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    Desert Stalker v0.15c Public by Zetan


    Desert Stalker v0.15c Public by Zetan, Desert Stalker is a game about The game takes place in postapocalyptic egypt. The player takes the role of a desert stalker – a free warrior roaming the dunes and destroyed cities of a future, raiding old tombs and fighting raiders to scavenge old artifacts which are valuable in his home city “Zeta”.

    The game is going to be a reasonably open world point and click novel with RPG elements where your choices matter: the scenes take place at home, where your wife and daughters live, as well as in the city and outside of it.

    Updated: 2024-02-09
    Release Date: 2024-02-08
    Developer: ZetanDS Patreon – Subscribestar
    Censored: No
    Version: v 0.15c Public
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English

    3DCG, point & click, male protagonist, female protagonist, RPG, adventure, postapocalyptic, male domination, female domination, incest, graphic violence, humiliation, gore, exhibitionism, harem, slavery, horror, BDSM, sadism, masochism, urination, big tits, small tits
    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run
    – Updated Italian translation to 0.15c
    – Updated Russian translation to 0.15c
    – Added some bloody animation variants in Kateryna’s first time
    – Fixed a corner case where if you met and denied helping the Mutants, some checks for reaching the end of current content would fail
    – Fixed some missing icon markers for first time of Pepper and repeatable Hive scenes
    – Fixed being able to sleep with Shani if you haven’t romanced her. The option should be disabled now.
    – Fixed some noisy renders in d13l
    – Added whipping sounds in Fairy’s broken scene
    – Fixed various typos and grammar errors

    v0.15 Beta

    New Content:
    – Nadia visiting the house
    – Sekhmet’s Legion pt. 1 (Raiders quest)
    – Shani in the terrace (leading to a repeatable scene)
    – You can now sleep with Shani
    – Visiting Ivy
    – Small repeatable Fairy scenes for her broken path
    – Harem scene (Shani/Kateryna)

    Minor additions:
    – You can be woken up by different people when you sleep with your wife
    – Added a few overlay variations in the home overview to make it feel more alive

    Minor changes / Bugfixes:
    – (Hopefully) Fixed all occasions where animations played on top of each other, causing lag/choppy animations.
    – Added animated backgrounds for home overview and world map
    – Fixed a really long-standing bug, where under certain conditions the player would never meet Fairy
    – Added a missing marker in world map button and Palace for the first Queen visit
    – Added a missing marker in world map button and mutants lab for the Pepper scene
    – Added a missing marker in Palace for the second Queen visit
    – Fixed an issue with d13i marker being shown, but the event not accessible yet because the settlement quest was not finished
    – Removed the requirement of Ivy not being scared for Hive mission pt. 2
    – Fixed an issue with Kateryna’s introduction happening before getting the new car
    – Fixed a wrong variable check when discussing with Shani about the Zone, causing Ivy’s notes to be referenced even if you haven’t seen the event
    – Fixed an incorrect variable check, causing Shani to be injured after returning from the Zone even if she actually wasn’t
    – Fixed being able to go to the scout mission in the Zone before doing Abrax’s quest
    – You can’t sleep with Ain or massage her if she’s in the basement anymore
    – Fixed a small interaction appearing while Shani is actually in the Zone
    – Fixed a missing variable definition for the thug execution scene, potentially causing errors later on
    – Added an 1-day cooldown between the Hive mission parts
    – Added the option to avoid hugging the Queen in the Palace bedroom
    – Added the option to avoid checking out the Queen during d14d
    – Fixed a missing jump if you deny the servant in the second planning event with the Queen
    – Fixed “Public Servants” replay from missing an end for one of the paths, causing the game to crash.
    – Improved the animation quality of d9c-37 (Thug girl)
    – Ain sometimes took her choker off in the plaza date scene. Now she knows better
    – Fixed some dialogue inconsistency when the player sleeps with Ain
    – Fixed an incorrect image variant in Pepper’s repeatable scene
    – Fixed missing background lighting in a couple of Mantis’ training scene renders
    – Fixed Nadia’s slave dress clipping in the dress-up scene
    – Fixed some incorrect image variants in Fairy’s introduction
    – Fixed an incorrect image variant in Ain’s punishment scene
    – Fixed some potential small stutter each time you start a new day

    v0.14 Beta
    Added scenes & events:

    – Kateryna’s introduction to the house (2 parts)
    – Decayed visit
    – Asani visit
    – Fairy’s introduction
    – Series of small events at Queen’s palace
    – Settlement aftermath events
    – Repeatable interactions with Asha & Kitty
    – Harem scene (Emilia/Fairy)
    – Brief interactions when you enter Ain or Shani’s room
    Minor changes / Fixes:
    – Added End Of Content screen variations

    v0.13 Beta

    New Content:
    – Added scenes:
    – Continuation of Fairy’s questline
    – Continuation of Rabiah/Nadia’s questline.
    – Harem scene (Zahra solo)
    – Harem scene (Emilia solo)
    – Ain/Emilia in Ain’s room
    – Ain in the hallway

    – Added 1 small event:
    – Repeatable Hive Queen visit

    Reworks and Revisions:
    – d1e (Zahra’s introduction)

    Minor changes / Bugfixes:
    – Kyra’s basement content should now not block other basement content
    – Fixed a long-standing bug where you couldn’t get Fairy from K&K if Ivy was dead
    – Turned Ivy back to Igor in the Kateryna visit scene
    – Replaced Ivy’s music theme in previous scenes
    – Various text corrections and typos

    New Content:
    – Added 5 scenes.
    – Ivy’s hideout
    – Kateryna’s house
    – Continuation of Shani’s quest in the Zone.
    – Raiders/Kitty
    – Zahra on the terrace
    – Small Hive Queen revisit scene [WIP]

    Reworks and Revisions:
    – d1e (Zahra’s intro)[WIP]

    – Updated engine to RenPy 7.5.3

    New Content:

    – Added 3 story scenes.
    – Continuation of the Hive quest
    – Raider quest
    – Shani’s entry in the Zone.

    – Added 2 events:
    – Sleeping with Ain
    – One kitchen dialogue

    Reworks and Revisions:
    – d4e (Emilia’s room intro)
    – Ain room visit

    – [Bug] Fixed a path in Omar’s dialogue that did not progress the quest
    – [Bug] Fixed a missing audio file in Day 8
    – [Bug] Fixed a missing image in Nadia’s room scene
    – Various text errors and typos
    – Replaced some audio files and removed unused ones

    Technical changes:
    – Converted all images to webp, significantly reducing package size
    – Added a “Hide UI” button in Quick menu for android
    – Changed flash to be gray instead of white (thanks for pointing it out).

    New Content:
    – Added 1 story scene
    – Added 9 events:
    – One Ain event
    – One kitchen event
    – One event at the market
    – Expanded Fairy’s content (repeatable)
    – Added Rabiah’s home in the world map with 4 events
    – Added a Harem scene (Emilia / Zahra)
    Reworks and Revisions:
    – d2b (Palace visit)
    – d2c (first Queen visit)
    – Reworked d2d (Leaving the Palace)
    – Reworked d4g (Second Queen visit)
    Minor changes / Fixes:
    – Added a new library entry
    – [Bug] Fixed Shani appearing in events after she leaves for the Zone
    – [Bug] Changed “Sleep with Zahra” tooltip to use the name variable instead
    – [Bug] Fixed various instances of custom names being ignored
    – [Bug] Fixed d2f-23 being cut off (Ain kitchen scene) at last
    Technical changes:
    – Added an in-game changelog
    – Changed the in-game menu
    – Changed the dialogue font (can be toggled in Options)
    – Changed the main font
    – Changed the dialogue box and notifications background
    – Reworked the credits sections.

    0.08a Changelog:

    New Content:
    – Added 1 new story scene.
    – Added 1 new side mission.
    – Added 2 new small events.
    – You can now sleep with your lovely wife instead of alone if you choose to do so.

    Reworks and Revisions:
    – Reworked d1a (initial Raiders scene) from the ground up.

    Minor changes:
    – Slightly changed “Sightseeing with Kateryna” mission’s introduction to flow better.
    – Fixed Asani being brought back from the dead under certain conditions.

    Technical changes:
    – Added the ability to select and view past main menu animations
    – Overhauled the structure of audio/image folders (unfortunately this means no partial update)
    – Added basic Android gestures (experimental)

    0.07c Changelog:

    – You can now change the namebox POV in Edit Details
    – Fixed a handful of typos and text errors
    – Fixed an inconsistency between Kateryna’s visit and it’s marker
    – Ain is no longer doomed to be Abrax’ wife (fixed the Harem scene)
    – Fixed an inconsistency regarding the fate of the kidnapper girl
    – Nadia can now be unlocked in the Gallery
    – Fixed a wrong condition in Thermae dialogue
    – Fixed some stray interpolation variables that should be persistent
    – Fixed Zahra being in the basement on Fairy’s gentle variation

    0.07b Changelog:

    – Fixed the flipped default relationship values
    – Disabled “Presentation Options” due to a last-minute bug
    – Fixed wrong character name in Ain’s harem scene
    – Fixed a wrong condition in one of the Thermae dialogues

    0.07 Changelog:

    New Content:
    – Added 1 new story scene.
    – Added 2 new side missions.
    – Added a new Harem variation (Ain solo).
    – Expanded the Fairy basement scene.

    Reworks and Revisions:
    – Revised d1b (Ivy’s introduction scene).
    – Reworked the world map from the ground up.
    – Reworked the style of the main menu (options, gallery, loading screen).

    Minor changes:
    – Added an option to change the namebox perspective in Edit Details.
    – Hopefully fixed the “None” issue with names that some players encountered

    New Content:
    – Added 2 new stories / side missions.
    – Introducing the first 3 NSFW animations.
    – Added the Harem / living room & 1 variation scene. (More variations coming in the future).
    – Added a free roam basement with access to girls kept in there & 1 new scene.
    – Added an ingame library that contains a codex about characters and places.

    Reworks and Revisions:
    – Reworked the intro of the game. Instead of seeing a black screen when starting a new game, the player will get a proper introduction.
    – Reworked and improved room visits. You can now lay down and have a chat with Zahra, Ain and Shani about multiple topics (to be expanded as the story goes on).
    – Revised d2e (Shani’s tomb scene).
    – Revised d1e (Ain Zahra Introduction. Full skin and lighting rework coming in the future).
    – Revised the beginning of d1b (Ivy’s introduction).

    Minor changes:
    – Changed the home menu and world map background music due to copyright concerns.
    – Changed some old low quality sounds.
    – The gallery will now only show 1 time NSFW scenes. Repeatable free roam scenes will not be shown in the gallery.
    – Quality of life updates for multiple HUD elements.
    – Removed the repeatable kitchen scene from free roam (for now).

    – Various typos and text corrections
    – Fixed an error on declining Kyra/Asha due to incorrect variable
    – Fangs’ Q&A is now more streamlined
    – Fixed a missing flag preventing Kyra from being unlocked in the Gallery under certain conditions
    – Fixed the trader interaction leading to opposite responses
    – Fixed Emilia not getting offered the second time under certain conditions
    – All quests have appropriate ending markers now
    – Emilia’s room introduction event has been revised
    – Ain’s room becomes unavailable after her punishment, for consistency reasons
    – Fixed some renders in Ain’s introduction, that were overflowing the screen
    – Added the missing Home Menu tutorial image
    – Added Quick Menu option in preferences

    – 8 new scenes (750+ pictures)
    – refreshed some scenes with several renders
    – Rework of the home menu from day 1-5
    – added a quest log
    – added markers for important events

    v0.04 Public
    Bug Fixes

    – 8 new scenes
    – You can now visit Ain, Shani and Zahra in their rooms. *1
    – added a teaser for car inspection
    – multiple text corrections (Thanks to CynicalADM and dsnow!)

    *1: Room activities will be expanded over the coming updates

    v0.03 Public
    – improved text editing in most scenes
    – minor bug fixes
    – reworked pictures of Shani’s introduction
    – a slightly adjusted Ain character model in various scenes
    – a few extra panels at the end of Emilia’s introduction
    – reduced the main character’s tsar bomb to a fatman in the massage scene
    – removed the necessity to click through panels in repeatable NSFW moments


    Note: All saves of versions prior to 0.05 will not work with later releases of the game. Also, to avoid potential issues, always unpack new full releases to their own folder and do not overwrite old ones.


    Download For Win
    Download For Mac
    Download For Android
    Download For Compressed Android + Mod (0.11c)
    Download For Compressed Win
    Download For Compressed Mac
    Download For Walkthrough/Gallery Mod
    MEGA *v0.15c **PC: Unzip the mod and place the game folder inside the folder called “DesertStalker-0.09a-pc”. Overwrite files if required.
    Download For Walkthrough


    Definetely interesting game. Quality of renders is very high and detailed. Music is also very fitting and gives this game nice atmosphere. Story is promising and I really like the theme of this whole game... Post-apo Egypt, RPG style of gameplay, story telling and also visual. Definetely above average game worth trying. I am gonna keep my eye on it.

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    Definetely interesting game. Quality of renders is very high and detailed. Music is also very fitting and gives this game nice atmosphere. Story is promising and I really like the theme of this whole game... Post-apo Egypt, RPG style of gameplay, story telling and also visual. Definetely above average game worth trying. I am gonna keep my eye on it.Desert Stalker v0.15c Public by Zetan