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    Between Two Worlds [Ch. 8][Drooskati]


    Between Two Worlds Ch. 8 by Drooskati, Between Two Worlds by Drooskati is adult game about What happens when reality and fantasy start to collide? You and your friends are just normal, run of the mill young adults, enjoying life and friendship. But the game that you’ve been playing is suddenly very real, with very real impact. Who is that woman in your dreams? What does she want with you? How will you handle yourself?

    This is/will be a story heavy game, mixed with the usual adult concepts. The boundary between the real world, and what you thought was your fantasy game world, is falling. Apparently, it isn’t fantasy after all? Your choices will determine where the game goes, and yes they will matter. Please note, Chapter 1 is primarily built around character building and story telling. It is setting the scene for the future. There are no game impacting choices in this chapter, but the choices you DO make will result in changes in future chapters.

    Updated: 2024-01-04
    Release Date: 2024-01-04
    Developer: Drooskati Patreon – SubscribeStar – Steam –
    Censored: No
    Version: Ch. 8
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Groping, Harem, Humor, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Romance, Spanking, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism.

    Future Tags: Group Sex
    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run
    Chapter 8

    Chapter 8 change log:

    What to expect in this update:

    • ~1,200 new renders
    • 40 new animations
    • Mostly single path, with only occasional alignment based deviation
    • Return of previous characters depending on choices
    • Starting to move into the end game

    Chapter 7

    Chapter 7 change log:

    What to expect in this update:

    • Over 1,000 new, high quality renders
    • 35 new animations
    • Further diverging paths and branching story lines
    • 2-3 hours of additional content
    • Full native translations for supported languages, including addition of Chinese Simplified
    • 8 new achievements


    • Corrected several previous bugs and translation issues
    • Updated the core engine to improve performance and functionality
    • Steam Deck is now fully supported!
    • Apple Silicon (M1) is now supported!

    Coming in future updates prior to Chapter 8:

    • Evolving main menu based on your alignment in your most recent saved game
    • Chapter 7 gallery images
    • Native translation for Simplified Chinese
    • Continuation of native translations for Italian on Chapters 4 and 5

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 6 change log:

    • Full native translation for Brazilian Portuguese.
    • Full native translation for Latin American Spanish.
    • Full native translation for French.
    • Partial native translation for Italian (Chapter 6 will be done and included, Chapters 1 – 5 will be patched in at a later date).
    • Ability to name your save games so players can keep track of their paths and choices. You can enable/disable this in the Preferences menu. It is disabled by default.
    • Gallery with unique renders for every scene in the game. Includes Chapters 1 & 2. Chapters 3 & 4 will come this weekend, with 5 & 6 coming next week. This will also eventually include animations from within the game!
    • ~1,000 new renders.
    • Over 30 new 60fps animations
    • Average full game play time is now over 10 hours long


    • Started process of re-rendering images from early development so they are higher quality. This will be ongoing.
    • Several grammatical fixes from early chapters. This will be ongoing.
    Developer Notes
    I will never create game over style scenarios. Nothing you do will ever result in the game just ending on you. Play how you want to play. In addition, while there will never be NTR, there may be future situations where characters are in positions that might make you uncomfortable if you are extremely anti NTR in any form. An example of this might be attempted touching or harassment by NPCs towards one of the girls. The attempts will not be successful. To make this perfectly clear, since people are already confused —– There will not be NTR —–.

    Please note, prior to 9 months ago, I had NEVER done anything like this before. I’ve spent the last 9 months learning how to create characters, pose, render, scale, code, animate, etc etc etc. I hope that you enjoy the game and the investment I’ve put into it. Feel free to join the Discord for discussion. I’ll be there fairly often!

    Additional note with release of Chapter 2: This completes what I consider to be the intro phase of the game. Now that both sides of the game have been established, it will begin to move forward more significantly. In addition, the content that we’re all here for will become more active, as the character relationships develop further.



    Download For Win
    Download For Mac
    Download For Android (Chapter 5)
    Download For Win (Chapter 7)
    Download For Mac (Chapter 7)
    Download For Walkthrough Mod
    MEGA FILESFM GDRIVE *Chapters 7 (Mod Core 4.2.1)
    Download For Compressed Win/Lin
    Download For Compressed Mac

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