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    Randel tales  [v1.5.14][Bunis]


    Randel tales Beta  v1.5.14 by Bunis, Randel tales is a game about the story takes place in Merdian. A magical land with elves, dwarves, goblins and many other creatures but merdian has been under attack by the devil kings army for centuries.
    You are a young boy who was taken in by a merchant and brought to randel, a small town.You have no memories of your past.

    You then go out to train as a soldier and also join the towns adventures guild.
    You meet a lot of beautiful girls along the way and you get to “romance” them (*cough* bang *cough*).

    Randel tales is sandbox type game made with renpy. Yeah since its early in development its ui needs polishing and i still didn’t implement the point and click feature but all of these will be implemented in the future. The combat is not rpg style, it’s choice based.

    The choices will greatly impact the game as you reach the end it will also shape up your character. some choices may lead to character deaths and you’ll be unable to progress their story so be carefull.

    Updated:  2024-05-04
    Release Date:  2024-05-04
    Developer: Bunis Patreon – Discord
    Censored: No
    Version: v1.5.14
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
    Language: English

    Fantasy, Medieval, magic, corruption, Romance, Ahego, Harem, Anal sex, Creampie, Rape (OPTIONAL!), BDSM, Lesbian, masturbation
    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run
    1.5.14 Premium

    -Added extra dialogue during Cynthia and Thea’s quest to account for the routes added since the dialogues were written.
    -Changed the way some of Scarlet dialogues work to account for having studied during the first days.
    -Changed the line of dialogue that happens when you don’t go to Boris’ class on time.
    -Changed one of the tips during Taliya’s route.
    -Fixed bug with Lori’s quest.
    -Fixed bug with talking with Gabe.
    -Fixed bug with the hothead trait and playful trait being mixed around.
    -Fixed bug with the text in the tip screen which made it exit the page. Previous changes weren’t reverted to fix this bug.
    -Fixed time not moving forward after the glob quest.
    -Fixed time moving to night after talking to Eve about the ledric.
    -Fixed bug with Taliya’s tips header staying after finishing her route.
    -Fixed checkered background when skipping the intro straight away before any scene is shown.
    -Fixed some typos and grammar.
    -Updated the dialogue in Yakina’s first appearance after the cave quest.
    -Updated the sprites during Milly’s birthday.
    -Update Evelyn’s blushing sprite when she finds out you’ve read her diary.
    -Updated Thea’s and Evelyn’s sprites in the ending scene.
    -Updated the questboard to include current Diamond+ patrons, updated the credits.

    Beta 1.5.12

    -Added a new track during one of Gabe’s events.

    -Changed the first tip for Lori’s route.
    -Changed the text in the tip screen to be wider to allow for more text to be displayed.
    -Changed slightly the position of choices so that they fit better on the questboard.
    -Changed the way traits and personality are stored to make my life easier. Shouldn’t cause bugs.
    -Change the dialogue during the first scene of the Voyeur quest.

    -Fixed bug with Lori’s quest not starting (I think?).
    -Fixed bug with a line about Nadia appearing after the Mine quest even if you didn’t meet her.
    -Fixed bug with XP not showing properly in the stats menu.
    -Fixed Eve’s old sprite appearing during Zenelith’s quest.
    -Fixed bugged skipping symbols.
    -Fixed some events not skipping time properly.
    -Fixed more typos and grammar.

    -Updated the splash screen.
    -Updated scarlet’s lecture CGs to match her new sprite.

    Beta 1.5.9
    – Changed the way stats work to feel more realistic.
    – Fixed all known bugs.

    Beta 1.5.4

    -Added Easy Mode!

    -Changed the amount of XP given by the monsters in the Forest.

    -Fixed bug with returning from conversations in the Elf Village.
    -Fixed but with the Elf Village quest repeating infinitely.
    -Fixed bug with navigation icons at home sometimes not working.
    -Fixed bug with the navigation icons still existing under the map.
    -Fixed textbox being offcenter in the tablet version.

    Beta 1.4.5

    -Added an animation to replace Gabe’s handjob scene.
    -Added (finally) all the tips for Evelyn’s route.

    -Changed the way to get the anal scene in Zenelith’s slave route. Check the walkthrough for more info.
    -Changed the duration of the wait for the elf duel. Formerly 7 days, it’s now 8 days to coincide with a full moon cycle instead (from a full moon to another full moon it’s 8 days), this is to make it easier to complete without the walkthrough while also increasing the consequences of a bad ending.
    -Changed the consequences of not getting the good ending. Not getting the good ending will lock you off Evelyn’s route.
    -Changed the way the history test works. Now you won’t be locked from accessing the academy again if you lose.
    -Changed some lines related to the functioning of the Academy, the History Test, and the Adventurer’s Guild (you will notice most changes during the whole history test shtick.)

    -Fixed problem with Gabe’s tips not appearing anymore.
    -Fixed (theoretically) problem with the fourth line of text getting cut off on android.

    -Removed a few of the annoying “Do I like Gabe…?” choices.

    Beta 1.4.3

    -Added a presplash to look fancier.
    -Added a tutorial at the end of the introduction (can be skipped by skipping the intro or even just clicking a few times) which can only be seen once.
    -Added one track to accompany said tutorial.
    -Added some flavor text to account for the changes with the Butterfly minigame.
    -Added a text that explains that buying twig isn’t possible in the current version of the game.

    -Changed the Bronze-Rank event with Pete to not be triggerable at night.
    -Changed the Butterfly mini-game with Triss to be less rudimentary and challenging.

    -Fixed bug with timidMC and related.
    -Fixed Wallcrawler Infestation quest not giving the right amount of money.
    -Fixed bug with Gabe complaining about being lied to in regards to Thea when you didn’t even get clothes from her… which, wasn’t a bug. Someone just forgot to code and write that possibility.
    -Fixed bug with wrong amount of money being given after hunting.
    -Fixed (hopefully) bug with the last scene in Zenelith’s route.

    Beta 1.4.2

    -Added a new h-scene at the end of Taliya’s route and added back the old scene as well!
    -Added extra lines of dialogue when fighting Taliya without a blindfold if your sword level is high enough. The last fight now has more than twice the content.
    -Added a line to clarify the passing of time when traveling to Zenelith’s shack.

    Changed the game’s icon.
    -Changed the fighting minigame in Cynthia’s route to work like the one in Taliya’s.
    -Changed boar hunting so you aren’t forced into the guild afterwards to avoid being forced into events you might have been trying to avoid.
    -Changed back the CG in the first quest with Cynthia because the new one made less sense in context. Will be added back once fixed.

    -Fixed missing whip sound.
    -Fixed missing backgrounds in Zenelith’s romance route.
    -Fixed possible bug with the Guild in relationship to Evelyn.
    -Fixed bug with high sword levels and the fighting minigame.
    -Fixed bug with catching too many Alpha Falcons leading into not being able to get the bronze badge and being locked out of anything guild-related.
    -Fixed a sequence break with Gabe’s training.
    -Fixed the day not moving forward after two events in which a whole day passed (twice in Cynthia’s route, once in Gabe’s, )
    -Fixed time passing when it shouldn’t when you’re forbid from going to visit Zenelith.
    -Fixed time always being Afternoon after vising Zenelith before saving Eve.
    -Fixed time not passing when having sex with Gabe at her house.
    -Fixed a bug with the MC sprite at home.

    Reduced the game’s size by 60%

    Beta 1.4.1+0415

    -Added two h-scenes for Taliyaexpanded her route lightly and changed its ending.
    Patreon version now has a button that automatically unlocks the entire gallery!
    -Added Taliya’s route CGs to the gallery.
    -Added 6 new tracks, one of which replaces the main theme in the menu after finishing the game!
    -Added a new interactive menu at home!
    -Added a story option related to Twig.
    -Added a new mouse pointer.
    -Added some missing lines regarding Thea when talking with Uncle Pete — Also added an option regarding Taliya.
    -Added a sound when selecting things in interactive menus such as the map and the home screen.
    -Added more of Thea’s images to the gallery.

    -Changed Pete’s hut code to make it tidier.
    -Changed so Taliya is permanently gone after you finish her route.
    -Changed the leveling-up system slightly.
    -Changed the nice font we had before for another that supports Chinese and Russian characters.
    -Changed the size and width of the text to account for the new font.
    -Changed the guild’s background image!
    Changed radically the UI (for the better)!
    -Changed the code for when music and sfx are played so that MTL is easier.

    -Fixed a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar.
    -Fixed a bug with a label during Zenelith’s romance route.
    -Fixed the home screen which wouldn’t update under certain consequences or be greyed out.
    -Fixed ghost images in the gallery.
    -Fixed the bug where the note regarding peeping Thea remains even after deciding to stop.
    -Fixed the bug with Thea disappearing in old saves (partially.)

    Removed TEMPORARILY cheats, they’ll be back in one of the next bug-fixes.
    Redrawn an old Cynthia CG in her first event.
    -Slightly polished Thea’s sleeping CG so that now she’s got hands.

    Public Beta 1.3.1

    -Added a new route for Taliya! It is made up of over 20 unique CGs, 3 different h-scenes, a new minigame, and 20k more words of dialogue!
    -Changed the way the map works to make it nicer and fix a bug with the map when opening it at home.

    -Fixed some spelling errors.
    -Fixed a few wrong character labels during dialogues.
    -Fixed the bug that looped text forever if you went to the forest in the evening.
    -Fixed the bug that occurred during Cynthia’s training.

    -Noted that older saves might get a bug with Sander’s Stealth training. Since this works in newer saves and isn’t essential to progress the route, I’ll put it at the bottom of the priority list.

    Beta 1.2.6

    -Fixed the error with “mcBold”
    -Fixed Sander’s training and Thea’s molestation not working properly.

    Beta 1.2.2


    Beta 1.1.3

    -Added the ability to leave Uncle Pete’s shack after having entered it without talking to him.

    -Changed the remaining mentions of “Merdenese” to “Astyllian”

    -Fixed zenblush not being defined.
    -Fixed the MC skipping a scene where he learns a spell in the Slave route.
    -Fixed an option at the end of Zenelith’s romance route that didn’t give you an option to have sex.
    -Fixed the missing image after the first time having sex with Zenelith in the slave route.
    -Fixed the bug that let you repeat the gifting scene in Zenelith’s slave route.
    -Fixed a bug with the UI after selecting “Use” in the Zenelith’s slave route.
    -Fixed minor visual bug with the journal icon.
    -Fixed most “End of Day X” not being white as they should’ve.
    -Fixed the bug with the permanent blank text box after Triss’ quest.
    -Fixed some more spelling errors.

    -Improved the Book of Monsters search functionality.

    -Minor improvements to the introduction, the Way of the Voyeur quest, the Mine Quest, the Brozne Part, and Triss Quest.

    Beta 1.0.6

    -Added “Beta” to the version names. Sorry SemVer fans, I play Minecraft.

    -Fixed more instances of the missing “suprisedblushmc”.
    -Fixed the exp to level equation not working as intended.
    -Fixed the bug with the tag during Cynthia’s route.

    v1.0.5 Public

    -Fixed some progression-breaking SyntaxErrors
    -Fixed some undefined character tags
    -Fixed missing Skip Intro button
    -Fixed misspelt show statements
    -Fixed a misspelt jump label
    -Fixed another instance of a missing Gabe sprite

    -The game now weights about 200MBs less than the previous public version without loss of content or image quality.

    -Added a new storyline related to Thea and Cynthia.
    -Added 2 h-scenes and 2 repeatable h-scenes.
    -Added more favorite food options.
    -Added different reactions to your level when Cynthia questions you at the guild.
    -Added a new scene with Sander in the forest.
    -Added the ending of the first part.
    -Added a music track.
    -Added two sounds for the opening screen.
    -Added Rin Est’s splash screen to the beginning.
    -Added most remaining images to the gallery.
    -Added the ability to go back before going through the last portion of the game.
    -Added a text saying that Nadia’s stuff is old and doesn’t represent the rest of the material in the game.
    -Added lots of dialogue options related to Zenelith during the Elf Village questline.
    -Added back the ability to teach Zenelith a lesson once she’s caught.
    -Added lots of new dialogue-related choices in the introductory part of the game!
    -Added lots of obtainable lines of dialogue through previous choices in the introduction.
    -Added a lorirel variable.
    -Changed Yakina’s name color.
    -Changed some of Nessa’s dialogue since it didn’t make any sense.
    -Changed the main menu’s look.
    -Changed the MC’s model.
    -Changed the story of the Elven Village so it’s consistent with the rest of the history in the game.
    -Changed slightly some of Zenelith’s dialogue.
    -Changed some of the correct answers to the Academy test since they didn’t fit with the lore.
    -Changed Taliya’s look.

    v0.7 public

    • Complete Cynthia storyline
    • Added a small mini-game in Cynthia’s quest
    • 3 h-scenes
    • 2 h-scenes for Gabe in her house
    • 1 new music track
    • Redid some of the old art
    • Bug fixes
    • Text fixes

    v0.6 Public

    • Full Thea storyline
    • 1 h-scene for Gabe
    • Bug fixes

    v0.5 Public

    • Gabe’s complete storyline
    • 4 H-scenes
    • Continuation of the main storyline
    • New event with Thea
    • Redrew some of the old art
    • Bug fixes


    • Added new sprites for gabe
    • fixed some bugs
    • corrected some of the text


    Download For Android
    Download For Compressed Win
    GDRIVE *v1.0.3


    Amazing game as far as 2dcg games go. I liked the art, and how it's properly animated. I like the gameplay in that it has zero bullshit attempts to stretch the game by adding dumb grind (it has none). I liked the plot, generally speaking, and the characters are alright. The game is a bit too short, but it only just released and it's already longer than 90% of games on this forum

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    Amazing game as far as 2dcg games go. I liked the art, and how it's properly animated. I like the gameplay in that it has zero bullshit attempts to stretch the game by adding dumb grind (it has none). I liked the plot, generally speaking, and the characters are alright. The game is a bit too short, but it only just released and it's already longer than 90% of games on this forumRandel tales  [v1.5.14][Bunis]