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    Young Marcus – Expanded [v0.10][Randiel]


    Young Marcus – Expanded v0.10 by Randiel, Young Marcus – Expanded is a game about This is a full-on expansion of Serialaries remake of Mariamod‘s “Young Maria”. If you know and love Marcus and want to see more of his adventures this game is for you.

    Updated: 2021-12-28
    Released Date : 2021-12-28
    Game/Creator: randiel – Buymeacoffee
    Game Version: v0.10
    Language: English

    Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Sandbox, Gay, Anal sex, Bestiality, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Group sex, Incest, Male domination, Interracial, Oral sex, Sex toys, BDSM
    Game is dedicated only to M/M scenes. No futa, no transformation, no sissification.
    1. Extract and run.


    Mac users:
    Game contain now webp files instead of gifs. If you are using Mac and Safari browser please check This website to see if webp are supported.

    Mobile user:
    in case you have problems running the game please use: This.

    Few additional notes based on most often and recurring comments:
    – file size is increasing – I’ll be checking few additional options but I don’t expecting major breakthroughs, size will be going up as I’ll be adding more stuff, no way around it. I’ll be posting divided download options (full or just update) when I can to help mitigate this issue.
    – player should not accept every dick he sees – base game had a lot of depending attributes (player corruption, relations, corruption of other characters), it is sometimes hard to navigate and use the correct approach and condition. For most cases I disregard players corruption cuz it makes things so much easier. Some old scenes I added in my very first update have no dependency on anything as at that point in time I didn’t know how to add it. I’ll be patching some of them as I go but my overall plan was always that Marcus is a horny sub guy, ready to jump on every dick he sees
    – game is too slow/fast – I added so many options where you can increase corruption it may be a bit too fast to reach 100 corruption quickly. Well, it is a porn game after all. I updated cheats to give you better control over player corruption and corruption of others
    – game is buggy – well developement is still in progress so yes, expect bugs
    – why there are so little dom scenes? – original game presented Marcus as a sub and I want to keep this tradition. I’ll be adding dom scenes here and there but majority of the game will be for sub main player

    Mod will add new interractions, new romance options and lots and lots of sex.
    For most of the characters there will be steps in the relation depending on a corruption of a given character:
    – < 20 – no sex interractions
    – >20 – light sex interractions (making out and such)
    – >40 – oral actions available
    – >60 – anal actions available
    – >70/80 – hardcore actions available

    Check changelog for latest changes


    Characters update
    1. Mom, Dan, Nick, and Rick

    – Mom finally moved away from the house (intro to the game was changed with some additional backstory), she moved in with Dan, her new partner, you can visit them from the start. Dan is straight and there are no interactions with him.
    – Nick and Rick are twins from Dan’s previous marriage. Get to know them better and maybe you will uncover their little secret (random)
    – After the above: 3 different scenes with twin brothers (two bottoms and one vers)

    2. Dad
    – check on him in the morning in his room (8-9 in the morning, only with dad corruption > 40) to help with his morning wood
    – you can now sleep with your dad, the same way as with bro, visit him between 23 and 8 (dad corruption > 60)
    – prepare dinner each day (except Sundays) at 20, dad will like it
    – dad watches TV during the week between 17 and 19, give him something else to do (dad corruption > 60)
    – shave in the bathroom and he may join you (random, dad corruption > 60)
    – taking a bath (bath, not a shower) has a chance of dad’s visit (random, sex scene requires dad corruption > 40)
    – the start of the Office plot is no longer automatic. You need to pick the option from the living room after 7 days of in-game

    3. Brother
    – watch a TV with him on Saturday at 20, a new scene
    – bath scene has been expanded (kissing, bj, anal – different stages will be available with >20, >40, and >60 bro corruption)
    – bro ending simplified; late-night visit is no longer a requirement for the ending, 100 relation and corruption points are the only requirement

    4. Uncle
    – added new, the last scene of corruption lessons with uncle: a sex scene with brother. THIS SCENE IS NOW A REQUIREMENT FOR ALL THE INCEST SEX SCENES WITH BRO, DAD OR GRAMPA, their corruption will not increase past 39 without this
    – after that last scene you will have a new option to invite bro or dad for a threesome at uncle’s place (dad/bro corruption > 60 required)

    5. Adam
    – phone call: a trip to the mountains (3 scenes, works similarly to the fishing trip, invite Adam then wait till Saturday morning and pick the option in the Living Room)
    – phone call: Dancing (1 scene of public sex, ending depending on streaking level)

    6. Bill
    – phone call: invite Bill to your stash (renovation not required), ending depending on your physique

    7. Perry
    – His usual scenes has been moved to the phone

    8. Christian
    – new scene with him and two other guys (player corruption>50)
    – overall gif cleanup

    9. Micky
    – phone call: ass-stretching sessions with big dildos

    10. Jack
    – phone: send a nude selfie (relation with Jack >60)
    – after sending a selfie to Jack go and visit him in his house
    – chat with Jack at his house for a chance to learn about some special resort he likes to visit
    – phone call: (after the above and with relation with Jack >60) a weekend visit to that special resort
    works similarly to the fishing trip, invite Jack then wait till Saturday morning and pick the option in the Living Room
    – phone call: (relation with Jack >60) invite him to your home (three variants: you and Jack or a chance for a threesome with dad or bro if you have their corruption > 70)

    Events/activities update
    1. Public exhibitionism slightly remade

    – Going naked in public has been redone slightly. No need to undress in the inventory in the main map to trigger public nudity scenes, instead pick the option from the map “Try public nudity”
    – requires at least 60 corruption
    – Different scenes for day and night
    – Night walk could result with: no event, jerk off, spotting someone else in the act, getting mugged, and being raped (new scene)
    2. Become a pornstar
    – after 15 webcam shows you will see a message from Mr. Cutler (counter added in the Stats)
    – visit Eggplant Studio and talk with Mr. Cutler about becoming a pornstar
    – pass the interview (high sex stats required, both bj and anal, the test will tell you how many you need) to be able to work there
    – 11! new scenes with you as a pornstar
    – talk with Mr. Cutler after recording 30 porn movies to talk about your future (new ending)
    3. Night robbery in the living room
    – no longer forced, you will see a new message and option to go check it out
    – new scene if you own the gun where you force him to suck you
    4. Family time!
    – every Sunday afternoon (between 16 and 20) in the living room you will have an opportunity to invite other family members (uncle or grandpa) to spend time with you, bro, and dad (corruption with dad/bro >60, sex with grandpa unlocked, the fifth session with uncle unlocked). Don’t worry if you don’t meet all the criteria at first, you can still have some brief fun with some of them separately
    5. Bath
    – You won’t be able to leave the house if you stink
    – Shower and bath requires a body wash, if you run out of it you can still wash your face at the sink for a small clean up

    6. School bully (requires Rape preference to be triggered)
    – a random chance to meet Marky after school, you will have a chance at the beginning to avoid this whole route (he will use strong language, pissing, punching, foot play, a humiliation in general).
    – some scenes will require BDSM or Pissing preferences to be turned on
    – if you give into him you should visit him each time after school or face his anger
    – he will use and humiliate you: bj, anal, foot worship, pissing, forced toy play, and so on
    – he could approach you even during the day for a quick fun
    – all interactions with bully will increase your school slut reputation

    7. FillMeUp and guests additions
    – hook up story by alexxxx000 (BDSM option required to see it, look for eggplant emoji)
    – hook up story by alfsaturn (the office has to be unlocked to see mysterious H in the app)

    Location update:
    1. Gay Bar has finally a proper dark room

    – 7 different dark scenes
    2. Mechanic has been redone
    – original scene (from the garage) finishes with the introduction of a new character Nate and the location of Rim Job mechanic shop
    – Rim Job workshop is added to the map
    – 3 new scenes (2 with Nate and one group)
    3. New location: Firestation
    – go to the park during the day, as you enter it you may (random) notice some disaster nearby
    – help Leo and get invited to the fire station
    – 3 scenes (with Leo, with the captain, and with a whole bunch of firefighters) plus some random scenes of hunky (half)naked firefighters


    1. Cheats

    – new cheat for corruption level (if you want to bypass all corruption scenes with uncle and unlock incest scenes with rest of the family)

    1. Preferences

    – New preference option: God Mode, if turned on you will no longer lose energy. Pick if you want sex scenes but don’t want to be bothered with constant energy cheat
    – New preference option for watersports
    – Submit a ticket option has been removed

    1. Other

    – jail ending can be now triggered after 5 imprisonments instead of 10.


    Map and phone should now work properly in the mobile version! (I hope)


    Bestiality update (available only if you have the Bestiality option turned on; no real bestiality, only animations/art):
    -Ralf (dog)

    — new option to present all possible sex options (hand, oral, anal) after 30 relation points and at least one breeding session done “the old way”
    — take Ralf for a walk (+ new sex scene) with 50 relation points
    — play with Ralf and Zeus (another dog) with 70 relation points
    — talk with Brian: a new scene with him and Ralf
    — update to Farm beast ending: 100 relation points with Ralf required in addition to being busted by Brian few times
    -Thunderstorm (horse)
    — new scenes for hand, oral, anal
    — new breeding scene with a lot of cum
    — ride scene expanded (beast and non-beast options)
    — new scene with two horses
    -Iron Bull (bull, duh…)
    — new scenes for hand, oral, anal
    — new videos
    – drink with Brian after 10 PM
    Point Erectus:
    – New location: Forbidden Forrest
    – Careful, finding a way out can be problematic. After each scene, there is a 20% chance of finding a way out. :eek:
    – During the day you may find some horny beasts like a wolf (20% chance of occurrence), bear (20% chance of occurrence), random beasts (20% chance of occurrence), or someone who could help you find a way out (10% chance of occurrence).
    – During the night monster come out for the food, fight, or… the other thing (75% chance of occurrence).
    – With each creature, there is an additional 20% chance of running away with no scene.

    Farm update:

    — Brian has now relations points, he is still a horny cowboy so will fuck you (all old scenes) despise the amount you have
    — Relations points (>80) are needed for a new scene: talk with Brian after 10 PM for some night outdoor sex (needed for Farmboy ending)
    — Ride option in stables available without the best scene, just you and Brian fucking while riding on a horse
    — Pup play:
    — Talk with Brian (player corruption > 60 and relation with him > 60) and agree to play along. Beware! If you cum without permission you will be punished (random).
    — oral and anal sessions
    — session with fuck machine
    — two BDSM sessions (require BDSM option to be turned on): casual and hardcore
    — bestiality session with Ralf (require the best option on)
    – spend some time with him by talking, relaxing, or helping him around the farm
    – have a chat with him after getting 60 relation points to learn his history and unlock sex scenes
    – revisit relax and work scenes for additional sex interactions
    – new scene (after pup play, is unlocked with Brian) with two daddies and you as a pup
    Non-beast farm ending:
    – reach 100 relation points with grandpa and Brian
    – spend the night with Brian (not the werewolf one)
    – unlock sex options with grandpa
    Additional actions
    – you can now sleep at the farm at grandpa’s house
    – there is a 20% chance that someone will wake you up with surprise sex (required unlocked grandpa for his scene, brian can happen with no requirements)
    – you can eat something at grandpa’s house to restore some of the energy

    Point Erectus:

    – After meeting Bill for the first time (Ask Adam to show you the forest-> Visit glade) find him at the station
    – two scenes with size play kink (body size difference, basically small twink being fucked by a giant hunk) – randomly selected

    – loan increased from 3000 to 20000

    High Tai
    -Your stash

    Initial cost increased to 3000
    – Full renovation requires: Stash neatness at least 40, overall renovation done, walls painted, electricity and plumbing fixed. You need to complete the overall renovation before painting or fixing stuff inside.
    – Clean-up energy costs decreased. Nude cleaning with corruption > 40 (repeatable later)
    – You can hire someone to help you clean (double Stash neatness points). Three scenes: 1 top and 2 bottoms (also repeatable later)
    – Renovation cost will vary if you know Micky (+ additional scene with him). Once the crew is hired it will take them a week to finish up, check on them often for some scenes with construction workers.
    – Painting walls, fixing electricity, and plumbing (each with a separate scene) necessary to complete the renovation
    Whore yourself out:
    – with your stash renovated you can post yourself as a prostitute and bring your clients to your stash to earn money
    – stash cannot be too dirty (new cheat if you are lazy) and so do you (just take a bath)
    – you clients want different things from you: bj, anal, hard anal, first-time sex, you as top, DP, BDSM, fisting (last two require BDSM preference turned on)
    – each scene has multiple different gifs and random sub-scenes to keep it more entertaining for repeating
    – after whoring yourself out 10 times Marcus will get the idea of renovating other rooms and hiring some guys to work for him
    – renovate rooms and hire guys to work for you
    – you can renovate only one room at a time and it will cost you, plus it will take 5 days to renovate
    – hiring employees will require a “test” of their skills
    – check on their progress for some additional scenes
    – once 5 rooms are renovated and filled you can trigger a Brothel ending
    Apartment №23 – Ron
    – Ron is a nice guy, who greeted you at High Tai
    – Help Ron relax via massage sessions (3 different scenes)
    Apartment №38 – Jay
    – Jay is a gambler, he loves playing poker.
    – Play with him and loose – he will have your ass.
    – Play with him and win (25% chance) – watch as he jerks off for your amusement
    – Check his stash after 21:00 and if you are corrupted enough (>60) you will play with him and his friends (and by play I mean suck them)
    Apartment №30 – Viktor
    – local drug cartel leader
    – visit this “friendly” criminal for some rough scenes (4 random scenes)
    – after good kidnapping ending Viktor will want to have a word with you (triggered when you return to your stash)

    – Once you buy a stash at High Tai but before you renovate it, take a look around. CREATE A SAVE HERE :devilish:
    – The whole kidnapping will have two endings depending on who you will give it to Thomas (you need to know him prior to that. Reminder note: to meet Thomas you need to be caught by the police, try stealing something in the market, or whore yourself in the park) or Officer Gorski (new character).
    – Kidnapping requires a Rape preference turned on since it contains rough scenes and depictive language
    – Once kidnapped you will slowly lose Sanity till the final breaking point
    – You can beg your captors to stop during your lessons, the fact that they will listen to it is a totally different thing (and they may not like that you talk without permission)
    – Bad ending if no one is looking for you!!! :devilish:
    – Good ending will change how Thomas reacts to you and will unlock some additional scenes with him
    — Change in Thomas behavior will be triggered automatically if kidnapping is skipped by the Rape option being turned off when you are returning the bag to the police
    – After the good kidnapping ending Thomas will be more friendly
    – Being caught by the police will from now on have an additional option (and one/two sex scenes) with Thomas instead of going to jail (which is still an option if you want)
    – Invite Thomas over to your stash (once renovated) for some additional scenes
    – Thomas is often on a patrol around the park. You may (randomly) find him during your jogging (only clothed one).

    Drunk update:
    – Getting yourself drunk (intoxication > 90) at Gay Bar or the Beach will cause a scene when you get to the world map
    – Scene will be triggered both during the day and night
    – There is a chance to have an additional “not from this world” scene at night :alien::alien::alien:
    – Repeat alien abduction 4 times to get a new ending (counter added in Stats, you need at least 5 for the ending)

    New job:
    – Dildo tester, you need high corruption (>80) and well-trained ass (>40 anal). You will be put on display and random people will test various dildos on you. (reminder: jobs are available from your laptop)

    School library:
    – removed girl from library and toilet, you can now wank safely without a threat of any vagina pics

    – check your bedroom between 18 and 20 (bro corruption > 70), Eric, a friend of your brother may (randomly) come knocking (and he want to knock on something more than just a door), your bro is not that far behind him
    – sleeping in your bedroom (bro corruption > 60) has a 30% chance of night attack, where your bro force himself on you (3 scenes)
    – to trigger the ending raises up corruption and relationship to a 100, send him a selfie and have a sex scene with him in his bedroom after 10 PM
    – once the above is done, call him (via phone) to the park to confess your love

    – Sauna added
    – 5 different scenes (random): jerk off, jock, group, Damien (with more than 60 relations with him), and twink (with Marcus as top)

    Phone contacts:
    – list redone slightly
    – notes added to all characters to indicate who you are still missing

    Additional endings:
    – Prison Bitch: after going to jail 10 times you will have a new option to rob a bank (you need a gun)
    – Be my player two: after reaching 100 relation points with Hunter

    New cheats:
    – modify relationship points with grandpa
    – modify relationship points with Brian
    – clean stash


    New game is required!!!


    Download For All Version
    Full list of all scenes and where/how to find them


    Keywords: Download Young Marcus Game.


    Great game, I've really gotten into it over the last couple of weeks. I cannot wait for further updates as I have now gotten most of the sex scenes and they do become repetative but its WIP so its all good.

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    Great game, I've really gotten into it over the last couple of weeks. I cannot wait for further updates as I have now gotten most of the sex scenes and they do become repetative but its WIP so its all good.Young Marcus - Expanded [v0.10][Randiel]