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    Making a Mark [v0.18.00] [Fasder]


    Making a Mark aka (Life) Life Game by Fasder is about Mark, a young man who studies computer science and struggles to fit into a world of unlikely relationships, romance and technology. Interact and build your relationship with various characters to unfold his story, one piece at a time.​

    Updated: 2022-11-24
    Release Date: 2022-11-24
    Developer: Fasder Patreon  – – Subscribestar – Slushe – Twitter
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.18.00
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English

    3DCG, Anal sex, Animated, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Urination, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Incest, Big tits, Romance, Sci-fi
    Extract and run the Life.exe file in the main directory.

    * Added one full path to the ending.
    * Added the final ending scene.
    * Added 139 new renders.
    * Added an end/credits screen.
    * Updated the game window icon.
    * Fixed a bunch of bugs.

    ##Added a new story scene with the QDPA.
    ##Added a scene with Sarah (anal only).
    ##Added 100 new renders.
    ##Fixed a bunch of bugs.
    ##Added more text to make the changelog seem longer because normally I do a bunch of gameplay changed as well, but I didn’t this time so it seems really short. 😉

    ##Added 144 new renders.
    ##Added a scene with Sarah (main story)
    ##Added a scene with Sarah that can trigger when you take a shower (only accessible in the old house).
    ##Added a scene with Sarah that can trigger when you “Get some sun” at the pool (only accessible in the old house).
    ##Added two scenes with Sarah that has a 20% chance to trigger during weekdays between 14:00-15:00. Which of the two scenes that gets chosen is also random (only accessible in the old house).
    ##Added an option for toggling the energy mechanic on and off in the preference menu.
    ##Added an option for toggling watersports on and off (previously you could only turn it off if it had been turned on).
    ##Added an option to increase your intelligence in Mark and Sarah’s bedroom by hanging out with Sarah at 20:00.
    ##Added 2 new bonus pictures.
    ##Changed the name of the game to “Making a Mark”.
    ##Replaced 119 renders.

    ##Added 218 new renders.
    ##Replaced 142 renders.
    ##Added a hint menu to the game. The hint menu will tell you each step you need to take in order to progress in the game. There’s also a couple of options to turn on and off mechanics if you desire to do so.
    ##Added a short scene with Sarah in the kitchen (can’t be seen if Helen is an employee).
    ##Added a scene with Sarah in the kitchen.
    ##Added a variation of the scene with Sarah in the kitchen.
    ##Added two short repeatable scenes with Sarah in the bathroom (only accessible in the old house).
    ##Added a scene with Jenny at the store (only accessible in the old house).
    ##Added a second weekend scene.
    ##Added tooltips to the time and day buttons to clarify that you can forward the hours/days.
    ##Added a replay gallery for non-repeatable scenes.
    ##Added tracking to all random scenes, you will now see an exclamation mark when you have not seen a scene that has random variations.

    The grind?
    Yes, there is grind, it’s there for a reason.
    If you don’t like it then you might want to try fast(er) mode (previously storymode) in the preferences menu, this will cut out a lot of the repetition in the game.
    It will be tuned down over time, but I also need to make new stuff so things take some time to get right.

    She has a story arc in the game, but I have no intention of making any explicit content between her and the rest of the main cast.

    Balloon tits?
    Yes, feel free to play something else if you don’t like them.

    I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do?
    The game is built around raising stats, mainly the affection levels.
    As long as you can raise your affection level with any given character that is what you should be doing, or any other stat such as thesis or website.
    The only exclusions to this is strength and agility, these can be raised infinitely and are only required for more optional content(as of 0.10.05).
    If this doesn’t help then you should be looking in the walkthrough.

    I update the walkthrough for my patrons one week after the initial release of any given update. The most recent version of the walkthrough is packaged with the game.

    Press “b” in game, but beware that it is very easy to mess up your save if you change any of the stats, money being the exception.
    I recommend using fast(er) mode rather than messing with the variables as that will not break your save.

    Picture & Exam WT

    Old house, P1 – P17
    kitchen P11, plant
    bathroom P6
    Sarah’s beedroom P2, P15
    My bedroom P12, P17
    Mom’s bedroom P9, P1(after looked around for a bit, cabinet)
    livingroom P5, P16, $30
    gym P4
    pool P3
    school P8, P7
    store P10
    pizzera P13, P14

    New house, P18 – P23
    M&S’s bedroom P21, P19, P18
    living room P23
    office P22, P20(after finished double date, trash can. bug???)
    home ladder

    New house, P24 – P31, added v0.14.09
    24: Kitchen
    25: M&S’S BEDROOM
    26: Kitchen
    27: Living Room
    28: Bathroom
    29: Bathroom
    30: J&J’S BEDROOM
    31: Kitchen

    Exam answers
    Fire extinguishers
    Longer cables OR Raise the floor.

    How to pass helens test?


    Exam Answers
    • False
    • Fire extinguishers
    • True
    • False
    • Longer cables OR Raise the floor


    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For Gallery Unlocker

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    A really good game. Makes a lot of fun to play. The story is hot and kinky and the girls are beautiful. Especially Sarah has a very unique and cute face.

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    A really good game. Makes a lot of fun to play. The story is hot and kinky and the girls are beautiful. Especially Sarah has a very unique and cute face.Making a Mark [v0.18.00] [Fasder]