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    Panthea Act 2 [v0.6.7 Cracked][Leave2gether]


    Panthea Act 2 v0.6.7 Cracked by Leave2gether, Panthea Act 2 is a game about Casey is back with another adventure​. The creator was soo creative and made a good job, the story, the scenes and the characters was soo original, and now, well, looks like a generic furry game, you don’t care about story.

    Updated: 2024-06-03
    Release Date: 2024-06-03
    Developer: Leave2gether Patreon – Subscribestar – Twitter – Newgrounds
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.6.7 Cracked
    OS: Windows
    Language: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese

    2dcg, 2dgame, Female protagonist, Animated, Sci-fi, Furry, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Lesbian, Big tits, Big ass, Adventure , Fantasy
    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run



    • Lana got a voice, all scenes with Lana are voiced now;
    • Voicing for Tuna and Lana added into general and story dialogs;
    • Tommy redesigned in dialogs and scenes to clearly look sapient, talk.
    • In total 3 new scenes are added: Lana&Jack&Tommy, Tuna Threesome 2, Jackie’s Wednesdays (see descriptions below)
    • Lana & Jack phone scene is expanded. When Lana is naughty and openly flirting with Jack, Tommy can now join basically with 100% chance every call (I need to come up with some trigger here, but I can’t right now) – Lana will have an option to shoo him away (default) or stay silent (need any of the perks Moist Panties or Wet Pussy). In second case Tommy stays and scene will have 2 variants – Jack drops from the call (the day time is in between 8:00-21:00) and Lana could have her funs with Tommy; or Jack stays and they can have a some party time.
    • Tuna Threesome 2 scene is implemented – the event will start after Vault Special is introduced automatically in the end of Casey’s shift. Required parameters are following: 1) Dough has enough bonus points for Vault Special; 2) Tuna is at work this day; 3) Arnie is in Vault; The scene will start from Tuna & Arnie & Dough and will directly lead into the scene. Later on the scene can be triggered by talking to Dave in the end of shift if Dough has enough bonus points collected.
    • Tuna Threesome 2 scene voicing completed;
    • Jackie’s schedule changed, ’empty grocery’ state added on Wednesdays 8:00-10:00AM.
    • Jackie wants a placard!” event added, following the re-occurrent scene “Jackie’s Wednesday’s” in Lana and Casey variants.
    • After completing “Jackie wants a placard!” event Lana starts working at Grocery on Sundays and Mondays, earning 15$ a day (either active or passive income).
    • Initial ‘Lana works at Grocery’ comics added.
    • Otto is now in the Grocery after 20:00.
    • Added voicing some phrases for Casey and Jackie.
    • Added full voicing for Jackie scene.


    • Cheats for 10$+ patrons are added (small yellow key on the Gallery screen).
    • All scenes voicing were reworked & updated to same level of loudness.
    • Shortly after Vault Competition is done, girls get an idea to rollout Vault Special and finally make Vault popular
    • Whole new Vault Special chain of events + two new scenes integrated with the story and are available after the story
    • After Vault Special event is done, Casey will get access to rare, but highly profitable Vault Special for Toby
    • After Vault Special event is done, Casey can trigger Tuna Threesome ‘spiced’ events without using Spice – threesome with half-price promotional drinks on Friday and spiced Pink Lady drink any time if Arnie has access to Vault Special (35+ points).
    • At the beginning of the game Casey gets 20 fitness stat, which decays 1 per week. This will let Casey have a ‘Good Shape’ buff for Attraction and Productivity for the first 10 weeks. Fixes added for old save games to add fitness stat there as well. The plan is that losing this buff will start the ‘Workout’ event in later versions.
    • Casey can get her free drink without ending the shift if she was harassed by Tuna or Arnie during her shift.
    • 1 drunk stat now provides ‘Flirty’ buff, which adds +5 to Attraction.
    • Vault patrons are now visible in Vault and clickable.
    • Improper competition events and some other actions were changed from ‘happening after doing something in the Vault’ to ‘happening when you click on certain characters if conditions are met’ to make it clear how to trigger some events (for example catching Toby alone actually requires him sitting alone at the table. The other example – Lana triggers “Toby falls for Casey” event if you clickToby (playing as Lana) when Casey is working in the Vault and Toby is alone.).
    • After Vault Special all patrons now accumulate Vault Special points by default when they are at Vault (including days when Casey is not working) + they get bonus points for interactions with waitresses and participating in other events. Right now this is implemented for Arnie, Toby and Dough (no scene for Dough though). The plan is that everyone will eventually have this system and Casey or Tuna will be able to trigger their Vault Special events using those points (and deducting them).
    • Otto is now working from 6AM till 10AM (before Jackie gets to work). He was added mostly for quest-related reasons, so I’ll be expanding his character later on.
    • Tuna & Arnie (previous ‘Tuna stealing customers’) are now visually available in Vault near bar Friday and Sunday (we will be fixing their chairs to meet Vault look later on)
    • Leads for Arnie liking Tuna added for future development
    • 3 music tracks are added: default theme, Vault (sad & decay) theme, light sex theme.
    • Voicing for many scenes, most / all of them.
    • Tuna and Casey now have some phrases voiced in-game. We’ll see how this goes in future.
    • Controls 0-100 for Music, Voices, Sounds. Next update I’ll be making all voices way louder to a particularly similar level – so you can tune it down or up to mix with music nicely.
    • Also now it is more or less clear what cheats might be added later on and for what reason, so I plan to add some 10$+ cheats during further version dev development.
    • Vault. At Vault popularity 10+ at the end of Casey’s shift Dave has a 50% chance to ask Casey to take an extra shift next day (happens on Tuesday/Sunday). If Casey agrees, she can work next day and receives +1 relations with Dave (max 10)
    • Vault. Requirements to start Special Care is reduced to Vault Popularity 32+
    • Vault. Vault completely reworked and replaced with new assets and visible patrons. Right now only Arnie and Toby are directly interactable among the visible patrons.
    • Weirdguy. Casey can buy Spice at half price (50$) if she has attraction 20+ – choose an option complaining about the new price, then propose 50$ and flashing tits for it.
    • Dave. Handjob with Dave doesn’t end working shift, but instead adds +1 tired and +1 fitness (max 10). Handjob with Dave adds +1 relations (max 20)
    • Dave. ‘Sex with Dave behind the bar’ is added, see walkthrough below.
    • Dave. Sex with Dave doesn’t end working shift, but instead adds +1 tired and +1 fitness (max 20). Sex with Dave adds +2 relations (max 30).
    • Dave. ‘Just chat with Dave’ dialog event is added is added as a quickest way to increase relations with Dave (see walkthrough below) and trigger scenes with him.
    • Dave. Getting 25+ relations with Dave adds a flat 10$ to daily salary.
    • Special Care. Multiple bugfixes, including those when Special Care dialogs are triggered / available before the event is done.
    • Lana & Jack. Initial sketches were replaced with early animation assets.
    • Cleaning. Now Tuna makes Casey to clean Vault VIP room after having sex there either with Dave or Arnie.

    Added following mechanics & content:

    • Added “Tuna Riding”, “Casey’s Nap” and “Dreaming of Ram” scenes
    • Patreon connection & login
    • Cloud Save & Load for logged patrons
    • Gallery for 10$+ patrons (gold icon available in the game after you log in with 10$+ account)
    • Girls will auto-eat each morning (if has enough food left)
    • Lana will auto-buy food and coffee (if player is Casey) during her shopping on Tuesday and Thursday (if she has enough money and low stock of food / coffee)
    • Lana has her talking script after shopping based on shopping results
    • Casey will keep working at Vault according to her schedule when player plays Lana. She will earn amount of money based on Vault popularity, amount of customers and negative Tuna random value.
    • Lana is playable after finishing “Tuna Riding” quest chain. Added default dialogs for all current characters talking to Lana.
    • You can choose to play either Lana or Casey via bed at 8:00AM (after Lana becomes playable)
    • Lana has ‘Urge’ basic mechanics instead of attraction, when she has her Urge builds every day and affects her actions. It can be gained and reduced during sex events
    • Currently Lana has 4 Urge-based conditions (shown as perks): None (0-2), Racing Heartbeat (3-5), Moist Panties (6-9), Wet Pussy (10+)
    • Arnie goes to Vault on Monday as well
    Dev Notes
    Version 0.1 roadmap
    Hi guys,
    this is our roadmap planned for July in order to release version 1 the way I wanted it:

    • prepare script and code new “hot night” mini comics for triggering Casey-Lana-Tommy scene in game (this week). This also includes integrating the scene into game.
    • make story/introduction script and add it into game for landlord Rex (this / next week)
    • make story/introduction script for Jackie and add it into game (next week, might skip it as I have some difficulties with her script)
    • finish translator tool for scripts editor (next week)
    • prepare guide / video for translator usage (next week)
    • finish test version for multilanguage game text (next week)
    • announce fandom translations into local languages (next week) – should be a week for preparing those translations. I will announce details later
    • adding fixes / suggestions (not all of them, but those we can do at the moment) (13-19th July)
    • adding local save / load (13-19th July)
    • web version test
    • adding all translations, final tests, version 1 release (the week of 20-26th July)

    Dates are approximate, as I often get some bugs / issues / tasks that did not suppose to happen, or something takes less / more time then it was expected
    Also this month I will try to prepare at least one new scene. I plan to return to normal 2 scenes per month after most of game new features coding is done, so I can concentrate again on story & scenes more.



    Download For Lin (uncracked v0.6.6)
    Download For Mac (uncracked)
    Download For Android
    Download Instructions
    *v0.6.6 Cracked,

    1. Open the game
    2. Click “Log in” button


    Loved the first game, the creator was soo creative and made a good job, the story, the scenes and the characters was soo original, and now, well, looks like a generic furry game, you don't care about story, the characters are very poor and take soo much time for appear the first scenes, well, I strong suggest you wait the updates, but it's not a game I suggest you hype or wait anything new.

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    Loved the first game, the creator was soo creative and made a good job, the story, the scenes and the characters was soo original, and now, well, looks like a generic furry game, you don't care about story, the characters are very poor and take soo much time for appear the first scenes, well, I strong suggest you wait the updates, but it's not a game I suggest you hype or wait anything new.Panthea Act 2 [v0.6.7 Cracked][Leave2gether]