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    Life in Woodchester [v0.11.4][Dirty Sock Games]


    Life in Woodchester v0.11.4 by Dirty Sock Games, Life in Woodchester Game is about it’s a top quality Adult Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Adventure game being developed by Dirty Sock Games!

    Planned Game Features
    Main & Side Quests
    A Popular & flexible game engine GMS2
    Customize all characters Hair, Skin, Eye color using shaders.
    Live2d for fluid and interactive animations
    Texting Characters w/ In Game Phone
    Quality Mini Games using GMS2 templates. Games like Poker, BlackJack, Arcade etc.
    Inventory, Stats, Energy, Money, Dating Game Systems

    Updated: 2023-07-02
    Release Date: 2023-07-02
    Developer: Dirty Sock Games Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.11.4
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Genre: 2dcg, Male protagonist, Big boobs, Big ass, Milf,Sandbox, Animated, Adventure, Voyeurism

    1. Extract and run.
    Gameplay Features
    NEW Character Fiona Leprechaun’s aren’t real… are they?
    NEW Fiona Storyline Find Fiona’s lost runes!
    Gallery Reworked You now have a gallery save file. To unlock scenes, simply get to the most recent chapter for each character. (You can load your previous save files and it will instantly sync)
    Added Lily, Cass, Molly Gallery Scenes Along with controllable animations & expressions.
    Prevented double tapping (which is considered a right click) from hiding the dialogue on mobile devices.
    Cleaned up positioning on Tara 1-0
    Cleaned up BG on Janice 1-1
    Cleaned up Expressions on Lily 1-0
    Fixed Lily HJ, a few faces being blank
    Fixed Tara Boob Grab CG in Gallery, it was offset
    Fixed Tara Jerk CG in Gallery, it was offset
    Fixed array issue with saving the new runes.

    – 10.1 – 4/25 – Fixed old save files not accessing current lily event properly.
    – 10.2 – 4/26 – Fixed intel mac not included in architecture.
    – 10.3 – 4/26 – Fixed Lily event 24 issues.

    Gameplay Features

    • NEW Lily, Cass, Molly Storyline Over 25+ new scenes of storyline content!
    • Several New CGs Again, lots of animated, emotive animated CGs, as you’ve come to expect! A lot of love this time around in detailing.
    • Several New Character Poses From lifting shirts to cuddling, we’ve got new character poses!
    • NEW Purple House New Backgrounds and area.
    • NEW Translation Support You can now enjoy LIW in over 120 languages! All with the help of VN Translator. (Currently PC Only.)
    • NEW Number pad Lock Mini Game Sure to bring you fun and frustration and the feeling of being a hackerman.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Names & Relations not saving
    • Fixed working at night despite no energy left.
    • Fixed Relations sometimes not displaying correctly sometimes
    • Cass’s name sometimes not displaying correctly sometimes
    • Fixed MCs name not displaying correctly sometimes
    • And much more!


    See Patch notes below:
    **Hotfix 8/12/2022 4:20PM

    • Luck in Blackjack adjusted from 25% chance to 50% chance when given a 10 or 11 to hit 21.
    • NEW Tara has been given Anti-luck so to speak. The higher your luck the better odds ( up to 50%) that she gets a crappy 6, 5 or 4 when given a 10 or 11 instead of a face card.
    • Removed the split action, didn’t work always 100% and not really necessary for recreational blackjack.
    • Max bets have increased, you can now bet around 1/3 of the starting chips. (Max bets scale, 50, 75, 125, 225) So you can play fast and loose or steady and concentrated.
    • Attempted fix at freezes, by removing plausible continue breaks.
    • Attempted fix at freezes by implementing 2 fallback counters for events and actions.
    • Fixed Game not supported on Intel macs. (Architecture switch sometimes gets flipped to only Silicone)


    Gameplay Features

    • NEW Sandbox mode is finally here! Pose all characters with any clothing, eyes, mouth, eyebrows and exclusive naughty toys like cat tails and nipple coverings.
    • NEW Gallery mode is finally here! Currently completely unlocked, access any and all previous scenes as well as 2 teasers for upcoming scenes!
    • 3 Animated Janice Scenes previously static, now fully rigged and animated. Dialogue for those scenes has also changed slightly.
    • 2 NEW Teaser CGs in Gallery mode (exclusive for now) 1 Janice, 1 Tara CG.
    • Patreon Integration is now in place! This means more rewards for patrons and exclusive sandbox content in the future!
    • AutoSave Stop worrying about not saving your game! Our autosave system will help you save your progress automatically in 2 new autosave slots.
    • Notification System You’ll see we added notifications to the bottom right for events like saving loading etc.


    Mac Store Verification

    • The mac build is now verified with apple connect which should prevent any “Damaged” or “Unable to Launch” error codes.


    • Textures force a flush when sleeping and visiting map.
    • Texture groups reorganized for less texture swaps.
    • YYC Compiler build for Mac & Android which greatly improves performance. (Will look into Windows YYC)

    Quality of Life

    • Dozens of spelling fixes, name triggers and relation triggers fixed.
    • Clicking Load Game now auto jumps to load in sub menu instead of save.
    • Camera now centers over building you most recently entered.

    Visual Fixes

    • Lily 13-0 was supposed to be at Cass & Molly’s house, inserted correct new BG.
    • Updated game credits.
    • A few CGs fixed to align better with game screen
    • Map particles clear on entering new room.
    • Ocean waves now showing correctly.
    • Cars now fade In & Out properly.
    • Smoke Particles on Map Depth fixed.
    • Janice Arm & Eye Tweaks.

    Bug Fixes

    • Settings default button now restores settings to default values.
    • Fixed sprite names causing crashes (previous hotfixes)
    • “Auto” button functionality removed for now.
    • When changing names in phone, now populates names based on current values.

    Gameplay Features

    • 21 New Janice Scenes!
    • 6 New CGs w/ Alternatives, 2 Fully Animated.
    • 4 New Janice Poses/Clothing
    • Reworked & Tweaked previous scenes.
    • Right Click to Hide Text UI (You’ll want to use this )
    • 1 New Locations (Restaurant)
    • New Rain Weather on Map (currently event trigger only)

    Technical Upgrades

    • GMS2 IDE updated to newest version.
    • GMS2 Runtime updated to newest version.

    Bug Fixes

    • Removed Dialogue Text Lines
    • Clothes in Tara event now have new sprite of actual clothes not laundry
    • Fixed a few “roommate” relation texts not replaced
    • Treehouse now properly unlocked from map as well
    • Ocean Waves now visible on map
    • Fixed Save/Load Issue that happened if scene name was uppercase.
    • Janice Dialogue Fix
    • Removed GM Live Pinging

    Hotfix 10/24/21

    • Fixed several instances of misnamed assets in Tara & Lily Storyline causing crashes.


    Game End Credits

    • Proper credits for each patron tier now shown at the end of the game! Use scroll mouse to scroll up and down (not supported on mobile yet).

    Gameplay Features

    • Booby Bouncing – Lily & Tara Busom now contains “physics” in most previous and all new scenes. System in place for other characters. Feel free to “Enjoy” the show in the reworked scenes!
    • Booby Bouncing on Janice Shower Scene o_O
    • SFX Added for Janice BJ Scene
    • New Character Cass Added!
    • New Character Molly Added!
    • 6 New Lily Chapters!
    • 18 New Tara Chapters!
    • Phone now shows what chapter & scene number you are on!
    • Close Game Credits Sequence! (mouse scroll to find your name)
    • 4 New Locations (Beach, Tattoo Shop, Library, Supermarket)

    Technical Upgrades

    Quality of Life Changes

    • Escape Key backs out of Phone & BackPack
    • Tara’s phone indent now stays in wall
    • Time Pass prevented on first day
    • Fixed Load Game Issue
    • Save & Quit Warning
    • Load & Save Menu now scrolls properly
    • Converted Shower scenes to be Chapter #s to check progress

    Bug Fixes

    • Janice closed eyes offset tweaked
    • Fixed Version #
    • Fixed Janice being in kitchen not living room during 7-0
    • Janice Shower scene has no bosom bounce
    • Lily Shower fixed.
    • Janice is higher resolution again.
    • Lily Scene 2-0 Fixed
    • Mall BG & Living Room BG Tweaked
    • Janice BJ Scene Crash Fix

    v0.4.1 Hotfix

    • Duplicate lines removed so no more freezing on Lily Tent & Tara Pool
    • Android save game was offset or “frozen”
    • Prevented Lily getting triggered right after leaving MCs room
    • Fixed Lily 3-0 from not hiding characters on CG and jump parts
    • Debug Text removed from dialogue
    • Delay Scene interaction click when in a new room to prevent multiple dialogues
    • Characters rendered to 1080p to prevent offset
    • Phone guide misspellings
    • Lily shower text lines fixed
    • Several dialogue lines now showing proper names/relations
    • BJ States no longer showing
    • Janice Busom not showing on character click interaction

    Next Update Tweaks

    • Janice closed eyes offset needs tweaked
    • Janice should be in kitchen not living room during 7-0
    • Janice BJ Scene needs Cleaned Up & SFX added
    • Janice Shower scene has no bosom bounce
    • Lily Shower needs edited properly
    • Janice can be higher resolution
    • Apron is backwards on flipped sprite
    • Lily Scene needs fixed (scene placement got messed up)


    New Content
    New Character Lily Added
    4 New Janice Story Scenes
    5 New Lily Story Scenes
    6 New Tara Story Scenes
    2 New Shower Scenes

    New Features
    Saving & Loading is now working (your old saves wont work for this build, but we’re working on backwards compatibility moving forward, after our next update.
    Quick Save & Quick Load are working, this feature is for those that like to dig through every dialogue box. You can quick save in one part of the dialogue, then quickload to jump back. Does not actually save the game, only keeps your “spot in line” for that dialogue scene.
    Shaders can be enabled or disabled in the settings.
    New GMS2 Runtime This runtime should make garbage collection easer on all devices. Will keep an eye on Mobile devices to see if it has memory improvements.
    Exposed Dialogue We have exposed the dialogue to text files in the dialogue folder. Want to spice things up on your own? Go ahead! This also opens things up for localization. We’ve only exposed dialogue so no room text yet. Also new lines are not supported, just adding and tweaking existing text.
    Bug Fixes Galore Believe us! There were many.

    Known Issues
    Audio sliders are not working for resolutions under 1080p (working)
    Minor Visual Bugs involving particles
    Auto button in the VN bar works, but doesn’t really work well

    -67 Objects to Observe in the house (for more story, jokes and route placeholding)
    – Characters spawn in rooms around house & you can chat with them.
    – Tara Story 2.0 Added
    – Janice Story 3.0 Added (was WIP now finished properly)
    – Basic Map Zoom
    – Use bed to sleep (Instant for now)

    Visual & Bug Fixes
    Resolution now properly caps at 1080p
    Janice Black hair line in CG removed
    Label centering issue fixed
    Kitchen & Living Room Re-Rendered
    Shower Particles Tweaked
    Tips now replaced with “Check back tomorrow”
    Phone fixed People should appear in and out of rooms properly
    Guide fixed for things that take place the next day
    “L” key spawning WIP backlog on accident, caused crash

    Known Issues
    Saving & Loading is still not fully examined
    Loading old saves from previous versions might mess things up
    Mobile users inputting text is unfinished


    – Days are now tracked & show as weekdays.
    – Fixed & added master, music & sfx Volume
    – Main Menu Buttons to Discord & Patreon
    – Version # in bottom right corner

    – Re-rendered kitchen background
    – Disabled the CTRL-D VNgen debug mode
    – Fixed various relation & name Issues
    – Button colors now consistent
    – Main menu debug text removed
    – Map Music bug fixed
    – Fixed GUI sometimes not showing hover
    – Fixed scene elements & gui buttons overlap

    Known Issues
    – Screen resolution higher than 1080p causes BG offsets & zoomed out characters
    – Black hair line in Janice Render (chp. 3.0)
    – Saving & Loading not flushed out
    – Label sometimes right of center

    Dev Notes
    Well myself, Dirty Sock, is a small indie developer of 7+ years that enjoys all sorts of games, so I decided to make an adult adventure game. I’ve developed several projects in the past but this is my first adult game. Currently, i’m self-funded hiring FuShark, an amazing artist, so any support would rock! Extra funds will go to freeing me up from SFX, Music and Design work so I can concentrate more on the core programming. I’m definitely in this for the long haul. Thanks for your support!


    Download For Mac
    Download For Android
    Download For IC PATCH
    MEDIAFIRE *Working incest mod for all who are stuck to roommates and landlady even after editing them.

    Place into gamefolder.

    Does not fix MC character name. Edit the file with an editor to use a custom MC name.

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    This game has a great potential, really charming graphic and aesthetic characters ... Hope this will be good in the future.

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    This game has a great potential, really charming graphic and aesthetic characters ... Hope this will be good in the future.Life in Woodchester [v0.11.4][Dirty Sock Games]