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    Mice Tea [v1.0.0 Final][Cinnamon Switch]


    Mice Tea v1.0.0 Final by Cinnamon Switch, Mice Tea is an erotic human to anthro transformation visual novel game that’s both cute and sexy. You’ll play the role of Margaret de Campos, a young bookstore clerk who’s frustrated with her life and looking for a change. She doesn’t know just how much things are going to change for her and her friends and co-workers.

    Features: Four major paths, each with their own romantic interest (both F/F and F/M) and human to anthro transformation (sometimes multiple!)

    Major themes explored in the main paths

    • Male → Female
    • Female → Female w/ penis
    • Sizeplay/micro
    • Femdom
    • Body Expansion
    • Bondage and Exhibitionism
    • Mental and personality changes

    Other themes explored in short ends and path divergences

    • Female → Male
    • Human → Animal
    • Camming

    Updated: 2023-05-01
    Release Date: 2023-05-01
    Developer: Cinnamon Switch – Patreon – Twitter 
    Censored: No
    Version: v1.0.0 Final
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English

    2dcg, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Masturbation, Transformation, Furry
    – Extract to desired location.
    – Run.
    If you’ve been waiting for Mice Tea to be finished, now’s your chance to play the full visual novel!




    New Story Content – The End of the Sylvia Path
    Much like the end of our other finished path, this update takes the form of an epilogue that wraps up our characters’ current predicament before showing some vignettes of how the experience has affected their lives and what their trajectory is going forward. There’s a lot that’s already changed for Maggie and Sylvia, and we imagine players are curious about where both will end up. We’ve enjoyed shepherding these characters to the end of their journey, and hope you all will too.

    New Art – New Finished and Improved CGs, and New Sketches
    UBF has been working diligently to polish a lot of existing CGs and finish sketched CGs. They’re found all over the game, but the biggest is the CG shown here. You’ll have to replay Sylvia’s Day 3 content to see it, but now’s the best time yet to replay the scenario from the beginning.

    We also have a sketched CG that ends the Sylvia path drawn by KD, and even in its early stage we think it’s a very rewarding conclusion to her story.

    New Art – New Sprites and Outfits
    This month has a lot of new sprite art from new alternate forms of outfits for alternate forms of characters to new expressions to recolors of old outfits to a whole new outfit Sylvia wears for her final scene.

    There’s also a new sprite for Tharkis in the Felicia ending. As a reminder, the text box can be hidden with the H button on your keyboard or using the mini menu on the bottom of the screen. You know, just in case you can’t quite see as much of her as you can compared to other characters.

    New Music and Sound – Two New Tracks and Custom Sound Effects
    Will’s been busy this month, treating us not only to two new songs, but also to our first batch of custom sound effects! The first track is an amped-up version of the sneaking theme found in Julie’s path when she and Margaret are on the run from the authorities. He also provided a new track for sexy scenes that don’t quite match the tender tone of the music we usually use for intimate CGs. You can find it being used in the more intense sex scenes found in the Julie and Gavin paths.

    If that wasn’t enough, there are also new sound effects for Margaret’s phone, and the door chimes for Barlow’s and Tea Friends. All show up early in the game if you want the chance to hear them without digging around for them.

    New Backgrounds – Five Sketched BGs from Heart
    Heart really outdid herself this month with five backgrounds, which brings us to ZERO MSPaint-style placeholder backgrounds in the game. We know a lot of your found our old “Zeppo” backgrounds charming (we on the team did too) but we know you’ll agree that the new backgrounds are an amazing improvement. We have backgrounds for the gallery, Ricky’s Apartment, the back shelves of Tea Friends, the convention, and a new setting that appears in Sylvia’s ending. The use of color to create atmosphere in all of them are wonderful, and really help immerse players into the story we’ve created.


    New Story Content – Another Day in the Sylvia Path
    Sylvia is already confident in her new snake abilities and her capacity to share them. Margaret (and Peggy) are along for the ride, but there’s still some things they have to work out and decide on their own. It comes down to a confrontation and conclusion we’ve been working towards for a while now, so we hope you enjoy the outcome.


    New Outfits and TF Levels – Margaret and Sylvia and More
    It’s near the end of Sylvia’s route and that means their transformations are reaching their climax as well. And those wouldn’t do without some flashy outfits to go along with them. KDhynamo has created some really gorgeous sprites this update and we think his enthusiasm really shines through. There’s some character posing that happens later on in the day that we think really shows his talents, but you’ll have to play to see what those are.


    New CGs – Two New Sylvia and Margaret CGs
    We don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say that the new content ends in some steamy CGs illustrated by UltraBondageFairy. We made sure to get the writing into her early so she had plenty of time to work on them, and we have the honor of providing you with two new finished CGs this month! She even had the time to finish a previous CG in the Sylvia path that appears on Day 4. We hope you appreciate them!


    New Rough Backgrounds – Café, Gavin’s Floor, and Gavin’s Countertop
    HeartGear once again provides us some much-needed upgrades to our game. The café setting is a very cute addition and the new Gavin apartment backgrounds add a lot to our sizeplay route. It’s much more fun to see Margaret in scale with all the household appliances around her.


    New Music – Julie’s Theme
    Will is back again with the penultimate main cast theme. We think the composition captures her easygoing, fun-loving nature and announces her presence quite effectively. You can hear it in the game or in the music section of the Extras Menu under the title “Little Tea Leaf.” Brush up on your Cockney rhyming slang for an explanation of that title.

    And that’s pretty much all of it! As always we’re so thankful for your support and all the encouragement you give us. We’ll see you next month with a poll for what to work on next!



    New CGs – Sylvia Oral and Gavin Domination
    We took your votes in this month’s poll and passed them along to UBF to determine what pieces got completed. That means CGs for the intimate scenes ending Sylvia Day 4 and Gavin Day 4 were both finished for you to enjoy. Both are quite spicy and involve a lot of fun twists that take advantage of our characters’ transformed states. We hope you like them! There’s also a new CG by the artist MooMaid that appears in the story “Swine Flu,” one of the options in the Felicia Day 2 computer research scene. We thank Moomaid for contributing to the game!


    New UI Elements – Chapter Select and Character Viewer
    Players will remember our new, overhauled UI treatment we recently added, but we didn’t have time to fully integrate all the new pages. The chapter select and character viewer were particularly intricate, so they were left a little unfinished. But with a month to focus on it we managed to apply that fresh coat of paint to those pages. There are also a number of other subtle UI tweaks, including a new textbox for CGs that should work better for mobile users.

    New Sketch Backgrounds – Arcade, Rooftop, Bookstore Storage, and Changing Booth
    HeartGear once again graced us with a new slate of sketched backgrounds for scenes appearing early on in the game. We’re still focusing on sketched versions right now so that there’s fewer distracting MSPaint backgrounds (the ones we affectionately call Zeppo Backgrounds). Even so, they’re already adding a great deal of tone and polish to their scenes.

    New Music – Felicia’s Theme
    “But wait,” you might ask, “didn’t Felicia get a theme back in November’s update?” Yes, but now we have two variations on that theme for the character before and after the TF! In fact, you can hear the variations transition between each other in the café scene on Day 2 of the Felicia path. That’s right, we’re so into transformation here even our music TFs!

    New Story – Cameo scenes for Billie and Regys, Tense Conversion, and more
    Even in a makeup month we have new story content for you to enjoy. If you read the sexy TF stories featuring a certain pig or a certain fox you might have been disappointed to read that the conclusions of their stories weren’t present in past versions. Now their concluding scenes have been added, including some sketched sprites for each character. We think there’s a lot of cute and funny scenes featuring the two, and we hope you enjoy them. Additionally, we finally finished converting the entirety of the story to present tense! It was a bit tedious, but this was the perfect month to finish the project. Going over some of the first content to be written also gave us a chance to bring the early writing up to snuff with the current quality of the game.

    And as one final bonus, we’ve included a new secret easter egg in the writing. We won’t tell you what it is, but we’ll at least let you know it involves completing Felicia’s path. :3c

    That’s all for this update! Our artist KDhynamo has settled into his new job and he and the rest of the team will be back next month to continue the story of Mice Tea! See you then!


    New Story Content – Sylvia Path Update
    It was teased last time Sylvia’s storyline got an update, but she’s eager to use her new therapeutic skills on more people. The most obvious target is Margaret and Sylvia’s boss, Felix. Find out if they’re able to convince him to take part in the new visualization exercises she’s developed. Many of our patrons have already played through the feline path and might have an idea of what’s in store, but there’s plenty of exciting new developments and TFs to experience in this new update!



    New Sprite Art – New Outfits and New TFs
    It wouldn’t be a Sylvia update without some new fashion to show off, but this time we also have some new TF content. Sylvia shows off more of her snake form and Margaret is depicted with a whole new animal TF. This is the mental change route after all, and this is what the tea does when your personality changes enough.



    New CGs – A New In-development CG and an Improved Snake TF
    In addition to the CG above, there’s also improvements to the initial TF of the Sylvia path. We’ve been using a sketch up to this point in the demo and early access versions, but KDhynamo was inspired to drastically improve the scene. It’s still not quite finished and there are some sketched steps remaining, but we think this is a great time to replay that scene with both new art and the new TF music that was added just last month.



    New Music – Intimate Theme
    Speaking of music, we have yet another new song to share with you. This time we’ve added a track that will be used for most of our intimate scenes. If you’ve played through the game you’ll know that we lean towards the more tender side of things, and our composer Will has come through with an amazing, sensual track that you’ll find throughout the game. Revisit your favorite sexy scene and you’ll likely see how much it’s improved.

    To our longtime patrons we thank you for sticking with us another month, and to our new followers we hope you enjoy all of this new content and hang around for more. We’ll see you Sunday with a poll on November’s development!

    New Story Content – More of Gavin’s Path
    The new day in Gavin’s path starts with Margaret convincing him to let her come to work with him. It’s not too hard considering Gavin has promised to follow every request she makes. She takes the opportunity to indulge in a few things only possible in her new tiny frame while he continues his research into the tea and how to turn her back. Meanwhile Margaret has to contend with her mousey instincts and desires.

    New Outfit – Doll Dress and Gavin Outfits
    If you’ve played through Gavin’s path up to this point Margaret has been wearing a placeholder for the doll dress she’s had to wear in her new body. KDhynamo has completed the dress that appears in both days and I think you’ll agree that she’s cute as a button when wearing it. Just don’t tell her that. There’s also a couple of casual lounge looks for Gavin for when he’s at home which you can see in the same path.

    New CGs – A New Finished CG and One In Progress from KDhynamo
    It’s rare we have a new day of story with a completed CG at the same time, but KD was so excited with this tea bath scene he finished it in one go. We also have an in-progress CG for the conclusion of day two of Gavin’s path, which until now has only had a WIP placeholder. We hope you enjoy both.

    New CGs – A New Finished CG and One In Progress from UltraBondageFairy
    Not to be outdone, UBF finished the self-inspection scene from day two while starting on the intimate scene ending day three. We think she did a great job with both and that both CGs have a lot that micro fans will find particularly enjoyable.

    New Music – Transformation Theme
    Our composer Will has again improved our soundtrack with a song used for transformation scenes and other similar scenarios. As TF fans know, transformations can be uncanny while still being sexy, and we think Will has captured that tone perfectly with with his new track “From Within.” You can find it throughout the game, including the new story content.

    There’s also a host of other improvements from the usual copyediting, subtle and not so subtle sprite adjustments and additions, and more background art development. We hope you enjoy all of the hard work our team put in this month and hope you support us for next month’s development!





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