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    True Facials [v0.5 Pro][HenryTaiwan]


    True Facials v0.5 Pro March 14th by HenryTaiwan, True Facials game is about you get to cum on the faces of beautiful and lively girls. This game has lot of content about beauty heroine girls, choose the girls you want!

    Updated: 2024-06-22
    Release Date: 2024-06-22
    Developer: HenryTaiwan Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.5 Pro (March 14th)
    OS: Windows
    Language: English

    3D game, Male protagonist, Parody, Big tits, Animated, Oral Sex, Bukkake
    1. Extract and run.
    v0.5 Pro

    • Contains only one scene and 3 characters.
    • Half of the first story chapter (ever).
    • Several premade poses.
    • While all features should be working, they are not fully dialed in. There are some designs like UI and controls in particular that are bound to change to improve the experience. Your feedback is most appreciated.
    • On the first boot, the game will start in the Tutorial chapter of the story. In subsequent boots, you will start in Free Mode.

    Version 0.5 comes with many new features and redesigns. I’m very excited for you to experience them, as there are some that has never been done before, in any game!

    • Free-Posing
      • Facial expressions are fully posable, including jaw, lips, eyelids, brows and more.
      • Character’s eyes are posable to look at any part of another character. Or you can right click to focus on the viewer.
      • Fingers are also posable with a simple drag to create many gestures.
      • You can hold Alt to highlight posable body part, and hover over them for tooltips.
      • Hips rotation is posable, and very sexy.
      • You can now control hands and elbows much more naturally, and place them onto any surfaces.
      • Dynamic handjob by simply dragging a hand onto a penis, yes characters can also jerk themselves off.
      • Feet are fully posable with natural knee controls. Can be placed on any surface, with proper toe bending and even in high heels.
      • Reworked penis control to support multiple characters. Drag and hold a penis onto a surface and right click to ejaculate, or simply left click on it.
      • Some controls have a secondary mode by holding Ctrl, such as face controls.
      • Completely rewritten system, which should allow us to add any kind of interactions if we can understand how it work and how to control it.
    • Character Selection
      • No limit of how many characters you can have in your scene, as long as your PC can handle it.
      • Any character can be swapped with a new character in the library at any time and keeping any interactions.
      • Any character can wear any others’ outfit in the library at any time. The effective number of combinations are ridiculous.
      • Any two charaters in the scene can swap places instantly.
      • Characters can be removed from the scene, if they’re not interacting with anyone.
    • Saving Poses/Scenes
      • Scenes can be saved at any time, and can be loaded as a pose for current characters or fully.
      • By default, you only load the pose from a saved scene, enable “Load Entire Scene” mode to load the entire scene instead.
      • The save consists of a text file and a screenshot in the “Captures” folder. You can share these very easily, and use them with the Story system below.
    • Story system
      • True Facials now always run with a story script, including Free Mode.
      • Each story has its own folder in the “/Mods/Scripts” folder.
      • Scenes can be saved directly into the “Poses” subfolder of the current story, and then loaded by the script.
      • The game auto-generate an empty sound file for each character’s lines into the “Voice” folder. You only need to replace it with the real voice file.
      • The voice file has the same as the line and can be sorted by Creation Date.
      • We also auto-generate a text file that contain the lines in the story, to be recorded or generated by AI.
      • Characters will lipsync any of their voiced lines automatically with any expressions.
      • The markup language is custom built to TF’s needs while referencing other visual novel systems like Ren’py and Ink. That means Lua logic can be fully used along with our own syntax to direct what happens.
      • We support nested and branching dialogues and logic. Notably, reactions to events is one of the core features, and they are very easy to write.
      • For this test release, we don’t yet have a comprehensive guide on it. Our own Story Mode’s script files are available for references, and we can provide support on Patreon and Discord if needed.
      • NOTE: This is a huge undertaking and not yet in a matured state. We expect the ease of use to improve over time as more work is put in.
    • Others
      • Complete rendering overhaul.
      • All female characters can have a penis, toggle it in Character Settings tab.
      • Fluid simulation is fully adapted to work with the new rendering system.
      • Improved jiggling physics for breasts and ass.
      • Improved penis model, with interactive foreskin and better physics.
      • Many, many more…
    • Hotkeys
      • Number 1 to 5: Toggle menu tabs.
      • [~] – Toggle last selected menu.
      • [F5] – Save current scene.
      • [F9] – Start recording gameplay, hit F9 again to stop.
      • [F11] – Capture screenshot.
      • [H] – Pause game, except the camera.
    • Known issues
      • The game is pretty heavy on the GPU, especially if you’re playing in high resolution. If you’re on a laptop, there might be throttling issues.
      • CPU load increases the more characters are in a scene.
      • While some part of the UI and controls are working great, some can be clunky or confusing.
      • Collision issues can make some animation jerky or clip through.
      • We have not had enough time dedicated to female genital customizations, a real pain point.
      • Male characters are not present right now.
      • Some visual problems on characters’ bodies are expected.

    New girls:
    Marie Rose

    Version 0.42 comes with 3 new girls, classic Mercy and a lot of improvements!

    – Greatly increased performance.

    – Many graphical upgrades, especially on skin and fluid shading.

    – Characters and maps can now be released separately, loaded in on runtime.

    – A public demo is available with limitations.

    – Bug fixes as reported on Discord and other tweaks.




    v0.37 Extra
    – Lara Croft – Rise of the Tomb Raider
    – Mercy – New model with full customizations.
    – Pose – Upside down Deepthroat.
    – Ongoing – Improving lipsync & facial expressions accuracy.
    – Ongoing – Research & building systems for new features.
    – Japanese voice lines for Cindy Aurum.
    – Lots of tweaks & bug fixes: Tifa’s breasts, overlaps, hair jiggle, mascara…

    v0.36 Extra
    “In general, this version have Cindy & Samus, the new poses system, more controls, new menu UI designed for easy one-handed use… (I’ll update the full changelog later)
    Note: Exclusive options like size changing and tweaking blowjob speed are only active in the Extra version.

    Things to be done during Early Access (like before, we’ll have v0.36a, b and so on):
    – Cindy, Samus, Zelda & Ada are ready, the rest are almost complete (will crash on selection).
    – Cindy has no voice yet, I’ll try to extract them.
    – General bug fixing/polish.

    I hope you enjoy, it feels great to get things done again!
    Thank you for your understanding and support!”

    my notes:
    Penis size slider, in-game cumshot variable editor, facefuck pose and laying down pose
    When you hide male body the helmet is still there, bugged
    Mascara effects now
    No POV mode yet (and good luck trying to get the angle with the helmet permanently there now)
    Blowjob speed and depth sliders independent of presets
    You can click on hands to move them to their different preset modes now
    No new stages



    Note: The main .exe triggers anti-virus programs, which claim it’s a generic trojan. Use your best judgment.



    Download For Win Extra
    Download For Win Pro


    One of a kind game, for someone who spent multiple hours in SDT it feels like home, there is plenty of space for improvement but as an early concept i really liked it. In future seeing features like importing your own characters would be amazing, also Discord community is very friendly

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    One of a kind game, for someone who spent multiple hours in SDT it feels like home, there is plenty of space for improvement but as an early concept i really liked it. In future seeing features like importing your own characters would be amazing, also Discord community is very friendlyTrue Facials [v0.5 Pro][HenryTaiwan]