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    Paccsu [Final][Zem]


    Paccsu by Zem – Namu’s Journey is a LEWD RPG game set in a fantasy world called Paccsu. You take control of a Muh’kean girl called Namu, who was taken away from her birth parents at a young age to be a part of a holy ritual in Muh’kea’s desperate attempt to fight The Undying King, the King of Zombies.

    She was taken to the Kingdom of Ruo’ho by a human refugee couple to live by the shadow of the mystical Tukeva Tower, where she would live her life, train and grow strong. 18 years later, Namu is ready for the adventure with the help of her adoptive parents. Namu has no idea what happened in her past or has any memory of it or what kind of power she holds inside her. Soon, Namu finds herself in the middle of a crisis that threatens the whole world.

    Namu’s journey begins when she is sent to investigate the mines where dangerous and bootylicious snakes from the Clan Tiss’i have been attacking the innocent human workers. It’s Namu’s job to save the world.

    Updated: 2022-11-25
    Release Date: 2022-11-25
    Developer: Zem Patreon – Newgrounds
    Censored: No
    Version: Final
    OS: Windows
    Language: English

    2D game, 2DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Furry, Monster, Monster girl, Oral sex, Rape, RPG, Turn-based combat, Vaginal sex



    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

    Paccsu 1.000 Changelog:

    Main Quest (Post End Game):

    • Undying Presence

    Some remnants of the Undying King still remain. Namu must deal with it!

    Side Quests (Post End Game):

    • Kiva’s Memories

    Share some time with Kiva and learn about her past!

    • Lost Clan

    Discover the lost clan of Fembu and gain access to their library!

    Side Quest (New Game+)

    • Burger Quest! Find 3 Burgers in the world to receive a bonus lmao

    (no quest giver, just find em in the game)

    Side Quest (Main Game)

    • Harpy of the Tower (Sata’ma Harbortown, Sata’ma Lighthouse)

    New Lewd Scene

    • Cerberus X x Purnima (Palmenbutten Mansion, Cerberus Boss, Animated)
    • Zomber and Kiva (Castle Undying, Zomber, Butto, Animated
    • Sam and Tentacle (Temple of Fembu/Ran’ta Village, Animated)

    New Areas:

    • Tuho-Tapa Forest North, Altar of Tuho
    • Temple of Fembu (Ran’ta Village, Muh’kea)
    • Library of Ages (Temple of Fembu)
    • Sata’ma Lighthouse (Sata’ma Harbortown)

    New Enemies:

    • Corrupted Swamp Monster (Tuho-Tapa Forest North)
    • Corrupted Veggie (Tuho-Tapa Forest North)
    • Corrupted Hypno Snake (Tuho-Tapa Forest North)
    • ??? (Boss) (Tuho-Tapa Forest North)
    • Harpy (Boss) (Sata’ma Lighthouse)


    • Enemy: Buffed “Eyes” HP and Defense
    • Enemy: Shadow versions of heroes slightly buffed
    • Enemy: Increased The Sleeping One’s HP and Defense and gave her one new attack
    • Enemy: Lowered the damage output of the Shark enemies, lowered their HP slightly aswell (again)
    • Adjusted the volume of most of the powers
    • Castle Undying: Added more Zomber enemies in the lair
    • Added another intro in the start of the game
    • New Title Picture!
    • Sprites: New sprites for Orb Guardian and Queen Pa’ha
    • Fixed some typos
    • Armor,Weapons and Items: Description is now easier to read and is consistent
    • NG+: Added 1 Weapon, 4 Rings, 1 Shield in the world to be found
    • Added art by Gross Mind in the end if you lose to the Undying King
    • Updated the Credits page on the main menu
    • You can walk through enemies for a short period of time when you use Escape
    • Final Battle: Purnima and Kiva receive passive skill “Namu’s Dad’s Blessing” which is 33% Increase to HP and 33% Increase to Defense and Magic Defense stats
    • Kiva: Slimewall, Protective Slimebubble, Ooze Dimension lasts 5 turns now
    • Kiva: Protective Slimebubble now doubles defense stats (100%) instead of 40% increase
    • Kiva: Slimopolooza heals 40% of allies HP instead of 33%.
    • Kiva: Slimecore of the Arcane: Elemental Magic Defense increase from 25% to 50%
    • Kiva: Stimulating Slime revives allies with 50% of their HP (old: 33%)
    • Kiva and Purnima: Increased their overall HP
    • Purnima: Base Evasion (8% to 10%) and Critical Rate (4% to 5%) slightly increased
    • Purnima: Smokebomb buff lasts for 5 turns instead of 3
    • Purnima: Ethereal Strike Damage increased
    • Namu: Mother Nature’s Blessing now lasts 5 turns
    • New music for the final battle
    • Itty bitty changes!

    Bug Fix:

    • NG+: Mirror Orb no longer reflects the Undying King’s Beam of Hopelessness
    • Sea of Muh’kea/Vihol Temple: Portal to the Muh’kea Shores will enable Teleportation items
    • Per’se The Mystic(Kulma’la): You can now use Avalanche Orb to learn its magic powers
    • Tower Of Lohik’: you actually need to pick up Captain’s Sword now to finish the quest lmao



    New in Paccsu 0.9665!
    Kulma’la Bath is finally open!
    New Lewd Scene
    Kulma’la Bath, Namu Wet Butt
    Kulma’la Bath, ((GLORY)) HOLE (Animated) Twitter

    New Areas:
    Hero Manor (West Mainio)
    Hero Manor is the Emperor’s special gift to Namu and her friends. In Hero Manor you can enable NewGame+! In here you get all the future quests of the game.

    New Game+!
    In the Hero Manor you can enable New Game+! When you start a new game with this save, you get some new starting gear and bonuses:

    Neugaam Ploos (Sword)
    Four-Leaf Clover (Ring)
    Special outfit for Namu! (2% Increase to all stats, 2% increase to max HP)
    A special item that lets you control your running/walking speed.
    Permanent 25% Bonus to Experience Gain
    Special skill called “Lewd Me Up” which turns enemies super horny and will only use lewd attacks, this also makes them immune to defeat, so be aware of that. (Doesn’t work on enemies without lewd attacks)
    All the Namu’s outfits unlocked from the start
    How to make NewGame+ Save and starting a new game with it:

    1. Use the NG+ machine upstairs of the mansion
    2. Choose a save slot, save
    3. Go to Main Menu
    4. Load the save you just saved
    Here’s the list of the stuff you’ll (hopefully) find in your New Game+! NOT GONNA TELL WHERE…

    The Sissy Stinger (Dagger)
    Undying Thunder (Dagger)
    Wall of Skulls (Large Shield)
    Three-Skulls (Ring)
    Giant’s Arm (Small Shield)
    Emperor’s Ring (Ring(Ring))
    Ball of Thunda (Ring)
    Spring-Cover (Large Shield)
    Mirror Orb (Orb)
    Rubengolden (Orb)
    Tower of the Blessed (Large Shield)
    I’ll add more stuff in the future!

    New Custom Outfits:
    Maht’ava outfit for Namu (Complete Invasion of Mainio(Defeat Maht’ava))
    Goo Tape & Oily Goo (full) outfits for Namu (Complete Imprisoned in Ooze, defeat Ooze Queen)
    Bunny outfit for Namu (Location: The Battlefunn Bar, The Battlegrounds
    Slimecore Armor (Kallo Tower Top, Defeat Slimewall “The Mommy”)
    Golden (New Game+!)


    Elite/Shadow/Undying Undead Sorceress Tentacle All The Way Through scene with Namu is now fixed with looping parts
    Princess Fancy-Tail’s bathing scene is now included in the gallery/Namu’s memory room
    Purnima sticking her behind in Elder’s son’s face is now included in the gallery/Namu’s memory room
    Updated the encounter with Maht’ava on top of the Kallo Tower with Namu’s, Kiva’s and Maht’avas cutscene pics
    You can now enter the Cathedral in Mainio (joke event)
    Slight changes made to the Status page(removed unnecessary information, made it a bit neater)
    Added 3 pieces of art by Gross-Mind in the ending credits!
    Removed that pool of purple goo behind the Kaupun’ki Inn so it won’t damage player lmffao
    Made some balancing changes to Thousand Cuts/Million Cuts and Purnima’s Kunai Storm.
    Buffed Arcanition (MP gain from 25% to 33% + 1% MP gain every turn for 3 turns)
    Slightly lowered HP and damage of the Shark enemies. Decreased their Thunder and Ice resistances.
    Purnima learns Meditation at level 30(with Throat Cut)
    Purnima can now equip large shields
    Increased Purnima’s overall Agility and Attack
    Increased Damage of Viper’s Fangs (Purnima)
    Slightly Increased Damage of Backstab (Purnima)
    Shredding Claws lasts now 4 turns instead of 3 (Purnima)
    Namu’s outfits now have small bonuses
    Bug Fix:

    Removed the “here ends 0.92” message lmao
    The outfits will now appear in the cutscene with the Snake Guard (Forgotten Temple Entrance)
    Vhetae Witchy’s Special Attack will now appear in the gallery once you have witnessed it NOW FOR REAL
    Talking to Lehava Skinny-Tail in Mainio now displays all Namu’s costumes while talking to her
    Protective Slimebubble can’t be dodged with Magic Evasion anymore (Kiva)
    Save Included:

    Slot 20 (Hall to Undying King’s Throne Room)


    This version should fix the bug of the game getting stuck after the battle with The Undying King. Sorry about that! I am 99% sure what caused the bug so it should be fixed now.


    Just a reminder:
    Do NOT extract this version in the same folder as 0.9555. Do NOT merge/overwrite any files.
    This version includes no saves, to avoid further confusion. Just paste in your “save” folder inside the “www” folder.


    • Main Quest: Castle Undying

    Namu and her friends are finally here – Castle Undying, where the source of all of our problems lies; The Undying King. Namu needs to explore the castle and find her way into the throne room.

    • Side Quest: Temple of Vihol, “Who Lives In the Old Temple Under the Sea?”

    A Shark Lady from the underwater city called Kala’hai needs Namu’s help. She needs Namu to retrieve an artifact from an ancient sunken temple called Temple of Vihol, which is guarded by the hostile clan of sharks called the Murderfins. Is it a simple fetch-quest or is there something sinister behind it? Something sure smells…. FISHY…

    This mission is available on Ran’ta Notice Board when you’ve received the Tulijoki mission from Shaaden.

    New Areas:

    • Castle Undying
    • Shores of Muh’kea
    • Muh’kea Sea
    • Temple of Vihol
    • City of Kala’hai

    New Enemies:

    • Undying Elite-Sorceress (Castle Undying)
    • Queen Pa’ha (Castle Undying, Boss)
    • Shark-kin Great White (Temple of Vihol)
    • Shark-kin Sorcerer (Temple of Vihol)
    • Shark-kin Wrestler (Temple of Vihol
    • Leader of the Murderfins (Temple of Vihol, Boss)

    New Lewd Scene:

    • Purnima’s Back Alley Adventure (CG, The Battlegrounds)


    • Added a special icon for random things you can interract with.
    • Added a tutorial in the Tukeva Tower to explain the new icons
    • Updated Namu’s standing picture and her portrait.
    • Heals and buffs can no longer be dodged with Magic Evasion.
    • Increased the cost of Holy Slime Ball!(Kiva) from 50 to 100
    • Smoke Bomb (Purnima) now lasts 4 turns instead of 3.
    • Kiva receives a new power called Slime Core of the Arcane (Lvl 44). 25% Defense to All Magic. Instant Cast.
    • Kiva receives a new power called Ooze Dimension (Lvl 46). Weakens Enemy: All Stats, Resistances & Damage debuffed. 3 Turns.
    • Purnima receives a new power called Triple Slash (Lvl 44). Physical Damage to 3 random Targets. Applies Shredded
    • Purnima receives a new power called Cloak of Shadows (Lvl 46) All Party: 20% Magic Evasion, Silence Immunity, Silence Remove.
    • Namu receives a new power called Celestial Glory (Lvl 44). User: 100% Light Damage Increase, Darkness defense debuff. 5 turns. Instant Cast.
    • Namu receives new and better versions of One Thousand Cuts Dragon’s Gaze called One Million Cuts and Eternal Dragon’s Gaze at Lvl 46. Namu also learns a better version of Cleave. Old versions of these powers will be removed once you learn these.
    • Namu, Kiva and Purnima will learn a passive called Efficient at Lvl 50, which halves the MP cost and increases TP gain.
    • Namu, Kiva and Purnima will learn a passive called World Eater at lvl 55, which increases all Stats 5%.
    • Added an adult game disclaimer at the start so you know you’re PLAYING A LEWD GAME…
    • Kiva’s Chance to Hit increased to 100% from 95%. (Namu and Purnima had 100% already…)

    Bug Fix:

    • (Forgotten Temple) Green Key will be removed if you already have the Mouse Burger in your inventory (Gate to Lehava’s shop)
    • Kiva’s Titty Slug scene (Mainio Sewers, Slug) is now in Namu’s Memory Room lol
    • Itty bitty fixes

    Saves Included:

    • Slot 19 (Tulijoki Mission, Temple of Vihol’)
    • Slot 20 (at the Portal of Undying, Temple of Vihol’ still undone)


    Main Quest: Halls of Muh’kea/Muh’kea Mountains
    The END IS NEAR as Namu infiltrates the Muh’kea Mountains while her friends from Kingdom of Ruo’ho invade Muh’kea. Namu needs to find the Portal of Undying which will take her and her friends to The Castle Undying where the Undying King is waiting …

    After you’ve done recruiting Mainio, Kaupun’ki and Kulma’la, go to Sata’ma and talk to Jasquel at the docks to get started!

    Muh’kea Halls is the first part of the final quest of the game!

    New Areas:

    Muh’kea Halls
    Muh’kea Halls Entrance

    New Enemies:

    Key Keeper “Torch” (Boss)
    Key Keeper “Eyes” (Boss)

    New Lewd Scenes:

    Kiva Boobjob (The Battlegrounds, Bar) (Animated) ( Preview 1, Preview 2 )
    Kiva gets offered a job at Battlefunn Bar as an exotic dancer and the club owner needs to see Kiva’s dancing skills to make sure she is a great dancer. Hehe. Heh.

    Slime Mommy Tentacle, Namu Anal. (Slime Forest)(Animated) ( Preview 1, Preview 2 )

    This scene is unique for the Slime Mother Boss in Slime Forest.


    Regular Attack now gives you 8TP instead of 5TP.
    Non-quest related journals and things you can interract with now have their own unique symbols.
    Removed Slime Boob Attack from Slime Mother
    Kiva receives a new power called Massive Slime Spike (lvl 39), Applies Bleed and Shredded to enemy.
    Kiva receives a new power called Holy Slime Ball (lvl 40), Deals Light Damage
    Kiva receives a new power called Cheer On! (Lvl 41) Ally Attack+Defense buff, HP Regen, Heal.
    Kiva learns a passive buff called Elemental Slime (Lvl 42) Permanent 10% Elemental Resistance
    Namu receives a new power called Arousing Appearance (lvl 39), Applies Fascinated to enemies. Butts!
    Namu receives a new power called Hurricane Slash (lvl 40), Deals High Wind Damage. Applies Disorient.
    Namu receives a new power called Flex (Lvl 41), All Enemies: Attack, Defense, Agility, Luck Debuff. Instant Cast.
    Namu learns a passive buff called Muscularity (Lvl 42), Permanent 5% Attack stat increase
    Purnima receives a new power called Poison Gas (lvl 39), Applies Poison and Plague’d to enemies.
    Purnima receives a new power called Ready to Pounce! (lvl 40) 10% Critical Chance and Attack Damage increase 1 turn.
    Purnima receives a new power called Poisoned Shuriken (Lvl 41), Bleed, Poison, Ignores Defense.
    Purnima learns a passive buff called Agile Like a Cat (Lvl 42), Permanent 20% Agility Increase.
    “Fascinated” now lowers target’s defenses and it’s a bit harder to break.(from 50% chance to 33%)
    Increased the damage of Slimapocalypse (Kiva)
    Dance of the Shadows (Purnima) No longer costs 1 extra MP and it hits 5 times instead of 6. Damage slightly lowered.
    Slimewall (Kiva) Now debuffs enemy stats 25% instead of 33%.
    Ethereal Strike (Purnima) Damage Increased.
    Ittybitty things.
    Bug Fix:

    Magic Shopkeeper in Kaupun’ki will no longer turn invisible after you’ve finished Mainio Excavation Site mission
    Mainio Gate Guard will now move if you interract with him the second time (If you haven’t talked to Emperor yet)
    (Purnima’s quest) Losing to the Bountyhunter will no longer get you stuck and results in a game over.
    Watching Key Keeper “Slasher” scenes in the gallery will no longer remove HUD.
    Save Included:

    Slot 20 (Gathering Forces done, Invasion ready!)



    Main Quest: Tulijoki Tower


    • Story continues as Shaaden sents Namu and her friends to activate ancient portals on northern side of the fiery river of lava. Namu has to travel through the destroyed underground city and face the utterly murderous Lava Fiends.

    Main Quest: Gathering an Army

    • After Namu have fixed the ancient portals in Tulijoki Towers, Namu and her friends have set up a camp near the Castle Undying. While sitting by the fire, they realize that they will be grossly outnumbered if they attack the castle alone. They need the help of their friends. So, Namu has to go back to Kingdom of Ruo’ho and gather her allies for the final battle.

    New Side Quest:

    • The Greath Chasm/The Sleeping One

    The newly opened shop in North Ran’ta is selling a mysterious instrument called Flute of the Void. It is said if you play this flute at The Great Chasm, you will wake up The Sleeping One…

    New Areas:

    • Tulijoki Passage
    • The Great Chasm
    • Muh’kean Mountains Camp

    New Enemies:

    • Lava Fiend
    • Lava Knight
    • Lava Mommy
    • The Sleeping One
    • Undying Versions of The Undead

    New Lewd Scenes:

    • Game Over: Namu, Undead. This scene plays when you’re defeated by The Undead
    • Purnima breaks into a house (South Mainio, requires Purnima to be in party)


    • The box where you get the Hyena Key from no longer says “Evidence Locker Key”
    • Supercharged Lich’s Orb now actually gives you 80% Darkness Resistance instead of 20%.
    • Lowered Light Resistance of Slasher and Mommy Sorceress.
    • Defeating Slasher and Mommy Sorceress will now unlock their scenes in the gallery.
    • Kiva receives a new power called Slimapocalypse (Lvl 36) Super-Massive Physical Damage to All Enemies!
    • Kiva learns a passive buff called Destroyer (Lvl 37) Magic Attack & Slime Damage increased 10% permanently.
    • Kiva receives a new power called Full Heal (Lvl 38). Heals you, or one of your party members to full health.
    • Purnima receives a new power called Ethereal Strike (Lvl 36) Super-Massive Physical Damage to 1 target!
    • Purnima learns a passive buff called Precision (Lvl 37), Critical Chance increased 5% permanently.
    • Namu receives a new power called Divine Slash (Lvl 36), Deals Light Damage and applies Illuminated.
    • Namu learns a passive buff called Indestructible (Lvl 37), Defense & Magic Defense increased 5% permanently.
    • Namu receives a new power called Mother Nature’s Blessing (Lvl 38). 50% Resistance to Fire,Ice,Wind,Earth,Thunder.
    • Judgment of the Golden Dragon (Namu) now applies -20% Light Debuff instead of -5%.
    • Slimopolooza (Kiva) heals allies 33% of their HP instead of 30%.
    • Slime Parasite (Kiva) now has a 50% chance to Paralyze instead of 100% NERF!!
    • Epic Health Potion heals 1800 HP instead of 1500.
    • Full Heal can now heal other party members aswell not just the caster.
    • Increased HP of most of the bosses.
    • Purnima’s starting level increased from 22 to 23.
    • Ooze Mission requires both of the Sewer mission and Bewbtek facility to be completed (As it should’ve been). To avoid confusion, I’ve added some dialogue for Jasquel and the professor to help.
    • Quest Items: Keys and other items are now deleted when you don’t need them anymore.
    • Plenty of quality of life stuff
    • Itty bitty things

    Bug Fix:

    • You can no longer go through the Hyena Gate in Van’ki Prison without using the key lol
    • Fixed the bug where player gets stuck if you talk to the Sleeping Dragon from behind.
    • Fixed the guard in Castle Kulma’la West so you don’t get stuck if you talk him from the left side lel

    Save Included:

    • Slot 20 (Grand Arena Finished)

    IF your save is from older version of the game (0.12 or earlier) your save might not work properly. It’s because of the fancy HUD I implemented in 0.13. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Download For Android
    Download For Compressed Win


    Keywords: Download Paccsu Game.


    This has been a amazing game, and i know this is at the end but i still can't wait to see what will be added to this, i highly recommend playing this game. And Namu is just cute as a button. But the story, sex scenes, and also everything in this game is amazing.

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    This has been a amazing game, and i know this is at the end but i still can't wait to see what will be added to this, i highly recommend playing this game. And Namu is just cute as a button. But the story, sex scenes, and also everything in this game is amazing.Paccsu [Final][Zem]