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    Roshutsu [Alpha7][Jaguar]


    Roshutsu Alpha7 by Jaguar, Rika Suto (須戸 りいか, Suto Riika) is a plain-looking 22 year-old exploring her newfound freedom away from home. She always had a dream of cosplaying in public, fantasizing about being surrounded by people taking her picture. The thought of being so exposed to others excited her deep down.

    One day, she happened across JAV of a woman outside removing her clothes in public as onlookers watched. That video revealed a whole new world to Rika: exposure play. She quickly became consumed by it and fantasized about it every night: the thought of being so exposed, nothing to hide, everything visible to everyone; she couldn’t get enough of it!

    Eventually she had enough fantasizing and set out into the night with a single goal in mind: to feel the cool night wind all over.

    Play as Rika as she descends into the world of exposure play. Explore her apartment and prepare herself nightly adventure. Dress-up (or down) with a variety of outfits ranging from plain to fetish. Use her laptop to visit an exhibitionism forum to select daring challenges or upgrade her skills to become more bold and daring. Lay in bed or take a shower to relax or psyche herself up for the night to come.

    Once you’re ready to leave and appropriately dressed (or brave enough), step out the door and into the night!

    Updated:  2021-12-24
    Release Date:  2021-12-24
    Developer: Jaguar Patreon –
    Censored: No
    Version: Alpha7
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Genre: 3d game, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, fantasy, female protagonist, japanese game, masturbation, strategy, voyeurism

    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run
    Alpha 7

    • Expanded the neighborhood environment with additional houses beyond the bridge. The new area is a work-in-progress and missing some details, however it is integrated with the game. Additional NPCs will patrol the area with new locations to find your clothes and house key, along with new areas to streak in.
    • Added the ability to set the start and end times of the scenario. The time limit between the start and end times can be adjusted or disabled entirely. If disabled, you can adjust the how long a day-night cycle is in real-time minutes.
    • Rework the scenario creator to allow for more options. Only the scenario tab is accessible at the moment, however the other tabs will be added in future versions.
    • Fix NPC path finding to prevent them from getting stuck on each other.
    • Remove streaking areas, clothing spawns, key spawns, and NPCs from the upper area. The area is still accessible, however there is nothing of value in the area anymore.
    • Rework the in-game Patreon credits to better display the ever-growing list of patrons.
    • Added a small light to Rika to help light up the nearby environment to make it slightly easier for players to see.
    • Adjusted Rika’s material, removing her outline and changing her shading.
    • Add points for streaking. The more undressed Rika is, the more score is awarded.
    • Add requirement to be in underwear or less to begin masturbating.

    Alpha 5

    Split arousal into two components: excitement and arousal. Excitement builds up by performing lewd actions, such as flashing or streaking. Arousal builds only when masturbating and will deplete when not masturbating. When very excited, the meter gains faster and drains slower and vice versa when not.
    [*]Update legal warning with new image and text.
    [*]Change flashing input to the same as covering. To flash your top, press and hold LMB/LB; to flash your bottom, press and hold RMB/RB.
    [*]Rework lighting of the neighborhood to make it easier to see.
    [*]Adjust Rika’s material to give her a more pop-out anime style.
    [*]Fix main menu buttons not highlighting properly.
    [*]Add skirt flashing.
    [*]Add orgasm animation.

    Alpha 4.2

    • Added Birthday Dress.
    • Fixed bug where detection indicator breaks when entering blindfolded.
    Dev Notes

    • Explore a quaint Japanese neighborhood with many nook and crannies to hide in.
    • Strip off everything as you remove Rika’s clothes one piece at a time in increasingly daring locations.
    • Masturbate to relieve Rika as she gets increasingly turned on from streaking.
    • Earn a high score from removing your clothes and masturbating from the excitement.

    This alpha is in active development. Many assets are either placeholder or missing and are highly subject to change. Additional mechanics have also not yet been implemented.

    An Xbox One controller is the recommended way to play.

    • Move your character with WASD or the left control stick.
    • Rotate the camera with the mouse or right control stick.
    • Remove your top by holding down T on the keyboard or Y on a game pad.
    • Remove your bottom by holding down G on the keyboard or X on a game pad.
    • Pick up your clothes by holding down F on the keyboard or A on a game pad.
    • Masturbate by pressing V on the keyboard or B on the game pad when arousal cross the threshold.
    • Pause the game with escape on the keyboard or start on the game pad.


    • Wiggle both control sticks while masturbating to stimulate yourself.
    • Some clothes reduces your ability to regain confidence and increases the amount of embarrassment received more so than others.


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    I like the idea. I hope the final game has more of a story. Even if the assets are used from other developers I think this one has potential. The blindfold implementation was another interesting idea. The whole thing just needs more work.

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    I like the idea. I hope the final game has more of a story. Even if the assets are used from other developers I think this one has potential. The blindfold implementation was another interesting idea. The whole thing just needs more work.Roshutsu [Alpha7][Jaguar]