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    Unyielding 2 v0.0.25 by MercenaryMage


    Sequel of the game Unyelding, Unyielding is a transformation based RPG game. Catelly happened to be a hardened mercenary before the curse and refuses to lose to it.​

    Updated: 2024-04-11
    Release Date: 2024-04-11
    Developer: MercenaryMage Patreon – MercenaryMage
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.0.25
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Language: English
    Other GamesUnyelding
    Genre: multiple protagonist, 2d game, 2dcg, vaginal sex, big ass, big tits, turn based combat, adventure, lesbian,

    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Click on “UnyieldingPC0.2.12.exe” to start playing.
    Added Low Kicks
    Added Exile Battle
    Added Adorable (NSFW, one SFW image)

    Added At Loggerheads
    Added Contest (SFW artwork)
    Huge combat tuning pass!

    Added Chores
    Added Unwind
    Added Safety
    Added SFW art to More Slimes
    Added NSFW animation to Town Dinner
    Circular HP bars!
    Card previews!

    Added art to NSFW version of Dirt Games (SFW, confusing, right?)
    Added SFW art to The Shore
    Added Starting South
    Added Griffin
    Added Stories
    Navigator rework
    Skip to combat button
    Nerfed the hardest fight in the game

    Added SFW art to bar hop
    Added Quick Swim
    Added Dirt games
    Added Training (NSFW and SFW, 5 NSFW pictures)
    Arcade mode polish extravaganza

    Added Prayer Street (combat)
    Added Prayer Alley (combat)
    Added Bar Hop (SFW and NSFW, 7 pictures)
    Added SFW art to More Skeletons
    Added Card Gallery (It’s on the landing page!)
    Added temp art to Arcade mode
    Drastically improved loading time to Gallery and NSFW scenes
    Polish, polish, polish

    Added Horses
    Added Reach the City
    Added Figurine Shop
    Added Lunch
    Added Meteor Shower
    Added 2 tidbits
    Added SFW art to Tea Time(the second one)
    Combat recap rework
    Added frogs
    Added Lillypads
    Added catails
    Added sign posts
    Added floating rocks
    Clicking moments with art in them no longer lags the game

    Added Road Slimes (fight)
    Added More Slimes (fight)
    Added Sunny Day
    Added Shelter (NSFW, 2 pictures)
    Added 2 NSFW pictures to David and Sara
    Added 6 tidbits
    Minor combat animations

    Added Cleric Exchange
    Added Mage Exchange
    Added Trevor
    Added NSFW art to David and Sara
    Added SFW art to The Shack
    Reworked block
    Anne got her facial expressions fixed

    Added NSFW art to Two at Once
    Added art to David vs Sara
    Added The Fourth World
    Added Confrontation
    Added Warrior Exchange
    Added hard mode to about 3/4 of the fights
    Team D is available in story mode
    Added wagons

    Added Tower Foyer
    Added Missing (fight)
    Added Tea Time
    Added an image to Two At Once (NSFW)
    Added an image to Ravine Dinner (SFW)
    Added screen transitions
    Added sharks where appropriate
    Added Minerva as a navigator
    Change discard to be more clear

    Added Knights (Battle)
    Added Shamans (Battle)
    Added Two At Once (NSFW, 2 art pieces)
    Added an animation to Anniversary (NSFW)
    Added art to The Bridge (SFW)
    Reworked tutorials
    Added environment art to all story mode maps
    Added butterflies to many maps
    Reworked character selection UI

    The full change list between 4 and 9 would be very long, so the quick summary is:
    22 new scenes, 4 of which are NSFW
    15 new art pieces, 9 of which are NSFW
    15 tidbits
    2 new backgrounds
    2 new songs
    Android builds
    Combat can be disabled
    New AI
    Mulligans in combat
    Team C in story mode (Trevor, Pepper, Rose)
    Team D in arcane mode (Fox, Anne, Cotton)

    What Changed:
    Beginnings Day
    The Ravine Entrance (fight)
    The Ravine Exit (fight)
    The Ravine Party
    The Shore
    Bandit Skirmish (fight)
    Bandit Skirmish again (fight)
    SaraAndLenette2NSFW (NSFW + picture)

    Dane got his hot weather outfit
    Lenette no longer has 4 eyebrows when serious about things
    Added NSFW content warning and filter
    Added an NSFW picture to Sara and Lenette (the first one)

    You can now pick your combat team in story mode, including your navigator
    The Troubleshooters are added to everyone’s team that has finished book 1
    Fray is added to everyone’s team that finished book 1
    Leveling up is now in story mode
    Fights now drop loot
    You can change your items in story mode and deck in story mode
    Nerfed hobgoblin boss fight
    Added two tutorials for combat: Navigator and team page
    battle debris now disappear when looking at tactical information to reduce clutter
    Added water rock models
    Added plank models.

    Merry Christmas!

    Added 8 tidbits
    Added Book 2
    Added The Road West (fight)
    Added Goblin Hunt (fight)
    Added Goblin Showdown (fight)
    Added Sara vs David (NSFW + picture)
    Added Pray
    Added Reach Halfway
    Added Parade
    Added Provisions
    Added Horse Trading
    Added Leave Halfway
    Added Goblin Skirmish 1 (fight)
    Added Goblin Skirmish 2 (fight)
    Added Sara and Lenette (NSFW)

    Added saving and loading
    Added UI to story page
    Added message log (scroll wheel in scenes to see it)

    Everyone got facial expressions

    Arcade mode got 2 new event art pieces.

    Fixed so many resolution issues.


    This is NOT a Genderbender game and The backstory is a composite of several of the endings of UY1.


    Download For Win
    Download For Mac
    Download For Lin
    Download For Android


    It's very good, the game is a tattical card game rpg. you chose a party of three characters with different bonus and spent cards to move inside the map and attack, or conserve for a special combo.

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    It's very good, the game is a tattical card game rpg. you chose a party of three characters with different bonus and spent cards to move inside the map and attack, or conserve for a special combo.Unyielding 2 v0.0.25 by MercenaryMage