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    Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret [Final] [Yeehaw Games]


    Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret Final by Yeehaw Games, Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret is a game about A young mage from a noble family arrives at a distant castle to find it ruined and her sister missing. Will she able to recover lost monster girls and restore the peace with their power? What price will she have to pay?

    Ada, the female protagonist, is a prodigal mage with the ability to use monster girl’s power as her own. Combine them to create your own play style from a powerful battle-mage to a delicate temptress. Will you overcome your enemies through force or make them into your toys? It’s up to you!

    Yorna adjusts to your actions in narrative and quests so both slutty and pure walk-through will be enjoyable. Each scene has 2 versions and I’m thinking about adding the third option where Ada takes the lead completely. Though this stuff is for the future.

    Updated: 2021-03-11
    Release Date: 2021-03-11
    Developer: Yeehaw Games Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version:  Final
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Language: English

    2D game, 2DCG, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Monster girl, Monster, Lesbian, Group sex, Creampie, Titfuck, Bukkake, Tentacles, Voyeurism, Sex toys, Corruption, Mobile game, Oral sex, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex
    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Yorna Monster Girl’s Secret.exe to start playing.



    H content

    The update brings 2 new H events with 2 options each. You can get the first pair from new common enemies – Anubis girls who roam in the tropical forest on Ikko island. The second pair of scenes feature the new boss – Pharaoh Ife with a bit of maniacal lewd ideas. She’s in the same zone.

    New features and activities

    The kitsune quest’s ending is ready. Help Ayane with all the preparations and see how this mini-story will end. You will get an alternative look for the Miko dress and another pack of kitsune-flavored cutscenes.

    The first puzzle is ready is based on the pipe-turning, where you’ll need to connect two exit points with different kinds of pieces.

    The second puzzle features a QTE minigame. It’s not hard to complete and will serve as a feedback test for players since I plan to use this module for a greater variety of minigames in future updates and projects. You can use either mouse/touchpad or keyboard arrows to select the runes appearing on the obelisk. Getting the right glyph will allow you to move further and picking the wrong one will reduce the timer you have for the current round.

    I gathered a lot of feedback concerning the ambiance sounds and the dedicated control option for them. Most of the players want to see it, and I will implement this feature in v.1.3.5.

    Small fixes and improvements

    Fixed a desync between Ada’s emotion and dress layers after the miniscene in the kitsune temple.

    Added the second part of reactions to Ada being naked. It’s mainly focused on the castle grounds.

    Fixed music not playing after loading a saved game in the new mountain zone.

    Fixed Wisdom and Balance skill. Now it adds the correct amount of bonus stats.

    Fixed the healing statues. Some of them weren’t blinking with the orb, and players didn’t think they could activate them. Now all healing shrines should have their animations on at all times.

    Stay tuned for news and upcoming monster girl poll! As always, if you don’t like something about the game – tell me and if you like Yorna – tell your friends ^^


    Don’t forget to copy your whole save folder inside the new release!


    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For MAC (v1.3.5)
    Download For Linux (v1.3.5)
    Download For Android (v1.3.5)


    Download For Compressed Win/Lin
    Code v1.1.5: 5019 *to insert Talk to the “Shady guy” at the castle…
    but “why”, all it does is unlocks all the pictures, it does nothing else game wise.

    Keywords: Download Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret Game.


    The game play is very straightforward no annoying repetitive task . I really love the castle upgrade element. There are also interaction between monster girls occasionally. Overall very good game.

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    The game play is very straightforward no annoying repetitive task . I really love the castle upgrade element. There are also interaction between monster girls occasionally. Overall very good game.Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret [Final] [Yeehaw Games]