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    Tentacular [Release 4][Jackerman]


    Tentacular Release 4 by Jackerman, Tentacular by Jackerman is adult game In this game you play as Guukruux, an octopus like alien creature that relies on females of other species to reproduce and pleasure himself. One day while traveling through space to find new mates, your spacecraft malfunctions and you are luckily saved by Rebecca, a genetically altered perfect human woman and only human crew-member of the Utopia. You spend your time attempting to get as far with Rebecca as you can, manipulating creatures and beings on the ship to assault her, and impregnate her before the ship completes it’s charter to earth. Have fun!

    Updated: 2020-09-23
    Release Date: 2020-09-22
    Developer: Jackerman Subscribestar – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: Release 4 of 4
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English
    Genre: Voice Acted, 3DCG, Animated (videos), Corruption, Groping, Male protagonist, MILF, Big tits, Sexual harassment (just to be safe), Big ass, Alien, Monster, spanking, kissing, tentacle, Anal sex, Sound, Tittyfucking, Animated, Oral sex, Bestiality, Rape, Facefucking, Pregnancy

    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run
    Release 4
    -story finale
    -27 new unique looping animations with custom sound from 3 voice actresses
    -400+ new rendered still shots in game scenes
    -scene replayer at the end of the game
    -6 ending (technically 12 based on certain variations)
    -various bug fixes and grammar fixes

    Release 3
    -story continues
    -12 new unique looping animations with sound
    -100+ new rendered still shots in sex scenes
    -scene replayer on R3 computer
    -5 new locations
    -introduction to Eve
    -various bug fixes and grammar fixes

    Release 2.1
    -Rebecca’s character is now completely voice acted
    -Small bug fixes
    -Switched gym doors so navigation is less confusing
    -minor story/dialogue tweaks

    Release 2
    -various small bug fixes
    -Minigame from release 1 is now far less harsh, the time has been extended and half as many quicktime events are necessary
    -Story continues
    -9 new locations
    -Day cycle
    -Introduction of Enigma
    -6 new unique animated beast scenes featuring Rebecca, all animated with sound
    -3 nighttime “play” scenes, 2 animated with sound
    -3 Enigma zoo handling scenes, all animated with sound
    -9 various misc scenes
    -Every new animation has sound (if appropriate)
    -New menu loop
    -New splash screen featuring new logo
    -Option to skip release 1 content if you’ve already played through it

    Release 1
    Initial release

    R4 Timeblocks
    E/E X Horses >> Morning in hangar
    K10XEve >> Afternoon in pool
    E/E X Gorilla >> Evening in gym
    E X E Bedroom >> Night through door to the right in the hub

    R3 Walkthrough
    Eve’s code is 6969, go to enigmas room after eve intro scene, learn about any creature and answer questions to get a credit, use the credit in the lab on the computer to the right to buy an access code, go get the physical key from storage, go click on door to view that scene. After you’ve seen all 4 for R4, go to the lab and click on the synthesizer to make nanoslime, then click on the back arrow in the service hub to finish the update and get the final scene.

    R2 Walkthrough

    This release follows a simple day cycle structure. In order to advance in the sex scenes, you must view Rebecca either
    at the pool, gym, or shower. Each has 3 unique scenes and the next time you view it, it automatically plays the next scene.
    Then, sell the videos each time you get them on the computer in the cruiser docked in the hangar. With that money, you can buy either a
    robodog disruptor or a sleep pill to be able to view a night/midnight scene. The dog scenes play at night, the “sneak into bed” scenes
    play at midnight but in order to view them you must either install the disruptor on the dog (at midnight) or drug Rebecca’s protein mix
    when she’s working out (in the morning) to be able to view the scene. There’s a schedule and map on the computer to help, check it out.


    -There’s a schedule and map on the computer to help, check it out.

    -watch her at pool, gym, shower >> sell that scene on computer >> buy disruptor or pill >> use pill in her protein in morning or use dog disruptor at midnight >> view sneak in scenes at midnight/view dog scenes at night

    -There are 6 dog scenes, 4 sneak in scenes, 3 enigma scenes (there’s a room to the right of her that’s easy to miss!),
    3 pool scenes, 3 gym scenes, and 3 shower scenes.


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    Download For Android

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