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    Poke-Ball Academia! [FULL] [ZaneSFM]


    Poke-Ball Academia! by ZaneSFM, Poke-Ball Academia! is about Delve inside a world where you are able to interact with the characters from the series you love. Experience romance like never before as you make your way across different universes!

    Updated: 2020-09-26
    Release Date: 2020-09-26
    Developer: ZaneSFM Patreon – WordPress
    Censored: None
    Version: Full
    OS: Win, Mac
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dcg, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Female domination, Male protagonist, Pov, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Loli, Romance, Impregnation

    1. Extract and run.
    Android Game Usage
    • swipe down to hide the ui
    • swipe left to roll back
    • swipe right to start skipping of text
    • swipe left&right to toggle the quick menu
    • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
    • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

    Ch. 7

    – Added new succubus character + H-scene with her
    – Added H-scene w/Cus
    – Added H-scene w/Carmillia (Animated)
    – Added H-scene w/ mom (Animated)
    – Added Extra scene to the ‘Extras’ section

    Ch. 6.5

    – Revamped every H-scene w/ better sounds (Only playable through main story-line)
    – Added H-scene w/Caulifla
    – Added H-scene w/Jack
    – Added H-scene w/Lana’s mom (Animated)
    – Added H-scene w/Android 18 (Animated)

    Ch. 6

    – Added fighting scene w/ Android 18 & Caulifla
    – Added H-scene threesome w/ 18 & Caulifla
    – Added Scene w/ Himiko Toga (Hero Universe)
    – New character introduced to the “Saiyan Universe” (secret)

    Ch. 5

    – Added H-scene w/ Lana’s mom (not threesome)

    – Added femdom scene w/ Lana’s mom

    – Added H-scene w/ special character

    – Added H-Scene w/ Lana

    – Fixed bug that would send you to an earlier stage of the game by clicking the wrong option when talking to Cus

    – Added H-scene w/ Tsuyu Asui to the ‘Extras’ section of the game


    Ch. 4.5

    – Added fighting scene w/android 18

    – Main character now bleeds when gets hurt!

    – Added scene w/Lana

    – Added Scene w/ Lana’s mother

    – Added H-scene w/Lana to the Bonus Scenes section


    Ch. 4
    – Added In-Game Extras

    – Added Mina Ashido

    – Added Himiko Toga to the Hero Universe

    – H scene w/ Momo

    – H scene w/ Himiko Toga

    – Added hidden H scene w/ Vados

    – Added Harem scene for each universe

    – [Bonus content: Added H scene w/ Android 21 in her human form]

    – Bugfixes

    – Added In-Game Extras

    – Added Mina Ashido


    Ch. 3

    – Added Caulifla + ‘Fight’ scene with her


    – Added scene with Froppy

    – Added scene w/ Kale (Berserk & non-berserk)

    – Added Jack the Ripper to the Fate/Grand Order universe

    – Added femdom mixed wrestling scenes

    – Added 5th and final universe (Unknown Universe)

    Ch. 2

    – Revamped universes map

    – Added Fate/Grand Order Universe

    – Cammy’s Elixir now is used to unlock a different scene

    – Added the following characters: (Dragon ball: Android 21, Heles), (Pokemon: Mallow, Lusamine, Lillie), (My Hero Academia: Midnight AKA ‘R rated hero, Momo Yaoyorozu), (Fate/Grand Order: Artoria Pendragon, Wu Zetian, Nightingale), (Extras: Chun-Li)

    – Side Quests: Hidden Chun Li H-scene is now attainable in this 2nd chapter


    The code is “notanumber”


    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For MAC
    Download For Android


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