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    The Princess and the Tower [v0.9b Public][y.v.]


    Through a magical accident you, a shady goblin, The Princess and the Tower by y.v. is adult game about transported into the tower of a locked up Princess . Procure gold for the Princess to help her escape plan, train her and put up with her sometimes odd behaviour, whilst finding out what lurks in the shadows…​

    Updated: 2023-01-03
    Release Date: 2023-01-03
    Developer: y.v. Patreon – – buymeacoffee
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.9b Public
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dcg, adventure, anal sex, animated, bdsm, corruption, exhibitionism, fantasy, goblin, groping, handjob, male domination, male protagonist, oral sex, point & click, pros, puzzle, sandbox trainer, vaginal sex

    1. Unzip/unpack and run
    Android Gestures
    Swipe up: Open Menu
    Swipe down: Hide Interface
    Swipe right: Skip
    Swipe left: Rollback
    NOTE: _NOT_, and I can’t stress it enough, save game compatible to older versions for technical reasons.
    To only play specific content, you can start a new game and select “Jump to Act I, II, III, IV, V…”

    KNOWN BUGS V0.9 Public:

    • None

    RELEASE NOTES V0.9 Public

    • Sidequest: Rings for Irith
    • Sidequest: Attic Fun II with Nyx (Patreon VIP request)
    • Harem Animations: MC and each girl
    • Girl on Girl Harem Scenes: Nyx-Gwynn-Illiana-Irith
    • Sidequest: The Belt at Last
    • Minigames: The Goblin King Levels
    • Minigames: The Halls Of Knowledge Level
    • Magic Mirror Benefits
    • New Location: The King’s Bedroom

    RELEASE NOTES V0.8 Public

    • Act V integrating all current and future endings
    • Ending Two: (Mildly) Dark Ending
    • Evil Irith Quest (The Amulet, The Magical Contraption, The Ingredients)
    • Mini-game Dungeon: The Goblin Burrows
    • Gwynn Training Quest (Institute Interactions, Demonologist Outfit, …)
    • Mini-game dungeon: The Institute Cellars
    • New Character In The Tower: Illiana as Captive
    • New Quest Character: Neetha the Goblin Girl
    • New Tower Location: Illiana’s cells
    • Changing bath attendance screens Nyx
    • Balancing (less grind, new high value recipes)
    • Various dialogue and minor art updates, game flow bugfixes
    • GUI: All notifications respond to SPACE

    RELEASE NOTES V0.7 Public

    • COMPLETELY OVERHAULED QUEST SYSTEM (detailed steps, auto-update, …)!
    • The Crystal Plug Quest: Prepare Illiana and Nyx for the final mission
    • Assistant Plug Trainer Quest: Irith helps out with Nyx
    • A Magical Cage Quest: Build a Magical containment for Illiana
    • Infiltration Quest: Send Nyx to explore the Keep
    • Capturing The Queen Quest: Capture Illiana
    • Mini game: Map Assembly (merge & slide)
    • Mini animation: In the attic
    • Many new gallery screens (up to #45)
    • The End of A Tale: Game Ending One
    • Art & Animation: Various redone screens ( belt action scene, institute, shop, illiana poses, …)
    • QoL: Autobalancing, Dungeon loot list, portal game fast mode attack, map game skippable, …
    • GUI: Redone notification screens, supply chest, …

    RELEASE NOTES V0.6 Public

    • Story Development: A New Masterplan (Endgame Lead-In)
    • Board Game: Queen A.I. Attack Starts!
    • New character (Gwynn)
    • New Research Tree (Outfits, Items, Game play, …)
    • Dress-Up Screens for Nyx and Gwynn (new outfits & accessories)
    • New Mini-Game Boss Level (The Insanitarium)
    • Cut scenes: Interaction with Irith (Belt) – Continued
    • Cut scenes: Training of Nyx – Continued
    • Cut scenes: Training of Gwynn – Phase I
    • Balancing and QoL changes
    • Jump Start “Act III”
    • Expanded gallery

    RELEASE NOTES V0.5.1 Public

    • Irith: New cutscenes (hallway reward, belt opening, bath massage, pet walk, …)
    • Nyx: New cutscenes (tavern dancing, interaction with Gwynn)
    • Iliana: New cutscenes (toy usage)
    • Gwynn: New character & interactions
    • Portal: New portal location (The Archives, The Archives Treasure Chamber)
    • Minigame: Belt lock picking
    • GUI: Gallery with screens to collect achievements etc.
    • New items
    • New tower location (The Attic)
    • Improved inventory
    • Some bug fixes and graphical updates / re-renders
    • Rebalancing (Nyx loot improved by level, ….
    • console mode now active by default (SHIFT-O)


    • Recompiled with cleaned up renpy “from _call” code elements
    • Enabled console mode by default
    • Backmerged fix for overflow error from V0.5.1 (magic chest issue if more than 35 items in inventory)

    RELEASE NOTES V0.5a Public

    • Irith: New cutscenes (100k completion, spanking, training room)
    • Nyx: New character, Thieves’ Guild assistant for mc
    • Delegation of morning bath chore and dungeon runs to Nyx
    • Training Arc of Nyx (Phase I, Discipline, Exposure)
    • Portal Expansion strategy mini-game (new mc day activity)
    • Portal locations: Item shop, brothel, tavern
    • Arranging of game into acts ( I+ II), entry point selectable at start
    • Misc. gameplay improvements
    • New items, “use item” interface (for later extensions)
    • New dialogues

    RELEASE NOTES V0.4.1 Public

    • Irith: Lots of cutscenes with gratuitous nudity
    • Irith: Mini-animation of Irith sprites when aroused
    • Illiana: Fullscreen nude mirror dialogues once portal is open
    • Quest help system
    • Dialogue changes to give MC better guidance
    • Upgradeable build materials (eg. Iron-> silver-> gold etc.)
    • Streamlined crafting, batch crafting
    • Improved dungeon mechanics
    • Accessible inventory
    • Save game compatible to V0.4 (unless you have a corrupted V0.4 RC3 save-game w/ “no ero novel” bug”


    • Complete rework of GUI, with crafting system, full set of item icons, notifications
    • Introduction of gifting system
    • Rework of corruption arc (SLU) with added intermediate tasks
    • Introduction of training room for corruption (SUB), cage mechanics
    • Auto triggered dialogues/ chat in some scenes
    • Overhaul of bathroom scenes
    • Overhaul of Irith sprites (cleaner renders, different poses, …)
    • Introduction of new cutscenes
    • Achievements system introduction
    • Extension of dungeon with new levels / treasure room / boss rooms
    • Portal room accessible / introduction of portal defense (will be minigame later)
    • Guild story arc start and related game mechanicsNew premature endings (Illiana invades keep, guild catches up with MC, …)


    • Fix a critical bug related to the dungeon


    • Initial Version
    Dev Notes
    • The game is usually not _not_ savegame compatible to previous versions for technical reasons
    • Start a new game and use the new “Start with Act x” feature to just see new stuff

    For hints see the walkthrough. Release info is under Changelog.

    1280×720 due to limitations of my machine at rendering, so may appear blurry if blown up much beyond that

    • V0.9 is the Final release of The Princess And The Tower, where out Hero makes himself King.
    • If you enjoyed playing this game and are not a patron, please consider a one time donation at buymeacoffee (however much you like).
    • I might publish some Princess add-on packs in 2023, but mainly will move on to my next project (Space Journey X, more on patreon).

    NOTE: Unfortunately NOT save game compatible. (Use New->Jump to Act X instead or replay)


    Download For Win

    Download For MAC

    Download For Compressed Win/Lin/Mac

    Download For Walkthrough

    Keywords: Download The Princess and the Tower Adult game.

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