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    Poke-Ball Academia 2 [Final] [ZaneSFM]


    Poke-Ball Academia 2 FINAL by ZaneSFM, Poke-Ball Academia 2 is a game about the second part of the series that lets you fuck all of your favorite anime characters in now better than ever! enjoy of the thrills of raising a family with each and every one of them as you romance every character throughout the story at your own disposal! anime shows this game is based upon are: Dragon Ball, Pokemon, My Hero Academia and Fate/Grand Order,​


    • Animations can be a little more fluid
    • Protagonist universe should be more important, not just to hover around
    • Less steam in renders, don’t get me wrong, I like the effect, but sometimes it covers the important parts a little to much.

    Updated: 2021-06-02
    Release Date: 2021-06-02
    Developer: ZaneSFM Patreon
    Censored: None
    Version: Final
    OS: Win, Mac
    Language: English
    Prequel: Poke-Ball Academia
    Genre: 3dcg, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Female domination, Male protagonist, Pov, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Loli, Romance, Impregnation

    1. Extract and run.

    Android Game Usage
    • swipe down to hide the ui
    • swipe left to roll back
    • swipe right to start skipping of text
    • swipe left&right to toggle the quick menu
    • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
    • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

    Final Update

    – Added over 30 different and unique endings + a bonus extra ending for each universe for you to enjoy!
    – Added 2 secret bonus hidden endings including a true ending
    – Added replay gallery for every scene (except endings) | unlocked once completing the full story
    – Added H-scene w/ Mallow, Lana & Lillie in Pokemon Universe (pregnant) (not an ending)
    – Added new fight scene w/ saiyan girls
    – Added new H-scene w/ Cus (impregnation) (not an ending)
    – Added checkmark status to keep track of every ending you’ve completed
    – Changed game font one last time since previous one would show a black line underneath each wall of text
    – Modified in game menu-buttons overlays
    – Made main menu home screen interactive
    – Modified patreon links + patreon.screens backgrounds

    Chapter 12 (v0.7)

    – Added H-scene w/ Ashido
    – Added H-scene w/Tsu
    – Added H-scene w/ Momo
    – Added multiple kissing scenes w/ Tsu
    – Added threesome scene w/Vados & Cus
    – Added domination throat-pie scene w/ Cus
    – Went through the whole game and fixed spelling errors + added transitional images between early dialogue scenes
    – added pictures to introductory scenes instead of just black screens
    – Changed file path name to ‘pokeball academia 2’ previously was ‘pokeball academia’ for both games in the series

    Chapter 11

    – Added H-scene w/ Cus in the Saiyan Universe
    – Increased character’s name size during dialogue scenes
    – Introduced new universe in the DBZ world (Yes, a universe inside a universe >=D)
    – 2 new characters added in the MC’s universe
    – (Bonus content pack) – re-arranged every single scene in the extra content pack in order to fix an issue where the wrong scene would show up when the user clicked between two scenes. +Also, added a new scene w/ Nurse Joy for you to enJOY!
    – Fixed the in-game link that was supposed to send you to the extra content pack, it was sending people to a tree-saving site instead 0.0

    Chapter 10

    – Added 2 extra endings to the Hero Universe with the rival school members
    – Added H-scene with Lana in the Pokemon Universe
    – Corrected dialogue for first H-scenes
    – Added pregnancy + pee-drinking scene to the bonus content pack of the game

    Chapter 9

    – Added multiple H-scenes / endings with characters from the rival school in the Hero Universe
    – Added H-scene w/ Midnight
    – Added Harem scene to the Fate Universe including: Wu Zetian, Nightingale, Abby and BB (Animated) (Pregnancy included)
    – Removed Inventory after being deemed useless

    Chapter 8

    – Added H-scene w/ Pregnant Ashido
    – Added Femdom H-scene w/ Himiko Toga
    – Added Extra Scene to the extra content pack w/ Nurse Joy in the pokemon universe
    – Fixed characters blending on top of each other glitch

    Chapter 7

    – Added H-scene w/ Lana (Animated)
    – Added H-scene w/ Mallow (Animated)
    – Added H-scene w/ Lillie (Animated)
    – Added H-scene w/ Lana’s mom
    – Added H-scene w/ Lillie’s mom (Lusamine)
    – Added pregnant sex scene w/ Lana
    – Added facesitting/pee-drinking scene w/ Android 18 (Optional / Skippable)
    – Bug fixes

    Chapter 6

    – Added H-scene w/ nightingale
    – Added H-scene w/ Artoria
    – Added H-scene w/ Wu Zetian
    – Added H-scene w/ basically everyone left in the fate universe
    – New addition! added a brand new bonus content pack exclusive for all patrons where they can enjoy a bunch of bonus scenes + a full replay gallery
    (NOTE) – A replay gallery will also be unlocked for those who aren’t patrons once the story concludes.
    You can download the exclusive bonus content pack here:

    Chapter 5

    – Added H-scene w/ mom
    – Added harem scene with My Hero Academia Girls
    – Fixed skip glitch
    – other minor bug fixes

    Chapter 4

    – Added H-scene w/ Cus
    – Tournament rules clarified (DBZ universe)
    – Tournament participants revealed (DBZ universe)
    – Fixed major issue regarding a blue screen appearing before climax scenes
    – Bug fixes

    Chapter 3

    – Opponent school reveal for the Hero Universe (5 new characters added)
    – Added H-scene w/ Jack the Ripper (Fate Universe)
    – Added H-scene w/ Carmillia (Unknown Universe)
    – Added H-scene w/ Android 21 (Saiyan Universe)
    – Added H-scene w/ Lana’s mom (Pokemon Universe)
    – Added new character to the Fate Universe (Minamoto no Raiko)
    – Bug fixes

    Chapter 2.5

    – Fixed glitch that would cause the game to go into an infinite loop when loading a saved file from the first game
    – Gameplay improvements (Removed hard.pauses) now all text is skippable. No exceptions.
    – Added content to the extra content menu (2 h-scenes) (Android 18 & BB)
    Note: no story progression was included in this update.

    Chapter 2

    – Added H-scene w/ Vados (Saiyan Universe) [Animated]
    -Added H-scene w/ Caulifla (Saiyan Universe)
    -Added H-scene w/ Ishtar (Fate Universe)
    – Added H-scene w/ Mallow (Pokemon Universe)


    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For Android


    Download For Compressed Win/Lin
    Download For Compressed MAC
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