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    Newlife v0.8.7 by Splendid Ostrich


    Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG Game. In this game you’ll usually play as a man who’s accidentally transformed into a woman – make a new life for yourself, be seduced by charming (or sleazy) men and generally have a fun sexy time. Alternatively, you can select the female start, begin as a woman and play the whole game without changing gender at all.​

    Updated: 2024-03-28
    Release Date:  2024-03-28
    Developer: Splendid Ostrich Patreon – Wiki
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.8.7
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Language: English
    Genre: Text-based, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Gender bender, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Submission, Anal sex, Pregnancy, Transformation, Dating sim, Sexual harassment

    1- Extract to desired location.
    2a- For Windows: Click on “newlife.exe” to start playing.
    2b- For MacOS or Linux: Click on “newlife.jar” to start playing.

    Major changes & additions:

    • Added a new event for the sleazy landlord when you’re living in the pleasant neighborhood.

    Minor changes:

    • Updated the “asks you to be his girlfriend” npc action in homedate to have a range of possible lines based on your relationship, rather than just using the same basic text every time it happens. I think this is an action that was largely unaltered since Newlife’s first ever version, back when the game lasted 26 weeks and becoming someone’s girlfriend was the furthest a relationship could progress.​
    • Added some alternative lesbian-club text for situations where an npc who with the likes_sexy trait comes to be with you after you’ve been acting in a provocative way.​
    • Added an option to kick the landlord out when he tries to inspect your flat. This will stop the event reoccuring for some time, but he will raise your rent a bit as revenge.​
    • Added a new option for sultry characters to hit on the landlord in a very forward way at the start of the flat inspection, assuming they’re attracted to him.​
    • As requested by Sluttycricket, made it easier to win your feud with the office rival by updating various scenes to increase the effect of victories over her.​


    • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to for reporting some of these.​
    • Fixed an issue reported by Helvette and Zab where the rent amounts for your current and new home were not being compared correctly, resulting in text indicating that the more expensive home was actually cheaper.​
    • Improved handling of the office rival dominance stat so the minimum value should actually be enforced consistently.​


    Major changes & additions:

    • Added game mechanics and scenes to allow the PC to move home. This will be expanded with future updates.

    Minor changes:

    • Updated every one of the hundreds (bleck) of references to the PC’s “apartment” or “flat” to check for the possibility she lives in a house instead and return the correct text.​
    • The neighborhood an NPC lives in is now influenced by their income.​
    • As requested by Hippolyta, the jerk friend can now have a TONED body-type. This will be less common for randomly-generated jerks but custom ones can set it.​
    • Made some adjustments & additions to the makeout male orgasm text to better handle the “sitting in lap” position. Thanks to Helvette for highlighting some issues here.​
    • Changed the process for making the exe file. Please let me know if this leads to issues running it. The jar file is unaffected so this won’t matter for players using the jar to start the game.​

    Changes for user-submitted content:

    • Added getNeighborhood, isLivingInFlat and getFlatOrHouse to the PC object for custom scenes.​
    • Added HYPNOTIST to the custom NPC guides: it was allowed for custom NPCs before but wasn’t included in the guides. This trait has very minor effects in the main game, but may be more relevant in some custom scenes. Thanks to Stochastic for flagging up this omission.​


    • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Stochastic, helvette, StuntCuffer, Abby, JulianR.Amazing and Obort for reporting some of these.​
    • Fixed an issue reported by StuntCuffer where the action to go back to side-by-side in the sitting makeout would always succeed even when it was supposed to fail and had text indicating as much.​
    • Fixed an issue where failing the back to side-by-side and similar actions would still allow the NPC to initiate anal sex that same turn, even though these sort of actions are supposed to stop sex initiation (and do for PiV) until the following turn.​
    • Fixed a “no actions available” bug reported by BannedHeresy in the NPC pregnancy reveal scene.​
    • Fixed an issue reported by Anarchyst and Obort where newlines were added between parts of the relationship description even when those parts were blank, which could potentially lead to a relationship description starting with multiple newlines. This led to bad spacing in, most notably, the nightclub “describe characters” section.​
    • Fixed a bug reported by AnarChYsT where the action to un-do the “don’t pull out” relationship status available to likes-bare characters was not working.​


    Major changes & additions:

    • Added a new event that can happen if you are a housewife to someone with an office job (business, accountancy, civil servant, or certain special event jobs).
    • Added a new event where you can ask an unemployed partner to seek work, and a follow-up if they agree to your request.
    • Added a bunch of content for the evil hypnotist in existing scenes, including the club, dates, sex and the marriage scene. The goal isn’t to add an entirely new playstyle (which would take up far too much writing time for such a niche route) but rather to add flavour content for characters in these relationships. Therefore, there are still plenty of actions that also don’t have evil-hypno content – don’t expect it everywhere! This content is enabled by the “UNDER_THRALL_OF_EVIL_HYPNO” flag which is set when you finish a hypno session with him without breaking the trance, and removed if you do break the trance in such a session. This was requested by someone and I’d normally thank them here, but I didn’t take notes about who it was – sorry!

    Minor changes:

    • You can now ask an NPC what they do for a living in the club or at your home. This will give you the information regardless of your current knowledge level. Thanks to Zab for reminding me that this needed to be added!​
    • Certain special NPC careers will be automatically known by the PC, and the repairman’s career will be known if you’ve encountered him while he’s working.​
    • Added a new RECEDING hairstyle for male NPCs.​
    • Added a new “important talk” option suggested by Death Magus for characters with the likes-bare trait. This lets you tell a man that any requests you make for him to pull out or use a condom are just playing and should be refused. When this is set the conditions for such actions will be reduced and your partner will always refuse them without your character being angry at the refusal.​


    • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Eulexia and Sky Dreamer for reporting some of these.​


    This release adds a new NPC-job-specific event, as well as various minor changes and improvements.

    Major changes & additions:

    • Added a new event that can happen if you’re in a relationship with someone who works in a bar.
    • Added an “All Shops” option when you buy clothing, that will display a combined list of all clothing items from every shop.

    Minor changes:

    • As requested by cwr0308, added a MILKY trait for female NPCs. This will not be added by the usual character-creation process but can be chosen for custom characters.​
    • The mugging scene now has text for when the PC hands over her purse but has no money, and gives her increased stress when this happens (because it makes the mugger angry, and she’s afraid he’s going to hurt her).​
    • Made some text improvements to certain responses to the “tell him you’re ready” action while fixing an issue reported by Sync.​
    • PCs working in sales can now take Ivy’s charm-increasing treatment more than once, though repeat treatments are only half as effective as the first. Side-effect are not halved.​
    • Updated some text on the work-trip scene so wearing a short nightie with no underwear wouldn’t describe the PC as having a “bare lower body”. There’s now an alternative line for that situation.​
    • Added some line-breaks to hopefully make NPC descriptions a bit more readable.​
    • Added a new repairman career for those NPCs, thanks to Birb for highlighting that one was missing.​
    • Updated how the low-self-esteem interaction with bad partner effects works, so that it will take effect every week instead of just weeks when the PC has interacted with them.​
    • Low-self-esteem PCs now get a bonus to their maximum love if they have neutral liking towards an NPC. These PCs already got a large bonus towards NPCs they dislike, but this is lost if the relationship improves which can lead to dramatic changes in the relationship. I do like the idea of a low-self-esteem PC falling for a jerk only to lose interest if he doesn’t treat her badly enough, but the effect should be a bit more gradual: going from +25 to +10 instead of +25 to +0. Incidentally, I suspect this is the cause of the reports of excessive love-decay that I’ve seen: the issue looks like might not be love-decay at all but rather the big drop from an improving relationship.​

    Changes for user-submitted content:

    • It is now possible to set a custom sleazy landlord, as requested by several people, most recently by Darth Magus I think. You can do this by using the SLEAZY_LANDLORD trait on a custom male NPC. This conflicts with other special-NPC roles. The sleazy landlord will be set to be a sleazy jerk(even if you don’t add these values yourself) and will have conflicting traits (charming & traditional) removed.​


    • Fixed some text issues. Thanks to Zab, Made 2 face black and blue face and Sync for reporting some of these.​
    • Fixed a bug reported by Birb where the mugging scene would behave oddly if the PC was utterly skint.​
    • Fixed a bug reported by Sameer where the impregnator breeding plot event chain could get have two different men with breeding plots and get confused about which should be chosen for a scene. Now, if the event chain repeats and the man from the previous time is still eligible to be the plotter then he will always be chosen. Otherwise, he’ll have the relevant trait removed so there should only be one plotter at any time in the game.​
    • Fixed duplicate job section in the NPC browser, thanks to Birb for reporting this.​
    • The braless shopping scene will no longer fire for a man you’ve had sex with, thanks for Sci for reporting this inconsistency with the scene’s text.​


    Major changes & additions:

    Added internal functionality for NPC careers, with their job being visible at a sufficient knowledge level.

    Added a new scene with a sleazy landlord and your lesbian partner that can happen if you’re unable to pay the rent.

    Added a new friendship scene that can happen if you have an innocent female friend and also own the enormous teddy-bear, Mr. Snuggles.

    Changes for user-submitted content:

    Custom NPCs can now have their career set. NPCs without a set career will have one picked by the usual algorithm, just like with most other values.

    Minor changes:

    The amount you get from having your partner support you now varies based on their income.

    Improved some of the spacing for descriptions in the NPC broswer.


    Fixed some text issues. Thanks to Zab for reporting some of these.

    Fixed an issue where some pregnancy text could incorrectly show at the office party even when the PC is not pregnant.

    Fixed an issue reported by Sync where the bar-with-friend scene was sometimes referring to the PC’s lesbian partner as a man.

    Fixed an issue reported by Zab where the text in the bf’s jerk friend ladder sex scene was often referencing the wrong relationship, resulting in your partner being referred to as “your acquaintance”.


    Major changes & additions:

    • You must now pay rent every 5 weeks. Every four might seem more obvious for a monthly rent, but the PC’s ovulation is on a four-week cycle so if rent synced up with that then you’d always be at the same point when the rent is due.
    • The landlord will meet you at the start of the game to give you the keys to your flat. For now the landlord will always be a sleazy creep. You’ll have various ways of greeting him. In particular, flirty PCs are able to try to seduce him for lower rent.
    • Failing to pay your rent will result in a brief scene where the landlord demands payment, one way or another. You can pay by going into debt, which costs double the rent and will send your balance negative. Otherwise… there are other ways to pay. I intend to improve and add more content to this scene as releases proceed.

    Minor changes:

    • Male NPCs will no longer initiate anal or oral sex after the PC agrees to let them film sex, as there is no filming content for these scenes. Thanks to iLurk for reporting the inconsistency with this.​
    • Minor changes to the text at the end of the intro sections to inform players that they’ll be meeting the landlord next. Hopefully this will be clear for new players – do let me know otherwise.​
    • Added a some extra lines to the sofa sex scene for some specific traits.​
    • Added some landlord-specific dialogue lines to the male-dominant PiV sex scenes.​

    Changes for user-submitted content:

    • The landlord is not yet available as a custom character. I intend to allow this at some point, but I want to wait for a few releases in case I need to make changes that would break custom characters.​


    • Fixed some text issues. Thanks to nameless and kabasny for reporting some of these.​
    • Fixed a bug reported by fhish where drink descriptions were null in the lesbian club.​
    • Fixed a but reported by Detective Lizard Wizard where the noisy-baby scene could error in a lesbian relationship.​


    Major changes & additions:
    • You can now keep playing after the endgame so long as you choose to stay in the city during the endgame scene. Endgame choices that involve you leaving the city or otherwise dramatically changing your circumstances will stop this option from appearing.
    • Added a new event for low-self-esteem characters with a sophisticated wife that don’t have the skillful-tongue trait.
    • Added a small event for pregnant women that are married to a caring husband.

    Minor changes:

    • Improved some of the text around being approached by men in the nightclub.​
    • Added an alternative piece of text for doggy-style NPC orgasms.​
    • You can now let the npc decide what you’ll have when she gets you a drink at the lesbian club, as requested by BereavedPoet.​

    Changes for user-submitted content:

    • The removeTrait method will now also remove any temporary trait effects that add the trait in question.​
    • Added a new ‘baby’ object representing the PC or a female NPC’s children.​
    • Added methods to the PC and female NPC objects to return collection of baby objects – this collection may be empty but will not be null. Due to some last-minute bugs elsewhere the custom-scene ‘baby’ content hasn’t been tested. Please let me know if you find any bugs.​


    • Fixed some text issues. Thanks to iLurk for reporting some of these.​
    • Fixed an issue reported by iLurk where the game was assuming there’s just one prostitution client and didn’t have text to handle the PC having been a prostitute before but not with the particular NPC in the scene.​
    • Fixed a bug where NPC babies were not aging.​


    Newlife 0.7.21 changelog:

    Newlife 0.7.21 changelog:
    Major changes & additions:
    You can now marry another woman

    Naked wedding is an option when shopping for a wedding dress in a lesbian relationship. This can be initiated by a PC with the sultry trait, or an NPC with the party-girl character type.

    Minor changes:
    Updated the scene where you meet the innocent sales colleague on a bus after she quits to properly handle the situation where you and her have become a couple. Thanks to A Clash of Purple for reporting this!

    Increased the knowledge gain about your partner when getting married.

    A few adjustments to the lesbian makeout scene to reflect wedding-night content, though doubtless there’ll be more that can be done there.

    Added variant text for the scene where you tell other partners that you’re in a relationship to better handle low PC love. Thanks to bicobus for highlighting some issues with the Aromantic trait.

    Added updated versions of the minievent bike and bike-left-behind scenes submitted by GrimGear.

    Added a doormat alternative reaction for when a baby-crazy PC yells at her partner for not reacting well to being told she’s pregnant.

    Fixed some text issues. Thanks to nameless, AnarChYsT and Sync for reporting some of these.
    Fixed an oversight where the PC would not always get a knowledge increase towards her husband when getting married.

    Newlife 0.7.19 changelog:

    Major changes & additions:

    Your girlfriend can now propose to you, if conditions are right. There are three possible proposal scenes, with varying requirements. Actual lesbian marriage is not in the game yet so getting engaged is as far as you can go for now.

    Updated the minievent content with a new version submitted by Lost Trout with new events that can fire when a friend asks to see your wedding dress. This is only available for straight engagements – in any case, lesbian engagements can’t lead to buying a wedding dress yet.

    Minor changes:
    One new male orgasm text possibility for the missionary position, though it has some fairly specific requirements.
    Female NPCs will now actually name their babies. They’ll use their own namelist for this.
    Added a romantic speech action to the PC-dominant strapon sex scene.

    Changes for user-submitted content:
    Fixed a formatting issue that meant the pronoun-getters weren’t showing up in the documentation’s table-of-contents. Thanks to Lost Trout for reporting this.

    Fixes to some text issues. Thanks to Keenam for reporting some of these.



    v7.13 Changelog
    Major changes & additions:

    • The PC can now confess or get confronted for cheating on a lesbian partner. A key difference is that a lesbian partner with the likes-to-share trait will suggest they have an open relationship where both can sleep with other people. This ties into a number of other changes in this (and future) releases.
    • Added an alternative route to the impregnator-friend breeding event chain for when his target is the pc’s girlfriend.

    Minor changes:

    • Following some feedback from A Clash of Purple, female NPCs will no longer initiate cunnilingus from a makeout if they have the PREFERS_SEX trait.
    • Reduced the chance of female NPCs initiating cunnilingus, unless they have the LIKES_ORAL trait in which case it’s as high or higher than it was before.
    • The PC can confess cheating to her lesbian partner during a date at home.
    • A partner in an open relationship can ask to sleep with another guest at the house party. This applies to any character types, though innocent women may sometimes fail if they aren’t beautiful.
    • Improved the logic around whether a condom is used when your house-party guests sleep together ‘off-screen’.
    • An impregnator man now has a small chance of sabotaging the other house-party guest’s contraception if she’s on the pill.
    • Updated the M/F cheating confrontation scene to handle cohabiting better.

    Changes for user-submitted content:

    • Following a reminder by Stochastic, moved the hasDoneSexualActivity, hasDoneCheatingActivity, getCheatedWith, getCheatingSeverity and clearCheating methods from MaleNpc objects to the general NPC one.


    • Fixes to some text issues. Thanks to AnarChYsT who reporting some of these.
    • Fixed a bug with willpower that could lead to excessively large willpower penalties if the PC had had multiple orgasms.
    • Fixed a bug reported by Zab where the “return to makeout” action was not appearing in the lesbian cunnilingus scene.
    • Fixed some logic issues around the cheating-confrontation event triggers.
    • Fixed an issue reported by Fhish where you could cook breakfast for a lesbian date even after she’d already made food for you.
    • Fixed an issue reported by AnarChYsT where the mugging scene had the PC feel guilty about cheating, even when she knows her bf likes her hooking up with other people.

    v0.7.12 Changelog

    Major changes & additions:

    • New lesbian sex scene where you go down on your partner. This can be accessed from lesbian makeouts and from some office-rival scenes.

    Minor changes:

    • Updated lesbian makeout orgasm tracking to work across sub-scenes.
    • Added a new lesbian makeout action that you can take if your partner is visibly pregnant.
    • Following a request by JulianR.Amazing, added a skip-ahead option to lesbian makeouts.

    Changes for user-submitted content:

    • LESBIAN_STANDING_MAKEOUT is now an allowable transition for custom scenes. See documentation for details.
    • LESBIAN_GIVING_CUNNILINGUS is now an allowable transition for custom scenes. See documentation for details.


    • Fixes to some text issues. Thanks to anyone who reported any of these.
    • Fixed an issue reported by tryingthegames where male-specific text was being shown for a female partner when giving birth.
    • Fixed an issue reported by Luna where the “getting dressed again” text after sex could be awkwardly phrased for some clothing combinations.
    • Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian where the PC could not fall in love with a female NPC.
    • Fixed a bug reported by Kabasny affecting the scene where you tell people that you have a partner. Doing so will now greatly reduce the chance of those NPCs asking you out and your relationship status will go from “dating” to “acquaintance”.
    • Fixed a bug reported by A Clash of Purple where you could incorrectly get the cold-behaviour text when saying goodbye to a lesbian date even when you had a different behaviour.
    • Fixed an issue reported by A Clash of Purple where your girlfriend could ask to take a man home after a house party.


    Download For Win/MAC/LINUX


    This was one of my first ventures into the world of text-based games and it opened my eyes to a whole different realm of possibilities. When reviewing Newlife, one should not forget the fact that it's one of the best adult text-based games out there, and there are not many of them that cater both to the niche male-to-female transformation genre and a life-simulation gameplay that throws you into different (sufficiently erotic) situations every day.

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    This was one of my first ventures into the world of text-based games and it opened my eyes to a whole different realm of possibilities. When reviewing Newlife, one should not forget the fact that it's one of the best adult text-based games out there, and there are not many of them that cater both to the niche male-to-female transformation genre and a life-simulation gameplay that throws you into different (sufficiently erotic) situations every day.Newlife v0.8.7 by Splendid Ostrich