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    Lord King [v1.6 + Walkthrough Mod][ArchonStudio]


    Lord King – this is a post apocalyptic visual novel game, with elements of strategy. You will meet nine girls (with more to come): each with their own unique character traits and personalities. You will be able to ‘recruit’ each of them into your harem.

    Each of them has her own personality and will treat you differently. Develop a romantic relationship with those you like, and choose the one who will one day be your wife-queen.

    Our story takes place in a bleak setting, with most of the population wiped out and survivors afraid of the “taint” – a disease, which kills or turns those affected into mutant. Our story takes place in and around one of few remaining ‘mostly’ intact cities, surrounded by the radioactive wastelands.

    Our hero came from wastelands to find his captured tribeswomen, who have been enslaved. As fate would have it, he becomes the head of one of city’s districts, inheriting the title of ‘lord’. Now you have power over people’s lives …will you use it to save your tribeswomen, or take it further and become the king of the whole city!

    Updated: 2022-09-08
    Release Date: 2022-09-08
    Developer: ArchonStudio Patreon – Gamejolt –
    Censored: No
    Version: v1.6
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English, Russian

    3DCG, harem, male protagonist, corruption, slave, titfuck, vaginal sex, corruption, oral sex, male domination, graphic violence, sandbox, strategy, post-apocalypse, big tits, twins, creampie, footjob, incest, prostitution, teasing, virgin, animated, female domination, anal sex, spanking, romance, management
    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run

    The last story update of the game. You will watch how it ends. And you can choose how it ends.

    It was a long journey. And it was hard at the end to make it complete. But we did it. My eternal thanks for all of you, folks, for playing the game, for your support and kind words. Without you I would never make it.

    – A scene with Anna.
    – A bj scene with Isabel.
    – Main Story Progress (4 events).
    – Fixed minor bugs.

    – Progress of the story.
    – A sex scene with Jess.
    – New night scene with Judy.
    – A story with Pamela.

    – Fixed Danka’s quest bug (wait till the next council to make it work).
    – Now you don’t need to choose Cat’s scene at holiday to progress the story (wait till the next council to make it work).
    – 1 extra angle in Jess’ scene.

    – Progress of the main story (with a new (not exactly new, though, you saw her from behind) girl)
    – A scene with Catherine
    – A scene with Lori
    – Bj scene with Mia in the harem
    – Fixed a bug when you talk to Danka
    – Fixed minor bugs.

    This update focuses on the xxx content (17 animation files).
    – Continue of Annabel’s story.
    – Continue of Isabel’s story.
    – Continue of Taina’s story.
    – Added night scenes with Danka and Mia.
    – A new xxx scene with Judy.
    – I’ve made easier starting Annabelle’s story. Now you you’ll be ambushed right away if you attacked a human village and didn’t meet her yet. Just survive the ambush and you’ll find her.
    – Fixed a rare (I hope so) bug of Catherine’s quest, when you have an error while finishing her scene of 1.0. If you have that bug, load a save before you started this quest.


    The story is gaining momentum. In this update you can add to your harem and take part in dangerous events in the war with the Horde.
    – Those girls are involved: Barbara, Catherine, Pamela, Taina, Megan, a new girl (one-night stand).
    – 5 new music tracks (thanks to TheDevian)
    – Fixed a bug with Vica, when you see the xxx scene of v0.9 with her even if you didn’t choose the love route.
    – Fixed a bug in the Russian version of the game when you can’t proceed the last quest of v0.9. Just go to the Queen at day, it works now.
    – Minor fixes and changes.
    – Version 1.0 does not mean that the game is done.


    – New quests with Taina, Ully, Vica, and Judy.
    – Added a Difficulty option to the settings. Also, you can choose it at the begging. The easy level will increase your weekly coins profit x2. If you choose it at the start, it’ll give you as well more of everything. I hope now the game will be more friendly for new players, who don’t like challenges.
    – Added a new location (no spoilers, you’ll see it yourself)
    – Added 200 slaves to the stock.
    – Added an option “1” to make slaves, citizens, and soldiers. (f.e. now you can recruit only 1 soldier) I was asked to add it.
    – Added an icon and loading screen to the Android version. (thanks to HiroNakamura for pointing it)
    – Now you can ask Honk to tell you about any girl in the harem.
    – Added a book in the hall. You can click on it to read. There you can find a link to the game Bonds of Blood of my friend and the translator/proofreader/editor of Lord King – TheDevian.
    – Redone factory, hall.


    – Holiday event. To start it you need to get Mia. If you already did it, just wait for the next council. I decided to let you see all the content of this holiday update with all girls, no matter what you chose earlier. Ofc, your choices here will matter only if you get the girl.
    – Ambush mini-game. I don’t need to write the rules, because I added hints in the game explaining everything (NB: you can turn on/off them). You just need to survive, using grenades and retreats. Make sure you have enough troops because there will be a lot of enemies! The ambushes work only for human settlements when you attack them! You have a 30% chance of being ambushed.

    – You’ll meet a new girl if you win one of the ambushes. Read below how to make it easier.
    – This update has a lot of animations (29 files, 3 of them are extra).
    – Fixed the bug when you don’t pay coins for Mia.
    – Fixed the minor bug with rollback on Sunday morning.
    – I changed MC’s skin tone. You asked it, I did it.
    – Increased the ambush chance
    – Improved the pics in the barrack.

    Now about how to get the scene with the new girl. First, make a save before you click “Go on a raid”. Then go there. If you didn’t find a human settlement, load that save and click on the raids again, while you get it. Second, when you find it, make a save again. Click “Attack”, and if you’re not ambushed, reload. Then you just need to win the ambush and you’ll get the scene.

    Do u trust Taina
    Choice #1 I trust her
    Choice #2 I don’t trust her( no real advantage or consequence with either choice)
    Taina’s gratitude
    Choice #1 not necessary ( goes to bed)
    Choice #2 ask her for her gratitude ( leads to scene)
    Danka loneliness (choice have no affect on later gameplay)
    Choice #1 Caress (have a relationship with her. Leads to another choice)
    Sub choice 1 it’s about to get better (scene)
    Sub choice #1 continue relationship
    Sub choice #2 break heart
    Sub choice 2 stop (goes to sleep)
    Choice #2 friendly hug
    Choice #3 tell her to be quiet
    Taina plan
    Choice #1 great plan
    Choice #2 good plan not the best
    Taina freakout
    Choice #1 calm down (leads to a scene)
    Choice #2 stop whining
    Taina’s first night
    Choice #1 ask her to stay
    Choice #2 ok
    Choosing your starting relationship with the people
    Choice #1 start with a good relationship
    Choice #2 start with a fear relationship
    Rescue tribesman
    Speak to Cumans about slaves from the wasteland
    Meet all famous citizens to learn more
    Economics tips
    slaves produce food, citizens – coins, soldiers can be used in the raids. Every slave eats 1 food and give 2, citizen eats 1.5 food, soldier – 2. So people need to have many slaves to avoid starving. You can buy slaves in the market but the number of available slaves are limited
    Production rate
    The more people happy, the more they lazy, you’ll get less coins. But you’ll get more positive morning events. The more they fear you the more coin you will receive but you’ll have more negative events in the morning. Production rates can be improved building the lab and researching
    Chasing tsug
    Talk to the slaver (the choices don’t make any difference)
    Go home and get some sleep
    Talk to your council
    Prepare a squad to attack tsug (talk to pino and have 50% weapons and 10 soldiers)
    Sub choice #1 directly (solders– slaves++ gold++)
    Sub choice #2 stealth (solders- slaves- gold+)
    Sub choice #1 burst in all together (lose 4 soldiers)
    Sub choice #2 sneak away (lose 3 soldiers)
    Talk to tsug in the dungeon
    ( Completed )
    Know your house
    1. Talk to pino
    2. Talk to tink
    3. Talk to honk
    4. Talk to taina
    Sub choice #1 I agree (she agrees)
    Sub choice #2 I disagree (she disappoves)
    ( Completed )
    Talk to Cumam about the slave for sale
    Choice #1 look closer (lowers her price)
    Choice #2 I’ll think about it (ends conversation)
    Sub choice #1 hey beautiful (want a nice relationship.)(best choice for this girl)
    Sub choice #2 whore look at me (want a slave girl)(worst choice for this girl)
    Come back the next day and talk to Cuman about Lori again
    Sub choice #1 talk to her (lowers price)
    Sub choice #2 buy her
    Sub choice #3 leave
    Buy her to continue
    Go see her at home
    Talk to her 2 times to increase your relationship higher
    Talk to her again
    Sub choice #1 good care (could have ramifications later on)
    Sub choice #2 bad care (could have ramifications later on)
    Decide Lori’s fate
    Talk to honk
    Do you want to make love with her
    Choice #1 yes
    Choice #2 I need to think
    Ask her to your room
    She tells you about her childhood and life
    Choice #1 I want revenge for her
    Choice #2 I hope life punishes him
    Take revenge for Lori
    Find Lori’s mother
    Ask Cumans about Lori’s mother
    Wait for Cumans to tell u the search results (complete other quest)
    Attack Cuman’s unit 3 times
    Cumans visit and tells u what u want to know
    Choice #1 compensate him
    Choice #2 don’t compensate him
    Mutant disobedience
    Talk to mutants at noon
    Talk to Adam
    Choice #1 look at her (opens up more dilagoue with her later)
    Choice #2 don’t look (closes off conversation)
    Sub choice #1 smile back (relationship)
    Sub choice #2 she’s tainted (closes option)
    Talk to Adam after getting your title
    ( Completed )

    Ask Adam about his mother
    A cure for a cat
    Ask Pino to look into the antidote
    Build the lab
    Talk to Pino
    Ask Adam about his mother again
    Choice #1 take advantage of her
    Sub choice #1 look at her chest
    Sub choice #2 look at her pussy
    Sub choice #3 stop
    Choice #2 can’t do this to her
    Take the test tube to Pino
    Pay 500 coins for the vaccine
    Complete other quest till Pino tells u the cures ready
    Go talk to Adam at noon
    Find out how cat is doing at noon
    ( Completed )
    Meeting with the Queen
    The queens right hand arrives
    Choice #1 cocky
    Choice #2 silence
    Taina is worrying about u
    Choice #1 that you are worried (relationship)
    Choice #2 don’t care like me (closes relationship forever)
    Meeting the queen
    Choice #1 kneel (happy start)
    Choice #2 feebleminded and honor (annoyed start)

    Become a lord
    Talk to east lord
    Choice #1 hot
    Choice #2 Not
    Sub choice #1 be gentle
    Sub choice #2 tell her it depends
    (Doesn’t affect anything)
    Talk to the west lord
    Choice #1 Give Lori to fu (lose Lori until u talk to him to get her back)
    Choice #2 pay him 20%
    Talk to the queen to get your title
    Choice #1 only for necessities (good)
    Choice #2 I don’t know (bad)
    ( Completed )

    Choice 1 sexual punishment ( leads to relationship if gentle with her every time she pops up)
    Choice 2 correctional work (+50 coins)

    The taming of the shrew
    Talk to tink in the evening
    Meeting with Megan
    Choice #1 nonsense
    Choice #2 what if I am
    Sub choice #1 Money
    Sub choice #2 You
    Wait for the right occasion (complete other quest)
    Talk to Tink
    Choice #1 I would rather help u
    Choice #2 I leave
    Fu intercepts you
    Choice #1 pay him 500 gold
    Choice #2 fuck off
    Talk to Megan in your prison
    ( Completed )

    Danka’s father brings her to you home
    Choice #1 she’s mine
    Choice #2 Pino marrys her
    Sub choice #1 don’t insult her
    Sub choice #2 stay silent
    Sub choice #1 tell him u humped her
    Sub choice #2 bring down the tension
    Danka’s fate
    Talk to honk
    Choice #1 I’m not going to expel her
    Choice #2 I can’t help it
    Danka feels ugly
    Choice #1 be affectionate
    Choice #2 be rude
    Wait for the color to change (complete other quests)
    You will be notified of her kidnapping and go after her when u find her she will tell u she loves being your concubine he insults her
    Choice #1 hit him
    Choice #2 ya she’s a slut
    Mutants attack
    Choice #1 fight
    Choice #2 hide
    ( Completed )
    Have we a traitor
    Go on a date with Taina on Sunday
    It’s time to choice your relationship with Taina
    Choice #1 start a love relationship
    Choice #2 stay friends
    She ask you not to be mean to Megan
    Choice #1 okay I’ll try
    Choice #2 no mercy

    Jerry and his tom
    See Jerry

    Mutants lair
    Visit the queen
    Talk to tink
    Attack the mutant lair in the evening
    Choice #1 open fire
    Choice #2 talk to them
    Choice #1 kill them
    Choice #2 try to capture them
    ( Completed )
    She wants to be queen
    Choice #1 your are as beautiful as one
    Choice #2 stay silent
    Ask you to make her your queen (you can back out later)
    Choice #1 I’ll make u queen
    Choice #2 you can’t be together



    Download For Win
    Download For Mac
    Download For Android
    Download For Android + MOD (v1.3)
    Download For Android + MOD


    Download For Compressed Win
    Download For Compressed Mac
    Download For Walkthrough
    Download For Walkthrough MOD
    MEDIAFIRE MEGA PATREON *PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “LordKing-0.*-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.

    MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “LordKing” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

    If you can't progress Cat's quest
    I’ve seen some folks who stuck with Cat’s story, because they didn’t meet her at St. Radium day. Currently I’m working on a patch to make that story to progress. So, just don’t worry, be happy. You don’t have to load an old save. Just wait that patch or the next update.
    If you can't progress Cat's quest!
    MEGA *Download THIS! and extract with replacing those files in the game folder:

    Keywords: Download Lord King Game.


    As a big fan of post apocalyptic it is hard to not be biased with this one , However i can only think of renders that are good but still can be done better, everything else is perfect .The world dont feel empty like many games of this genre since you have things to do everyday, the characters are interesting and funny , the game play is easy and fun , there is a little grind but nothing that stop you from enjoying the game . in general the game is very good i hope to see it completed.

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    As a big fan of post apocalyptic it is hard to not be biased with this one , However i can only think of renders that are good but still can be done better, everything else is perfect .The world dont feel empty like many games of this genre since you have things to do everyday, the characters are interesting and funny , the game play is easy and fun , there is a little grind but nothing that stop you from enjoying the game . in general the game is very good i hope to see it completed.Lord King [v1.6 + Walkthrough Mod][ArchonStudio]