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    Treasure of Nadia – Cheatmod [v1.0112][Jong Games]


    Treasure of Nadia Cheatmod This Mod is a simple Cheat mod for the Treasure of Nadia. Give yourself extra money or add talismans or chest keys to your inventory. If there are other farmable materials you would like added let me know. Not going to add key items or materials as it will most likely sequence break the game. Simply interact with the pot in your room to bring up the menu.​

    Money, talisman and chest key cheats

    Updated: 07/02/22
    Game/Creator: NLT-Media
    Game Thread: Treasure of Nadia
    Game/Creator: NLT Media
    Modder: Jong Games Patreon
    Mod Version: 1.2
    Game Version: 1.0112
    Language: English

    Go into the game folder www>data . Extract or copy the mod files into this folder replacing the old file.
    Replace the map014.json file wherever that is stored normally under www>data in the game folder
    Decompile apk, replace the file and recompile again

    Version 1.1 Added farmable plants to the list of items and rearranged list for easier use
    Version 1.2 Added Broken Key



    Download For Win/MAC

    Keywords: Download Treasure of Nadia Cheat Mod PC, MAC & Android Visual Novel.

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    1. If I overwrite the game files which already have the mod with the new version of the game, will the mod disappear and hope my save will still be intact?

      • Mod doesn’t remove by themself, you must remove it by your own. If not, it might break your game. You must wait for mod to be updated when new update has come.

        • OK bro. 2 questions please..?
          “If i remove the mod, will the applied modifications of money and hearts still be there?”
          and “how can i remove the mod files from the game?”

      • Please wait for update to play it with Treasure of Nadia v23031, if not you must delete this mod.. So the bug will gone..

    2. Bro I can`t make the bomb due to the money modifications applied which makes talismans stop appearing. AM waiting for the mod update for the current version so I can fix it….will I? 🤔

    3. Hehe buddy I just made some manipulations now. I checked the current version of which the mod was made for then went to my documents and overite the game with the version (21020). I opened it and remodify the game then overite my save with the remodified one. close it and then overwrite the game again with this latest version thereby removing the mod. Guess what..?
      IT WORKED!
      I started playing from the version 21020 and now talismans are appearing everywhere. All FIXED! Hehe did yo think am a genuis? say something nice buddy.. hehehe

      • I’m sorry this mod is outdated, you must wait this mod to be updated to the latest version of the game. You will got an error if you do that. Please, delete your mod files in your Treasure of Nadia game or wait this mod got updated before you play the game!

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