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    On Edge [v0.2.5][onedge]


    On Edge v0.2.5 by onedge, On Edge is an adult game where you play as Debbie, a talented young biologist who, despite her youth, is already somewhat famous for making advances towards solving Eleria’s famine problem. For her final assignment, she decides to travel back to the village she grew up in, and find out what went wrong. However, a mysterious package awaits at her door… it looks alien, but what does it do?

    We are in Eleria, a planet in another universe with striking similarities to Earth. Eleria was prosperous, however, at some point in time, animal reproduction ceased, causing famine to befall the entire planet.

    Soon after that, famine was seemingly solved by an unknown benefactor. Rumours started spreading about huge factories of unknown origin, and noone knew how they really operated. Each factory required just one person to operate, and that person was selected by the factory itself. In the beggining, it was seen as great honor to be selected and to accept the invitation. However, the workers were constantly threatened and manipulated by the powers that be, as political games ran rampant about who will control the food flow.

    Thus, it was made illegal, and deemed greatly dishonorable, to ever reveal that you are a worker at a factory, since you were meant to have no bias towards who would get the food.

    Updated: 2021-12-07
    Release Date: 2021-12-07
    Developer: Onedge SubscribeStar
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.2.5
    OS: Windows
    Language: English

    2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Big Tits, Dilf, Ugly Bastard, Handjob, Rpg, Sandbox, Management, Teasing, Gloryhole, Oral Sex
    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run

    • Market Area added (Destroyed & Repaired variations)
    • Created the milk stall image handling system
    • Scenes added:

    market repair scene
    3x milkstall scenes
    1x repeat milkstall scene
    2x supafrinz scenes (1 short and 1 longer)

    • Reworked the image showing system so that it doesn’t misplace images (that’s a huge subject but I’m summarizing it here)
    • Made the image loading to wait until most (if not all) images are loaded (so that it doesn’t show images one by one)
    • Lowered the cache limit to avoid freezes
    • Added cheats and made them available to everyone (for now) (Config -> cheats)
    • Fixed a ton of bugs (as always, some may leak)
    • Added a modding system (tutorial in-game in Config) for gloryhole clothing
    • Altered the window skin
    • Altered the window to display 3 lines of text but cover the entire width of the screen
    • Added SFX in by Pixie Willow (currently mostly at the milk-stall scenes, more to come!)
    • Worked on many things in the background for the future (as shown in progress reports).


    – Finished the new image plugin. now all image missing bugs should be gone completely, forever.
    – Changed wind generators upgrade. Now you can upgrade 4 individual generators for 5 mats each. If you already have the “wind generators” upgrade, you will now have wind generator 1 instead.
    – Added an upgrade that affects all wind generators efficiency
    – Lowered upgrade cost of gathering vr classes
    – New Card ! Kiss Balls
    – New Card ! Suck Balls
    – New Card ! Lick Balls
    – Added a new scene for the first time Debbie does ballplay (male variations)
    – Added a new scene for the second time Debbie does ballplay with another male (male variations)
    – Reduced bots station upgrade cost
    – Added a “blinking” effect when a card is played that’s going to alter Debbie’s body pose.
    – Added larger testicles
    – Added a cupping effect for the larger testicles when playing “cup balls”
    – Added a line of saliva connecting the mouth to the penis when changing to handjob pose after doing a blowjob.
    – Corrected eye color in the gloryhole. Now it’s dark purple
    – Corrected Debbie’s head during blowjob to better resemble her face
    – Corrected Debbie’s ears in many images to be of higher quality
    – Made her beauty mark in all images more visible
    – Removed many unused images
    – Changed the gloryhole hole to a rectangle instead, to fit more poses
    – Fixed minor bugs and typos

    – Made it so that when your Confidence is full, no new Confidence is added
    – Added custom icons for AVT, power, food, ingredients, mats and repairs
    – Debbie’s nipples are now visible on the fabric of the tanktop.
    – New report screen for AVT
    – New report skipping – now skips the report entirely (you never see it)
    – New room for AVT converter
    – 3 upgrades for AVT conversion (additional spheres)
    – Absorption mechanic (amount, rate)
    – Digestion mechanic (amount, rate)
    – New mechanic for AVT conversion (ml intakes gathered into a vat, then in spheres, then converted into AVT)
    – Milk gathered is now separated into where the milk is located (face,breasts,belly)
    – 1 new long scene in Debbie’s bedroom (triggers automatically after day 9)
    – 1 new scene for visiting the AVT converter for the first time
    – New sprite for Gary!
    – Fixed a typo that still presented Gary as bald
    – Stopped any access to the teasing minigame – the popular vote was to have scenes instead
    – Almost finished the image plugin overhaul – for now they work together with the old plugin
    – Reworked code of how some images are handled to reduce cpu usage.
    – Fixed a bug where Gary would not get removed during groping scenes.
    – Fixed a bug where the hud wouldn’t be removed during zoomed in instances in the gloryhole
    – Fixed image filename-associated bugs
    – Ability to apply the semen on Debbie’s face as “beauty cream”
    – Replaced the menu screen with where milk is (beauty cream / swallowed)

    – Created the foundation system for teasing minigames!
    – Added short scenes for Mathews’ minigame
    – Added art for Mathews’ minigame
    – Added an option at Mathews’ house (help around the house)
    – Handjob psuedo-animation
    – New card: Pleasure Plan (Thought card)
    – New reactions for Pleasure Plan
    – New scene for first time playing Pleasure Plan
    – New scene for first time playing Reveal Breasts
    – Card powers’ priorities implementation
    – New card type: Item cards
    – Connect Feed is now an Item card
    – Added Gary’s image!
    – Created a plugin to control image caching, then deleted it because it froze the game
    – Added config option to turn animation off (for slower pcs)
    – Fixed a LOT of typos
    – Fixed a bug where going to bed didn’t show any options
    – Fixed a bug where gathering vegetables/water didn’t show options
    – Fixed generally bugs about options missing
    – Fixed even more images bugs that persisted
    – Fixed a bug where Debbie’s mouth would remain open after Gary’s dialogue
    – Fixed a bug where sometimes the first gloryhole event never triggered

    Developer Notes
    – I am a solo developer, working on an Rpg/Management game, with deep gameplay mechanics, that focuses on Edging.
    – This is obviously my first game ever, and I completely understand people’s hesitation. I’m the same with new devs too (so many beautiful games were abandoned!).
    – All art is beautifully designed by the talented Scarlett Ann.
    – To make what I mean by “Dilf” clearer, I included the genre “Ugly Bastard”. Some people got it right – it doesn’t stand for “Daughter”.
    – My discord channel is also up there on my site if you want to tell me any suggestions.
    – Some people are saying some areas are subscriber-locked: No, these aren’t implemented yet. The prompt simply explains where to find me, that’s all.
    – English is not my first language, so there might be some typos, but nothing too immersion-breaking (I’m looking at you MTL xD).
    – Consider supporting me on SubscribeStar if you like my idea!



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