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    Farmer’s Dreams R22 Gold – MuseX


    Farmer’s Dreams R22 Gold by MuseX, Farmer’s Dreams Lewd Game is about in a fantasy world that combines medieval and modern elements, you are just a regular not so good farmer, but after a big storm that devastates your peaceful village, can you be the hero it needs? Rebuilding your father’s farm will be harder than you think, specially with all the monsters and thieves walking around now, so grab a sword and… oh, wait, you don’t know how to fight!

    Updated: 2021-05-24
    Release Date: 2021-05-24
    Developer: MuseX Patreon 
    Censored: No
    Version: R22 GOLD
    OS: Windows, Mac
    Language: English
    Other Game: Love Session
    Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Combat, Monster girl, Voyeurism, Blackmail, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Simulator, Groping, Adventure, Handjob, Management, Monster, Seduction, NTR, Creampie, Corruption


    How to install game: 

    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

    R22 Gold
    Brooke + Kaya New Scene (103 CGs)
    Heather New Scene (41 CGs)
    [New] Peeping on girls bathing at the lake will now give you Corruption Points
    [New] Derek will teach you the Bomb Recipe if he’s your Master for at least 2 days and you reach Explorer 5 (only if you decided to be just friends with Nina)
    [Update] Black Berry Pie quest changed from requesting 100 Blackberries to 25.
    [Update/Fix] Scenes with Nina just before and during the storm updated to avoid frozen picture bug.
    [Fix] Working at Laura’s store after the village is fixed transporting you back to the old, destroyed village.
    [Fix] Impossible to enter the Crystal Cave.
    [Fix] Blowing the rock at the crystal’s cave entrance would make Nina’s scenes available anyway, messing up some events.
    [Fix] Changing the key to use items not working for planting seeds.
    [Fix] Sophie and Brooke giving you gifts outside the Gift Day.

    Mia New Scene (42 CGs)
    Sophie New Scene (3 CGs)
    Alma New Scene (3 CGs)
    [New] Gift Day is a special event that will allow you to give unlimited gifts during that day. It will also enable all the new scenes in this version. There is a small chance of getting it every day after you unblock it by talking to the man with a red hat in the new village map (and doing that will guarantee a Gift Day in the next day).
    [New] Winter theme/graphics in the village and farm during the Gift Day.
    [New] New Items: Sunflower, Festive Gift, Fancy Purse, Coin Piggy, Alma’s Panties, Mia’s Festival Panties, Sophie’s Panties, Ice Cream, Recipe: Bomb and Help Cornett.
    [New] The gold pickaxe quest was renamed to “Bomber”. This quest is now completable.
    [New] Derek will sell black powder after finishing the Bomber quest .
    [New] Added chests with Black Powder inside goblins’ caves that can reappear every day.
    [New] Help Cornett is a new item that can be used inside the mine. It allows you to go back to the entrance even if you have no energy left. Derek will give you one after you open the mine. If you’re already past that in your current save, you’ll find a red chest near the mine entrance with the Help Cornett inside it.
    [New] Added the new Marcus’ Gift Shop.
    [Fix] Receiving Grass after using the Scythe on a Healing Herb.
    [Fix] Amanda gift not resetting after giving expensive gift for the second time.
    [Fix] Impossible to use Water Fruit and Mermaid Potion
    [Fix] Goblin inside small cave staying there for multiple days instead of resetting chance of finding it every day.

    Selena New Scene (53 CGs)
    5 Loop Animations (Selena) [30 seconds ,777 unique frames]Mia New Scene (37 CGs)
    Scene Remake (Amanda+Sophie Kissing) (8 CGs)
    Scene Remake (Amanda Changing) (3 CGs)
    Scene Remake (Mia gathering berries) (4 CGs)
    [New] Fisherman will sell you fish now, including before the big waryfish quest if you want to “cheat” (and never play the fishing minigame again =P)
    [New] Daily Quests (featuring 6 characters so far, more to come)
    [New] New visual for shops.
    [New] Derek’s new shop.
    [New] Added a chest near Derek to sell your ores and ingots.
    [New] Donation Chest (Elder) now gives you +1 Honor for every 1000G you make from it (max +1 each time. So if you make, for example, 5000G from one sell you will only get +1 Honor instead of +5).
    [New] Item prices can randomly become more expensive or cheaper every day – prices variate from high( x1.5), normal(x1) and low (x0.5). The current price also applies when selling items but there is no visual indicator for prices right now (only when buying), so be careful!
    [Fix] Autosave freezing pictures on screen
    [Fix] File missing bug inside the underwater cave
    [Fix] Cheat Crystal failing to access some scenes
    [Fix] Working at the PUB being available after the bandits scene.
    [Fix] Blonde NPC at the PUB starting a scene with Evelyn
    [Fix] Time passage bugs
    [Fix] Daily quest disappearing
    [Fix] Added back Cloth to Laura’s shop.
    [Fix/Update] Donation Chest at Elder’s house is now fixed and improved. It also stays available forever now – use it to sell crops (at a lower price) from the beginning!
    [Update] Complete in-game Scenes List with information on how to get them!
    [Update] Evelyn’s cat can now be found after the Blue Flower quest
    [Update] Make fishing a bit easier. It’s also easier to find a Waryfish now.
    [Update] Relationship menu pictures updated.
    [Update] Food Donation quest objective updated from 100 items donated to donating 1000G in food (from the real selling price, not your actual profit.
    [Update] Redd first item as a master is the chest recipe. You can now craft and place new chests in your farm.


    Mia New Scene (37 CGs)
    [Check the Scenes menu after you get the Meet the Mermaid quest]Scene Remake (Amanda+Sophie Kissing) (8 CGs)
    Scene Remake (Amanda Changing) (3 CGs)
    Scene Remake (Mia gathering berries) (4 CGs)
    [New] Daily Quests (featuring 6 characters so far, more to come)
    [Fix] Autosave freezing pictures on screen
    [Fix] File missing bug inside the underwater cave
    [Fix] Cheat Crystal failing to access some scenes
    [Update] Complete in-game Scenes List with information on how to get them!
    [Update] Evelyn’s cat can now be found after the Blue Flower quest
    Known Bugs:

    Fast Travel is currently broken.
    If you take a quest from the Bulletin Board and close the game it’ll disappear (but they renew every day)


    Evelyn New Scene (109 CGs)
    4 Loop Animations (Evelyn) [35 seconds, 447 unique frames)
    Mermaid new scene (7 CGs)
    Main Story New Scene (12 CGs)
    [New] Autosave [Enable/Disable via options menu][New] Mouse Movement is back [Enable/Disable via options menu][New] 1 New Tool [Hookshot][New] 5 New Items
    [New] Scenes List Menu (Testing only, still incomplete)
    [Fix] Tools key binding
    [Fix] Selection window not showing when receiving multiple items in some cases.
    [Fix] HUD disappearing when choosing to help Mia instead of watching her scene with Redd.
    [Fix] Consuming multiple items at once by keeping the button pressed down.
    [Fix] Possible to buy strawberries before the fist date with Nina (continuity error)

    Heather & Carol new scene (83 CGs)
    Tabitha (NPC) new scene (10 CGs)
    [New] Heal the Fairy quest is now finished (New scene – no CGs).
    [New] Small advance in the main story – village map updated
    [Fix] Stepping Stone Path recipe bug
    [Fix] Grass Path bug
    [Fix] Darius’ phrases mixed up when waiting for Mia/Heather
    [Fix] ‘Use item’ key only working with ‘Shift’
    [Fix] Weather inside the mine
    [Fix] Time out inside the mine not working


    • [New] Hold to expand the tool’s area of effect (Watering Can and Hoe. Copper tool gives a 3×1 range and Iron a 3×3 range )
    • [New] Possible to cut the previously irremovable plants in your farm (Copper+ Scythe)
    • [New] New items: Healing Herb, Healing Potion, Fire Stone, Standing Torch, Grass Path, Stepping Stone Path
    • [New] 2 new Mine levels
    • [New] New option available – ask Darius to build the tent for Alma
    • [New] Delivering ores to Derek will give you recipes to all tool’s upgrades for that level (if you already delivered the copper ores, buy all recipes from his store before updating your game or you won’t be able to get them anymore, the shop option was removed)
    • [New] New Masters – Derek and Redd
    • [Update] Tool’s graphics updated
    • [Update] Not possible to walk using the mouse anymore (due to lag issues)
    • [Update] Implemented all upgraded tools (except for rods and hammer iron+)
    • [Update] Truth Ore Dare! quest changed from 20 to 10 of each ore.
    • [Update] Mine now resets every time you enter a floor/room, giving you unlimited loot.
    • [Fix] Weather showing inside Trevor’s house and Elise’s house
    • [Fix] Impossible to place Furnace
    • [Fix] Alma sprite changing color
    • [Fix] Fixed some bugs with Hoe tool
    • [Fix] Forest slime locking player in a loop. It now disappears after the blue flower quest
    • [Fix] First Laura scene replay not working (Exclusive Version)
    • [Fix] Harvesting crops behind trees bug
    • [Fix] Possible to donate food before the quest starts
    • [Fix] Issue with heather’s donation quest order
    • [Fix] New Laura’s scene repeating every time. Fixed conditions to start the ‘girlfriend’ scene again.
    • Sleep with your copper tools in your inventory in case you have made them before R17 to fix them!


    • 2 New Laura Scenes (146 CGs)
    • 1 New Sophie Scene (17 CGs)
    • [New] Full gamepad support
    • [New] Keyboard/Controller Remapping (Options menu)
    • [New] 2 new quests
    • [New] Market quest and system (Talk to Alma when she’s at the village, right where the market was before the storm. She’ll ask you to fix it and offer to sell your crops, meat and fish for a fair price instead of donating them to the village)
    • [New] Masters: You can now ask certain characters to become your masters/teachers. You’ll gain Recipes and improve your skills/attributes depending on who’s teaching you, gaining 1 point per day. You can only have one Master at a time. Darius is the first one available, he’ll get one 1 Physicality point every day and give you the recipes to make Fence (after 1 day) and tent (after 3 days). New Masters ans recipes will be added in future releases.
    • [Change] Laura’s shop now opens at 8 AM instead of 9 AM.
    • [Change] Shop doesn’t sell the Fence Recipe anymore
    • [Fix] Stealthiness feat not showing in the Status menu
    • [Fix] Impossible to talk to Brooke
    • [Fix] Zoomed game
    • [Fix] Gifts to Nina, Mia, Sophie and Laura dropping Nina’s relationship points to 0
    • [Fix] Black screen when entering the secret beach after 2 PM and before watching the scene with Brooke
    • [Fix] Performance improvement in the farm
    • [Fix] Weekly gifts not restarting
    • [Fix] Using rotate tools (1 and 2) without any tools equipped didn’t show the tool’s white cursor
    • [Fix] Right click hiding messages
    • [Fix] Impossible to use well to refill the Watering Can during the night
    • [Fix] Lighting system not working inside interior maps
    • [Fix] Crystal cave lighting bug
    • [Fix] Wrong calculations when flirting with Evelyn


    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For Mac (R15)
    Download For Compressed Win/Lin
    Download For Compressed Win/Lin + Cheat Mod

    Open the Menu by pressing the [1] Key.

    Move menu to different positions with ` (key with tilde ~)

    Scroll between cheats with [2] and [3] Keys.

    Any [#] indicates a number key to press to cause an action, if you don’t want to click.
    WALKTHROUGH Version R19

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