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    My New Life [v2.1 + Extras] [Beggar of Net]


    You will assume the role of a young person in your city where you live the hottest situations. From the most casual situations to the intense dates with sexy girls. This is original version of My New Life: REVAMP

    Updated: 2019-01-27
    Release Date: 2019-01-27
    Developer: Beggar of Net Patreon
    Version: 2.1 + Extras Jack’s Life
    Censorship: None
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Other Version: My New Life: REVAMP
    Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Breasts, Chubby Girls, Incest, Male Protagonist, Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Interracial, MILF, Incest

    How To Install Game:
    Extract and run.
    How To Install Mod:
    1. Unzip the attached file
    2. Drop the enclosed files into the game’s www/data folder, overwriting the files in the data folder that are already there.

    Improvement of the storage system
    Start story (DRAGUNOVS / TRIADS / HORNETS)( Need have complete Laura, Sarah and Amy)
    Sarah 3 news dates
    Lucy’s accessible house
    Maria full house events
    Jack’s Life
    Extras: Maria toiled and exterior events.

    Mod Features
    Mod Additions
    -Time set feature implemented. Now allows you to choose what hour of the day it is.
    -A tracker for what day of the week and day number you are on in game.
    -A Stat tracker that tells you your Study, Stealth, Aim, and Popularity.
    -Relationship stat tracker for Girls
    -Relationship stat tracker for guys
    -Love stat tracker for girls
    -Cheat access added to phone.
    -Days worked adjuster added to phone
    -Movement speed adjuster


    Compressed For Win (685mb)


    Download For MOD V2.1

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    Really good lewd game, it's RPGM and has tons of content on it, you will enjoy it!

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    Really good lewd game, it's RPGM and has tons of content on it, you will enjoy it!My New Life [v2.1 + Extras] [Beggar of Net]