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    Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma [v0.1.75] [ASLPro3D]


    Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma v0.1.75 by ASLPro3D, Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma is a game about weeks before the Antichrist comes into power and aware of a rapidly approaching war, Karma seeks to gather those she believes she can trust in an effort to try to repair the damage that will soon be done to the Tapestry of Fate…

    Will Karma be successful in her mission to undo the damage that the Antichrist will inflict to the timeline and to the Tapestry by changing the Fate of his nephew William?

    Will she still be able to deliver onto William the punishment that he deserves to keep the Balance she’s been entrusted with?

    As forces gather, with intentions of their own, will those she’s entrusted be successful in their mission before the Threads of Life have unraveled beyond repair? Only YOU will be able to decide!

    Once all of the introductions to the cast of characters have been completed and all of their relationships, motivations and goals have been determined by you in the Prologue, it is now time for you to witness the results!

    In the Main Game of “Adventures of a Changed Boy” you will assume the role of YOURSELF, working as an Agent of the goddess Karma and meting out the punishment that she has planned for William/Billie!

    With the gifts given to you by the Goddess of Balance, you will be able to make further choices in the lives of both the Antichrist’s Nephew and his Niece!

    Will William find a way to return to being himself again? Will he side FOR/AGAINST his Uncle, the Antichrist? Will Claire be able to expand the field of potential allies for her Uncle, the Antichrist, including his own children, or will she succumb to years of mistreatment she’s suffered at the hands of her own family?

    Only you’ll be able to decide their FATE and try to change DESTINY and try to REPAIR the damage already done to the Tapestry of Time!

    Updated: 2020-09-18
    Release Date: 2019-06-11
    Developer: ASLPro3D – Patreon 
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.1.75
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Previous Game: Wicked Choices: Book One

    3DCG, Corruption, Domination, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Lesbian

    Planned: Anal Sex, Cheating, Corruption, Domination, Drugged, Exhibitionism, Female Protagonist, Femdom (avoidable), Futa/Shemale (avoidable), Incest, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Multiple Protagonist, Toys, Vaginal Sex, Rape (avoidable), Voyeurism

    – Extract to desired location.
    – Run.

    v0.1.75 (Remastered Chapter One)

    New Graphics and Menus for the Remastered Game and Game Title
    New Story, Characters, Artwork, Sounds and Music Added to the Original Story
    Completely New Software, using the Framework and UI System from the Remastered “Wicked Choices: Book One”

    v0.1.5 (June ‘Tech Release’)

    Character profiles

    • Main Menu only has access to Profile and Biography information.
    • After a save is loaded all characters gain a ‘Relationship’ tab, this tab gives you an idea of how characters feel about each other. Characters may feel differently about each other depending upon your choices.
    • Characters the player is in-control of also gain a special section on their profile: “Their story so far”, which is a more detailed summary of the story based upon your choices
    • Saves can now be named.
    • (PC/Mac) Replaced Quick-menu with icons, when you mouseover them a tooltip will appear and clarify what each icon stands for.

    Bugs squished

    • Flag for honesty in the bath, has been fixed. (Some paths may prompt a choice to be given upon loading an old save/finishing the chapter.)

    First Release (2019-05-05)

    Q: What happened to “Wicked Choices: Adventures of a Changed Boy”, why the change?

    A: To be honest, too many complained and didn’t want “Wicked Choices: Adventures of a Changed Boy”, which was meant to be a side-arc project/story while we worked to build “Wicked Choices: Book Two” into an RPG Maker game, which is no longer happening… ALL “Wicked Choices” games will remain in and be done in, Ren’Py.

    Plus, honestly, there are a lot of fans that have said that they’re not interested in controlling and punishing William for the things that he did to Claire.

    Q: But I was looking forward to messing around and tormenting Claire’s brother, William… that’s why I became your Patron, for the Gender-bender/Sissy/Futanari content!!

    A: GOOD NEWS, you will still get to do all of that in this SEQUEL if that was what you were looking forward to do!! By merging “Wicked Choices: Adventures of a Changed Boy” into a good chunk of “Wicked Choices: Book Two”, you will get to do all of those things, if that is your desire, and ALSO have a direct sequel to “Wicked Choices: Book One”.

    Q: Wait, you are saying this is a direct sequel to “Wicked Choices: Book One”, then why is it called “Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma” and not “Wicked Choices: Book Two”?

    A: Easy answer, because it is a DIRECT SEQUEL to the game series of “Wicked Choices” but this sequel has a different MC than the Antichrist or Princess Lynara… this had always been planned and was to be part of “Wicked Choices: Book Two”; but when discussing it with others it was decided it would be too confusing for players to be playing as one MC, playing as another MC (Antichrist) or another (Lynara). Instead, cut those parts out, combine it with “Wicked Choices: Adventures of a Changed Boy” to make a full sequel game (“Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma”) that won’t be nearly as confusing.

    Q: So, in this “Direct Sequel”, I won’t be playing as the Antichrist or Princess Lynara? Then who will I be playing as?

    A: You will be playing as YOURSELF… YOU… the person who likes to spend part of their free-time in life playing “porn games”. If your real name in life is ‘Alex’, then ‘Alex’ is the MC of the game. The person who likes to visit and subscribes to Patreon/Steam for porn games to play, or who likes to visit pirate sites to download porn games… YOU… you are the MC of this game.

    Q: I don’t get it, you mean “I” will be the MC in the game? How does that work and how do “I” fit into the story?

    A: In “Wicked Choices: Book One” the Antichrist used his power to change William’s FATE… if the Antichrist (or you making choices for the Antichrist) hadn’t done what he (you) did to William, then Fate’s and Karma’s plans were for William to DIE!
    BUT… the Antichrist (you) changed that and in changing his FATE, the ‘Tapestry of Time’ got messed up and the FATES of others have been changed as well… just from doing what the Antichrist (you) did to William.

    There are people now who are going to still be talking to and interacting with a person (William) that SHOULD’VE died; by being alive when he should’ve died, William is changing the world and people around him… which never should’ve happened!
    The same way that Lazarus did, when Jesus raised him from the dead… in short: The Butterfly effect.

    For example, instead of dying like he should’ve, William helps a little old lady make her way across the street… a nice gesture, for sure, but what if that woman was supposed to DIE while crossing that busy street?

    If William had died like he should’ve, that little old lady would’ve died like she should’ve as well… but, since he didn’t, she didn’t and, as a result, the ‘Tapestry of Time’ (or fabric of time) has been completely changed and needs to be repaired… to set things RIGHT again!

    Q: Okay, a bit confusing, I get it… but how am I supposed to fix it? Am I supposed to kill William now?

    A: No, even killing William now won’t set things right, the damage has already been done… at best, all the Fate’s and Karma can do now is mitigate the damage.

    The best way to do that is select someone that has the skill and talent in making quick decisions for ‘key individuals’ to make and alter those people’s lives to try and balance things out… and… well… who better to make rapid decisions than a gamer, particularly one that is skilled in making mature decisions and altering the destiny of characters… after all, that’s all that life really is… a big game filled with constant decisions that need to be made with multiple paths and outcomes.

    And, again, who better… a person who enjoys playing adult porn games, who can be morally ambiguous and who has a bit of a devilish streak in them?

    Q: So, what are the changes that have been done and why am I needed to clean up the mess? What is the storyline?

    A: The release of power from the Antichrist, by changing William into whatever you changed him as (if you played “Wicked Choices: Book One”) has created a very large ripple… not just in Time, but also magically, which others will notice.
    Furthermore, the changes done to William by others who knew him, before he changed, are also going to draw attention from those who seek to control… or kill… the Antichrist.

    As such, there are those who are going to want to get their hands on either William or Claire to use as leverage against the Antichrist.

    Additionally, there are also others there who would like to explore and understand the changes that were done to William and use that knowledge for their own dark purposes.

    Q: Okay, so how is this going to work, gameplay wise?

    A: Your mission, should you decide to take it, will be to choose from 1 of 3 characters each game day that you are going to follow and influence their decisions and what happens to them. Each character is vitally important to repairing the damage done to the ‘Tapestry of Time’.

    As you play those characters, you are going to find them AND YOURSELF in a pretty big conspiracy that includes the Antichrist’s brother-in-law! By using any of the 3 characters that you can impact, you can uncover what it is and, maybe, put a stop to it… or help the Antichrist to find out about it and let him deal with it!

    Gameplay wise, the remaining games of “Wicked Choices” will be done as Semi-Open Sandbox games. And, in “Agents of Karma”, you will select what character that you wish to follow and influence for the day… you can go about living their lives, pick who they talk to and interact with, as well as, influence what they are going to do for that day… think of yourself as their ‘Guardian Angel’ (or ‘Little Devil’) for the day.

    The bottom line: Your choices for THOSE CHARACTERS, while helping Karma and the Fates out, is going to DIRECTLY INFLUENCE your abilities and life when you return to playing the Antichrist/Princess Lynara!

    So, choose wisely!

    Q: What 3 Characters will I be ‘controlling’?

    A: Actually you’ll only be controlling yourself and just influencing the others… but, once you’ve been introduced and settled into the new situation (both through the game’s prologue and from Karma and Fate), you will be introduced to the three characters that you will be influencing who will be:

    Emiko (or Emi for short) Fuwa, Claire Crawford-Davies or William Crawford-Davies (in whatever form you choose for him).
    As mentioned, each day you will pick the character that you’ll tag-a-long with, each character’s days will be different and there will be some crossover with some of the other characters during that day, but each character will have a different story, events and mission that you must help them discover, succeed or fail (the choice is up to you).

    Using the powers that have been bestowed on you by Karma, Fate and one other, you will have a variety of abilities that will help you in this… from temptation, influencing and also hearing their inner-most, private thoughts.

    And… the choices you make will FOREVER change that character for the rest of the remaining game series!!

    Q: What if I only want to just ‘influence’ one person in the whole game?

    A: You can do that! If you decided to only follow ONE of the characters through the entire game and influence them, the results of the other two characters will default to a preordained and determined outcome, which will be reflected in the following games.

    Q: What if I want to ‘influence’ all of the characters in the whole game and not go with a default?

    A: We are still working it all out, but it is our hope that we can create a way so that the players can play the other characters if they want to and those choices are kept and saved. I am going to have to do a really serious breakdown and pathing system to the game before we know if it can be fully done and integrated… but will keep you updated on that as we move forward.

    Q: This sounds pretty involved and that it will take a long time, what about “Wicked Choices: Book Two”?

    A: In truth, for the most part, this IS “Wicked Choices: Book Two”… because the staff, and some of those that we’ve shared information with about our plans for the story, felt that the game would be too convoluted to have 3 MC’s running at the same time in the story, it was decided to break “Wicked Choices: Book Two” into two parts…

    So, the best way to think of it as is this: Think of “Wicked Choices: Book One” as “Wicked Choices: Rise of the Antichrist”, think of “Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma” as “Wicked Choices: Book Two, Part A” and the follow up of “Wicked Choices: Familial Choices” (tentative title) as “Wicked Choices: Book Two, Part B”

    Q: What about the “Prologue” to “Adventures of a Changed Boy”? What happens to that?

    A: The “Prologue” will continue as it was meant to, as it was always part of the sequence of events that sets up “Wicked Choices: Book Two”, including setting up all of the new characters that the Antichrist and Lynara will be interacting with, including possible romancing characters.

    Q: So how long till the next release? I am really looking forward to the next game and want to know when it comes out!

    A: After we get everything changed (artwork, FAQ, the Android version out for the Remaster) and other things over to the new game (“Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma”), I will be jumping right back in to finish “Chapter Two” of the “Prologue” and get that out to everyone, with all of the new signage and stuff added.

    Q: How long is it going to take to tell the whole “Prologue” to “Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma” now?

    A: The “Prologue” with all of the new characters, back story and setting everything up is going to take 6-8 chapters to tell, we are almost done with “Chapter Two” which is going to need some tweaking… but figure it to be 6-8 chapters and then you will be injected into the next release as YOURSELF and an Agent of Karma.

    Q: Why do we need to wait for the “Prologue”? Why can’t we just start playing as the “Agent of Karma” now and skip all of the other stuff??

    A: First, I have to tell the story in my own way and make sure that things will make sense to everyone. Second, it is really going to take time to script out all of the sequences of events that each character will undertake each day, ahead of time and make sure that they crossover where they should and that the universe feels alive and vibrant for you the player.

    Q: What will the release schedule look like for that game when it comes out.

    A: I don’t know, depends on how quickly I can plot everything in advance for each day/week, write it, assemble everything, inject it in, pose it, render it and turn it over to be edited, programmed, mapped and have sound and music installed, then tested… I will have a better idea when I get to it and when we’ve gotten all of the pieces in place and I’ve gotten the “Prologue” done.

    Q: Last Question… will these games have animation in them??

    A: Yes. Though, right now, it takes a lot of time to accomplish because I am not one to be satisfied with just four or five images strung together to make a herky-jerky animation, but will be adding animation to the rest of the series where appropriate and try to make it enjoyable for all of the pervs (like me) out there.



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    So far it is off to a great start, not much to say just yet but going off the first game it should be very good if not great. I think you should play the first one first.

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    So far it is off to a great start, not much to say just yet but going off the first game it should be very good if not great. I think you should play the first one first.Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma [v0.1.75] [ASLPro3D]