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    Chloe18 New v1.0 – GDS


    Remake of Chloe18 by GDS, Chloe18 New is adult game about you grind and you corrupt the innocent 18yo female protagonist so she can to become a slut, a cheerleader. If you like female protagonist games with a “good girl gone bad” path, then this one is one of the OK ones.​

    There is one goal he has in mind his “Big Score” getting the girl of his dreams Emma!
    His Life is about to have a sudden change though whether he likes it or not. He’s about to meet some lovley ladies who enjoy nothing more then to make his life a living hell.
    Will Jason manage to find true love or will he be overwelmed and defeated by the dominants!?​

    Updated: 2023-12-14
    Release Date:  2023-12-14
    Developer: GDS Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 1.0
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Others: Chole18  – Chloe 18 Fake FamilyChloe 18 Back to Class
    Genre: 3dcg, female protagonist, big ass, oral sex, vaginal sex, lesbian, sandbox, teasing, exhibitionism,

    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run
    The game has 14 endings.
    -120 animations sex animation.
    -So many side activities and optional stuff, from the good old nightlife and glory-hole, to actual office work.
    -Chloe’s college experience has been completely overhauled. She can now engage in a variety of activities, such as art modeling with some unique outcomes. Swimming classes? Absolutely. She can also get detention, embark on side quests, and discover secret college quests, among many other things.

    Beta 1

    Alpha 3
    What is new:
    Hanna’s Quest can be finished (7 new animations)
    By running at the park 3 new scenes with Emily. You will need to run 4 times for every scene
    All reported bugs has been fixed(I Hope)
    To see all Hanna’s scenes you will need to reset her quest. On the quest menu there will be a option to reset it, after you finished

    what is new:
    Quest markers add to the game
    3 New intros with it’s own story lines and scenes
    start Hanna’s quest (her first scene only)
    Night town it open
    ADULT job
    Glory-job (9 scenes one clothing variation so far)
    P**** management added
    secret quest that you are no supposed to find

    Initial Release
    19 new scenes, a intro most game mechanics



    Keywords: Download Chloe18 New Game.

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