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    Karryn’s Prison v1.2.8.20 + DLCs – Remtairy


    Karryn’s Prison v1.2.8.20 + DLCs by Remtairy, In Karryn’s Prison is a game about you play as Karryn, the new female Chief Warden of a notoriously lenient prison that has just rioted. Will you subjugate the rowdy inmates through force, or will you be subjugated yourself as your resistance towards their nonstop sexual advances starts dropping? Shape yourself and the prison the way you want to with the Edicts system! Struggle against sexual advances with the Willpower and Desire system! Become more and more vulnerable to sex with the Passives system!​

    Updated: 2023-12-10
    Release Date: 2023-12-10
    Developer: Remtairy Patreon – Twitter
    Censored: No
    Version: v1.2.8.20 + Stray Pubes DLC+ Gym Trainer
    OS: Windows
    Language: English

    2D game, 2DCG, Female protagonist, Anal sex, Creampie, Titfuck, Groping, Spanking, Corruption, Monster, Group sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Footjob, Big tits, Turn based combat
    – Extract to desired location.
    – Run.
    v. December 6, 2023

    • Various image bug fixes.

    v. December 3, 2023

    • Karryn’s default combat CG is now more reactive, specifically after exiting Mental Phase and after using self targeted skills!
    • Minor bug fixes related to renewed CGs.

    v1.2.3.7 – June 1st 2023

    • Fixed missing image issue on the title menu and with Karryn’s images.

    v1.2.3.5 – June 1st 2023

    • Fixed an image bug with one of CG in the Gym Trainer Side Job DLC.

    v1.2a – v1.2h


    • Implemented Lovense Integration!
    • Added new CG variants for Karryn’s Vaginal Sex skill.
    • Implemented more optimizations for lower ended PCs. Credits to
      for the code and ideas.
    • Fixed various CGs.
    • Fixed various minor bugs.

    v1.1.1 Changelog

    • The battle log will no longer be restricted during the Waitress Side Job.
    • Bar Patron orders will now additionally appear as an icon beneath the patron’s portrait.
    • A new Waitress skill, ‘Take Orders (Table)’ will allow Karryn to ask everyone at the table what their orders are.
    • Changes to the cooldown on how often a bar patron can harass Karryn (the same person should no longer harass Karryn multiple times in the span of a few ingame seconds).
    • Instead of doing nothing, horny bar patrons will now harass Karryn if she asks for their order when they’re already drinking and didn’t ask for Karryn (aka glow yellow).
    • Added a new Cheat in the Settings for removing the drink ordered icons from the Waitress Side Job.
    • Removed the old Cheat in the Settings that enabled the battle log during the Waitress Side Job since the battle log is now always enabled.
    • Removed the ability to choose how many minutes to do a side job for during normal play.

    v1.1.0 Changelog

    • Added Simplified and Traditional Chinese localization!
    • Added a voice to the title screen.
    • Added new facial variations to the Level 2 Defeated battle.
    • Lowered the requirement for a few side job related Titles.
    • Made minor ongoing changes to the Waitress Side Job.
    • Changed the effect of the Edict Hire Bar Waiters.
    • Changed the effect of the Edict Repair Visiting Room C and Repair Visiting Room D.
    • Fixed a bug with Hardworking Waitress Title.
    • Minor code optimization.
    • Fixed various minor bugs.

    v1.0.1a~c Changelog

    • Over 40 Passives are now obtainable.
    • Five new Challenge Runs for a total of six Challenge Runs are now available.
    • Added 50 Steam Achievements.
    • Implemented Endless Hell battle.
    • Orcs and lizardmen may now appear during the Receptionist side job after Level 3 is Subjugated.
    • Added human variations to all Cut-ins.
    • Fixed a map scrolling issue during certain cutscenes in certain maps.
    • Fixed the cutscene for Scandalous Mode appearing too late.
    • Fixed Resist Orgasm not working properly.
    • Various other minor bugs and typos fixed.


    • Fixed a bug with private dances during the Stripper side job if Karryn’s Desires are low.
    • Fixed a bug with Karryn using sex skills during the private dance in the Stripper side job.
    • Fixed a bug with the new CGs.
    • Corrected minor typos.

    v9A.p2 Changelog

    • The cutscene for the first time Karryn gets into a scandalous state should now play properly. The cutscene might play again if you’ve already seen it before in your save, that is fine.

    v9A.p Changelog

    • Added human variations to the cut-in for ejaculating inside Karryn’s mouth.
    • Edicts that increase the max durability of Karryn’s warden outfit will now have a bigger effect against temporary damage.
    • Fixed a bug with equip sets duping accessories.
    • Fixed a missing image error with anal bead cutins.
    • Minor bugs fixed.
    • Minor typos corrected.


    • Fixed a missing image bug with the footjob CG.
    • Fixed missing toy image bugs in a few CGs.
    • Minor bugs fixed.
    • Minor typos corrected.


    • Fixed a bug with the Waitress side job where the customers’ portraits were not changing at all.
    • Fixed a bug where a cute little slime is seen wandering around the office during the Level 2 boss’ cutscene.
    • Fixed a bug with the Cheat that allows the History log to be usable during the Waitress side job not appearing properly.
    • Fixed a potential bug with the Smoother CG Loading setting.
    • Changed the code for how the Smoother Battle Cut-in Loading setting works.


    • Fixed Control not being properly calculated.
    • Fixed a bug after using the teleport guard NPC to go back to the office.


    • Added a NPC in front of the prison to cancel the Riot Suppression Training for Guards Edict if you want to get rid of it during the alpha build.
    • Fixed missing image errors in kneeling blowjob CG.
    • Fixed a missing image error in the laying paizuri CG.
    • Fixed a missing image error in the Level 3 defeated battle.
    • Fixed missing image errors in the glory hole.


    • Fixed a willpower bug with the waitress side job
    • Fixed a missing image error during the defeated guard battle.
    • Fixed a missing image error in the lizardman cowgirl CG.


    • Fixed income and expense not being properly calculated.
    • Fixed the defeat battle not triggering properly if Karryn loses the battle in the Yard or EB Hallway while in a scandelous state.
    • Fixed missing image errors when a goblin has sex after performing cunnilingus on Karryn.
    • Fixed missing image errors when a slime fucks Karryn’s mouth while fucking her ass.
    • Fixed missing image errors with Karryn’s cowgirl CGs.
    • Fixed missing image errors with the standing handjob CG.


    • In the Receptionist side job when there’s a request that Karryn can not accept, all other skills except Reject Request will be disabled.
    • Visitors in the Receptionist side job will no longer put their finger in Karryn’s mouth instead of kissing her.
    • Fixed a CG bug when Karryn falls down to floor on her butt.
    • Minor bugs fixed.
    • Minor typos fixed.


    • Made it easier to escape from Level 4 after being defeated.
    • Fixed a bug where enemies could kiss Karryn as soon as she has 50 Mouth Desire.
    • Fixed a CG bug with the Level 4 Defeat battle where semen weren’t being displayed on Karryn’s right arm.
    • Minor typos fixed. 


    • Fixed a bug with the Glory Hole that causes all the CGs to disappear.
    • Tweaked the BGM volume during side activities a little bit.
    • Minor bugs fixed.


    • Fixed a bukkake related cut-in bug during the Glory Hole.
    • Minor typos fixed.


    • Fixed a bug where Karryn can get so sexually frustrated that it causes the game to get errors.
    • Minor typos fixed.


    • Fixed Revitalize’s energy cost.
    • Added a new icon for the Status menu in battle.
    • Fixed flashing during waitress side job


    • Fixed a loading error
    • Fixed being able to use anal sex skill on slimes while having with someone else
    • Fixed a CG error caused after the lizardmen’s sex CG
    • Minor typo fixes

    Google translated summary from DLsite:



    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For Compressed Win/Lin (Old Ver)

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    Just the right mix of mechanics and lewd content. Art is good, scenarios are great. Can't wait for the full release. Some of the enemy art is a bit on the jank side and I wish there was a bit of animation instead of pure CG, but those are so minor compared to how good everything else is.

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    Just the right mix of mechanics and lewd content. Art is good, scenarios are great. Can't wait for the full release. Some of the enemy art is a bit on the jank side and I wish there was a bit of animation instead of pure CG, but those are so minor compared to how good everything else is.Karryn's Prison v1.2.8.20 + DLCs - Remtairy