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    Conquered Hearts Little Midgar [v0.1][Studio Filth]


    Conquered Hearts Little Midgar v0.1 by Studio Filth, Conquered Hearts is a parody NSFW-version game of the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ franchise with a darker, perverted plotline, playable as a high-quality point-and-click adventure game.​

    Updated: 2023-02-09
    Release Date: 2023-02-09
    Developer: Studio Filth Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.15
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Language: English

    2DCG, Parody, Adventure, Point & Click, Training, Animated, Male Protagonist, Pregnancy, Corruption, Slave, Male Dominance, Drugs, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, BDSM, Creampie, Oral Sex
    – Extract to desired location.
    – Run.
    Planned Game Features
    World Travel
    Make your way through the galaxy on your upgradable gummy ship, discovering worlds old and new, and conquering the hearts of the princesses…

    Princess Training
    Explore many worlds to conquer the princesses ‘hearts’, whether it be through means innocent or not.

    Navigate the various worlds and quests in Conquered Hearts, earning Munny and more through innovative mini games.

    Multi-pathed Stories
    Each world has its own story with many possible endings…

    v0.14 (Land of Dragons)

    • Land of Dragons New Area: Shop
    • Land of Dragons New Area: Lake
    • Land of Dragons New Items: Fishing Rod
    • Land of Dragons New Items: Szechuan Sauce (PLACEHOLDER! Pointless to buy it)
    • Land of Dragons New Items: Old Rusty Key (PLACEHOLDER! Pointless to buy it)
    • Mulan Blowjob & Skullfuck Sex Scenes
    • Mulan Sex Scenes (Missionary & Cowgirl)
    • Lake Scene – Fishing
    • Lake Erotic Scene – Spying on Mulan
    • Lake Erotic Scene – Join Mulan in Lake
    • Lake Erotic Scene – Clothes Thief
    • Land of Dragons Minigame: Base Defence New Enemy.

    v0.13 (Little Midgar)

    • Little Midgar New Area: Shop
    • Little Midgar New Items: Materia (3 types), Gimp Mask
    • Tifa Blowjob & Skullfuck Sex Scenes
    • Tifa Sex Scenes (Missionary & Cowgirl)
    • Tifa Pregnancy w/ updated spritesheets
    • Aerith Blowjob & Skullfuck Sex Scenes
    • Aerith Sex Scenes (Missionary & Cowgirl)
    • Aerith Pregnancy w/ updated spritesheets
    • Bug Fix: You can do generic honeybee girl tryouts
    • Bug Fix: You can enter the backroom at the honeybee inn
    • Bug Fix: The task reporting on Little Midgar should now function correctly

    v0.12 (Land of Dragons)

    • Land of Dragons ‘Base Defence’ Minigame Included
    • Recruitment & Training System Implemented
    • Weekly Food Resource Implemented
    • New Character: Yao
    • New Character: Chien Po
    • Dialogue for Yao
    • Dialogue for Chien Po
    • Dialogue for Ling
    • Bug Fix: Error was occurring with Mulan Training.
    • Bug Fix: No longer locked out of training by lack of early relationship gains.
    • Story extended to day 4, unlocking task & training gameplay.
    • New Area: Watchtower
    • New Area: Inner Camp
    • New Area: General’s Tent
    • New Scene: Mulan Training Drill Slip
    • New Scene: Huns Invade when base defence failed 3x times (Bad Ending)

    v0.11 (Little Midgar)

    • Story extended to receive the first ‘vouch’.
    • New Character: Andrea
    • New Character: Miss Folia
    • Additional sprites for Bouncer
    • Additional sprites for Jessie
    • Additional sprites for Kyrie
    • Little Midgar Minigame Added: Dance
    • New Area: Backstage
    • New Dialogue: Jessie & Kyrie
    • Honeybee Girl Tryouts Scene w/ Jessie & Kyrie.
    • Honeybee Girl Tryouts w/ Default (repeatable).
    • Fixed some bugs within the Daily Schedule System.
    • Added ‘Work’ function to the Daily Schedule.
    • Can re-choose to spend time with targets in the Daily Schedule.
    • Adjusted training requirements in all worlds to require ‘relationship’ for all acts.
    • All ‘targets’ now have a dialogue option which grants an initial amount of relationship required for training.
    • Fixed some xp pop-up errors.
    • Fixed bug with skin-change (for champion release).
    • Amended the ‘thank you’ splash screen for reviews.

    v0.10 (Land of Dragons)

    • Initial animated training sequence with Mulan
    • Mulan Training – Flashing
    • Mulan Training – Undress
    • Mulan Sex Act – Handjob
    • Mulan Sex Act – Assjob
    • Mulan’s Daily Tasks
    • New Daily Schedule System
    • Adapted Relationship System

    v0.9 (Universal)

    • New game prologue
    • Space Map Redesign
    • Space Travel Change
    • Space Map Routes
    • New Area (Space Station)
    • New Characters (Cindry & Xehanort)
    • Returning Character (Pete, AKA Demo MC)
    • Gummi Ship System
    • Space Battle Mechanics
    • MC Enix Skin Redo

    v0.8 (Little Midgar)

    • Sex/Training mechanic for Tifa
    • Sex/Training mechanic for Aerith
    • Tifa Training – Flashing
    • Tifa Training – Undress
    • Tifa Sex Act – Handjob
    • Tifa Sex Act – Titjob
    • Aerith Training – Flashing
    • Aerith Training – Undress
    • Aerith Sex Act – Handjob
    • Aerith Sex Act – Footjob
    • Game Adjustment – fluent MC skins (i.e. Enix skin on Enix worlds, Disney skin on Disney worlds).

    v0.6 (Little Midgar)

    • World Introduction Scenes (Day 1 & Day 2)
    • Split day-cycle to be world-specific
    • Created new world format for Little Midgar
    • New Character: Tifa
    • New Character: Aerith
    • New Character: Jessie
    • New Character: Kyrie
    • New Character: Don Corneo
    • New Character: Goons x3
    • New Character: Leslie
    • New Character: Johnny
    • New Area: Honeybee Inn (x6)
    • New Area: Downtown
    • New Area: Don’s Mansion
    • New Area: Dark Alleyway

    v0.5 (Wonderland)

    • New day33 scene – Wonderland Trial
    • Court hearing Scene
    • Love Route Ending
    • Spite Route Ending
      Failed Route Ending
    • Bug Fixed: Undoing pregnancy by having sex again
    • Bug Fixed: Missing Sprites in a few scenes

    DEV NOTE: Regarding the Alice artwork. We understand that there are many who aren’t happy with the redesign. This will be ‘fixed’ eventually, however, our priority is to build out more content. For details, feel free to read the many posts on our Patreon page, or ask in the Discord chat.



    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For MAC (v0.14)


    Keywords: Download Conquered Hearts Studio Filth Adult Game.


    This is the trainer with the most promise I've seen in a very long time. Fun, a good amount of sexy and playful, and incredible art so far. As long as the devs can keep focused and avoid getting too ambitious and burning out, this will be a classic before too much longer.

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    This is the trainer with the most promise I've seen in a very long time. Fun, a good amount of sexy and playful, and incredible art so far. As long as the devs can keep focused and avoid getting too ambitious and burning out, this will be a classic before too much longer.Conquered Hearts Little Midgar [v0.1][Studio Filth]