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    Event Girl [v0.21.0 Public][Sylen]


    Event Girl v0.21.0 Public by Sylen, Event Girl is a game about you take control of a young college student going on a field trip with his class to a Cryolab. The year is 2023, and promising progress is being made in the Cryostasis field.

    However, an unfortunate accident on the field trip has unknowingly left you in permanent stasis. You wake up, flung far into the future. The year is now 2206 and the world is a very different place. Not only that, but you’re not even yourself anymore. The corporation responsible for your awakening; eVentia Corp has changed you into a more suitable candidate to pay off your crippling debt to them.

    The world of the future now lies before your new feminine self.

    Updated: 2021-11-06
    Release Date: 2021-11-06
    Developer: Sylen Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.21.0 Public
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Language: English

    3dcg, Adventure, Animated, Corruption, Female protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Mind control, Transformation (M2F), Female domination, Futa/trans, Humiliation
    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run

    Story Content:
    – Finished Quest: Amanda Seduction Mission
    – Added Quest: The Final Wager
    – Added the Conclusion for the Amanda Storyline (Intended to have Several Endings)
    – Added Amanda CEO Ending.
    – Removed Amanda from the world from now (as interactible).
    System Content:
    – Added 2 new Vaginal Scenes for when the player has 2 specific cybermods.
    – Added 2 new Blowjob Scenes for when the player has 2 specific cybermods.
    Event Content:
    – Altered some Receptionist events and retouched them all.
    – Added a new Event: Linus Schedule.
    – Added a new Event: Event Schedule.
    – Added 3 new outcomes to Groping Incident (Slutty, Cool, Social).
    – Added 2 new outcomes to Guidance Incident (Cool 1, Cool 2).
    – Added 2 new outcomes to Upskirt Photography Incident (Bimbo, Cool).
    – Added 3 new outcomes to Skirt Promo Incident (Bimbo, Cool, Mind).
    – Added 3 new outcomes to Comic Convention Incident (Slut, Cool, Mind).
    – Added 4 new outcomes to Harassment Incident (Slut, Bimbo, Masculine, Mind).
    – Receptionist is now considered complete as an Event (Next is Maid).
    – Cleaned up a lot of the code structure (had put this on hold for a long time)
    – Fixed up the boink system, so that it behaves more like a module.
    – Fixed up the noun system, so that it behaves more like a module.
    – Moved a lot of javascript around, so that it’s easier to navigate in the future.
    – Changed the way that speaking works code-wise and added comments.
    – Changed the way that events work.

    – Added all Slut Reflection passages (instead of placeholders).
    – Added Quest: Amanda Meeting 2
    – Added Quest: Amanda Bug Mission
    – Added Location: Waller Gardens (with an Elevator in the Gloria Hotel leading to it)
    – Added Location: Amanda´s Office
    – Added Amanda Waller location schedule.
    – Added some default lines for her for now.
    – Made it more clear that you need to pass Feminine before you can reflect on Slut, and Slut before Bimbo.
    – Added a huge “NEW GAMES ONLY” message at the start.
    – Fixed the error for “Time” that would show up if the player refreshed/updated the game in-browser.
    – Rewrote the first meeting with Amanda to more fit her newly expanded Character Arc.
    – Fixed a lot of typos/grammar.
    – Fixed a dead end in the first meeting with Amanda.

    – Added all Feminine Reflection passages (instead of placeholders).
    – You can discourage your feminine transformation, or simply embrace it.
    – Fixed “undefined” showing up for some comments during sex. (report these please, they are hard to replicate)
    – Improved upon some existing dialogue when talking to Brenda, Dr. Linus, Lily.
    – You can now properly talk to Dr. Linus when you’ve cleared your debt to trigger an ending.
    – Some characters will now give you quests.
    – Added listeners for debt.
    – Added story simulation to the debug.
    – Dr. Linus Quest: Blue Pills Pick-up (Intro to Mind)
    – Dr. Linus Quest: Learning Meditation (Intro to Mind)

    – Fixed the dead end in Unlucky Fella intro.
    – Replaced all instances of the old sex system with the new one.
    – Fixed the dead link during Questions with Linus.
    – Fixed the dead link when waking up during “The Unlucky Fella”.
    – Fixed the dead link caused by moving the Auction House.
    – Fixed a few buggy dreams that returned 0.
    – Fixed E-Hooking bug that didn’t allow you to start it outside of debug console.
    – Fixed the Gloria Lane not showing up in the Lobby & Foyer.
    – Fixed a few parsing bugs with the sex system.

    – Changed triggers with action buttons in the pod.
    – Added the Gloria Lane, which will have Gloria Gals services.
    – Added the Gloria Hotel, which will be the main area to interact influential people.
    – Moved the Auction House to the Gloria Lane.
    – Added Incident: E-Hooking Rich Client
    – Added Incident: E-Hooking Abusive Client
    – Added Incident: E-Hooking No Clients
    – Added Incident: E-Hooking Lust Check
    – Added Incident: E-Hooking Mind Check
    – A few bug fixes related to sex.

    – Added Story Incident: Sluttia Orc Slut
    – The Sluttia Story incident will currently happen during regular Sluttia event, but are planned to take part in the Vernere story route.
    – Added a new Event: E-Hooking (can be found in the adult strip)
    – Added Incident: E-Hooking Oral
    – Added Incident: E-Hooking Sex
    – Added Incident: E-Hooking Anal
    – Added the new lightweight sex framework to the E-Hooking incidents for testing purposes.
    – Fixed Reflection not being accessible from the debug menu.
    – The new sex framework is now added to the debug menu.



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    Keywords: Download Event Girl Game.


    Seems like a nice foundation for what could be a great game, but is currently pretty incomplete and buggy. The progression path is unclear, and I don't know if there's just not much content, or if I just can't find it.

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    Seems like a nice foundation for what could be a great game, but is currently pretty incomplete and buggy. The progression path is unclear, and I don't know if there's just not much content, or if I just can't find it.Event Girl [v0.21.0 Public][Sylen]