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    Wicked Choices: Book One -Remastered [v1.0.1] [ASLPro3D]


    Each month, in our game: “Wicked Choices”, you will play one of the TWO major characters that you will control… the first is MICHAEL PRESTON (or the name of your choosing), the true Main Character that chronicles the events that unfolds (and that you, as the players, decide) as he is introduced and thrown into a world seeped in lies, deceit, incest, corruption, humiliation and all manners of dark desires. Married into a wealthy family that carries a dark secret and heavy burden, Michael Preston will learn that he has the destiny of being the ‘Antichrist’… the one fated to unleash onto mankind the demons that have long been kept imprisoned. Enter PRINCESS LYNARA, a young angel, wanted by her own kind for the truth she holds and who’s destiny is to find and meet the ‘Antichrist’; will she try to stop him… or will she allow herself to be corrupted and help aid him in his destiny? .

    Updated: 2020-04-19
    Developer/PublisherASLPro3d – Discord
    Version: REMASTERED v1.0.1
    Censorship: None
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
    Language: English

    3DCG, Cheating, Corruption, Domination, Drugged, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Incest, Male Protagonist, Tentacles, Multiple Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Lesbian, Rape, Implied Bestiality, Voyeurism, Futa/Shemale (avoidable), Toys, Femdom (avoidable), Anal Sex, Masturbation
    – Extract to desired location.
    – Run.

    Compressed Version Help:
    If images won’t load/show outside of the game, download and install the webp codec for your OS here: – here’s the Windows version:

    If videos won’t load/show outside of the game, download and install the webm directshow filters here:

    Requires 7zip to extract:

    Remaster V1.0.1

    Fix for rare visual bug ‘side image ghost’
    Minor changes:
    Adjustments made for performance and function specifically for Android version.
    Minor side image corrections
    Text Tag fixed



    Changed to Darker Theme: the UI now uses a darker theme that is also more transparent to not interfere with your enjoyment of the artwork in the game, even without hiding it.

    Quick Menu restyled:

    The quick menu uses buttons now instead of text, it is also provides access to the extra features from within the game.

    Extra Features:


    View your favorite images from the game again, with this in-game gallery.

    Scene Gallery:

    Replay your favorite spicy scenes from the story at will once you have witnessed them once.

    Cast Information:

    Based upon story progress unlock biography information for the cast, along with profile pictures of them in the various outfits you encounter them in during the game.

    Story Branch Overview (In-game only):

    Gives a visual break down of the game flow and your current progress based upon the choices you have made.

    Chapter Summaries (In-game only):

    Gives a text overview of the events of each chapter, customized to the choices made while playing.

    New Export System (At the end of the game):

    To make sure your data is carried over from game to game a new system was implemented that will export the critical data at the end of playthrough, this data can be given a custom name (18 chars) so that you can identify which playthrough the data came form.

    If you need to preserve this data in case of formating/moving computers it is located in the current user’s Appdata/Roaming/Renpy/persistent folder (exact structure is different on Mac and Linux).

    You can also back up your saves and re-export the data if you are unable to find this folder on your computer.

    Content Additions:

    New Scenes:

    New Menu Scene and Links
    End of the original prologue expanded
    Middle of Chapter 4 expanded
    End of Chapter 4 expanded
    End Credit Scene

    Sound Effects


    V06/12/18 (Mac & Android v1.1)

    • Fix the Movie Displayable() that was preventing the game from starting on Android Devices.
    • Created a v1.1 patch file for Mac Version for better save file locations and saves.
    Dev Notes
    ASLPro3d is a husband and wife team that has over 20 years of experience entertaining people in the comic book, novel and 3D Industries with their stories and artwork.

    Now joined by Palanto Games who provides all of the programming and scripting work to make the game more of a game and less of a picture book!

    Each month, in our game: “Wicked Choices”, you will play one of the TWO major characters that you will control and who will find that their destinies are intertwined in a fate YOU control.

    Installation Tutorial
    This version will create a cleaner and more organized ending save file and your old saves ARE NOT going to be compatible with the NEW GAME we will be releasing… so we ask that you RESTART your game, use the FINAL WALKTHROUGH we are providing to make sure you have a fresh, clean save file with all of the choices that you want to carry over into the new game!!

    When the new game is released, you will be asked to load this NEW ENDING SAVE FILE and it will import all of your previous choices into the new game and allow you to carry on with reactions, abilities and ramifications to your previous choices in the prior game.

    To make things easier for everyone, we’ve set up a DOWNLOAD folder providing you with your choice of which “GOLD MASTER RELEASE” format that you want to play… either ANDROIDPC or MAC version, as well as a folder of the Walkthrough included…

    Before Downloading and Installing the “GOLD MASTER RELEASE” be sure to UNINSTALL all previous versions of “Wicked Choices” and then DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the “GOLD MASTER RELEASE” and the Walkthrough and enjoy the new version and save at the end… that END SAVE will be the SAVE FILE that you will use for “Wicked Choices: Adventures of a Changed Boy” or “Wicked Choices: Book Two”.



    Download For MAC
    Download For Android
    MEGA UPLOADHAVEN WORKUPLOAD NOPY *You MUST grant the game app storage permission or you WILL get errors!


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    Lots of contents really hot chicks and many fetishes, worth to play!

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    Lots of contents really hot chicks and many fetishes, worth to play!Wicked Choices: Book One -Remastered [v1.0.1] [ASLPro3D]