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    Sakura Gamer 2 [v1.0] [Winged Cloud]

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    A year has passed since the events of Sakura Gamer. Nekohime and her friends have since released their debut visual novel, MikoMaid, to great success. With an even bigger budget than before, and a rapidly growing fanbase, Nekohime sets out to make and sell a hotly anticipated sequel: MikoMaid 2.

    [epcl_tabs] [epcl_tab title=”Info”]Updated: 2019-12-15
    Release Date: 2019-12-12
    Developer: Winged Cloud – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 1.0
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English

    2DCG, Female Protagonist, Lesbian
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