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    Loser [v0.09.00][Night City Productions]


    Loser v0.09.00 by Night City Productions, Loser Lewd Game is about Nathan was sent to jail for cyber crimes his best friend commited, and tried to blame on Nathan. After a year, his best friend was caught, and confessed to everything, allowing Nathan to return home. Welcome home.

    Updated: 2023-02-02
    Release Date: 2023-02-02
    Developer: Night City Productions Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.09.00
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Dating sim ,Character builder, Incest, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Animated

    1. Extract and run.
    What’s New?

    • New Becky AT
    • New Diane AT
    • Diane Sex Minigame
    • New System: Scaleable Actions
    • New System: Passive Income
    • New System: Social Media Profile
    • New System: Room Upgrades
    • New System: Spy Cams
    • New Scaleable Action: Park Cleanup
    • New Scaleable Action: Profile Hacking
    • New Scaleable Action: Daytrading
    • New Passive Income: Stocks
    • New Passive Income: Video Hosting
    • New Social Media Profile: Becky
    • New Spy Cam Location: Beckys Bedroom
    • Expanded Tech Skill
    • New Skill: Hacking (early WIP)
    • Refactored Schedule Engine
    • Lot’s of New Topics

    What’s It Mean?
    New Becky AT = Fairly Obvious. Though…This took a lot of time due to the change in hair color. That meant I had to make all new versions of her party scenes with the new hair color.

    New Diane AT = Fairly Obvious. This is the end of Diane’s ‘Vanilla Route’. Once I’ve made Backward transitions to get Diane back to Cosmopolitan/Health Nut (next Update) I’ll be holding a vote for what’s next for Diane.

    Diane Sex Minigame = As is normal for the end of a Cornerstone AT, a sex minigame is added.

    New System: Scaleable Actions = I’ve wanted to add in actions that gave you the ability to transfer topics with common tags, into topics with less common tags for a while, and this is one of the methods I’ve come up with. It’s also a good way to put more time management int he players hands.

    New System: Passive Income = Every week (Monday at 0:00) your passive income will be processed (if any). See below for more details.

    New System: Social Media Profile = A new button will appear on characters in the character page that will open up that characters Social Media Profile if they have one. Not all characters will have one however.

    New System: Room Upgrades = There are now upgrades to rooms that will persist onward, and be needed for specific other systems to work.

    New System: Spy Cams = In order to allow dirtbag players to play dirtbag characters, I’ve now add the ability to install spycams as a Room Upgrade.

    New Scaleable Action: Park Cleanup = Tired of all those Tidyness and Chores topics clogging up your temporary topic inventory? Now can convert them into conservationist topics for an all new set of tags.

    New Scaleable Action: Profile Hacking = If you’d like to get a deeper look into someones Online Profile…such as seeing thier Private Messages, or perhaps tracking down less savory activities of thiers…With the hacking skill, and the correct selection of tags, you can see what else the person is up to online…

    New Scaleable Action: Daytrading = If your investments aren’t growing fast enough, one way to increase that growth is spend time day trading.

    New Passive Income: Stocks = You can now invest money into a stock account from your computer, and it will generate money every week. How much depends on how much is invested, how long it’s been sitting there, and if you’ve been daytrading to increase it’s value.

    New Passive Income: Video Hosting = With the introduction of spycams, it would seem a shame if you didn’t monetize all that content. Well now you can! By visiting OldEgg and buying yourself a Server, you can now upload video’s that you capture.

    New Social Media Profile: Becky = As with all new systems. I introduce it with one character, and then expand over time. Since This system requires a lot of back tracking, I’ll have to introduce social media profiles over the next few updates, and with this update being so focused on Becky, she seemed to be a good starting point.

    New Spy Cam Location: Beckys Bedroom = For the same reasons above I’ve introduced this system to Becky’s Bedroom first, as I needed to render specific older scenes, from a set camera angle…yada yada yada… more rooms to come over the next few updates.

    Expanded Tech Skill = The tech skill will be needed for some of these new systems, and in anticipation, I’ve added a ‘Research Computers’ action to the computer which will help you gain xp, and topics.

    New Skill: Hacking (early WIP) = While it’s been in the game engine as a placeholder for a while, I’m finally starting to build out what the skill actually does. The introduction for this skill comes from either leveling up your Tech high enough, or from some topics you get when researching computers.

    Refactored Schedule Engine = I’ve been planning on doing this for a while. As the game get’s bigger, older systems that worked fine for a smaller game, become too clunky to keep using as the game get’s bigger. The old schedule system is a good example of that. I started with a location specific event system. Then made a character specific event system, then made a Archetype specific scheduled system, and the newest iteration is an archtype specific, scheduled event system. Long story even longer… It’s easier for me to make character schedules and to bug hunt/bugfix schedule issues.

    Lot’s of New Topics = As is usual…

    That’s It?
    Yep…Unfortunately…I planned to have a Gina AT this update, along with possibly a Jesse and Jay AT as well, but having the first 3 weeks of the Dev Cycle hindered with a faulty driver release from NVidea, followed by the holidays kinda screwed my schedule up, which is why there’s so much Non AT related content this update. I needed to work on something while I waited for NVidea to unscrew the pooch, so I could render again.

    That being said…Next update will have only one refactoring project, which will be me remaking the inventory system to be click & dragable. So that I have plenty of time to make Gina’s next AT + her backtrack path, along with Dianes Backtrack path to Cosmo/Health Nut, and a new Becky AT along with a new Jay AT. Jesse if there’s time.

    I fixed many many bugs, and did a major update to the UI.
    I’ve changed the primary font.
    No more confusion between 1 and 7.

    v0.08.00 Public
    What’s new?
    New AT’s for:

    • Gina
    • Becky
    • Diane
    • Jesse
    • Tilley

    Additional scenes for Becky at the friday night party.

    New Scrounging Action in Parents Bathroom

    New Save Engine

    New Inventory Function

    What’s it mean?
    New AT’s: Self Explanitory

    Additional scenes for Becky at the friday night party: If you’ve gotten your hands on different drugs, you can now give them to Becky directly and enjoy/suffer through the consequences.

    New Scrounging Action in Parents Bathroom: If you don’t want to embrace unhealthy, but are ok with embracing the lazy lifestyle and want access to certain drugs, you can now raid your parents bathroom, and sometimes find stuff :eek:

    New Save Engine: This thing was a beast to put together. No lie, I had to tweak and recode numerous sections of code, multiple times through this dev cycle to get the new save engine to work. But it works now, and there are now 10 save slots rather than just three. That will most likely be the cap. Old save will still work, and are now located in the “Backup” folder.

    New Inventory Function: I’ve been told repeatedly how annoying it is to have to change screens to see a characters Interests and bans, while trying to setup your hotbar for the day, so I’ve added a screen that you can toggle off and on that shows all Interests, and Bans for each character you’ve unlocked.

    That’s it?
    Unfortunately yes. I wanted to add in another Becky AT, but had to push that back, because her additional content at the party, and the save engine kinda ate most of my development time. There were numerous other things I wanted to add, but were also delayed due to how long the save engine took to get working properly. All in all without the new save system, (three weeks to develop + numerous bug hunts and tweaks) I could have aded in everything I originally planned, but…People had been asking for more save slots for a while now, and after making the SP2 save engine, I felt confident in making a much better one than what we had initially for Loser. So that’s what I did. Contrary to some claims, I do listen to feedback.

    v0.07.00 Public

    What’s new?

    • 2 New ATs for Diane
    • New AT for Becky
    • New AT for Gina
    • New AT for Jesse
    • New Location: Boutique
    • New Location: Stripclub
    • New Job: Cashier
    • New Function: Temporary Reputation
    • New Function: Mood Modifiers
    • New Feature: Outfits
    • New Topics, Items, and Clothing
    • The intro scene at the beginning of the game
    • A new Animation
    • More Party/After Party Scenes
    • Lot’s of Bugfixes
    • Some UI touchups

    What’s it mean?
    2 New ATs for Diane – Due to $30 Patron support I was able to add two Diane AT’s this release.

    New AT for Becky – Progress toward completion of her vanilla content continues

    New AT for Gina – Progress toward completion of her Girlfriend content continues

    New AT for Jesse – Progress toward completion of her vanilla content continues

    New Location: Boutique – If you meet the requirements, you can now go downtown and pick yourself up something pretty.

    New Location: Stripclub – Now if you’ve unlocked Lisa, you can visit her at her other job. Or just go for funsies.

    New Job: Cashier – You can choose to work in the Boutique if you are so inclined to get a job in retail.

    New Function: Temporary Reputation – Similar to daily maintenance actions with appearance (showering, ironing your clothes, ect) you can now earn temporary reputation modifiers. Some you get from the sex minigame. Some negative ones you might get for vandalism. These modifiers however last 3 days rather than just one. Currently character specific reputation modifiers are unique, but non-character specific modifiers are not. So you accrue a hefty rep penalty if you deal drugs every day, showing Charlie the time of her life will only get you so far.

    New Function: Mood Modifiers – There are some actions that can alter the mental state of a character (drugs) in the game now, and those states can last a few hours. These states can affect how some scenes may playout.

    New Feature: Outfits – You can now buy outfits for the girls at the Boutique, if your skills are high enough. Gifting these outfits can give you access to variations of scenes.

    New Topics, Items, and Clothing – Lot and lots as usual.

    The intro scene at the beginning of the game – About damn time!

    A new Animation – Only one. Still working on Gina’s mingame animations. sorry :eek:

    More Party/After Party Scenes – With mood modifiers added, there are some questionable choices you can make, to get some new party content, if you have access to certain pills. More to come :eek:

    Lot’s of Bugfixes – And probably added some new bugs in the process.

    Some UI touchups – nothing huge worth mentioning here.


    v0.06.01 Public

    Whats in it?


    • 1 new AT for Gina
    • 3 new Sub AT’s for Gina
    • 1 new AT for Becky
    • 1 new AT for Diane
    • Sally’s first base AT
    • 2 new AT’s for Jesse
    • 1 new Job: Personal Trainer
    • 3 new Locations: Jesse’s Bedroom, Downtown, Gym
    • Dynamic Afterparty Event
    • New Mechanic: Travel Cost
    • New Mechanic: Star Rating
    • Sex Minigame: Gina
    • New Lifestyles: Sexuality , Order/Disorder, Dominance/Submission, Moral/Immoral
    • Lot’s of UI Improvements
    • Bugfixes

    What’s it mean?
    1 new AT for Gina : Self Explanitory

    3 new Sub AT’s for Gina : It is now possible to revert Gina back to earlier AT’s of her, while maintaining any new permissions you may have earned. These Sub AT’s are SWB 4 star, Bartender 3 star, and Bartender 4 star. They operate just like her previous AT’s with those names, except you have more options now.

    1 new AT for Becky : Self Explanitory

    1 new AT for Diane : Self Explanitory

    Sally’s first base AT : Self Explanitory

    2 new AT’s for Jesse : Self Explanitory

    1 new Job- Personal Trainer : The Fitness and Healthy skills have been updated to unlock this job, and improve your pay with it. Fitness 1 Unlocks the Gym, and Fitness 2 unlocks the job.

    3 new Locations- Jesse’s Bedroom, Downtown, Gym : Self Explanitory

    Dynamic Afterparty Event : Rather than the Friday night afterparty relying on Becky’s AT, now the results of the Afterparty are determined mostly by what you do during the night. If you spend all night dancing with Morgan, she may drag you off into the closet. The same goes for all the other girls. There’s also some specific content for Jay + Becky if you spread your time between them, and meet the lifestyle requirement.

    New Mechanic- Travel Cost : Some places will now have a cost associated with traveling to the location. For Example…The bar takes half an hour to travel there, so to Travel to the bar I charge a little bit of stamina and 1 hour. Traveling home is free. I just make you pay upfront, so that you never get stranded. This also means some places may require Nathan to drive if he can get some keys, or ride the bus.

    New Mechanic- Star Rating : This is the system that determines Nathan’s general permissions with a character. This is how You’ll be able to progress Gina to her Latest AT which has 4 stars (sex allowed), and then transform her back to SWB(4star) and still be able to have sex, even though you didn’t have permission to have sex with SWB Gina previously.

    Sex Minigame- Gina : Self explanitory

    New Lifestyles: Sexuality , Order/Disorder, Dominance/Submission, Moral/Immoral all now have lifestyels that you can find on Nathan’s Skills page. Most of those skills have been updated, modified, and improved as well, with new Actions, Permanant Topics, and Embraced perks.

    Lot’s of UI Improvements:

    • Timestamps on Saves,
    • Trashing Full stacks of topics,
    • Pondering full stacks of topics,
    • Filtering Secondary Interests in the characters screen,
    • Item Count added to Hotbar Overlay (TAB)

    Bugfixes: Lots of em


    What’s new?

    • New/First AT’s for: Diane, Gina, Charlie, Becky, Lisa, Jay, Morgan, Tilley
    • New Locations: Bar / Charlies Bedroom
    • New Functions: Sex Mini-game(Charlie only for now), Query Function in the inventory, Multiple Save Slots, Primary Tags
    • New Topics: Way too many to list…We’re up to 110 transient topics currently
    • New Skills: Concentration, Communication, Demonstration
    • Lot’s of UI improvements

    What’s it mean?
    -New/First AT’s-

    • Diane’s new AT : Cosmopolitan
    • Gina’s new AT : with benefits
    • Charlie’s new AT : Casual Fling
    • Becky’s new AT : Influencer
    • Lisa’s first AT : Bar Temptress
    • Tilley’s first AT : Playful Tease
    • Jay’s first AT : Mostly A Girl
    • Morgan’s first AT : Dance Machine

    -New Locations-

    • Bar : Can be unlocked by progressing to Over Affectionate Gina or Cosmopolitan Diane
    • Charlies Bedroom : Unlocks when you Transform Charlie to Casual Fling

    -New Functions-

    • Sex Mini-game(Charlie only for now): More characters will get this type of scene as an option when thier AT’s allow for it.
    • Query Function in the inventory: You can now fill your empty hotbar with all the topics that have a specific tag with only a few clicks. Just empty your hotbar, and click on a topic to see the new button.
    • Multiple Save Slots: Now you can make bad decisions in three different flavors!
    • Primary Tags: Some tags have been labeled as Primary Tags. They visually look distinctive and are not hard to miss. Primary tags give a minor boost in conversations if the person you’re talking to is interested in that Primary tag. They also add all associated tags to the ban list if the primary tag is listed in a characters ban. So be mindful :)

    -New Skills-

    • New skilltype (Passive): Passive skills do not gain bonus xp from traits. They only xp up when Nathan is involved in another person gaining xp. (Don’t try to grind…You can’t…just play the game, and they will level over time.)
    • Concentration: Mental focused passive skill that increases how much xp you grant for mental tags in conversations.
    • Communication: Social focused passive skill that increases how much xp you grant for social tags in conversations.
    • Demonstration: Physical focused passive skill that increases how much xp you grant for physical tags in conversations.

    -Lot’s of UI improvements-

    Also too many to list. Hopefully you’ll notice the difference.


    • 2 new Archetypes for Becky
    • 2 new Archetypes for Gina
    • A new schedule system that tracks character movement.
    • New Skill: Massage
    • Many new research options
    • Dinner scene implimented
    • Party scene
    • New Characters: Lisa, Sally, Morgan, Jay, Jack, London
    • Livestreaming Job
    • New online stores: Sparkles, Dudes Outfitters
    • New Outfit/Style System
    • Loads of new Topics
    • Loads of new items to buy
    • New Mechanic- Intoxication


    • The amount of ArcheTypes in the game has gone from 4 to 11.
    • Number of characters has also increased.
    • New Skill : Photography has been added
    • Tons of new actions
    • A new character
    • 2 new Locations
    • 2 new online shops
    • Tons of new topics & items
    • 3 new animations (with another on the way)
    • New Inventory Mechanic: Wardrobe for stuff you don’t need to carry around with you.
    • Much more…


    Download For Win x64
    Download For Win x32
    Download For Linux
    Download For MAC
    Download For IOS (v0.03.06)
    Download For Android (0.02.01)

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    Great game with a lot of potential in the future.Just so everybody knows this game has just started with the updates and you can still have a lot of fun in the game because it has a lot of content alread.

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    Great game with a lot of potential in the future.Just so everybody knows this game has just started with the updates and you can still have a lot of fun in the game because it has a lot of content alread.Loser [v0.09.00][Night City Productions]