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    A Long Journey v0.8.1 by Marvellous Lunatic


    A Long Journey by Marvellous Lunatic, A Long Journey by Marvellous Lunatic is adult game It is 2048. Life on Earth for humankind continues on a downward spiral. The people live in dangerous, cramped megacities as the environment degrades around them. Backed by government forces, the giant Hawkink Tech corporation has completed the first colony ships and launched them towards distant habitable planets.

    MC is a bright young software engineer who has chosen to risk his life as a colonist in order to escape the dying earth and follow his dream of building a new society. But something goes wrong, and he wakes from cryo-sleep too early, finding himself alone on the giant empty ship as it hurtles through the void.

    Soon he learns he is not the only one awake when he meets another person, a beautiful young woman with flaming red hair. She is angry and damaged from already spending many months awake and alone. Can they work together to find a way out of their trap? Or is there more to the situation it first appears.

    Updated: 2024-04-14
    Release Date: 2024-04-14
    Developer: Marvellous Lunatic Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.8.1
    OS: Windows, Linux, Android
    Language: English
    Genre:3DCG, Anal-Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Facial, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, MILF, Multi-Platform, Mysteries, Oral sex, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Teasing, Tit-Fuck, Vaginal sex, Visual-Novel, Voyeurism

    Planned: Footjob, Group-Sex, Harem, Handjob, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian, Pregnancy, Stripping, Virgin

    1. Extract and run.

    If you’ve played the tech demo, I suggest clearing the save folder’s contents: %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Marvellous Lunatic

    ~ 1500 rendered and edited images
    – 12 animations
    – 9 high res vertical scroll images
    – 4 high res secrets
    – 28 SFX
    – 1 Scene replay

    – Option to filter onomatopoeia (written sounds)

    – Fixed female voice handling (You might need to set it on more time after starting the game)

    Important for Android
    If you get the “App not installed” error you need to uninstall the old version. BEFORE you probably need to backup your user data. It should be located here:
    After installing you need to paste it there again. I haven’t had the time to investigate it further at the moment but I’ll pick it up again and check why it can’t be replaced like the last times.

    This episode is mainly focused on story progression. The plot is slowly moving to a key moment in the arc but there are still some challenges to tackle before the end of the first act is reached.
    There is also some new fetishes included in this build. I made one of them optional in case someone doesn’t like it.

    ~ 830 rendered and edited images
    – 13 animations
    – 2 high res vertical scroll images
    – 3 high res secrets
    – 3 new unique locations
    – 20+ SFX
    – 1 Scene replays
    – 2 more joke segments for the hacking game.

    While driving the story forward to the ‘long’ term goal and turn the ship back around the episode is focused on the relation between Selene and Elios. A back and forth that needs to be addressed.

    ~ 1000 images
    – 14 animations
    – 3 high res vertical scroll images
    – 3 high res secrets
    – 5 new unique locations
    – 40+ SFX
    – 3 Scene replays
    – 7 more code segments for the hacking game (all jokes and ASCII art)

    – more audio channels for more control over sounds (sex sounds, kissing and voice channel is split in female voice and male voice – no male voice yet)
    – improved in-game message handling
    – improved performance in free-roam mode (thumbnails for quick-navigation)
    – improved performance in secret gallery (thumbnails)
    – improved performance in replay gallery (thumbnails)
    – reduced file-size by replacing old png / jpg images with webm images
    – added more short-keys for in-game menus
    – Vertical scroll images can be fitted to window-size
    – More audio and visual feedback for the free roam DJ game

    – fixed hover issue on expanded quick navigation header
    – fixed some audio-handling issues
    – fixed Tool-tip not updating correctly

    – fixed spelling errors
    – fixed vsi rollback issue
    – fixed type speed
    – ‘fixed’ trigger for episode 5 not appearing

    The new update will bring some more light on the other persons who are awake on this ship too. There will be more information on the background stories of each character and what might have happened before the departure of the colony-ship.

    ~ 600 rendered and edited images
    – 11 animations
    – 3 music tracks
    – 3 secrets
    – more SFX and Voice files

    QOS Changes:
    – enhanced audio handling which allows more channels
    – added UI button sounds
    – memorize playback speed of animations within a scene
    – changed playback-speed range from [0.5 to 2] to [1 to 2.5]- upgraded unity => better performance
    – updated the messaging system a bit (new message indicator and notification sound)
    – Improved UI for saving / loading
    – preview images in thumbnail size are encoded in the save file (no more separate uncompressed full hd images)
    – added some more audio functions
    – changed audio on a few sections in older episodes
    – added hint to settings, when changing character config / language selection to check the other setting as well
    – added message to the free roam dj game
    – changed some hints for secrets
    – added builds for Linux (tested), MAC (untested) and Andoird (32 Bit, tested, quite slow, mouse hover tips don’t work // Couldn’t get 64 bit working, still looking into it)

    – fixed some grammar / spelling issues

    – Fixed unresponsive choice menus

    – Updated webp library which hopefully will fix the c++ error
    – Fixed issue when using input-key ‘g’ which started the DJ game
    – Fixed migration error when users played episode one but not two (enablement for location ‘Dance Club’ was missing)
    – Fixed Mini-game not hiding when starting scene replay while mini-game is running
    – Fixed right mouse click opened sd menu while DJ game was active

    – Added short delay between rounds in DJ game to help to distinguish between rounds
    – Changed color of buttons when flashing in DJ game to help to distinguish between flashing and hovering
    – Added tips after failed attempt at mini-games

    602 Images (8 vertical scroll images)
    6 Animations (5 lewd)
    3 Secrets
    Mini-game: “DJ Controller” (2 Versions)
    2 new location
    ~ 2500 lines of dialogue script
    12 Soundtracks
    file-size 1,28 gb (packed)

    – fixed language / translation handling

    – fixed memory leak
    – fixed discord invitation link
    – upgraded Unity version

    Dev Notes

    This game is a visual novel / sandbox. The first act will be quite linear and more in a visual novel style with only minor choices and with the second act, there will be more sandbox-elements and more dating sim elements.
    The MC didn’t go alone on his journey but has a few companions (relation is configurable).
    There will be some Mini-Games, but no grinding. I know there are people who don’t like mini-games in such games so they will be skippable with ‘cheats’.


    The game is written in Unity but will feel very much like renpy. You may ask why not renpy then. Simple reason, I already knew Unity and C# and thought it would be easier for me.

    Engine-Features (Implemented):

    • Non-Visual character-customization (name, relations, and other things)
    • Rollback
    • Gallery / Scene-replays
    • Achievements
    • Tasks / Hints
    • Mod-able translations / Add custom translations
    • Animations
    • Mini-Games
    • Quick-Navigation
    • Interactive map
    • kind of day and night cycle
    • many more

    Planned Features:

    • more mod support for custom events, conditions, images, and more
    • auto translations (google phrase or neural model) (paid solution as Patreon goal)
    • more mini-games
    • updates as patches



    • Win64 – Target OS and tested. If there is a demand for a 32Bit version let me know.
    • MacOS – As i don’t have a MAC to test a build on it’s currently not supported.
    • Android – Tested on Android 11


    Download For Win
    Download For MAC
    Download For Android

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