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    The Agnietta ~Healer and the Cursed Dungeon~ [v1.05][B-flat]


    The Agnietta ~Healer and the Cursed Dungeon~ v1.05 by B-flat, The Agnietta ~Healer and the Cursed Dungeon~ is a game about Demyra the healer is on a mission to purify the Agnietta Cursed Dungeon. Along the way, she may encounter all sorts of lust-filled demons looking for a pure virgin to impregnate. Will Demyra escape all the traps in the dungeon just waiting for an innocent girl to be their victim?​

    Updated: 2023-05-28
    Release Date: 2023-05-28
    Developer: B-flat – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: v1.05
    OS: Windows
    Language: Chinese, English (more info in changelog)

    2d game, 2dcg, adventure, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, combat, corruption, creampie, exhibitionism, fantasy, female protagonist, groping, monster, multiple penetration, oral sex, pregnancy, rape, tentacles, vaginal sex, slugs, facehuggers, clothes ripping, combat struggle, hypnosis, birth, lactation, yuri/lesbian (implied), semen pools, voiced, English (WIP).
    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run

    Steam Release

    Streamline and organize game resources to improve game runtime and speed.
    General Bugfixes.
    Beta 0.95 English translation.
    Added Outworld Fountain.
    Added status “Outworld Blessing”.
    Remake the tiles near the entrance of dungeon

    ※Update content: The plot that inside the big gate of the central goddess statue
    Boss fight: Stoneman 2
    The CG scene of defeating from the boss fight
    New passive skill: the power of shadow core
    Fixed bugs
    EN translation
    Added a single CG (such as the preview image of this article), without any conditions, you could watch it directly on the second page of the gallery.
    Fixed the problem of game error after Shadow CG.
    Fixed the problem that the menu cannot be opened somtime.
    Fixed the problem of black screen after using teleportation ring.
    Fixed the area judgment of melee attacks.
    Reduced the number of CG triggers required to obtain the skill “Shadow Dash”.
    Fixed the problem that the brainwashing tentacle could not trigger the reverse movement.
    English translation of all texts before Beta 0.90.0
    Complete overhaul of the English text: fixing typos, grammar, and linebreak issues, thanks to DarkMoonTranslations. (hes gonna read this :KEK: )

    Beta 0.90
    Priest BOSS Battle
    Phara’s side quest end
    New Skill: Shadow Dash
    New Skill: (Making spell charging faster)
    New Item: Teleport Ring
    Two sets of CG related to Phara
    One CG for the side quest ending
    Side ending: they became xlaves
    English translation of all texts before Beta 0.88
    English translation of all texts for the CG scene in Beta 0.90
    BUG repair and system optimisation

    Beta 0.88.0
    The left half of the Crused Corridor
    2nd state of the shadow monster
    A CG related to shadow
    The update of the corresponding painting
    The cheat of automatic complete the side quest
    English translation of all texts before Beta 0.86
    BUG repair and system optimisation


    • New story: the failed escape event in the underground maze
    • New full-body drawings
    • New scene: Altar of the Goatman Priest
    • New CG: Sacrifice
    • New CG: Succubus
    • New ending: the ending of the succubus
    • New clearance reward: Passive skill “The Fallen Prestige”
    • The magic array of the underground maze can restore HP now
    • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.80
    • BUG repair and system optimisation


    • New NPC: Phara
    • New side story: the relics
    • New main story: escape from the underground maze
    • New posture: arms binder
    • New full-body drawings corresponding to new posture
    • New trap: invisible tentacle ropes
    • New scene: Abyssal Cage (Inside the big gate), underground maze
    • New enemy: the goatman priest
    • New CG Event: the tentacle seedbed event with the brainwash and tentacle suit.
    • Improving the loading speed of the status bar
    • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.78
    • BUG repair and system optimisation


    • The appearance of the tentacle pantie has been modified
    • The tentacle pantie now divided into two states: inserting and rubbing
    • New full-body drawings corresponding to the equipment
    • New side story: goatman capture experiment – part 2
    • New CG Event: blow-job & tit-job for goatman event
    • Adding the function of the dreaming (Now you can summon the invisible worm and the parasite here)
    • Add some fetish options: pantyhose will not disappear when naked, pregnancy is prohibited, always show butt view , always show cross-sectional view.
    • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.77
    • BUG repair and system optimisation

    ※New equipment: tentacle pantie
    ※New side story: A chest that respond to the desire
    ※New side story: goatman capture experiment
    ※New CG Event: blow job for goatman event
    ※New skill: capture
    ※New full-body drawings corresponding to new equipment
    ※Adding the function of the dreaming
    ※Partial New scene: Abyssal Cage (Lower-half)
    ※English translation of all texts before Beta 0.73
    ※BUG repair and system optimisation


    • New enemy: Black shadow
    • New CG Event: tentacle suit event
    • New full-body drawings corresponding to the new enemies
    • New full-body drawings corresponding to the Mimic when Demyra wears tentacle suit
    • Menu reading speed has been greatly improved
    • Adding the function of the dreaming, now you can wear the tentacle suit in there
    • Partial New scene: Abyssal Cage (Upper-half)
    • Some old CGs were modified some little problems
    • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.70
    • BUG repair and system optimisation

    v0.7 Beta
    -New equipment: tentacle suit
    -Tentacle suit-related take-on and take-off plot
    -New enemy: Invisible worm
    -New CG Event: Invisible worm parasite event
    -Womb parasite system
    -New full-body drawings corresponding to the new enemies
    -Fixed: Now the goatman can knock Demyra up
    -New enemy: baby goatman
    -Partial New scene: Abyssal Cage
    -New scene: Semen path
    -English translation of all texts before Beta 0.67
    -BUG repair and system optimisation

    v0.67 Beta

    • New CG Event: Black Tentacle Sleeping Rape event
    • New enemy: Nipple sucking worm
    • New full-body drawings corresponding to the new enemies
    • New scene: Withered Ruin
    • New Skill: Dash
    • Fixed: Modified the difficulty of Goatman battle
    • Fixed: When Demyra fails to sneak, the fence opening conditions are relaxed
    • Fixed: Some English texts boundary problems
    • English translation of all texts before Beta 0.65
    • BUG repair and system optimisation

    v0.65 Beta

    • Skill assembly and disassembly system establishment
    • The new female protagonist can directly masturbate manually if it is lewd enough
    • Added a CG for the gang rape case of a goat head imprisoned
    • New enemy: the establishment of a sheep head (both holding a knife and holding a bow)
    • Changes in the vertical drawing corresponding to the new enemy
    • Capra settlement stealth plot
    • Modified poison gas totem pole blocking effect
    • Modify the mode of action of the phallus
    • Poisonous gas totem pole fainting event
    • New scene: part of the accessible area of Capra settlement
    • New scene: Capra gathered in the prison (upper half)
    • New Skill: Blue Blade Qi (Reverse)
    • Small black house function strengthened
    • Improved archive display information and statistics of play time
    • Englishization of text before Beta0.6
    • BUG repair and system optimization

    Use F1 to reassign controls.
    Password: [email protected]





    A guide on how to get all of the unique experiences this game has to offer (version 0.94)

    Full of spoilers, obviously.

    CG’s usually have 2 descriptions, one virtuous and one corrupted, depending on how far along corruption is. If you’re collecting all, make sure you save the game before letting any creature rape you, and then letting it happen 3-4 times so you’ll also get the corrupted version. Then reload the one where you’re still a virgin and move on.

    1. “Knocked down by slugs”

    Can be done in the very first room. Let yourself be knocked down by slugs, then don’t get up. If you’ve got 2 groups of slugs on your body, then find a third and it will quickly remove your clothes and health. When you fall down and you’re playing the uncensored version, you’ll get the CG.

    2. “Attacked by huggers”

    This one is slightly harder, because it takes quite a bit into the game until you find places where you have just huggers, instead of huggers and slugs. Huggers are the creatures that sometimes come from eggs and are like the creature you see in “alien” movie wrapping around head (or also waist in this game).

    The easiest and earliest place to unlock this is from the beginning screen, going north twice. (of course you need to unlock the second north by following both the east and west paths and pulling their switches).

    Once you do get to the place north twice from the start, you can let one hugger attach to your body, leave the screen, come back and let another attach. Once you’ve let two attach, the third one will just attack. Be sure to kill the slugs first so you ensure the hugger instead of the slug CG.

    3. “Hot spring tentacle”

    From the third treasure room (the third time you meet the stone guy, just beyond the capra village), you can go south and then south west. There is a tainted bath and if you go into it, you’ll get this CG.

    4. “Swallowed by giant slug”

    You can’t get this one if you’ve already defeated the giant slug. You have to start a new game in that case. There’s a giant slug in the flame area and if you let it (b)eat you, you’ll get this CG.

    5. “Captured by mimic”

    Going east twice from the first new unlocked teleport location, you hit the first treasure room with stone man. Going east from there you’ll see a chest that is really a mimic. Let it catch you and don’t escape and you’ll get this CG. Like the Giant slug, you’ll have to restart if you’ve killed both mimics. They don’t respawn. If you’ve only killed this one, you can still get it by losing to the mimic in the capra village.

    6. “Ambushed by tentacles”

    If your health is low and you walk on top of one of the damaging tentacles in the semen pools, they’ll grab you instead. There’s additional versions than just corrupted/virtuous for this: They’ll be slightly different if you were still wearing clothes or were already naked.

    7. “Become tentacle seedbed”

    After tentacles ambushed you, there is a big dangerous one that follows you when you try to escape. If you fail, it will turn you into its seedbed for a while. This also makes the game easier as tentacles will treat you differently after.
    This has 3 versions instead of the usual 2: If you are wearing the buttplug, or put it on during the escape, you can use the purple crystal to teleport to one of the treasure chambers. If you chat with the stone man, he will tell you that you can also willingly offer yourself to the seedbed. You can teleport to it with the purple crystal and volunteer being a seedbed, you dirty whore.

    8. “Goatmen gangbang”

    Losing a fight to goatmen in most places results to this. There are a couple of places where something uniquely different happens instead.

    9. “Sleepsex with the giant black tentacle cluster”

    Find the big tentacles of the tentacle path, let yourself get hit by them. Thanks Whotfisthis

    10. “Parasitized by invisible snake”

    There are a couple of invisible snake near the end of the game. Let them defeat you and put a parasite in your womb, and you’ll get this one.

    11. “Tentacle suit backfire”

    Wear the tentacle suit and get your health to 0. The tentacle suit is obtained by going south from the 3rd treasure room where magic doesn’t work and continuing south east and following the path until you find a place where there’s a kind of grating on the north wall and if you put your hand in, the tentacle suit will attach to you. Ew.

    12. “A little experiment”

    If you keep talking to the stone man and doing the things he asks you to do, he’ll ask you to capture a goatman at some point. He’ll teach you a new spell and he’ll tell you you need to be wearing the tentacle suit to power the spell. The spell is very short range, and the first time you try it, it will fail. You have to talk to him again, then find a goat again, and this time it will work at trapping a goat. Walk back to the stoneman, and you’ll get this CG.

    Talk to him again, and he’ll ask you to do it again. Do it while wearing a hypno hood (those things that shoot pink mist and attach to your head and sometimes make your movement go haywire), and you’ll get a different CG than the first time.

    If you are having trouble unlocking this, put on the tentacle suit before talking to him. If you can’t put it on, corrupt yourself until you can (get fucked a lot).

    13. “The sacrifice and the succubus ending”

    Quite far in the game, there is an insanely strong goatman boss. When he defeats you, you’ll be imprisoned with your arms bound behind in strappado position. You can escape behind the boxes and arrive in a new area. If at that point you’ll lose all health or have one of the goatmen spot you, you’ll get the succubus ending.

    14. “Get help from anita”

    Get a penis wasp between your tits, go to the stoneman, cast his spell. Then talk to anita. Thanks Whotfisthis

    15. “Black Shadow Corruption”

    One room before the final boss fight, you have paths east and west. On the west path, there is a dark room with a chest. You’ll be warned before going to the chest. If you don’t heed the warning, you’ll receive the black shadow corruption CG.
    Alternatively, lose to the big black shadow creature that roams the halls in the same west maze.

    16. “Captive pet ending”

    Fight the goat priest together with the mage woman and lose.

    To get to the fight you have to:
    * Find the sword-parry technique in the cabra village prison
    * Talk to to phyra, the mage woman with the robe
    * Get defeated by the mega goat priest (essential for progression anyways)
    * Go back to where you defeated the priest and pick up the fragment
    * talk to Phyra again
    * Teleport from her to the boss fight

    17. “Stuck in the wall”


    Stuck in the wall CG is in the Withered depths. West direction from the Statue/crystal in the abyssal ruins.

    When you reach the withered ruins area, some passages need you to crawl to get ghrough them. There’s a pulsing tentacle knot on those paths that, if not destroyed, trigger the ‘stuck’ cg when you enter a narrow crawlpassage.

    Also the bath cg also occurs in the withered depths, you encounter two baths, the first is the normal bath, the second one in the next room is the corrupted bath that triggers the other cg.

    There’s also another set of cg related to the stoneman defeat where you say yes instead.

    New event in 0.95 when you are defeated by shadow!demyra


    18. “Bath attack”

    There’s some chance of being attacked when taking a bath with semen on you. It doesn’t seem to be a very high chance and it seems to happen more often the more corrupted you are.

    19. “Chinese name”

    This is the ending if you choose “no” at the stone man boss after losing.


    Other notable secrets:

    A. Tentacle nipple

    Have the creature that attaches to your nipples and talk to stoneman. He’ll suggest going to secret village. If you do, you can find a brazier that you can lit on fire on the far west side of the map (easiest way is to crawl through the hidden spot in the left wall in the beginning). This will give you a unique tentaclebased nipple and buttplug creature attaching to you. If you safely go back, the stoneman will teach you how to milk yourself. Keep bringing him back milk and the quest continues.

    B. Milkable cow slave

    Alternatively, you can let the goats catch you both before and after you’ve activated the brazier and they’ll start using you like a fuck-cow. Escaping is possible, if you can figure it out, but otherwise you’ll live being led around on a leash, being fucked by goatmen, and milked. The area is a little bugged: if the goats capture you on the east side of the map, most of the tileset goes haywire and you’ll have to walk around without being able to see the floor. Get caught on the east side of the map, and you won’t have that problem.

    Even if you completely continue to fuck up escaping, you’ll eventually automatically escape. You can teleport back for more.
    Warning: don’t teleport out of there with the ring, it causes errors. Also save before going there. I’ve often had a permanent pregnancy that never ended when being impregnated during these events.

    C. Slug teleportation

    If you teleport the goatman after having been used by the slugs, he’ll similarly offer to teleport you there.

    D. Tentacle panty

    If you’re sufficiently corrupted, you can talk to the stoneman and he’ll recommend that there is a chest that seems empty, but has something in it only for the truly perverted. Then from the 3rd treasure room go south and then keep going east. In the area with chains where there used to be shadows, there is a large chest somewhere with a tentacle panty in it.


    Keywords: Download The Agnietta ~Healer and the Cursed Dungeon~ Game.


    Great game so far, corruption is well integrated into gameplay and the character window. Combat handles well enough, you can get overwhelmed (pretty much stunlocked) if you're not careful, but I think that's on purpose, and it's completely manageable.

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    Great game so far, corruption is well integrated into gameplay and the character window. Combat handles well enough, you can get overwhelmed (pretty much stunlocked) if you're not careful, but I think that's on purpose, and it's completely manageable.The Agnietta ~Healer and the Cursed Dungeon~ [v1.05][B-flat]