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    School, Love & Friends [v2.10][Walkius]


    School, Love & Friends v2.10 by Walkius. School, Love & Friends is a game about experience the daily life of a high school student, forced to live with his aunt. Your choices will guide your adventure, some are irrelevant, others are permanent. They will influence your relationship with your family and your classmate. You could become their BFF, or even more… Maybe your different skills will help you achieve your goals. Good luck!

    This game was previously known as “School, Love & Cousins”. Due to Patreon’s crackdown (New Rules) on incest, characters are no longer related. 

    Updated: 2024-03-12
    Release Date: 2024-03-12
    Developer/Publisher: Walkius – Patreon – Subscribestar 
    Censorship: None
    Version: v2.10
    OS: Windows, Mac
    Language: English, Russian
    Other Game: Medschool, Love & Friends

    3DCG, Milf, Voyeurism, Adventure, Group Sex, Dating Sim, Seduction, oral, vaginal sex, handjob
    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Click on “School Love and Friends.exe” to start playing.

    If anyone is having trouble getting this to run on a Mac, you need to set execute permissions. If you have the app in your Applications folder, type the following into Terminal: cd /Applications chmod a+x “School, Love and Friends, Love and Friends v1.0.5”

    – Family route and school route: a small progress of the main quests. But the major event is Halloween. This is an event with a lot of possibilities, hidden objects, hidden dialogues and sex scenes. You can replay it for the Replay menu and you have now a new Achievement menu to see what scene you’ve unlocked. Have fun!

    – Maria, the aunt. You wanted a MILF, here it is, but it’s just the beginning of her long quest. Will you be able to convince your aunt to be a slut with you?

    – Triss, the yoga teacher: time to continue learning yoga, if you see what I mean.

    – Sharon, Lee’s girlfriend and Tenma’s friend. Well… Are you ready to be the most awful friend in the world? If you’re not, you can reject this path (and maybe you’ll see Lee and Sharon having sex in future update), but if you’re a bitch, then go for it!

    – Karly and Christy! will you secret relationship with Christy end?
    – Ako: time to make a move for yourself, not just for Alice.
    – Lisa and Olivia: sex, sex, Nate want some sex!
    – New weekend event
    – New lessons event

    Two bugs have been reported and are now fixed. You can download SLF v2.9 to v2.10 if you just want the fix.
    – Bug where Mimi won’t invite you to the art college (Triss event)
    – Bug where you could let Bill have sex with Mayo or Iris (Halloween event)

    What’s new?

    – Nerds: progress in the main story of the most rejected group of the school. This will lead you to throw a new party which will be the base of several events and new scenes.

    – Sara: Matt’s little sister is still in fond of you. If you have chosen a romance with her, then you won’t regret it.

    – Tenma: a new kinky scene with her.

    – Sharon: she attracted to Lee, it’s time to help her.

    – Hailey: after having sex with her, she’s not really comfortable to mix friendship and sexuality. But maybe you will convince her of the opposite.

    – New fetish: you wanted some anal? Here we are, and who is the best to try for the first time? Your sweet cousin, of course.

    – New lessons / weekend

    – Two new scenes during the afternoon activities at school.

    – New system: in the invitation menu, you have now a special icon when a special event is available. So, you won’t try to invite Hailey for a run again and again if she just wants to run…

    – Ako: progress in the main story of your favorite Asian lesbian. You will continue to convince Alice to try to taste a girl. And Ako will be so grateful…
    – Hailey: after having sex while you were drunk, it’s time to think about the future of your relationship, or maybe she already knows what she wants to do.
    – Fang and Olive, aka the Virgins: you took Fang little flower, but if you prefer ginger to Asian, maybe it’s time to get to Olive.
    – Emily: a new scene for your first lover
    – Maria: yes, yes, the aunt. It’s time to develop her story, not easy because in which world an aunt who would get intimate with her nephew. Hopefully, this is a game. But don’t get to excited, this is just the beginning of her event, you’ll have more in the next update.
    – Home interactions: you can now enter in the bathroom in the morning. The events will depend of your relationship with each girl in the house.
    – New lessons
    – New weekend events (including a big one)

    – Main event of the update: the nerds. But you will tell me: why would I care about three guys that anyone like at school. Well… you’re right. Now you just have to wait until the next update!
    – Charlotte, the cute nerd with glasses is waiting for you. Yes, she’s shy and you can’t hope being intimate with her… But I know you like her!
    – Tenma and the tae kwon do. Tenma is Lee’s sister. She’s young and cute, with a long event waiting for you.
    – Sara, little sister of another nerd. She has quite a different character, maybe you’ll like or not, but the choice is yours.
    – Continuation of Karly and Christy event, the two lesbian cheerleaders.
    – Continuation of Iris event, the cheerleader. Will you finally get further? Will you still be her pet?
    – New lessons
    – New weekend events
    – New icons to help you know when intimate or massage actions are available for a character (at home or school).

    What’s new?
    – Ako event. Keep spending time with Ako and find out who’s her crush. But will she accept what she has to pay for your help?
    – Hailey event. Your great friend who’s totally against having sex with you… But you’re smarter than she thinks!
    – Virgins’ route. Do you think it was over? No, no. They’re still virgins, so something’s wrong. Fix it!
    – Fang and Olive (the Virgins) are available for the beach.
    – School route. A new activity with class B is available. Can be replay from the menu.
    – New scenes at home with Alice and Mimi if you have good relationship.
    – New weekend events.

    – The Populars route. Try to be friends with the most popular guys in high school, but good luck, because they’re fucking jerks! But this will lead you to the downtown gym.
    – The gym. Some new events will occurs at the gym, particularly with Mimi (and more in the future). By the way, maybe you could take yoga class with… Triss!
    – If you’re popular, maybe you could try to be closer to the cheerleaders. And this will lead you to new events.
    – The Virgins! Who are they? Are they’re really virgins? So many questions… But who cares, you just want to bang them too! Two of them will be the stars of this update.
    – Now if you have sex with your cousin Alice before sleeping, she will be naked in the morning, and with a new action!
    – New lessons for each class.
    – New week end activities.

    – Continuation of the main Twins’ group event. If you like to bang everyone, be careful because it won’t stand secret very long…
    – The spa with the twins’ group with massage and sex events.
    – The sleepover with the twins is back, with animations.
    – Get closer to Hailey, the photographer. Maybe you will change her mind about not having a boyfriend.
    – Ako has a new target: Emily. Will you share your girlfriend with her? It could worth it.
    – Do you remember what happened between you and Mayo? Well, it’s time to face the consequences.

    – Continuation of the main Family event. A new rival will appear which can lead to an optional NTR content.
    – Continuation of Mimi’s arc. After the rival left, Mimi will be all yours and maybe you’ll finally have sex with her.
    – Continuation of Karly and Christy event, the two lesbian cheerleaders. If Karly is a strict lesbian, Christy is more bi, and having a boyfriend seems to miss.
    – Continuation of Iris event. Will you let her continue to treat you as a pet? And it’s the occasion to get closer to her friend Mayo.
    – Continuation of Ako sub-event: Lisa and Olivia.
    – New scene at the spa with Emily.

    What’s new?

    – Continuation of Mimi’s arc. At the end of the previous version, you were starting to get closer to your big cousin, Mimi. Don’t stop right now! You’ll also learn more about her two friends, Axelle and Triss.
    – Continuation of Ako’s arc. After all, she’s your best partner. Seduce Lisa and Olivia with her help. In later updates, you’ll have the occasion to include Ako in your existing romances.
    – The photo studio is back. If you played the old version, you already know it. It’s not different than before except that there are now animations and new characters will be added as long as you get close to them.
    – The cheerleaders. Those sexy bitches… Progress with them and you’ll have two new events available: the first one related to Christy and Karly, the two lesbians. The second one about Iris, who will lead, in the next update, to a new event related to Mayo.
    – The baseball scene with Emily, when she’s cheerleading, is back, and with animations.


    What content in this update?

    – The events about the family, the school, Alice’s group, the twins’ group and the beginning of the cheerleaders. These events will be the main events that will lead you to know the game and to other side events involving each characters (that you’ll be free to follow or not)

    – The side event about Alice: your cousin. You know each other for a long time and living together will make grow something between you two.

    – The beginning of the side event about Mimi: your older cousin. She’s… weird but super sexy. Will you convince her to go further?

    – The side event about Emily: the cute blondie. Maybe she will be your first girlfriend, if you like cute, shy and blond girls.

    – The beginning of the side event about Ako: Alice’s best friend. Previously your enemy, she won’t be anymore (at least for now). Learn to know her, and you won’t be disappointed.

    – The side event about the twins. Yes, they’re twins. Pretty much the same but different, in this first part of the event, you will be particularly close to one of them.

    – The side event about Lily: the ginger. Unlike Emily, Lily isn’t shy at all. Will you be her booty-call, it’s a topsy-turvy world!

    – The home is fully functional, with a lot of secret relative to the stealth skill.

    – The school is fully functional too, with the first part of the lesson, but also some activities to know more about everyone. A new class has been added.

    What is different from the previous versions?

    – Almost all the renders have been improved!

    – A lot of new animations.

    – The all story had been changed, to be more realistic and to fit with the high school theme. The cheerleaders are no longer that nice, and the jocks are finally here

    – The requirement to see some scenes are shown.

    – The Replay menu.

    – The quest tracker! Oh yeah! No need to go in the menu to know what to do next.

    – All the texts have been made to allow future translations.

    – Music, that you can disable or enable easily.

    – More saves and three autosaves instead of one.

    – The invitation menu to easily track who you invited, when and where. And with the requirements to know what to do.

    – The grinding has been reduced +++++++:

    · All the characters are available to chat at school almost all the time.. Why a remaster? To reduce all the flaws, especially the grinding, and to enhance the story. You have to start from the beginning, but don’t worry, t

    · You will do breakfast and dinner only when someone has something to say.

    · The same with the bus.

    · New icons available to know when an event will occur or if someone wants to talk.

    · You can travel to a room directly from the school map.

    · New shortcuts to go directly to the lesson or to the cafeteria.

    · You can wait on the city map (which is also simplified)

    This version contains more than 2500 images, with ¾ new, and 155 animated images.


    Here’s the last update for School, Love and Friends for a while. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
    Events updated
    – End of Charlotte arc.
    – End of Tenma arc
    – End of Sharon arc
    – Alice’s group updated with new content
    – Miss Evans arc has new threesome content (if you choose it)
    – A new scene about your relation with Alice and Mimi
    – A new scene between Alice and Ako
    – A new scene with the twins
    – A new hidden scene with Vicky
    – Correction of Triss arc bugs

    Using unofficial cheats could cause bugs particularly with new versions of the game!


    Download For Win
    Download For Update Only
    Download For Mac (v2.5)
    Download For Compressed Win
    Download For Walkthrough
    Download For Saves
     End of v2.9 + Full Replay *Here are full saves.

    Put the saveX.sav in the “Saves” folder and the Data.sav into the main folder where the .exe is.



    A really good game. I follow the dev since almost the beginning and I must say that this game is really better than the beginning. The characters are really cute, realistic and well written. The gameplay is nice, but a little too much grinding (which the dev promises to reduce in the next update). I look forward to see the future update!

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    A really good game. I follow the dev since almost the beginning and I must say that this game is really better than the beginning. The characters are really cute, realistic and well written. The gameplay is nice, but a little too much grinding (which the dev promises to reduce in the next update). I look forward to see the future update!School, Love & Friends [v2.10][Walkius]