round
    – Pendragon Inc now hiddene from a fresh play-through
    – typo pass
    – Added a guard on the KD dialog (dependent on completing Little Favor in Book 2)
    – Added a guard on the day 196 dialog with Katie (dependet on having bought her the fire gem)
    – Calendar starts on the opening day of Book 3
    – fixed ordering a coffee in Edinburgh soft-locking
    – Cleaned out Chloe’s old content

    – Closing down unused sandbox content
    – A new game will now hide unavailable rooms
    – Removing unused companions
    – New Aura system, some enemies give bonuses to other enemies while they’re open
    – New event with <KATIE> in the gym in Edinburgh

    – Made Book 3 use its own system save file
    – Starting a new game from ingame now cleans up state better

    – Fixed up some typos

    – New event day 203

    – New event the first time you return to Edinburgh
    – New event day 202 morning

    – New calendar event, timeline advances to morning day 200
    – Day 198 event now advances time

    – New event in Private Library
    – Emails that were never sent removed from the Computer
    – Added exit back to KD from bedroom
    – Removed unusable places from Map after use
    – removed issue where one-time events in Elsewhere could be re-triggered

    – Removed icon from portal in Crowley
    – Added sleep icon for bedroom

    – Fixed video aspect ratio issues on high aspect screens
    – Fixed some typos
    – You can now buy coffee in Starcucks day 198+
    – New little one-time event on the paths
    – New event with Adrian in the library
    – New event at the Offices (next to the Lecture theaters)
    – New Facial sequence from PC
    – Sleeping now returns you to the right bedroom
    – Updated the King’s Dragon bedroom visuals

    – Day 197 evening
    – Day 198
    – New event at Starcucks
    – Sandbox open for play… need to clean it out.

    – Finished day 196
    – Day 197 morning

    – Finished day 195
    – Day 196 morning

    – Fixed a bug where a new player doesn’t set the initial default names
    – Introduced the first pass rage mechanic

    – Forked Book 2’s codebase, cleaned up unused assets
    – Set up start with new savegame, and load from save
    – Day 194 night complete
    – Day 195 morning complete.

    Act XI: Book 2 Complete

    Book 2

    – Fixed the Lancaster cardback not triggering (Triggers after Katie’s whisky bottle side-quest)
    – Fixed the second Bella cardback triggering (day 194)
    – Toxic shock base poison reduced (300->200). After doubling it now doesn’t clear poison stack applied

    – Typo fixes
    – Kingdom Events no longer takes up a timeslot
    – Fixed a bug where having left the Black Rose questline half-done in Book 1 could soft-lock the Coffeshop in book 2
    – Toxic shock gets an upgrade, and now triggers the poison, after doubling it
    – Doubled max number of savegames to 512
    – Fixed a bug when copying wallpapers out to pictures folder.

    – Adrian event at Crowley now takes time
    – Typo and spellcheck pass
    – Fixed a bug where changing card-backs in Elsewhere would disable the map
    – Can now go hunting in Elsewhere morning and evening to give players more time to grind if they want to.

    – Added in a Game+ mode caused by loading the end of Act XI savegame
    – Added a quick-jump icon in the computer to open up local save folder
    – Typos fixed.

    – Added a “story so far” video that’s optional triggerable from the starting sequence on a new game

    – Fixed Supply 2 not ending cleanly if you had sufficient MP to meet demands
    – Fixed some typos
    – Steam versions now load the steam store in the overlay, rather than in a separate window
    – Fixed using the correct SteamID

    – Content complete
    – Completes Neutral Grounds (requires finishing Warthog, then going to Crowley at night 2 days or more later)
    – Typos fixed

    – Chairwork with Akane and Molly now only at night
    – Akane’s dance routine now only at night
    – Lord tiers (SpiderQueen, Chort, DeepDweller) are now immune to stun
    – New conversation with Draco at the fireside, completing Natural Born Killer
    – New converstion with Diana at Crowley (night, day 120+)

    – This time *really* fixed up the missing enemies added to the combat table
    – Expanded the range of when higher tier enemies could show
    – Bumped up stats for some of the higher tier enemies

    – Fixed the new enemies not being added to the combat table

    – New enemies (Daemon class, level 80+). Chort Soldier, Knight, Lord
    – New enemies (Daemon class, level 90+). Deep Dweller Soldier, Knight
    – New enemies (Daemon class, level 100+). Deep Dweller Fire Lord, Ice Lord, Toxic Lord
    – Tuned treasure tables for book 2 tiers
    – Fixed a possible logic hang bug in Molly’s card back delivery
    – Small new event with Adrian, between meeting Xochi and the wedding. Crowely at night

    – Travelling salesman is in and working.

    – Finished In Alis Vicimus!
    – Fixed a bug that could cause scripted poker sequences to fail to trigger correctly.

    – Introducing the travelling salesman (still need to set up his convo and inventory)
    – Fixed flickering in gem UI
    – Fixed some achievements not triggering
    – Fixed MC not being correctly centered on elsewhere map

    – Re-rendered MC’s Elsewhere sprite in higher resolution / more angles
    – Fixed end of Act X saves not loading cleanly
    – Added achievements

    – Fixed MP not updating in the UI

    – Barricade 2 event
    – Supply cache I, II and III events triggering from Zenia
    – King’s Dragon upgrades all now take 7 days
    – Fixed Pendragon Inc’s background looking incorrectly in the quicknav the first time you enter
    – Expanded quickjump nav to have up to three options (if there are three character options available)
    – New Military Points system added. Points are given by completing certain quests, kingdom events and regular story events. Check out Supply I/II/III for intended implementation
    – We have an actual launch date! 31st May, 2022…. let’s go!

    – Removed strategy game for good. RIP.
    – Fixed up incorrectly tagged memories
    – Fixed up Val’s memory UI being incorrectly setup
    – Finished kingdom event Barricade, and added a new Barricade 2 event
    – Zenia now appears in the Round Table room after recruiting the Brotherhood (day 157+). She will be giving out new Kingdom events for MC, using the Quest A Matter of Supply
    – Added collectible card backs

    – Fixed a bug in the memory files not being cleanly saved

    – Full memories updated
    – Removed Thor from event with Katie
    – Now closing the Grand Alliance after meeting day 134
    – Now closing Payback after dispatching Oleg on trip with Dylan/GF
    – Barricade event now works
    – Fixed UI in end of book scene
    – Re-rendered Entrance video day 194
    – New event: Limited Protection
    – Typo pass

    – New event day 187 night (Katie questline, dependent on having met Aino)
    – Story complete for Book 2

    – Hope Returns cutscene at the end of the Book 2 screen
    – New event day 185 night (Katie questline, dependent on having met Aino)

    – New video for the ride into Mexico
    – Fixed missing end of Act X and XI savegames

    – Fixed a typo in the last line
    – Fixed an animation day 194 not triggering

    – Fixed Chloe’s eye animations

    – Fixed a missing image
    – Updated Chloe’s end of game video

    – Day 192
    – Day 193
    – Day 194
    – End of Book 2 sequence

    – Katie events that don’t involve MC no longer takes time
    – Day 183 morning event

    – Fixes a potential bug on day 190 if you don’t have Molly in your party

    – Swapped Beta branch to Development (for volatile code)
    – Day 184 complete
    – Day 190 complete
    – Day 191 complete. End of content for now.

    – Fixed poker battles at late night causing the frontend UI to update


    Download and play each book in order.Download and play books in order 1 -> 3


    Book 3 (Act XI-XVI)

    Download For Win x64

    Book 2 (Act VII-XI)

    Download For Win x32
    Download For Win x64
    Download For MAC
    Download For Linux

    Android 0.2.21b is >2GB, and needs to be slimmed down. 0.2.5b still playable:

    Download For Android (v0.2.5b)

    Book 1 (Act I-VI and New Game+)

    Download For MAC
    Download For Linux

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    The storytelling and the world-building are off the chart here. Combine with great graphisms and interesting combat gameplay, and this goes right to the top of my list. Very impressive work, I'm looking forward to the next update.

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    The storytelling and the world-building are off the chart here. Combine with great graphisms and interesting combat gameplay, and this goes right to the top of my list. Very impressive work, I'm looking forward to the next update.Love of Magic [B1 v1.0.5d + B2 v1.0.12][Droid Productions]