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    LifePlay [v2023.04 Beta][Vinfamy]


    LifePlay is a life simulation RPG that allows you to play in 186+ real world cities. The game has extensive character customization and includes 632+ scenes, depicting life situations where your choice matters. The 3D sex scenes have 250+ animations, accompanied by well-written erotica.

    With a new update every 2 or 3 weeks since its first release in April 2018, the game already has a lot of playable content you can enjoy for tens of hours. It’s also very moddable – click on “Third Party Mods” from the main menu to check out what modders have made, or check the Docs folder to start modding yourself.

    The game covers many different fetishes, but all of them are optional and can be disabled / enabled depending on your taste.

    Updated: 2023-04-24
    Release Date: 2023-04-24
    Developer: Vinfamy Patreon – Github – Itch – Wiki 
    Censored: No
    Version: 2023.04 Beta
    OS: Windows, Linux
    Language: English

    3D game, Animated, Simulator, Character creation, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Dating sim, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Corruption
    Optional: Pregnancy, NTR, Incest, Rape, Netori, Business simulator, Prison, Bestiality, Transformation, Lesbian, Gay
    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Click on “LifePlay.exe” to start playing.

    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Set as executable (see below)
    3- Click on “” to start playing.

    Note: Old saves from previous versions are always compatible with the latest version, but you have to manually copy the LifePlay/Content/Saves folder into the new version first. as executable
    How make executable:
    In terminal:

    1) Open a terminal window
    2) cd to LifePlay directory (e.g. cd ~/Downloads/LifePlay_2_14_Linux/)
    3) chmod +x
    4) Run
    (Fresh/”Casual” Linux users: Linux is case sensitive. make sure you type, and not

    On KDE Plasma with Dolphin file manager:
    1) Right click
    2) Click Properties
    3) Click Permissions
    4) Check the checkbox for “Is Executable”
    5) Click OK, then run
    It should be very similar in other DE’s (Gnome, Xfce, Budgie++)



    – This is the Beta update for April, adding new content for three kinks: Missionary (paul Ince…), Vore & University. Please report any bugs you find on Discord’s Bugs channel or on the game’s new Github. There will be another Stable update by the end of the month that fixes bugs.
    – Missionary (paul Ince…):
    — Rela not living with you can now call you over to their place if you’ve already crossed the line. There, you aso get offered the option to favorite their place on the map for more frequent future visits.
    — At home, when you select “Gather relatives”, you can choose to organize a family dinner that simply improves rapport with everyone that accepts your invitation … unless you decide to add a bit more spice to the food
    – If you’ve done the forbidden with at least two relas, they eventually find out among themselves and suggest you accept your role as a freeuse plaything for them and the rest of the relas interested in your gender.
    — Children born by paul Ince… has a 50% chance to receive a random big penalty to either attractiveness, fitness, intelligence or fertility.
    — If you get caught sleeping with your relative’s SO and they get angry, they’ll also at least move out, preventing some scenes from triggering that no longer makes sense
    — Add additional checks to prevent companions who are family members from introducing you to their parent/ sibling like normal NPCs
    — Add additional checks to prevent the game from treating your parents as related to each other
    – Vore:
    — This is a new optional module, disabled by default. Enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager. Since this is the first ever Vore update, it focuses on the essential mechanics and animations rather than too many scenes despicting scenarios. Those will come in future Vore updates, or if you’re impatient, just check out the lpscene file for the demo scene in LifePlay/Content/Modules/vin_Vore and adapt its scripts (which already includes placeholder code for assets to be added) and write your own scenarios.
    — New Animations: minimize & entrance animations for oral, anal, vaginal and penis (M swallows F, F swallows M, F swallows F, M swallows M)
    — (will be added in the v2023.04 Stable update in a week’s time) New Endoscopy images for inside stomach, inside rectum, inside uterus and inside bladder used as backdrops in front of which post-swallow solo / adult scenes can take place. \
    — Demo Scene: At any hospital or clinic, you can “Take part in vore experiment” where you’re paid to test a drug that would miniaturize a human to enter another human’s body via various orifices safely, which would revolutionize medical check-ups and surgeries. You choose whether to enter a random test subject or invite someone you know. You choose which orifice to enter and can insist on having someone also entering with you. While inside, you could end up getting excited and decide to play with yourself (if you’re inside an uterus, you could make her pregnant). Of course, if there’s someone entering with you, you could hook up instead.
    – University:
    — When a suject’s lecturer hands out an important course assignment that you’re capable of getting a high grade with, you may get approached by a classmate who’s struggling with the subject to cheat and do the assignment for them. You can name your price: money, a date (attraction boost), nothing (rapport boost), sex or sex with their SO. Alternatively, if you’re sleeping with the subject’s lecturer for your current grades anyway, you could simply share.
    – If you have at least 40 rapport or attraction with a classmate, depending on their highest stat (intelligence, attractiveness, interpersonal, fitness), they’ll eventually invite you to hang out with their social circle, where you get to meet a bunch of other university students similar to them (i.e. if you become friend with a hot girl, she can take you to a party full of hot girls)
    – At university, you can now “Hunt for Scholarships”, where you get money deducted from your tuition using your academic, community or sports achievements …. or by sleeping with the interviewer. Scholarships vary by value but you can stack them to eventually pay nothing for school or even get paid to study.

    v2023.04 Beta


    Change Log:
    – This is the Kink of the Month update focusing on Transformation.
    – Add an alternative pathway to MtF transformation. You also need to start with “New TF Game” from the main menu, but instead of an instant magical one (select “Entertain the thought”), you can choose a more realistic and gradual mental change that leads to the player character finally making the decision to transition (select “Laugh it off” instead). This will happen over many ever-escalating repeatable scenes that trigger periodically and depending on your current gender dysphoria level while you play the game as a male character. Each individual scene can be resisted (for example, you may not want your PC to ever have sex with a man before transitioning) but as long you yield to the temptations in some others, you’ll eventually reach a high enough level of gender dysphoria to transition:
    — Watch por n and get aroused by some dick on screen -> imagine yourself in the girl’s place -> seek out female POV por n -> find a favorite female pornsta r that shares your skin and hair color and watch her almost exclusively to put yourself in her place getting smashed by various dudes -> More attracted to the dudes and subscribe to their OnlyFa ns even just for their solo clips -> Use DeepFak e AI to make your favorite female pornsta r’s face look more like you.
    — Play an adult visual novel with a female protagonist -> Name the female protagonist after yourself -> Name the male characters after your male friends or past rivals -> go through the art and edit the female protagonist’s face to look like yours.
    — Peep on female relatives living with you bringing men home -> Imagine yourself in their places -> Don’t even need to peep, just straight-up stalk their men’s social media and fantasize about them -> When caught peeping, your relative may invite you to have a taste of their man if he’s bisexual anyway -> Find out from stalking social media that your relative’s man has a gay relative and seduce him
    — Become interested in knowing your girlfriend / wife’s male bodycount before you -> Dig out ancient social media posts to track down all her exes -> Dig some more and get aroused by old photos of their PDA together -> Ask your GF what her exes were like in bed -> She’ll eventually share some old intimate videos with you -> Become a cuck and give her permission to bang her exes again while you watch -> Find new guys for her to bang -> Admit yours is not a typical cuckold fantasy, you’ve been imagining yourself in her place while watching -> She encourages you to have a taste while she watches and teaches you
    — Find out the bully that used to humiliate and emasculate you at school is now a petty criminal in the same city as you and abusing his girlfriend who’s stuck in a toxic relationship -> Stalk the couple online and get aroused by how dominant your bully looks in every photo with her -> Befriend his girlfriend and offer her your shoulder to cry on, but only to hear all about your bully’s alpha behavior and how addicted to his rough fucking she is -> Send her a malware to hack into her phone to see all your bully’s dick pics and their rough fucking clips -> Introduce the bully’s girlfriend to a female relative, knowing full well she has the same weakness for bad boys and soon you’re peeping on her bringing your bully home
    — Follow gonewildcouples subreddit for amateur por n -> Start noticing the guy more and inserting yourself in the girl’s place -> don’t even need the girls anymore and follow a bunch of subreddits for men posting nudes and dick pics instead -> make a female-sounding Reddit account and make flirtatous comments under these male nudes -> make fake female profiles on dating apps and catfish men into showing you their dicks -> use DeepFak e AI to put on webcam show for them -> Tech malfunctions and you’re exposed, thankfully, the guy is bi and DTF anyway …
    – More bug fixes. I’ll schedule a bugfix-only update soon. PLEASE NOTE: There have been quite a few reports about crashing during adult scenes around orgas ms since the last update, but seems like some players experience it almost always but others don’t at all (obviously very game-breaking for those who get it). Unfortunately, I myself spent a whole day trying to reproducing the crash with all sorts of gender combinations and it didn’t happen even once. So instead, I changed a few ‘suspect’ things preventively AND I added under Esc > Settings the option to “Disable Bonus Orgas m Rewards”, which is the biggest change to the adult scene system last update. If you still have adult scene crashes in v5.27, go into Settings to tick this and save your game, then report back in the Discord’s Bugs channel whether ticking this solves the crashes for you. That way, I can narrow it down more and will hopefully resolve the crashes for everyone in the v5.28 update in about a week’s time.

    – This is the double update release for v5.25 (Gameplay Mechanics) and v5.26 (Rap… music)
    – You can now “Enquire about a vacancy” at any location type. Here, you can directly type in what the job is called and select two stats that are most applicable to the job. This gives players the option to role-play as a character doing any job and still receive a full-time salary. Alongside the two main stats, you still gain jobexperience as well, which helps you get better paid jobs when enquiring about a vacancy elsewhere.
    – Each time there’s a orgas m during an adult scene, click anywhere and you have a chance to pick from 5 bonus rewards which involves a significant change to one of the person’s stats (with diminishing returns). Apart from a few, which stats available as possible rewards depend on the tags of the position that brought the person to orgas m.
    – You can now favorite the currently playing sex animation by pressing F (press F again to unfavorite). After you save you game, your animation favorites are saved as a game setting in AppData so they persist with multiple saves over multiple versions. You can double press Spacebar for a random fav animation.
    – The search bar for the sex position menu is now smarter and you can type in tags like Doggy, Missionary, Vaginal, Oral etc to filter, rather than relying on the position names which can be quite inconsistent. You can also type in Fav to only show your favorited animations.
    – If you’re the mayor and public security is low and you’re trying to tackle crime, you may be forced to listen to rap music by criminals. Your aide may save you or sometimes they’ll target your aide instead and so can try to save them, with the hero possibly being rewarded. Alternatively, they may target your relatives or significant other instead. (Don’t worry, if you’re trying to save someone else, you can only lose and be forced to watch if Netorare is enabled. You always win if that module is off.)
    – If you’ve used rap music to take someone’s virginity, they have a different reaction than normal. If they have very low perversion and somewhat high submissiveness, they may confess they were saving for marriage because of a religious family and beg you to marry them or they’ll get disowned.
    – There’s a chance you’ve been secretly filmed listening to rap music and may have to pay for it or it may get uploaded online giving others the wrong idea that you enjoy rap music.
    – Conversely, you realize later on that in the heat of the moment you’ve captured some footage of someone else listening to your rap music. You can decide what to do with the footage.
    – If someone who’s listened to your rap music has high submissiveness (or has become so after you approach them repeatedly with the footage above), you may do a Stockholm and convince themselves they’re in love with you instead.
    – If you’re on a date with someone who’s in love with you (attraction > 50), you can click on another NPC with the same gender as your date and manipulate your date to make friends with and lure this NPC into listening to your rap music.
    – You can take revenge on someone who forced you to listen to rap music. If you fail, you may have to listen to rap music again.
    – Some bug fixes (most importantly the one where NPCs all disappear after some time of gameplay and the players have no choice but to save and relaunch) and performance improvements. I’ll schedule a bugfix-only update soon.


    – This updates focuses on At Work. As promised the last time At Work got an update, this update doesn’t just add new content for the office job, instead it adds a new career path and content associated with it: politics, namely running for and working as the mayor of your city.
    – A multi-stage quest (hotkey Q to access the Quest menu) to run a campaign for mayor against a main rival. You can play fair (by trying to win endorsement from different influencers on the political spectrum without alienating your own base), and/or mix in some quid pro quo sex, and/or use dirty tricks on your rival.
    – Once you’ve won, you’re given an office where you can hire aides that can help your performance as mayor and who you can end up sleeping with. You’re also given a bunch of actions to improve various aspects of the city: economy, health, security, education, transport and culture. Each action can lead to scenes involving meeting new people and some dodgy under-the-table business.
    – New stat for both player and NPCs: ‘Political leaning’ with 100 being far right and -100 being far left.
    – Rapport and attraction with new NPCs you meet and introduce yourself to in the city will receive a boost or a penalty depending how well you’re doing as mayor and how alligned their political leaning is with yours.



    – This is the Kink of the Month update focusing on Polyamorous. This is an optional module disabled by default. Enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager. Also, you’ll need to agree to poly first with your first partner first by clicking on them and suggesting open relationship.
    – When using a dating app (the standard one, not the interracial or old-young one) with the Poly module enabled, you can look for other poly couples to swing with instead
    – If the ‘Doggy’ module is enabled, you can give your blessing to a polyamorous partner in that regard
    – If you’re on a nice date with a poly partner, they may insist that another poly partner of yours that they get along with join you
    – If you have enough poly partners with the opposite gender as you, they may offer a (reverse) gangban g for you. You can simply enjoy yourself or suggest they do it for someone else you know so that you can have a big boost in rapport with this person, most useful would be with your boss (higher chance of promotions) or university lecturer (better grades).
    – If you’re pregnant and one of your poly partner is female, she may insist she gets impregnated by the same baby daddy so that the kids will be blood related.
    – If you’re in a fraternity / sorority, you may be asked to share a poly partner with all your frat bros / sorority sisters.
    – 4 more options for the “Manage poly relationships” that you can take at home:
    + Matchmake this poly partner with someone from your contacts as their ‘other partner’
    + Encourage this poly partner and their other partner to try for a baby
    + Select this poly partner to matchmake with another poly partner
    + Matchmake this poly partner with the previously selected poly partner
    – On another note, the next update (V5.23 – ETA 28 January) is ‘Cowgirl’ but I will be working on bug fixes as well (the last bugfix-only update was v5.15 so quite a while back now). So please report any bugs you find currently in the game between now and 27 Jan to the Bugs channel on Discord.

    – This is the Kink of the Month update focusing on Doggy (Best… position). For detailed change logs, check Docs/Change_Logs.txt inside the downloaded archive above or check F95.
    (With Mysterious Modder’s Unofficial Patch installed)
    – If a character (NPC or PC) gets impregnated by a horse, she’ll have a noticeably bigger belly during the pregnancy
    – An NPC, not just the player, can now give birth to an animal. If the NPC is a relative living with you or your SO, you can choose to adopt the animal.
    – Some futa / girl with strapon on dog animations
    – Some futa / girl with strapon on horse animations
    – Make sure new animals you can adopt are generated with largely positive likes_… stats for sex
    – You can now click on an animal you own and select ‘Go to the wilderness’ for some outdoor fun
    – If your dance stat is low and on a date with someone you’re interested in, you may decide to sexy dance and striptease to seduce them. You end up embarrassing yourself and scaring your date off so you decide to practice. You need an audience to practice so your dog comes to mind.
    – When sleeping with high arousal, you suddenly wake up with a wet bed and a relieved sensation. You assume you’ve been masturbating in your sleep until one night you’re awaken in the middle of your pet dog’s act.
    – You can’t get over an ex and your pet dog consoles you
    – If you’re not dating any human and has a relative living with you with the same gender and sexual orientation as you, they complain about the unfulfilled needs of being single and the pain of betrayal in the past and ask you how you seem to cope so well. You could share your secret and boast about how loyal your animal lover is. You can then demonstrate it.
    – If you demonstrated in the above scene, you come home from work one day to them having a try themselves. You can get angry or match-make them with your current pet or another.
    – If you match-make, you come home sometimes with the interspecies couple going at it and you could join.

    – This is the Kink of the Month update focusing on Fantasy Races. As promised the last time Fantasy Races won, this time, the update doesn’t just add new scenes. Instead, it introduces a new fantasy race to the game: catgirl.
    – Add 5 different sets of textures and a pair of custom ears for catgirls to the game
    – You can make your female PC (or any female NPC in your contacts) a catgirl by going into Esc > Edit Appearance > Skin > scroll down to the bottom of the face texture list > select one of the five catgirl textures. The ears will automatically change as soon as you select a catgirl texture.
    – You can also simply use the “Randomize Whole Character” button and select catgirl from the race dropdown list
    – Add a new percentage setting in Esc > Customize NPC Distribution for catgirls so that new NPCs generated in the game now has a chance to be catgirls as well.


    This is the Kink of the Month update focusing on BDSM. This is an optional module disabled by default, enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager. As promised the last time BDSM won, this time, the update doesn’t just add new scenes. Instead, it introduces bondage furniture to the game.
    – Add bondage furniture to the game, including:
    — Cage
    — Chair
    — Cross
    — Saddle
    — Stock
    – Add Male-on-Female adult animations that specifically make use of the new bondage funiture. Some of these animations go particularly well with the existing bondage wearables (handcuffs, shincuffs etc) you can put on the girl. Of course, some of the existing normal animations may also look okay with the furniture if you move and rotate the characters around a bit.
    – There’s a basic premade bondage dungeon with all the bondage furniture included that can be switched to during an adult scene. You can also add specific bondage furniture to your bedroom or make your own dungeon preset (and customize colors and materials etc) with the Room Editor. The animations that can be used depends on the furniture currently in the room.


    – This is the third Kink of the Month update for November (i.e. unlucky loser given some love), focusing on Trans & Gay. As a reminder, quests can be accessed by pressing Q or by clicking on the quest icon under the location search bar top-left of your screen.
    – Make the “She Kissed A Girl” repeatable quest a bit less ‘forceful’.
    – Add a similar “He Kissed A Guy” repeatable quest to convert a straight guy to be into men as well
    – If you have at least 50 rapport with a guy, you could click on him and try to “Convince him to undergo MtF transition”. To accept, he either needs >50 submissiveness (“It’s who you really are”), or >50 attraction to you, slept with you but not dating you (“It’s the only way we could be together officially”), or interested in men and >50 perversion(“Think of all the straight guys you could have”). Once he agrees, you can choose whether he’ll have bottom surgery or not and suggest a new name.
    – If you have at least 50 rapport with a girl, you could click on her and try to “Convince her to get a penis implant”. To accept, she either needs <-50 submissiveness (“It suits your dominant attitude”), or >50 attraction to you, slept with you but not dating you, and you’re interested in men (“It’s the only way I won’t need any men anymore”), or interested in women and >50 perversion (“Think of all the straight girls you could satisfy”).
    – If you’re male, in a relationship with a woman but also interested in men, she’ll eventually offer you an arrangement where she brings hot men home but “wanna f my girlfriend? gotta f me first”.
    – At home with a gay/bi player character, you can now “Use gay dating app”, where you first choose between top or bottom, then choose body type. The guy you meet also has a chance to be married and discreet. If either of the Interracial or Old-Young modules are also enabled, your racial and age preferences will also be taken into account, although not as strict as when you use the specialised age gap or interracial dating apps.
    – Make the bottom or top roles when gay adult scenes start more consistent and based on the submissiveness stat.


    – This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Missionary (paul Ince…).
    – Your offfice boss hires a rela of theirs as an assistant. You thought it was just nepotism at first until you found out what they’re up to. Once caught, your boss offers to hire one of your relas as well and allow their office to be used as paul Ince’s foursome playground.
    – In the scene where the elf or orc runs away from a forced marriage, you can now convince them to go back to their tribe by showing your own ‘family values’. You then receive a thank you letter from the new couple, whom you can choose to invite over once more.
    – When hanging out with a friend, they complain about sexual tension (still under control) between them and a rela and ask if you ever have the same problem with yours. You can suggest a legal solution: a foursome swap, which may end up crossing certain boundaries in the heat of the moment.
    – When hanging out with a friend at home, your SO (high perversion or open relationship) admits they fancy your friend and ask you to name your price. The price may already be there in your family home …
    – Someone you’re having a ‘forbidden’ affair with is sick of sneaking around the house and invites you to do it freely in a remote forest, mountain, riverbank or beach instead. There, you may meet a like-minded couple.
    – If you’ve done forbidden things with two people that are interested in each other’s genders, you can encourage them to enjoy each other’s ‘company’. Afterwards, you may find them occasionally going at it at home.
    – Added some extra conditional checks so that certain companion scenes that shouldn’t apply to relas no longer do.


    – This is the second Kink of the Month update for October, focusing on Sex in Public.
    – Having sex in public has a small chance of someone walking in on you, and depending on the new NPC’s stats, they either jerk off, proposition you, sing rap music or call the cops.
    – If a cop arrives to arrest you for public indecency, you may able to bribe them with money or your own body, your companion’s body or both of yours. If you choose to outrun the cop, your companion may get even more excited after the close escape and want to do it again.
    – If high arousal and at least average perversion at an outdoor location (beach, pool, river, mountain, park, forest), you may be tempted to find a private spot to play with yourself and end up getting caught by a couple also looking to have some public fun.
    – During a date with someone you’ve slept with before at a public establishment like a restaurant, beauty salon or shop, if you have high arousal and at least average perversion, you could suddenly have urges and suggest to your date to do it right there. Alternatively, if your date has high perversion, they may suggest this instead. An employee of the establishment or another customer then may offer to join you.
    – New action you can take at the beach “Go to the nudist beach”, which can have many outcomes:
    — A stranger is naked and sunbathing, you can help and things may escalate if they’re perverted.
    — Your companion checks out someone else. You can stop this but if you don’t, they may end up hooking up and you can offer to join.
    — A group of four male / female friends (depending on your sexual orientation) are playing some sports together at the nudist beach. You can join in the sports and the adrenaline may end up leading to some group fun.
    – Reminder that the next update v5.15 will be the big bugfixes-only update so please keep reporting the bugs on Discord’s Bugs channel.


    – This is the first Kink of the Month update for October, focusing on University. Due to popular demand shown during the brainstorm, this update doesn’t just focus on adult content only like the usual KotM update, but also expands the non-adult gameplay of the university path as well.
    – Each time you attend a lecture, it will mention which subject and who the lecturer is, and your attendance and effort level is noted. You need to spend energy and mood to work hard in any subject, the costs depending on the lecturer’s intelligence and dominance and your own intelligence and fitness. A classmate or your SO may sometimes try to convince you to skip a class and hang out instead, declining will cost some rapport/ attraction and a tiny bit of interpersonal.
    – When attending lectures, there will be the occasional assignments that significantly increases or decreases your current performance in the subject. Again, you can spend a big amount of energy and mood to work hard. Your intelligence also plays a role, as does your rapport with the lecturer and whether you’re sleeping with them.
    – You no longer have to wait in-game months to take the final exams. Instead, you have to attend at least 30 lectures from enrollment or 10 after a failed attempt. Your current performances in the subjects will now have the biggest impact when you’re taking the final exams.
    – Depending on your major, you get a big boost to another stat as well (how big depends on how well you did in your finals), not just jobexperience when you graduate.
    – “Engage in extracurricular activities” now gives a much bigger mood, fitness & interpersonal boost, to offset the energy and mood costs for working hard in class. It also gives you some jobexperience now (i.e. good for your CV).
    – “Engage in extracurricular activities” has a high chance to allow you to meet another student or increase rapport/attraction with someone you’ve already met.
    – When continuing your affair with a lecturer, depending on their masochist, you may notice they either try to submit or dominate. You can give them what they want, ‘training’ your masochist stat in one direction or other. When there’s enough of a gap between you two’s masochist stats, you get the option to become your lecturer’s Master/ Mistress or vice versa. If you’re a lecturer’s Master, you will always get a high grade in the final exam for their subject.
    – Some bug fixes. There will be more bug fixes in v5.14 (Sex in Public) as well and don’t forget that v5.15 will be the big bugfixes-only update so please keep reporting the bugs on Discord’s Bugs channel.


    – This is the third Kink of the Month update for September (unlucky loser given some love), focusing on Sex Worker.
    – If you’re impregnated by a John or a male sex worker who you never keep in touch again, the father won’t be involved in the discovery or birth scenes.
    – If the player character has an OnlyFa ns, they can be approached by a fan who offers to pay to perform with them for content
    – If you’re part of a sorority/ fraternity, you may get convinced to sell your body to various professors of the university to help raise funds. Most are from other departments, but occasionally you may run into one of your own professors. Sometimes, a fellow Greek brother/sister may join you.
    – If you’re in prison, as part of penal labour, you may agree to be pimped out to inmates (of appropriate gender) instead, which will eventually lead to a reduction in prison term for good behavior.
    – If your cash balance is a large negative number, you may be pressured into sex work by your loan shark until the majority of the debt has been paid off.
    – When calling a hooker or looking for one in a brothel, you may get a special offer from a pimp for some new blood. It then becomes obvious that this new sex worker is from a third world country and has been trafficked here. You may not care and just use them anyway, or try to rescue them by intimidating the pimp or paying a ransom.
    – If the ‘Rap… music’ module is enabled, you may be forced to listen to rap music and not paid. If you have high martial, you can flip the situation and rob the perpetrator instead. Or, you can have someone to protect you to prevent this, but they’ll take a cut of your income.


    Also, I’ve decided to adopt the following guidelines for the modding community to prevent frustration and conflicts for those involved. A copy of this can be found in the Docs folder included in every game releases, next to the Modding docs folder itself.

    Etiquette for Modders and Mod Users:
    – Modders are not obliged in any way to continue working on their mods; and while mod users are free to make suggestions to modders, it is ultimately up to the modders whether and when to update their mods. Abusive behavior towards modders will not be tolerated.
    – When sharing your mod, include a description of what the mod does. If you want to allow other modders to expand on your work freely without needing to ask for your permission, please state so explicitly either inside the description or as a ‘License’ text file among the mod files themselves.
    – Any files in Vinfamy’s base modules or Mysterious Modder’s unofficial modules can be modified and used in your own mods without asking for permission.
    – If a modder wants to modify and upload another modder’s mod as part of your own work, they must ask for permission unless permission has already been granted explicitly to everyone. If requested by the original modder, credit must be given.
    – The exception is to the above is where a modder can no longer be contacted and a mod has been abandoned or no longer compatible with the current version of LifePlay. In this case, another modder is entitled to update and reupload it along with a disclaimer that an effort has been made in good faith but in vain to contact the original modder.
    – A ‘stolen’ mod using someone else’s mod content without permission may be removed at the request of the original modder.

    – This is the second Kink of the Month update for September, focusing on Reverse Cowgirl (Rap… Music). This module is disabled by default, enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager.
    – You come home to find a relative living with you having an awkward date with someone clearly not into them (or vice versa). Later on, you hear rap music between the two and you can join or intervene.
    – When you play with yourself in your room and fail to keep it down, a neighbour may try to flirt with you later on. Rejecting them too many times and your increasingly frustrated neighbour may make you listen to rap music for your next solo session.
    – If you previously sang rap music to someone before, their SO or sibling may confront you and suffer the same fate.
    – When you “Browse rap music website” at home, the willing volunteer may specify that they’re on a dangerous day and have high likelihood of getting pregnant.
    – Using the same action as above, the willing volunteer might turn out to be someone you’ve sung rap music to previously and now misses the sensation. If you return to someone enough times, Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and they’ll beg to become your bf/gf or accept you as their Master.
    – When you invade a home, your rap music fan now has a chance to not disappear forever, but reappear as part of the scene explained above.
    – Just before going on a first date with someone you’ve just met via a dating app (whether the normal one, the interracial one or the age gap one), you accidentally discover that your date is currently wanted by another country’s police for serial rap music. You can cancel the date, try to act vulnerable or try to serve justice yourself.
    – Add more conditions to some existing scenes so that they don’t trigger all the time or when not appropriate. For example, you’re more likely to be surprised in your sleep with low energy and high intoxication (i.e. deep sleep).
    – Some more bug fixes. I will continue to work on more bug fixes in the next update, alongside its main focus on Sex Worker.


    Change Log:
    – This is the first Kink of the Month update for September, focusing on At Work. Since it has been quite a regular winner, this is the last update where I focus on adding scenes for the office job for the foreseeable future. Whenever At Work wins next, instead of a brainstorm, there will be a follow-up poll on which career path to add next instead.
    – Lunch break scene triggered occasionally, where you simply get a boost to rapport and attraction to numerous colleagues where appropriate.
    – Action where you can encourage an NPC (including your SO) to apply for a position at the company you work for. Your own boss may insist on interviewing your recommendation, going various ways depending on their personalities and whether NTR is enabled
    – You can now invite one of your contacts to work as the PA.
    – Depending on their intelligence and interpersonal, your PA will sometimes help you share the workload or secure a new client, boosting your own jobperformance. You can simply praise them, give them a gift, treat them to a nice dinner (can be extended to become a date) or admit they’re too good to be a PA and recommend a promotion for them instead.
    – Your boss borrows your own PA or SO working with you to accompany them during a business trip. If NTR is enabled, whoever it is may end up sleeping with the boss and even being pimped out to other executives as a sort of “sealing the deal” incentive.
    – If your SO’s working in the same office, after 5 PM you may get a scene where your SO asks to go home together, there they can ask if you want dinner, a shower together or straight to bed for some stress relief. A single colleague may see your great chemistry and feel a bit down, and you two can be nice and invite them over for dinner as well. Obviously, threesome potential or your colleague may end up meeting a relative living with you instead.
    – If your SO works with you and have low perversion, they may get unwelcome advances from the boss and asks for your opinion before going to HR. There’s only a small chance you get a new boss if you encourage them, much higher chance your job performance suffers (which in turns affects your promotion / getting fired chances). However, if you keep telling your SO to not ‘rock the boat’, your relationship will suffer and they may quit or if NTR is on, they’ll eventually sleep with the boss.
    – If you’ve slept with your boss and your SO’s working with you and has lower jobexperience than you, they eventually confront you on how you keep getting these promotions. You can lie or encourage your SO to do the same if your boss is also interested in your SO – or depending on the boss’s submissiveness stat, the boss may want to watch your SO bone their SO, or want to make your SO watch them bone you in exchange for a promotion for them as well.
    – If you work past 10pm, another colleague working late may ask you to walk them home since they have to walk past a dodgy part of town to get home. If you refuse, they ask another colleague and there’s a small chance the two of them show up the next morning as a new couple. They may invite you inside … or if ‘Rap… music’ is enabled, you may get ambushed during your walk.
    – Some more bug fixes. I will continue to work on more bug fixes in the next update, alongside Kink of the Month

    Many bug fixes. I will continue to work on bug fixes alongside other two Kink of the Month updates this month and may schedule a bug fix only update on 8 Nov if still needed (to be completely honest, I wanted to have such update for 8 Oct but the patrons’ poll ended up with Sex Worker coming third with just 1 vote behind … ).
    – In the future, if you ever come across reproducable crashes or freezes, just DM me directly on Discord and I will prioritize them as they’re game-breaking. Also DM me on Discord if you just want to send over a lpscene file with a script typo you fixed yourself. The Bugs channel should really only be used for non-urgent bugs that would require time for me to investigate when not working on new content. Basically, if it’s urgent or it’s a quick fix, just DM me and I’ll fix them in whatever the next update.
    – I also uploaded to the full UE4 source code of v5.9 to Mega ( Mega ). I’ll set up another fresh Github (the last one’s link with my local project files was messed up when I changed PCs two years ago) as well once the current bugs are dealt with. Maybe this would be a more efficient way of dealing with bugs caused by simple typos in lpscenes etc
    – Bug fixes aside, the main focus of this update is actually ‘Doggy’, so for the detailed change log, check the Docs folder inside the v5.9 archive you downloaded from above, or the F95 forum thread OP whenever it gets updated.

    – This update is the second Kink of the Month update for August, focusing on BDSM. This module is optional and disabled by default, turn it on first in Esc > Mod Manager. A lot of scenes in this update focus on the Master-Slav e arrangement, which must first be started by clicking on someone you’ve slept with and select “Use my slav e” or “Submit to my master”.
    – Similarly to how I handled the fantasy races in the last update (5.7 was the last to focus on scenes for now, next time Fantasy wins, follow-up poll to decide which new race to add), v5.8 is also the last BDSM update in the foreseeable future to focus on scenes based on brainstorm ideas, whenever BDSM wins next, instead of the usual brainstorm, there will be a follow-up poll with a long list of options to decide which 3d assets (whether types of BDSM wearables, tools, furnitures, dungeons, animations or male stuffs) to add to the game next.
    – When hanging out with a submissive woman (could be a friend, a relative or even your SO), having already submitted to a Master yourself, this woman may find out about your arrangement and wants to submit to your Master as well
    – Some group requests from the Master for you and your Master’s other slav es
    – New action at home to “Gather my harem” which will bring all people who’s accepted you as their Master to the same room for you to interact with
    – A relative of someone who’s accepted you as their Master discovers your arrangement and wants to submit too
    – If your current companion is someone whom you’re the Master to, random NPCs (one or multiple at the same time)may approach you in public places asking to have a go in exchange for money or you having a go at their own slav e.
    – When you use the “Make my slav e fuck someone I know” option and select someone in a relationship with a woman, after having their fun, your friend confesses their envy at your absolute power over your plaything and asks for your advice. You can simply give out some useful tips or suggest they bring their girl over for you to ‘train’, which may lead to her submitting to you instead.
    – Your Master demands that you go about your everyday life without wearing panties. They then occasionally check and reward or punish you accordingly.
    – More places for the public exposure option, not just “dodgy part of town”, making use of the new exteriors added in the v5.0 update.
    – Some bug fixes


    Change Log:
    – This update is the first Kink of the Month update for August, focusing on Elves, Orcs and Vampires. Content for these various fantasy races is enabled by making your own character one in the character editor (load preset > tick blend > elf/orc/vampire), and/or Esc > NPC Distribution > set the percentages for the races you want content for above 0.0%.
    – Some of the ideas in the brainstorm this time lean towards adding a completely new fantasy race like goblins, dwarves, catgirls, succubi, etc, rather than more content for the current 3. However, because adding a new race involves a lot of prep work i.e. adding models and animations for them as well, it would require a whole update to add one race. As such, for v5.7, I’ve stuck to the brainstorm ideas for elves, orcs and vampires for the last time, however, from now on, whenever Fantasy Races wins the poll (quite often to be fair), instead of the brainstorm, it will be a follow-up poll on which race to add next instead.
    – Fitness+muscle and intelligence increases are tracked for orc and elf player characters respectively and each week, you receive an extra 50% boost of how ever much you gained in the last week.
    – Orcs have become infamous for sexual crimes involving multiple perpetrators. One law-abiding group of orcs (with a gender you’re interested in) decides to instead start a legal escort service for customers with gangban g fantasy to fulfill their urges without harming anyone.
    – You’re fending off a vampire attack, only to be saved by another law-abiding vampire who claims to only to feed on the inferior but legal animal blood. This vampire is well-adjusted and charming and soon asks you out on a date, which could be the start of something special … or an act all along.
    – You come across a hot elf and ask them out, only to be rejected in the meanest way by the arrogant elf who considers themselves superior to you. Another more down-to-earth elf saw what happened and offers to go on a date with you instead.
    – You come across an 18-year-old elf/ orc virgin who runs away from their tribe after finding out they are the next annual tribute to a corrupt local official in exchange for letting their tribe live in peace. You can simply hand them over to their tribe for a small reward, offer to pay a big bribe to the official instead or threaten to expose the official using your law knowledge and connections (interpersonal + intelligence > 170). If you save the virgin, they’ll feel oblidged to offer you their virginity instead. You can refuse for a huge karma boost.
    – When hanging out with a friend at home and in a relationship with a vampire, they may demand that you lure the friend to drink too much and sleep over for the vampire to suck blood from. You may also convince your vampire SO that it may require more than alcohol to put your friend to sleep.
    – You came across an orc or elf running from their inbreeding tribe. You can hand them over, pay for their freedom, threaten to prompt a goverment investigation upon that tribe’s illegal practices, or if a certain module is enabled, show the runaway how it’s done.
    – If you have high martial, you’re invited to a orc martial art competition. Instead of money as prize, you get to either bang the opponents you defeated or their spouses instead. If Netorare is also enabled, if you lose, you have to offer your SO instead.
    – If you’re a vampire, you come home to find an amateur hunter waiting for you, only to be ambushed and easily knocked out by you. If you simply feed on them and throw them out, or use hypnotism to make them obedient.
    – If you’re a vampire living with your non-vampire SO, a pro vampire hunter is banging on the door. You can try to ambush them, or be a coward and ask your SO to open the door and convince the hunter to leave instead. If Netorare is enabled, your SO might resort to seduction instead …
    – Tweaks to the vampire fan scene: the fan is likely to be young and you get their number if you turn them
    – Orcs are more likely to have twins or triplets.


    – This update is the third Kink of the Month update for July (i.e. unlucky loser given some love), focusing on Polyamorous. Like most kinks, this is an optional module disabled by default. Enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager.
    – ‘Free Use’ scene where a polyamorous partner walks around the house naked and you can just bang them. Another poly partner then may join you.
    – If one of your poly partner is also dating someone else, that person can try to seduce another poly partner of yours which you can put an end to or encourage
    – Your poly partner may want to marry their other partner if you’re not married to them. You can discourage this or be supportive by attending their wedding along the rest of your poly partners, which will then lead to a very fun wedding night.
    – Expand the scene where poly partner asks for your permission to start dating someone else at the same time: 1. allow for multiple partners this way, 2. option to meet and ‘interview’ this third party before deciding, 3. option to decline but suggest someone else from your contacts instead, 4. the scene now is affected by your poly partner’s old-young and interracial preferences if those modules are enabled
    – A sibling of one of your poly partners found out and disapproved of your arrangement. You can try to convince them that your poly relationship is indeed a healthy one, and the relative may end up wanting to join too.
    – An ex suddenly invites you over and reveals they’re now in a poly relationship and want you to be part of it.
    – Your poly partner reveals they’re trying for a baby with their other partner. You can encourage them, or put an end to it and suggest that they or their partner (depending on who can actually get pregnant) gets impregnated by you or another poly partner of yours instead.


    – This update is the second Kink of the Month update for July, focusing on Netori (where you’re the bull). Like most kinks, this is an optional module disabled by default. Enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager.
    – If you impregnate another guy’s SO, the guy may find out (100% if you’re different race from him) which could then lead to scenes of him confronting you demanding child support (you can offer your own SO instead to make it even) or admitting he likes it and asks you to impregnate her again.
    – If you’re quite senior in your office job, you may get seduced by the spouse of a subordinate (their jobexperience is at least 30 lower than yours) to help get them promoted. When you finally give them their promotion, they may then come home to celebrate only to find you there.
    – Every NPCs that have already got the ‘Cuck’ tag (which could happen in almost all Netori scenes) will now occasionally invite you over to bang their SO when they watch. Their SO will gradually gain attraction to you and lose attraction to them. Eventually you can ask the SO to simply dump the cuck. Even after the cuck has been dumped, they will eventually start dating someone new and will again ask you to come over again to ‘sample the new goods’ and repeat the cycle.
    – The Cuck-tagged NPC above asks you to come over but their SO isn’t there this time. Instead, they have there another couple who is looking for a bull and you’ve been highly recommended.
    – When hanging out with someone you’ve slept with behind their SO’s back, they mention they told another married friend about the affair and the friend wants a piece as well.
    – When hanging out with a friend at a nightclub or bar, your companion starts eyeing up someone who’s already there with their SO. You can simply dissuade your friend or offer to be the wing(wo)man to distract the target’s SO while your friend has a go. Your friend may suceed depending on their attractiveness and the target’s perversion. If they fail on their own, there’s the chance depending on the SO’s submissiveness that the SO admits they have some cuckold fantasy and is looking for a bull. You can stick to the original wingman arrangement and offer your friend … or offer yourself as the bull to essentially cuck both.
    – If you have the ‘paul Ince…” module enabled, your two ‘lifegivers’ have been having problems as one with the same gender as you is no longer as vigorous in ‘battle’ as they used to. You can ignore it or offer yourself to fulfill this duty on their behalf from now on.

    – This update is the first Kink of the Month update for July, focusing on Pregnancy. There’s starting to be a few ideas about lactation or breastfeeding in the Discord brainstorm but since these require their own system, animations and effects to be implemented first – I avoid them for v5.4 for now but whenever Pregnancy wins next, I will specifically state that the update then will focus purely on lactation and breastfeeding which means there will be enough development hours to do the system, animations and effects.
    – When hanging out with a male friend, they may tell you that he and his SO has been trying in vain for a child, so he asks for your SO as a surrogate mother. You can demand a wife swap to be ‘fair’, and it may turn out that it’s the male friend who’s infertile not his SO.
    – When hanging out with a female friend, she may ask you to be the surrogate mother and get impregnated by her SO instead. Your own SO can demand a wife swap to be ‘fair’, and it may turn out that it’s your friend’s SO who’s infertile, not herself.
    – At a random time during her pregnancy, your pregnant SO can’t handle the guilt and confess that the baby isn’t yours. You can simply forgive, dump her, pressure her into an abortion or demand that she helps you make it even by helping you impregnate her baby daddy’s current SO instead.
    – At a random time during a neutral NPC’s pregnancy, your SO admits that the baby is his. You can simply forgive, dump him or demand tha he helps you make it even by helping you get impregnated by the baby mama’s current SO instead.
    – If you’re a por nstar, you may sometimes get a niche shoot where your screen partner is pregnant.
    – If you made some victim pregnant in a ‘rap… music’ scene. Later on, she desperately want to see you again, and instead of accusing you, she actually comes back for more and begs you to be in a relationship with her for the child’s sake. If this victim happens to be South Asian or Middle Eastern, they will mention parental pressure.
    – If you suggest to your SO to start trying for a child and fail, a few days later, you may get approached by your SO’s brother or sister who has found out about your desire for a child and offers an alternative.
    – If a female player is hanging out with a female friend or relative, this companion admits to you they just found out they got impregnated by a guy who’s now refusing to take reponsibility. You can convince her to get an abortion or offer to go talk to the guy yourself. You may then either succeed in pressuring the guy into dating your friend/ relative … or end up seduced by his charm and get impregnated yourself …
    – Increase the frequency of NPCs just naturally getting pregnant during your gameplay with their SO or random hookup (i.e. no player involvement)
    – If your SO gives birth to a child clearly of a different race than you, this makes it obvious that she cheated.
    – When donating sperm having successfully impregnated a ‘strange woman’ who preferred the traditional method in the past, she may approach you again and tell you about a secret group of baby-crazy women just like her having a party tonight. They all heard about how ‘effective’ you were and invite you to the party where you can impregnate them all.
    – Most of Patrons’ commissions for June commissions. I’ve done all the scenes, only a few animations and one special (traditional attire) request are left and will be done next update. I really wanted to finish 100% the June commissions this update but at the same time, I didn’t want to delay v5.4 any further (already 3 days late).

    – This update is the third Kink of the Month update (i.e. unlucky loser given some love) for June, focusing on Transformation. This refers to the “New TF Game” option accessible from the start menu.
    – When transforming, you keep the skin color and some of the facial and body features from your male form by default (obviously still editable in the character creation menu that pops up), not just go back into a default female model.
    – During the initial transforming scene, you now get asked whether you look fully feminine or androgynous. If the latter, you start off with a flat chest and higher body muscle definition, your boobs grow and your body becomes more feminine periodically as you become more perverted or submissive in your new form instead.
    – When hanging out with a female friend or relative, your character may be prompted to learn from this person something you missed not growing up as a woman like make-up, walking in heels, how to send “signals”, how to coordinate outfits, how to survive without pockets, etc, which increases attractiveness or interpersonal stats.
    – When hanging out with a high perversion woman, you may notice how effortlessly she gets men into her bed and ask for her help, which results into either a double date or a threesome.
    – While hanging out / on a date with someone, you may make a mistake in acting feminine or saying something that just doesn’t make sense for someone born female. This raises a new hidden stat each NPC now has called “Suspicion”, the speed it’s raised depends on their intelligence.
    – Once suspicion reaches 100, they will be convinced you were a transwoman (obviously they didn’t know about the magical transformation, they just assumed hormonal treatment and reassignment surgery), and depending on their perversion, dominance and orientation, they either lose all attraction, or actually get more turned on. If they’ve already slept with you but is actually transphobic, things could get really messy.
    – After losing your virginity as a woman, you can decide how you feel about it, which can provide a big boost to perversion (i.e. opening the floodgate)
    – You find out how much attention you now get on dating apps as a woman compared to when you’re a man and that boosts your confidence (i.e. interpersonal & mood) and also perversion if you decide to flirt back and maybe hook up. Too many casual hook-ups though and you start getting addicted, which makes you lose mood whenever you decide to resist the temptation.


    – This update is the second Kink of the Month update for June, focusing on University. Note that the map you’re playing on by default may not have a university building where you can enroll as a student or apply to be a lecturer, in which case you need to select any building > Edit Building > choose the university symbol to add one first.
    – You can now take the final exams and graduate from university which, depending on your average score of all subjects, provides a large boost to your jobexperience (which directly affects your salary and seniority). Obviously not everyone wants to play a LifePlay save for 4 in-game years, so the minimum amount of time you have to wait between enrolling and taking the final exam is set at 4 months instead, failing it makes you wait at least 1 month before retaking it. Success depends on your intelligence (which is increased by attending lectures and studying alone or in group etc) and a bit of luck too. After completing each subject’s final exam, you can gauge how well you did and so you may choose to bribe the marking lecturer of that subject to boost your score with your or your SO’s body, which depends on their perversion and sexual orientation. Therefore, not all lecturers will be corrupt so might be wise to bribe the ones you know are open to it anyway to keep the score averge high just in case you screw up on a later subject with an incorruptible lecturer.
    – When attending a fraternity / sorority party, you may witness someone getting s piked and perhaps save the victim from harm.
    – A perverted classmate has a crush on a lecturer and is willing to bet with you who can seduce them first.
    – A relative of your frat bro / sorority sis is visiting them, you may choose to simply exchange numbers or seduce them right there and then. The type of relative is random normally but is influenced by your age gap preference instead if you have the Old-Young module enabled.
    – Similarly, one of your relatives is visiting you and gets some interest from a frat bro / sorority sis you’re living with.
    – When group studying, some classmates will actually study with you, their own intelligence provides further boost to your intelligence increases. And of course, some group sex potential.
    – New action to “Mentor a foreign exchange student” (you can pick where they come from, but whether they have the stereotypes i.e. BBC, big Latina ass, etc depends on what you set if you have the Interracial module enabled). This person will stay in your city for one in-game month. If you don’t participate in Greek life and live at home, the university may ask you to provide ‘homestay’ accommodation for this student as well (where they’ll meet your relatives). Aside from the usual random / companion events, there are some specific events that can trigger featuring this exchange student when you take the mentor action, where you can simply gain some karma and interpersonal or end up hooking up with them but can also end up asking them to transfer permanently to your university (depends on their rapport with you, always succeeds if you’ve managed to turn them into your BF / GF already).
    – If you’ve slept with a lecturer, you may keep the affair going. A classmate may find out and threaten to expose both of you. If you’re in a relationship, the lecturer’s spouse may take revenge by telling your SO.
    – Sorry, I haven’t got around to patrons’ commissions for June yet. I will get to them in the next update (8 July) instead.


    – This update is the first Kink of the Month update for June, focusing on Interracial. Note that this module and all scenes and stats associated with it is disabled by default, you need to enable the module first in Esc > Mod Manager.
    – 6 new stats for both the player character and NPCs: Black Fetish, South Asian Fetish, Arab Fetish, Latin Fetish, East Asian Fetish & White Fetish. For NPCs, these stats are randomized when new NPCs are first generated and will then affect the attraction to player (of course, you can edit them afterwards by going into Contacts > Edit Stats).
    – The 6 new stats will affect the orgas m rate during adult scenes with people of particular races (alongside the stats for favorite positions and proneness to orgas m). They are also not static and increase a bit each time you or an NPC triggers an adult scene with a particular race (and a bit more each time you or the NPC reaches orgas m with that particular race).
    – Make some adjustments to the current IR scenes so that the new fetish stats for NPCs stay consistent to what it says in the scenes themselves (racist person won’t have high fetish for your race, the crazy fan won’t have low fetish for you, the friend who asks you to be a bull only does so if their SO is actually into your race, etc).
    – The makeInterested() function (which is used a lot for generating NPC couples and potential interested lovers for the player) now also makes the subject at least moderately interested in the target’s race, not just gender.
    – If you’re dating someone of Arab or South Asian descent (possible also if Latin or East Asian, but much lower chance) and have slept with them (chances double if you were their first), there’s a chance their parents will eventually give them an ultimatum to either get you to marry them now, or break up with you and marry a ‘nice traditional’ boy/ girl from a family they know all the way back in their home country. You can give in and get married, or convince your bf/ gf to become estranged from their parents (success depends on their attraction to you) or just let them leave you to please their parents.
    – (This works as a follow-up for the ‘bad ending’ in the scene above, but also any other situations too) Any exes who are dating or married to a person whose race they’re not all that interested in compared to their own attraction to you, may eventually miss you and intially ask to ‘stay friends’ and hang out, then depending on their perversion, fail miserably during the date itself and end up sleeping with you again.
    – Once the above happened, they will occasionally call you over to satisfy their needs when their SO is away. If the Netori module is enabled, the SO will eventually catch you in the act, only to confess their own fetish for watching their partner get smashed by someone of your race.
    – When you’re hanging out with a single friend of a different race at home, they may catch a glimpse of a relative living with you and ask you to hook them up. You can either simply say the relative isn’t available, or explain that the relative has said some pretty racist stuffs about your friend’s race in the past so it wouldn’t work. If the latter, the friend will suggest a blind date and promise to change your relative’s racist attitude for good after one night of passion. If you say yes, the blind date’s success depends on how racist your relative is and your friend’s attractiveness and interpersonal stats.
    – If the Netorare module is enabled and you’re dating or married to someone of the same race, you may eventually discover their por n collection full of interracial stuff with a particular race. If you ask your SO about this, they will confess their long-held racial fetish but insist they’ve never cheated on you. You can then offer to pick someone of this race from your contacts or pay a big sum to hire your SO’s favorite pornsta r earlier to fulfill this huge fantasy of theirs. If your SO is female and happens to be trying for a child, they may also make the ultimate request to not use any protection and try to get impregnated with a mixed child.
    – If you’re dating or married to someone of a different race (a race you have a fetish for) who has high perversion and at least a bit masochist (or you’ve already agreed to a open relationship), while messing around one night, they have a pleasant surprise for you as they invite some friends they grew up with to all share you.
    – While at any stores that sell alcohol, you come across someone (whose race you have a fetish for) being a victim of a racist tirade from someone your own race. If you decide to stand up for them, they praise you as an ‘ally’ to their community and invite you to the neighbourhood party they’re shopping for, obviously full of people their own race. Of course, you’ll be a kid in a candy shop there and may end up with quite a few number exchanges or even some group fun.
    – When hanging out with a friend of a different race and at least decent rapport, they invite you to their home where either their single sibling or widowed parent is proud to show off their country’s traditional cuisine. If you praise their cooking and manage to engage in a passionate conversation about food with this relative (which requires either high interpersonal or high cooking yourself), your friend will eventually notice the chemistry, explain their relative’s recent loneliness and offer to leave you two alone …
    – Some bug fixes and minor improvements.


    v5.0 Beta 4 and 5

    – This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on At Work. This is also the final v4.x update, as we move on into the 6-update v5.0 overhaul in April and May.
    – A colleague calls in pretending to be sick. You are asked to go retrieve some important documents from their home. You find them too busy having sex at home instead you can either snitch or stay quiet and have some fun yourself.
    – If you’re banging your secretary and your boss is interested as well, they might ask to have a go themselves. You can refuse for a jobperformance hit or accept for a bonus. Be careful if you accept too many times though as your secretary may end up getting promoted to be an even higher position than you and you’ll need to find another secretary to play with.
    – If your jobexperience is at least 50, your boss might occasionally ask you to interview potential new junior hires, who might try to bribe you with money, their number, their body or their SO’s body to get hired
    – If the Netori module is enabled and you’re banging one of your subordinates, you may find out they’re having a date with a new bf/ gf after work. If you let them be, their new relationship is unharmed. You can assert your dominance instead by convincing them to bang you before the date and either cuck the unknowing new bf / gf or actually send the video to this new bf / gf, which may result in either a breakup or a new willing cuck depending on the bf/ gf’s masochist.
    – When you bully a subordinate (by clicking on them and selecting that option), there’s a chance that their significant other sees you outside of the office one day and decides to confront you. You can then seduce this SO of theirs instead.
    – If the Netorare module is enabled, you get a pleasant surprise of a big promotion one day, only to come home and see your boss banging your SO, who has taken upon themselves to help out your career. If you put a stop to it, your boss may fire you in the next performance review. If you let the arrangement continue, you’ll find your boss coming over your place periodically to bang your SO but your job performance will always be seen as perfect and you may get another promotion before long. Be careful and make sure you keep your SO’s attraction to you high though, as your SO may skip the middle man one day and leave you for your boss otherwise.
    – After you’ve done it with the boss’s spouse or adult child once via the office errand scene, they may want more and call you to come over when your boss is out periodically. Threesome is possible for you’ve banged both. Eventually, they can become enamored and want to be your bf / gf. With dating your boss’s child, depending on the boss’s existing rapport with you, they may threaten to fire you unless you leave their child alone, or actually be cool and give you a promotion for being their future son/daughter-in-law. With stealing your boss’s spouse, you can either take the high road and accept getting sacked for it or plot with the spouse to get your boss fired due to false allegation of domestic violence and get a nice promotion to boot. You can also ask for a share of the divorce money.

    – This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Group Sex
    – If you have a neighbour with high perversion, you may overhear them having an org y next door and be convinced to join
    – A friend or relative of yours who’s the same gender as you and currently in a relationship with someone else is about to get married and entrusts you with planning their bachelor(ette) party. You get to invite the guests (all needs to be same gender as you of course) and decide whether to get strippers or past lovers (and how many) for ‘entertainment’. Depending how ‘entertained’ the future bride/ groom end up being that night, the marriage may or may not go ahead of course.
    – At home or travel agencies, you can now “Organize a group holiday abroad” to a party destination. You choose which country and choose three more friends with the same gender as you to bring along. Once there, your group ends up inviting a group of four locals back to your AirBnb to hang out and you get to pick your main target to flirt with. Depending on your and the others’s willingness and skill in seduction (for example, if you invite along three guys with low interpersonal and attractiveness, or with low perversion and already in a relationship, you may end up with all the girls for yourself), the night may end up with all sorts of matchups. A lot of group fun may be involved, but if you instead remain committed to only one local girl/ guy for the night, you can ask them to become your gf/ bf and move back to your country with you. Your mates might also do the same if they have low perversion.
    – While on a date with someone whose interest in you is mutual, they may bring you back to their place to hook up, only for you to discover they live in an apartment with multiple roommates. If you go ahead and get laid anyway, depending on your date’s perversion, they may then invite their roommates in to share you, or you catch their roommates peeping and take the initiative yourself.
    – For the house party scene (whether you’re the host or a guest), if you end up in bed with someone, other guests may catch you in the act and ask to join.
    – Alternatively, you hook up with someone at the house party and while taking a break before round 2, you overhear another pair also from the party hooking up in the next room, you could then convince your lover and the other couple to just have some fun all together.
    – If you’re banging your landlord for rent, you may show up to do your part one day only for them to be with some of their buddies as well, or be shocked to find another of your neighbours already there as part of the same arrangement.

    – This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Tentacles. This is a brand new kink introduced to the game as an optional module, disabled by default, so Esc > Mod Manager to enable it first.
    – First set of Tentacles on Female animations.
    – New “Watch Tentacles por n” action you can take at home, which will then allow you to fantasize about you or a girl you know being in the por nstar’s place as well. Basically this provides a guaranteed way to check out Tentacles content without waiting for random triggers.
    – Getting suprised while on the toilet or in the shower by tentacles coming from the drain
    – Being outside at night and you may encounter a tentacle monster. If with a female companion, you could either be hero or a coward
    – An alien with tentacles offers you a deal: he’s on a mission to populate the Earth with their race’s genes and offers to give you extra attractiveness or fitness for every woman you bring him to
    – At a nightclub or bar, an attractive guy or girl seduces you and takes you back to their place (if you’re with your SO, they invite you back for a threesome), only to turn out to be a tentacle monster in disguise
    – You get approached by a cult who offers to pay you (or your girl but you decide to come along) to take part in a ritual sacrifice to summon the demon they worship. You thought it would be easy money just standing naked while a bunch of lunatics shout gibberish around you / your girl, but a tentacle monster is actually summoned.
    – All patrons’ commissioned scenes and maps for February. I’ll do the commissioned animations in the 18 March update.

    – This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Old-Young. This module is disabled by default, so Esc > Mod Manager to enable it first, then take the “Use Old-Young dating app” action at home at least once to set your specific age gap preference (which ranges from 50 years younger to 50 years older) so that the appropriate scenes can trigger.
    – Your younger / older relative living with you is away and makes a friend of theirs wait for their return at your place so you end up hanging out with someone younger / older
    – Your single (grand)child / (grand)parent introduces you to their new boyfriend / girlfriend who is similar age to them but just happens to be the age you’re interested in yourself. You can then trick your relative to leave you alone with their bf/gf and try to seduce them
    – When your boss sends you on an errand to their home to grab documents, you may meet their parent instead of their child if you prefer older
    – If you’re a por nstar, you may get approached to shoot a well-paid scene for the Old-Young fetish
    – If you’re already in an age-gap relationship, your SO may introduce you to a sibling / cousin / one of their close friends who’s similar age as your SO and you may find hot as well. You can either ask for your SO’s permission to bang their friend / relative (may lead to threesome) or trick them to leave you alone with this person and cheat
    – If you’re already in an age-gap relationship, your SO may tell you that they went to an all-(fe)male high school and are having a class reunion soon and want you to come with them. Once there, you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop with so many candidates at the age you like. You can either cheat and take one of your SO’s former classmates to the bathroom discreetly, or ask for your SO’s permission and invite the whole group back to your place for a ‘after-party’, i.e. (reverse) gangban g.
    – If the Netorare module is enabled and you’re already in an age-gap relationship, you may find yourself feeling insecure that you don’t quite have the vigor (if you’re older) or the experience (if you’re younger) to fully satisfy your SO. You can then offer to let them have some fun with someone their age while you watch (and maybe join for a threesome). You can pick from your contacts or let them call an ex.
    – I haven’t got around to the February patrons’ commissions yet. I’ll do them in the 8 March update (which is only a week away anyway since Feb only has 28 days).

    (With Mysterious Modder’s LewdPatcher unofficial patch applied)
    – When you click on any relative NPC (go into their contact > Current to find them first), there’s now a new “Set Family Relation” interaction which will allow you to specify what you call this relative and what they call you, to be used in all scenes that refer to them. This is useful both if you want to have a relative type that’s not available in the base game (like nephew, niece, etc), or if you want to use nicknames for this specific family member.
    – You find out someone younger living with you is struggling financially and looking for a sugardaddy / mama. You can offer to keep such an arrangement ‘in house’ instead
    – Someone living with you is waiting for their date to come pick them up. The date arrived and you opened the door, you can let them get on with it (in which case, there’s a decent chance they eventually start a serious relationship) or scare the date off and lie to your relative that the date never arrived and proceed to ‘comfort’ them
    – If the Netori module is also enabled and you’ve already tasted the forbidden fruit with someone who also has a ‘normal’ relationship with someone else, you can have a quickie with them before their bf/gf arrives, finish inside their mouth or another hole, and then watch the bf/gf giving your relative a kiss / oral and noting the strange taste
    – If you have a low perversion parent and a moderate to high perversion sibling, the latter might bring someone home for a one-night stand. Knowing how much this would disappoint your conservative parent, your sibling will do anything to keep you quiet
    – While in a nightclub or bar, you may find a relative (either a virgin, low interpersonal or low attractiveness) being mocked by their mates for being awkward and not being able to get any action. You can silence the mates and help your relative’s confidence by ‘pretending’ to make out and bring the latter home.
    – If you have (step)parents that are still together, you may catch one of them having an affair and use this knowledge to get what you want, money or something else
    – While making love to your SO at home, you may catch a relative peeping on you. If forbidden fruit has been tasted before, things can escalate fast. If not, you can confront them about it later.
    – The rest of patrons’ commissions for January (i.e. all the animations)

    – This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Lesbian. I tried to make sure that this update can be enjoyed by both female and male protagonist players, for the latter, it’s your companion or SO that’s the lesbian.
    – A scene at a nightclub or bar where a lesbian approaches your female companion, and you can intervene or encourage her
    – ‘Someone’ perverted convincing you that there’s no such thing as lesbian inbr eeding
    – Your straight SO confesses she’s always been curious what it’d be like to be with a woman. If followed through, there’s a chance she becomes bi from then on.
    – You let your girlfriend hang out with your mom or sister because you want them to get along since this may be her future in-law. If they both have a lesbian side, they end up getting along too well.
    – To help ease money troubles, your female SO asks for your blessing to have a sugarmama. She insists it’s only ‘gay for pay’ and there’s no need for you to be jealous of a lesbian.
    – As a sex worker, you’re asked to attend a bachelorette party where you’re paid to please all the bridemaids and finally the bride.
    – As a woman while hanging out with another woman who have good rapport with you, she may admit that she’s had bad luck with guys recently and just don’t want to bother with them anymore.
    – For the consequences scene where your male SO finds out that you cheated on him, there’s now a high likelihood that he won’t be too angry if it was a lesbian affair and may even find it hot and insist on watching next time
    – For the consequences scene where as a girl, you’ve slept with a guy already in a relationship and his SO finds out, if she’s bi, she won’t be too angry and insist on having a go at you herself instead
    – The rest of patrons’ commissioned scenes for January (quite a few of them, again you can just let them trigger naturally or search for _cms in LifePlay/Content/Modules and sort by date modified if you’re a completionist). I’ll do the commissioned animations for the 18 Feb update.

    (With Mysterious Modder’s LewdPatcher patch applied)
    – Incoperate animals as an option into the Slave/Master relationship
    – Your dog save you from a home invader, after which you can rewards it
    – Add animals as an option in the blindfolded scenes
    – While you’re being knotted and stuck that way, one of the relatives living with you caught you in the act, their reaction and willingness to join in depends on their perversion, which increases gradually each time they see it.
    – New option for the “pet has constant hard-on” scene – hiring a prostitute. Once done, you can join them.
    – Once you’ve hired a babysitter (it’s a scene that will trigger eventually if you have at least one young child), you may come home and catch them having a go with your pet.
    – If the unofficial NC module is also enabled, you may get drugged and kidnapped by a perverted pet owner.
    – If the unofficial NC module is also enabled, while hanging out with someone who has a crush on you but already in another relationship, you get invited to a house party. Their SO gets really jealous and takes advantage of your intoxicated state to get their pet to bang you instead to humiliate you. Depending on perversion, this plan may work or the guy / girl who has a crush on you turns out to be into it and becomes even more attracted to you, in which case their SO has no choice but to show that they’re as good at it as you.
    – Animal option for the reluctant star scene (i.e. drugged and filmed)
    – If you own a pet and are working in an office, sometimes you have to go on a business trip out of town for a few days. You’ll be prompted to ask someone to watch your pet for you. Your business trip ends up being shorter than expected and you arrive home. Either nothing happens or because of either the pet’s previous experience with you or your friend’s high perversion, you catch them in the act. You can then get angry or join them.
    – Add a pet dare for the house party dare scene
    – When trying to join a fraternity / sorority, hazing may involve a pet instead.
    – While doing housework, you can get mounted, you can then push your pet away or wait and see what happens.
    – Your SO is doing housework and gets mounted, you can either help push the pet away or wait and see what happens.
    – When working as a prostitute, one of your perverted regulars bring their pet along and willing to pay you tons of money for it.
    – While walking your dog (you do this in the Contacts menu), your dog smells something and asks you to follow them to a pack of stray dogs who seem a bit restless. You could choose to help relieve them all, and if you walk away and the unofficial NC module is enabed, they’ll turn aggressive and attack you instead. There’s a chance a police gender same gender as you come across this attack and tries to help you, possibly only to get themselves the same fate.
    – Also, About half of patrons’ commissions for January (all maps + half of the scenes), I’ll do the rest (animations + remaining scenes) for the 8 February update

    – This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Sex Worker. It’s one of the most popular kinks, and there is always an overabundance of ideas from the brainstorm whenever it wins. For this update, I prioritized those that are most different from what already in the game
    – If you’re a por nstar, depending on your fame, you may get recognized in public. The fan will either simply ask for a selfie, or try to proposition you. You can then demand money straight up or demand to film the whole thing and share online as a ‘Fuc k a Fan’ video, which increases your fame instead.
    – While looking for Johns, you may receive a high-paying offer to be the gift in a secretive birthday party, either alone or with other workers as well. It turns out the birthday boy/girl is an A-list celebrity (using one of the real face imports I did last year). There’s a chance that the celeb is so satisfied with this ‘gift’ that they become one of your regular Johns from then on, which in time could end up as a sugar arrangement or an actual relationship.
    – If the Netorare module is enabled and you have a significant other with perversion > 70, you may end up finding out that your SO is hustling as a sex worker behind your back. Not only that, but they’re using your apartment for in-calls whenever you’re not at home. You can decide to confront them and either put an end to this and demand a cut, and / or set up a hidden camera to watch your SO with their Johns, who could turn out to be a group, a colleague or even a relative.
    – If you’re a unversity student who’s also a por nstan, you go to a lecturer’s office for help with an assignment. You notice this lecturer seems strangely nervous around you. It all makes sense when they bring up their web browser to show you something related to the assignment, only for you to notice your Por nhub profile as one of their bookmarks. You can either pretend not to see it, or seduce your secret fan. Once you’ve slept with them once, they will find regular excuses to be alone with you in their office.
    – If you’re a unversity student who’s also a por nstar, you’re working on an assignment in a pair with another coursemate, who admits they’ve watched your videos. Depending on their interpersonal and perversion, they may be direct about having some fun as a break or be shy about it and wait for you to offer. When done once, they’ll try to work in pairs with you again in the future.
    – On the other hand, if they’re the same gender as you, this coursemate working in pairs with you may express their admiration for the skill you’ve shown in your por n performances instead. They ask you to teach them to improve their ability to satisfy a partner. This lesson could be done with their current partner, or you could suggest another practice target (who could become their partner afterwards unless already yours). After this first lesson, from time to time, they may continue to ask you to have fun with them and their partner, up to you whether you want to demand money for such service.
    – While hanging out with a friend or relative (if the Netorare module is enabled, it can even be your SO), they admit they’re having money troubles and need some quick cash to pay off a debt. You remember that one of your regular Johns have a thing for fresh meat and is willing to pay top money for someone not normally available for sex work. You can then join them for a threesome or just watch and take your ‘commission’.
    – One of your regular Johns brings a friend and you serve them, although your John’s friend was initially reluctant having just started a committed relationship with someone (who your John hasn’t even met), but they gave in to peer pressure in the end. A few days later, you get confronted by a relative you thought were single, who told you that the reluctant guy/girl you served earlier was their brand new boyfriend/girlfriend! They demand that you bring them along the next time your regular John calls you, for the perfect revenge.
    – If you’re getting married, one of your regular Johns offers you a small fortune to be a wedding guest and then be the one to actually bang you on your wedding night instead of your newly-wed spouse. If the John is also interested in your spouse’s gender, the offer involves them banging your spouse as well. You could reject the offer or try to convince your spouse that wedding night sex is only sentimental anyway and the money could go a long way to financial security for your life together.

    – Patrons’ commissions for December. This update has the most number of new commissioned scenes and animations so far. You will encounter them naturally through normal gameplay, but if you’re a completionist, you can have the full list by simply searching for “cms” in the LifePlay/Content folder, then sorted by date modified (the lpscene files are scenes, the uasset files are animations)
    – Some bug fixes and minor improvements
    – New button during scenes “Timeout for x hours” where you can change a scene’s timeout once and for all. This is especially useful if there are particular scenes that trigger far too often for your liking.
    – Some background work and feasibility testing in preparation of the big announcement I’ll make tomorrow about the Broad Plans for 2022, including what this year’s v5.0 overhaul will be focusing on.

    (With Mysterious Modder’s LewdPatcher patch applied)
    – This update is a Kink of the Month update for ‘Reverse Cowgirl (Rap… music)’. As promised, I, the Mysterious Modder who is not associated with the dev Vinfamy in anyway, have worked on new content for my Unofficial Non-Consensual Module.
    – Your victim may confront you giving you another chance to assault and repeat until Stockholm Syndrome develops and the victim either falls in love with you or surrenders as your slave and accept you as their master.
    – Once assaulted by a known NPC, you will eventually be prompted to confront them, either sending them to prison (or use that as a threat to make them pay up) or ending up giving them another chance to assault you. Repeat until Stockholm Syndrome develops and you either fall in love or you may surrender as their slave and them as your master.
    – The intoxication stat now actually matters and is now checked whenever there’s a struggle between an assaulter and a victim (i.e. you can have 100 martial but if you’re blacked out drunk, it won’t help you). Intoxication now increases much more whenever you drink and the ‘Buy a drink’ interaction with NPC now actually increases their intoxication. Intoxication now also decays more slowly if you simply let time pass, but drops by large chunks instead when you sleep, nap, bathe, pee, drink water/ coffee/ tea/ juice or have a meal/ snack. Intoxication gains and losses are also no longer skewed by game difficulty.
    – NPCs are more likely to become assaulters if they are drunk (basically it boosts their perversion and dominance when checking for scenes), of course because they’re drunk, they are also easier to fight off.
    – Frequently triggered scene (more frequent the higher your attractiveness) at nightclubs or bars where a stranger offers to buy you drink. Most of them are simply nice and don’t have any bad intention except asking for your number, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get increasingly drunk whenever you accept a drink, which leaves you vulnerable to other not-so-nice opportunists. The original stranger may then either save you or join in.
    – Chance of assaulting or being assaulted during a house party (whether you’re the host or simply invited). Again, intoxication plays a part.
    – At home, you can now “Browse rape fetish website” from the dark web where people with such fantasies can post their photo and where they live and ‘volunteer’ as a victim. You can then look for your next willing victim there (there’s a chance you may find another assaulter already there when you arrive though). Or you can give away your address there and wait for your assaulter(s). Or you can impersonate someone you know and give away their address instead.
    – Note that I had to delay the patrons’ commissions for December for 10 days, they will be added in the next update instead, i.e. v4.22 (8 January). The v4.21 update lost a few days of development (which would normally have been dedicated to working on commissions) because I stayed with my parents for Christmas. My apologies to those who commissioned stuffs for December but hopefully the extra 10-day wait for your commissions won’t be too much of an issue.

    – This update focuses on Pregnancy content. I know some people are still annoyed that Pregnancy is so popular that it always wins KotM whenever it’s available as a poll option. However, when you put it into context: there’s now a 3-month exclusion for any winning kink so Pregnancy can only get max 3 updates a year, out of 36 annual updates in total, or about 8% of total content, I’d say it’s fair enough for such a popular kink.
    – When donating sperm, there’s a chance that a woman who got pregnant from yours managed to convince a sperm bank employee to let her try to meet you out of curiousity initially. She could be single (potentially hookup or even relationship) or be with an infertile husband (potential Netori content).
    – When donating sperm, there’s a chance that someone at least 18 years younger than you approaches you afterwards and claims that the sperm bank database shows that you’re their biological father, when donated sperm years ago. You can insist that it must be a mistake, or decide to be in their life in some way, and become friends (or more if certain module is enabled). You can also ask your biological child to introduce you to their parents, which could turn out to be a single mom who wants to thank you or a still married couple (potential Netori content).
    – When hanging out with a male / futa friend, they tell you they’ve been trying for a baby with their baby-crazy girlfriend / wife but just found out from the doctor that they’re infertile. They’re afraid they would be dumped if telling their SO the truth, so try to convince you to impregnate their SO on their behalf by tricking their SO with a blindfold. You can follow through with the plan or take off the blindfold half way through and expose the truth, in which case the baby-crazy girlfriend will promptly leave your friend for you.
    – You meet a hot girl who sleeps with you easily and seems super interested in a relationship with you right away, which seems very suspicious to you. She eventually become overwhelmed with guilt and confessed she just found out she was pregnant by a long-gone ex and didn’t want to be a single mom and was trying to ‘trap’ you. You could decide to run for the hills or decide to be with her anyway, having the option to choose whether to take this baby as yours or not.
    – When pregnant, sometimes people at random come up to you and ask to feel your belly and ask a lot of detailed questions about the pregnancy. This person could turn out to just be curious or a baby-crazy woman who asks to be impregnated by your husband / boyfriend, or someone whose gender you’re interested in who has a fetis h for pregnant women and you can can hook up with.
    – When pregnant, you’re contacted by a wealthy man saying he has fetis h for pregnant women and that he will pay a small fortune to sleep with you once in a while for the duration of your pregnany. Once you’ve given birth, this rich guy either has fallen in love with you and asks for a relationship, or he suggests he impregnates you himself this time and repeats the arrangement from the start.
    – If the Netorare module is enabled, your pregnant SO may get contacted by a wealthy man saying he has fetis h for pregnant women and that he will pay a small fortune to sleep with her once in a while for the duration of her pregnany. The money could relieve a lot of financial stress for raising your child in the future. If you agree to it though, there’s a chance by the end of the arrangement your SO ends up leaving you for this rich husband instead.
    – If you’re a por nstar and got pregnant, you can get offered pregnancy niche por n shoots that pay a lot more.
    – If you have at least one young child, you will eventually be prompted to hire a babysitter, who shows up occasionally and triggers random events:
    — Babysitter is watching por n and masturbating while the kid is asleep. Can ignore it or threaten to fire them.
    — Babysitter has partner over and bang them while the kid sleeps. Can ignore it or threaten to fire them, with potential threesome / netori.
    — Your SO has come home early and is banging the babysitter, which you can fire the babysitter or join them

    – This update focuses on BDSM content. BDSM as a kink covers a lot of potential content so the brainstorm ideas, while all very good, ended up going in a lot of different directions that are impossible to do all in one update. So for the v4.19 update, I will focus on what content and mechanics can be added right away using the current assets (i.e. the female BDSM clothes) and save the rest of the ideas from the brainstorm for the future. Whenever BDSM gets an update next, it will be about adding male gears and expanding the scenes and interactionns added in v4.19 to work for bondaged men too. Then whenever BDSM gets a third update, it will be about adding new animations (spanking etc) and bondage furniture. I reckon both of these updates should happen in 2022.
    – New “Official BDSM Module”, disabled by default. The bondage gears can still be equipped during adult scenes while this module is disabled. However, if the module is enabled, there will be specific BDSM scenes and interactions as well.
    – The “likes_bondage” stat will now actually affect arousa l during adult scenes while wearing BDSM clothing.
    – Each time a BDSM piece is put on someone, that person becomes a tiny bit more submissive
    – Can now buy BDSM clothes in clothing stores and department stores and wear them outside of adult scenes. They carry big temporary buffs to perversion or submissiveness.
    – Get kidna pped while sleeping and wake up in bondage gear
    – Your companion takes you to a BDSM shop and convince you to try some on
    – You can click on and convince your SO / someone else you’ve hooked up with in the past to put on a blindfold, only to invite someone else to have fun with them instead
    – Your significant other convinces you to put on a blindfold and some other BDSM clothes, only to invite someone else to have fun with you instead
    – A relative living with you put their SO in a blindfold and some other BDSM clothes. You can peek and get invited in if your relative has high perversion and rapport with you or trick them out of the room and lock them out.
    – If your SO or a past lover has very high submissiveness (which of course can be built up gradually by putting BDSM pieces on them during adult scenes) or attraction to you, you can click on them and become their master, which makes them wear a collar permanently and gives you the right to bang them or make them bang anyone anytime with no timeout. You can also tie them up and leave them in a dodgy part of town and let strangers have their ways with them.
    – You can click on your SO or a past lover and “submit to my master”, which gives you a collar to wear and gives them the right to bang you or make you bang anyone anytime with no timeout. Your master can also tie you up and leave you in a dodgy part of town and let strangers have their ways with you.
    – If the BDSM module is enabled, the office plaything scene chain will now have your boss put you in BDSM gear first
    – Better paid por n shoots where you’re asked to put on BDSM clothes first
    – Better paid model shoots where you’re asked to model BDSM clothing
    – Some bug fixes and minor improvements, special thanks to Rizean for their help on Github

    – This update focuses on Elves, Orcs & Vampires content, which is disabled by default, but can be enabled by Esc > Npc Distribution > Orcs, Elves and/or Vampires to more than zero. You can also make your own player character an fantasy race by Load Preset (top left of the character creation menu) > orc/elf/vampire.lpcharacter
    – There were quite a few ideas in the Discord brainstorm about going on an adventure in the woods etc and encoutering fantasy things from there, or just ideas for scenes taking place in fully fantasy environments. They are very good ideas, but I save them for future fantasy updates because 3d exterior locations aren’t a thing in the game yet. Exteriors will be one of the most important additions to game in 2022 though, so these ideas could be added then.
    – For some reason you noticed you are being watched, but you ignore it but after a while you feel it again and yell it out. An elf emerges and they say you have higher perception than normal humans and ask for your help increasing the dwindling elven population.
    – Orc invade your home, you can either pay them with money or you or your SO will have to ‘pay’. Or if you have high martial arts, you will be able to defend yourself.
    – While at a place of worship, you may encounter a suspicious coffin. Either you will find money or a vampire sleeping. You can get your blood sucked, sneak away safely (sneak) or seduce them.
    – One of your relatives has fallen sick and doctors are unable to provide a cure. So you set out and contact elven tribe begging them to provide you with magical potion. They will offer it in exchange for either a lot of money or your help increasing the dwindling elven population.
    – If you’re dating a vampire, a vampire hunter shows up at your door. You need to delay them either by using interpersonal to convice them you’re alone or you can bang them so good they forget what they came for. If you fail, your vampire SO could still use the opportunity to use hypnosis on the vampire hunter.
    – An Elf-Orc couple shows up at your door one night, being chased by their angry families after eloping, looking for a place to hide. If you let them hide, you can peek on them going at it later and join in.
    – If you’re a vampire, a vampire-obsessed fan approaches you and desperately wants to be turned into one themselves, which is free blood for you and even some fun.
    – Patrons’ commissions for November.

    – This update focuses on Interracial content, which is of course an optional module, disabled by default. Furtheremore, you can choose to enable or disable specific racial stereotypes with the new “Set racial stereotypes’ action you can take at home. In fact, most new scenes in this update have variants for all the different races, with different scene texts, dialogues and NPC generation logic changing depending on which race and whether that race’s stereotype is enabled. Those toggleable stereotypes are:
    + Black Men: More likely to have big dicks
    + Black Women: More likely to have big asses
    + South Asian Men: More likely to have thick body hair
    + South Asian Women: More likely to have low perversion. More likely to have a full bush down there.
    + Arab Men: More likely to have beards and thick body hair. More likely to have high dominance.
    + Arab Women: More likely to have low perversion and high submissiveness. Some texts about the forbidden nature of homosexuality.
    + Latino Men: Some scene texts and dialogues will describe them as more ‘passionate’ – but the game doesn’t really have any gameplay element to reflect passion, so I just give them higher fitness and lower proneness to orgas m, which makes adult scenes with them longer than average.
    + Latina Women: More likely to have big asses. Some scene texts and dialogues will describe them as more ‘passionate’ – but the game doesn’t really have any gameplay element to reflect passion, so I just give them higher fitness and higher proneness to orgas m, which makes adult scenes with them longer with multiple orgas ms.
    + East Asian Men: Less likely to have beards or thick body hair. More likely to have high intelligence, but lower interpersonal.
    + East Asian Women: More likely to have low perversion and high submissiveness. More likely to have smaller boobs. More likely to have a full bush down there. More likely to have high intelligence, but lower interpersonal.
    + White Men: Some scene texts and dialogues will mention other races sometimes seeking them for perceived higher social status.
    + White Women: More likely to shave pubic region. Some scene texts and dialogues will mention other races sometimes seeking them for a ‘trophy wife’.
    (There are other traits that they get described in the texts depending on the context of the specific scene and the scenes involving racist NPCs have them saying some prety outrageous stuffs, which also get hidden away if you disable the stereotype for a race. For more advanced users, you can even go in LifePlay\Content\Modules\vin_Interracial\stereotypes and edit the lpcharacter files to remove or add stuffs to each specific stereotype)
    – New ‘Ethnicity’ field in Character Editor > Finish so that you can tell the game exactly which race your character should be considered as. Don’t worry, the game will automatically assign race for new NPCs generated. For each existing NPC from old saves, just go to Contacts menu and add one of the following tags: white, asian, latin, arab, indian, black
    – Interracial por n shoots for por nstar career
    – If Netorare module is also enabled, you can confess to your significant other that you want to watch them experience a lover of a specific race.
    – If the Netori module is also enabled, you may be asked by a couple to be their interracial bull.
    – New ‘Use interracial dating app’ action you can take at home that allows you to meet new NPCs of a specific race
    – New ‘Organize an interracial gan gbang’ action for yourself or your significant other
    – You may come across a stranger of a different race in a public place who clearly has a thing for your race so you can escalate things very quickly
    – When hanging out with someone of a different race, your companion may inadvertently introduce you to a racist family member who doesn’t take kindly to you at first and may need some ‘convincing’
    – New ‘Sponsor an immigrant’ action you can take at community centres, travel agencies or places of worship, where you can look for a person of a specific race who comes here on a temporary visa from a poorer country. You can then offer to marry them to allow them to apply for permanent residence. You can do it for money or maximum rapport, and you can consummate this fake marriage or even turn it into a real long-term one.
    – The ‘Order takeaway’ action and ‘Order takeaway together’ interaction, when the IR module is enabled, will now ask you which cuisine you want, which leads to the deliveryperson being a specific race
    – You come across a non-IR couple and one of them starts hurling racist abuses at you. The other one feels bad and goes to apologize to you afterwards, which can be your perfect opportunity to teach their racist spouse a lesson.
    – Reduce the percentage of non-whites that have lightly coloured hair
    – New ‘Translate’ buttons for the actions, interactions and scenes, which will automatically copy the current text and parse it into Google Translate.

    – This update focuses on Netorare (you’re the cuck) content, which is of course an optional module, disabled by default. For most of these scenes, your significant other (SO) will subtly wait for your permission first before banging someone else, but if you’re already in an open relationship, their perversion or dominance is very high or if you have high submissiveness, your SO may then just ignore you even if you disapprove.
    – Your SO accidentally runs into one of your relatives living with you during their shower and might join them, with or without your encouragement.
    – During pregnancy check-up for your signicant other, they can encounter a doctor that flirts with them right in front of you.
    – While on a date with your SO, you may run into one of their exes and your SO admits to you that they can’t help but fantasize about the passion they used to share.
    – Your date gets hit on by other people more frequently if the Netorare module is enabled and the higher your submissiveness. Your date now has an option to ignore your disapproval and you now have to option to offer to drive them to the motel yourself.
    – You find out your SO is se xting someone they’ve only known online to date. You can then offer to organize a romantic evening for them at your place with you as the chef.
    – If you’re hanging out with someone else and take them to your SO’s current location (either at your home or Contacts > your SO > Current) and click on your SO, you now have the option to ask your current companion to sleep with your SO. This will significantly boost your rapport with this companion so if this is your boss, it will help your chances in the next performance review / promotion request
    – Clicking on your SO now gives you an option to organize a group se x experience for them (either by inviting people you know or random strangers), with you watching.
    – You can click on one of subordinates (either an employee in your business or any office colleagues with jobexperience at least 30 lower than you) and ask them to retrieve documents from your home. Your SO is there too of course …
    – While on a date with your SO, someone offers your SO an ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for a modeling career, you accompany them to their audition but will you then stand in the way of their career or let them do whatever it takes?
    – Your perverted landlord offers to forgo this month’s rent if you let them sleep with your SO
    – Some bug fixes & minor improvements, with special thanks to Rizean for his help on Github

    – This update focuses on Transformation content. This refers to the ‘New TF Game’ option from the start menu, in case anyone hasn’t noticed at all it’s in the game.
    – You decide to go shopping and needs a bra fitting. The clerk helping you might get a little handsy, and it could lead to more.
    – Scenes that show how differently people react to you in your new female body: catcall, cheesy pickup line, hold doors & ask for number
    – Weekly triggered inner thought scene where you can choose to embrace your new female identity more or resist it, which affects submissivenesss, interpersonal, attractiveness, and how much you enjoy intercours e as a woman.
    – You meet someone who recognizes you and remembers you as male, who has gone through either same or opposite transformation as you. Since you’re in the same boat, you may decide to help them get comfortable with their new body.
    – While hanging out with a popular female friend in a bar or nightclub, she may find you odd and suspect you. She then dares you to hook up with a random guy and once her doubt subsides, she may even join you
    – A friend who you looked up to and had a man crush on before is now interested in you in your female form
    – A bi girl who was way out of your league when you were male is now suddenly much easier to approach in your female form
    – As a man, you had a friend who you know to always be the friendzoned / ‘nice guys finish last’ type to girls. Previously, you could only empathize with him, now as female yourself though, you could finally give him what he deserves.
    – You used to have a crush on a popular girl and felt helpless when she rejected and humiliated you then started going out with your bully. Now female, you came across them now as a couple having a loud argument and can finally take revenge, but on whom is the question!
    – When you were male, you have two friends who you know to enjoy sharing girls between them. Now that you’re a girl yourself and they don’t recognize you, maybe you can give a threesome a try.
    – All commissions from patrons for October

    – This update focuses on Trans/Futa content. Remember, you can change the percentage of trans NPCs generated by the game in Esc > Beauty Standards & Npc distribution
    – New Threesome animations involving Trans (or female wearing strapon) characters to cover some of the combinations that are still missing:
    + Trans Female Female (TFF)
    + Trans Trans Trans (TTT)
    + Male Trans Female (MTF)
    – New option in the Finish page of the Character Editor (works for both the player and NPCs you can edit from the Contacts menu) to allow trans/ female characters to use male moans instead and vice versa
    – New ‘Pitch Multiplier’ option under the Moans options above to alter the moans to a higher or lower key for that specific character. Obviously this is potentially useful for all types of characters just for the sake of variety, but is especially useful for trans characters (for example, if you’re playing a transwoman and want to emulate the effect of someone born male feminizing their voice via surgery, therapy or practice, you can either still use the female moans but lower the pitch, or choose to use the male moans instead but increase the pitch)
    – Add trans option to a few scenes that currently only generate / ask you to select male characters (breeding party, a night with colleagues, etc)

    – This update focuses on bug fixes. For full change log, check the bugs channel on LifePlay’s Discord server, then jump to the pinned message and start scrolling down. I have used the following symbols for the bug reports I’ve worked on:
    + Green Tick: The bug has been worked on and fixed
    + Blue Tick: Either this is an intended feature, an Unreal Engine bug (outside my control), or a limitation caused by something I didn’t think about when implementing a certain system years ago so changing this whole system now would cause even more bugs than it solves
    + Question Mark: I couldn’t reproduce the bug with the information provided. Usually these were the rare & probably system-specific ones reported by single users.
    – Also, the Docs/Modding folder has been updated with all the new API functions.

    (With the LewdPatcher patch applied)
    – This update is dedicated to Incest content
    – Using a dating app (both the normal one and the old-young one) may end up with you being matched with a relative, which can lead to just some awkwardness or some real needs / desires being expressed
    – If the non-con module is also enabled, a relative living with you with high perversion and highly negative submissiveness may force themselves on you while you’re sleeping, after which you can either accept that you enjoyed it, kick them out or call the cops and put them away for good.
    – New ‘Gather relatives’ action you can take at home that will either make your whole family or just those living with you show up so that you can more easily click on them (usually, you’ll have to invite them out individually first) for the usual npc interactions as well as the new module-specific interaction scenes below.
    – You can click on any relative you’ve slept with and choose to ‘seek therapy’, hoping to stop yourself from having these inappropriate desires anymore. Some therapists may be professional, but others may end up banging you or your lover or watching you banging each other, have threesome and suggest a poly relationship afterwards as the solution.
    – You can click on any relative and ask them to help you groom your private region, which could lead to things escalating fast
    – You can click on any relative currently single and try to hook them up with another relative, if succeeded, you may occasionally catch them in the act
    – Relatives that become your significant others will no longer move out and get their own home all of a sudden if they were living with you before
    – All patrons’ commissions for September

    – This update is dedicated to At Work content
    – The jobexperience stat now translates roughly to your and your colleagues’ positions within the company. You can increase this stat slowly via working or get a 20 point jump (along with a salary raise) with the new ‘Ask for promotion’ action available at work (which has a 2-week timeout if failed and 2-month timeout if succeeded, and success depends on your jobperformance + rapport with boss, which can be substituted for se x if perverted boss).
    – If your jobexperience is at least 30 higher than a colleague, you’re considered their superior and you can recommend them for a promotion in exchange for either some ‘fun’ (with them or their SO, the latter being generated when you ask for it according to your orientation if they don’t currently have one) or for a big rapport and/or attraction boost. You can only recommend one subordinate for promotion every 2 weeks and obviously you can’t abuse the interaction forever since eventually, they’re promoted high enough to no longer be your subordinate
    – You can also recommend any office subordinates for firing now, success chance based on how big the gap between your jobexperience stats are + your jobperformance and rapport with your own boss, which can be substituted for se x if perverted boss.
    – Some new interactions available when clicking on a subordinate in the office / an employee in your owned business to affect some key stats: Bully (their submissiveness up, your submissiveness down), Mentor (rapport, attraction, their intelligence & your interpersonal all up), ‘Get handsy’ (both your perversion up). The existing Flash, Ask out, Invite home & Hook up interactions now have x1.5 the base success rate + some extra success chance boost depending on how submissive they are when used on a subordinate, with some new dialogue acknowledging you as the boss.
    – Subordinates with at least above average perversion may proactively and repeatedly try to seduce you, which can eventually turn into a simple request for promotion, or a relationship / sugarbabe arrangement.
    – The Mentor interaction mentioned above is the way to go if you’re roleplaying a nice non-expoitative boss, since it can result in the subordinate developing a crush on you, no matter their perversion.
    – Possibility of a threesome for the office plaything repeatable scene
    – The boss errand scenes in the Netori module no longer punishes you for having high jobexperience, instead its text description reflects on you doing something important instead.

    – This update is dedicated to Se x Worker content
    – At a brothel, any NPCs with the “Works here” text when you hover over them can now be hired (where you can let your current companion join in for a threesome as well), instead of still being treated as a potential John.
    – Clicking on a “Works here” NPC at a brothel, you can now also select “Get introduced to a John” which will lead them to introduce you to a regular customer of theirs, initially for a threesome, but who will then become a regular for you as well.
    – New “Check prostitution’s legal status” you can take at any brothels, which is a way for the player to set whether such career can lead to arrests by cops in your current map. By default, it’s legal and arrests are disabled.
    – Aside from the risk of getting arrested by cops (based on your sneak stat), there’s now also the risk of the Johns running away without paying you first (based on your fitness stat), the risks are much lower while getting Johns from brothels compared to getting them from the streets.
    – Getting Johns from a brothel now involves having to give back a cut of your income back to the house, which balances out the reduced risk above.
    – Running into a John who is your colleague at your office job can fast track you to become the office plaything
    – Aside from running into colleagues, you now have a chance to run into anyone from your contacts as long as their perversion > 60, you can decide to turn them down or be professional. If they already have decent attraction to you, they’re guaranteed to become a regular customer and have higher likelihood of eventually offering to become your sugar daddy (mama) / committed partner.
    – When a returning John contacts you and you turn them down, you can then choose to permanently ignore and never see them again. There’s also an option to do this for all your current Johns and retire from the se x industry and never be bothered by your existing Johns again (for example, if you’re roleplaying someone who give up such career to start a family etc).
    – New female pole dancing animation for the ‘Strip’ action in stripclubs

    – This update is dedicated to the ‘Official Netori Module’ (this is where you’re the bull), which is an optional module, disabled by default. It can enabled in Esc > Mod Manager.
    – All Netori scenes where the cuck is willing now give the cuck a proper Cuck tag, preventing them from ever getting jealous and shooting you / breaking up with their SO, and also unlocking some repeatable scenes added this update or future updates
    – Sleeping with someone’s significant other (initially without their knowledge) could end up with you catching them watching from the hallway (if they have high masochist) and eventually allowing you to freely bang their SO whenever you want
    – While hanging out with a friend (high rapport) who are having problems performing in bed with their SO (low fitness or very high prone to orgas m), they could ask you to please their SO on their behalf.
    – While on a business trip, a cuck offers to let you spend a whole day at their place for intense debauchery with their SO and is even kind enough to send flowers over during the day, whose delivery person you can invite to join in as well.
    – If you’re an owner of a business, you can ask an employee currently in a relationship (click on the employee for the interactions menu) to let you smash their SO to show their appreciation for you providing them with a job, success depending on their masochist or if they already have the Cuck tag.
    – All patrons’ commissions for August

    – Children born from in-game pregnancies will now have their eventual race and appearance generated by mixing both their biological parents’ races and appearances, making it sometimes appear obvious if some interracial cheating / NTR / sperm donor was involved
    – Your female significant others can now give birth to twins and triplets too (whether biologically yours or nor), not exclusive to female player characters anymore
    – Intercourse while using condoms now temporarily lowers ‘prone to orgas m’ and making climax harder to reach, which might actually be a good thing if you have very high ‘prone to orgas m’ (i.e. premature ejaculation) and trying to please someone hard to please. This also makes the choice between pills and condoms more meaningful.
    – Chance of impregnation if the guy comes outside but then proceeds to pick a vaginal position unprotected with ‘leftovers’ still on his dick within a short time. To make sure never to accidentally trigger this, simply ‘clean it up’ after coming with a BJ (or anything non-vaginal really) until the orgas m meter reaches at least 15 before doing vaginal again
    – Discovering you’re pregnant while not in any committed relationship causes rapport loss with very conservative family members and colleagues (i.e. if their perversion is lower than 15). This will happen more if you use one of the optional maps set in religious countries, where NPCs’ average perversion is low.
    – Fix an issue where your children sometimes end up looking way older than 18 once they reach adulthood. They will now actually look like young adults at 18.
    – Prevent the pregnancy notification to display ridiculous info like ‘XYZ has been pregnant for 400 days’ which is prone to happen if the Pregnancy Duration Multiplier is set very low.
    – Fix the fatal error crash some people have been experiencing since the last update (i.e. the Old-Young released on 8 Aug)
    (Just a reminder since part of this update improves on the appearances of children born from in-game pregnancies: you don’t have to play your save for 18 in-game years to see them become full NPCs – there’s an Esc > Settings option for “Child Growth Speed” to make time pass very quickly for them).

    This update gives some love to a kink who always seems to finish ‘mid-table’ in the Kinks of the Month results each month, i.e. despite being moderately popular, it has never won a KotM update and doesn’t look likely to win in the foreseeable future. I’ve done this in the past for a few kinks (Watersports etc) and will continue to give some love to the unlucky perpetual losers in future non-KotM (i.e. first update of each month) updates when appropriate.
    Even though this isn’t an official KotM update decided by the poll results, Old-Young will still be excluded from September and October’s KotM polls for fairness to the other kinks.
    – New “Official Old-Young Module”, disabled by default and can be enabled in Esc > Mod Manager
    – New “likes_older” stat for player character and NPCs that ranges from -100 (prefers much younger lover) to 100 (prefers much older lover). This new stat has a big impact on their attraction to you whenever a new NPC is generated.
    – New “Use an age-gap dating app” that will introduce you to people that fit in with your age gap preference. This also provides an immersive way to set your own “likes_older” stat without directly editing stats or trying to figure out the math.
    – Commonly triggered scene for a younger player character that prefers older where a DILF / MILF (depending on your gender & sexual orientation) approaches you
    – Commonly triggered scene for an older player character that prefers younger where you come across someone younger who checks you out and you have a choice to approach
    – While hanging out with your friend / significant other, they might introduce you to their unusually attractive dad / mom / uncle / aunt / grandad / grandma (depending on how high your likes_older stat goes)
    – While hanging out with your friend, they might introduce you to their +18 child, niece / nephew / grandson / granddaughter who checks you out (depending on how far in the negative territory your likes_older stat goes)
    – While hanging out with a friend of the same gender and similar age at a nightclub / bar, you may get approached by a pair of older (wo)men. This, depending your own and your friend’s likes_older, perversion, interpersonal stats and scene choices, may result in either direct or voyeur partipation in a threesome or foursome.

    – New ‘Doggy’-Male-Female threesome animations
    – Expand the ‘Have a threesome’ interaction to allow for this new gender combination
    – A series of many scenes in sequence involving getting caught watching ‘Doggy’ porn in the office
    – A series of many scenes in sequence building up to trying ‘Doggy’ sex for the first time
    – Companion confessing about ‘Doggy’ experience and convincing you to try
    – Patrons’ commissions for July

    – Be invited into a polyamorous relationship with an existing NPC-NPC couple after a few threesomes
    – Suggest to a normal couple to turn their relationship into a poly one with you joining in, if you already had an threesome encounter with them in the past, or done something sexual with each individually.
    – New “Organize a poly swingers’ party” available at home specifically for you and other poly couples
    – New “Gather all poly partners” action available at home that brings all of them to you, each of whom can be interacted with (good for having them taking turns on you while the others watch etc)
    – New “Hang out with poly partners” action available at most public location types in the game, which will improve their attraction to you and can lead to random events under certain conditions like:
    + Come across someone you know, who gains or loses rapport depending on their perversion
    + Two of your lovers getting particularly intimate with each other
    + A stranger being drawn to your arrangement and expressing a desire to join
    + Another poly group suggesting a fun party

    – 14 new hairstyles for female characters

    – New group sex animations to cover the gender combinations not currently covered yet, namely (M = Male, F = Female):
    — MMM
    — MMMM
    — MMMMM
    — FFF
    — FFFF
    — FFFFF
    — MMFF
    — MMFFF
    — MMMFF
    — (That covers all the cis combinations up to 5 actors, but still many gender combinations involving trans are not covered, will be something for future group sex / trans KotM updates. For now, trans actors simply use the female animations for most group sex scenes)
    – New “Host a group sex party” action you can choose at home where you can invite people from your contacts (if high perversion / someone you’ve done sexual things with before) or random strangers online of any gender combinations to make use of the new animatioms
    – Commissions from patrons for June

    – Using the “Spend time with family” action, after going to the bedroom of a relative living with you who is currently home, you can choose to “Simply stay here for a while”. Then, they can be clicked on and interacted with all the usual NPC interactions.
    – Family movie night: Getting bored, you can sneakily mess around with an existing taboo lover. Getting caught by another relative will have good or bad consequences depending on perversion.
    – When snooping around someone’s bedroom while they’re out, you may come across a sex tape of them with an ex on their laptop and decide to ‘admire’ the tape right there in their room or more discreetly later on.
    – Doing anything around the house (except sleeping and going to the bathroom) while butt-naked may get you either scolded or ‘noticed’ by a relative living with you
    – A friend is on their way to come hang out but in the meantime, a taboo lover at home wants a quickie. May just get away with it or lead to huge rapport loss or a threesome or voyeur surprise …
    – Your current ‘normal’ boyfriend/girlfriend walks into you and your ‘forbidden’ lover going at it. May lead to a breakup, or a threesome or voyeur surprise …
    – Family members can visit you in prison. These visits may be secretly ‘conjugal’ in nature already, or may turn ‘conjugal’ after some convincing since you’re desperately in need.
    – Offer your virginity to an experienced relative, or offer to take a relative’s virginity considering your own experience.
    – Recover the eyeglasses back to the game, which were removed during the v4.0 overhaul by mistake
    – Add a new start menu theme soundtrack produced by a long-term contributor to the game, Xanar

    This update adds no new content and focuses entirely on fixing crashes and bugs, the most notably of which that have been fixed are:
    – The crashes some people have when going into a new building and the game starts to load NPCs there.
    – Fix an issue with average attractiveness for both men and women dropping to 0 as a result of a data reading bug, causing a huge percentage of obese NPCs. If you have this issue before, make sure to go to Esc > NPC Distribution & Beauty Standards) and Reset Default when loading your old save.
    – An issue some people report about NPCs’ moaning being silent during sex (I actually was never be able to reproduce this on my game so I assumed it was save-related, nevertheless, I put in some extra code whenever a sex scene starts to make sure everyone has a ‘voice’ assigned before fun time)
    – Minimize startup / start menu crashes as much as possible by optimizing the initial loading process a bit more. These are usually quite rare and random and the game usually starts fine simply by trying again, still it’s good to minimize them as first impression counts after all.
    (For those curious of the cause of the new location loading crashes last update and why it was so unpredictable and inconsistent across different PCs (mine and many others never had any crashes at all, but for those that had them, they were so frequent that the game was unplayable): It turns out the crashes were caused by a coding flaw that must have existed in the game for years but has never been exposed till now. When you go into a new location, there are two aspects of the game that are loaded concurrently in two separate processes. Firstly: The objects in the building itself as well as a little analysis to identify what type of building this is. Secondly: The characters and their clothes, including the uniforms. Now, at first glance, the two loading processes seem independent enough to happen simutaneously, but they’re NOT, cause the game needs to know what type of building this is before knowing which uniform to load. Up until to the v4.0 overhaul, this flaw was never exposed because the old clothes were so heavy and took ages to load, so the first process always beat the second process by far and the game always knows which building type before it gets to loading the uniforms (since normal NPCs are loaded before ‘working here’ NPCs). The new clothes in v4.0 however are much better optimized so for many fast PCs (not neccessarily high-end, maybe you just have fewer background processes, etc) possibly running the game on a SSD drive, it suddenly became possible for the second process to get to the uniform loading stage, not knowing what to do and crash, before the first process get to the ‘identify building type’ stage. Mine and the other crash-free PCs were just not as fast (again, not neccessarily low-end, just maybe having more background processes, mine probably wasn’t loading fast because as the dev, I have Unreal Engine running in background while playtesting the game) so everything ended up going according to plan. The fix was therefore to make sure that the building type is identified first, before any loading takes place. As an extra safety measure, I also make sure that if somehow in any circumstances, the game is asked to put someone in uniform but not knowing what type of building it is for, instead of freaking out and crashing, it just dresses this person completely randomly.)

    v4.0 Stable
    This is the final of the five updates making up the v4.0 Variety and Polish Overhaul
    – Another smaller but more selective batch of new male and female clothing items, focusing on uniforms, ceremonial / religious attire, and accessories. Basically, for Beta 3 & Beta 4, I simply went down the list of assets I have collected, so most of what’s been added are just everyday clothes. In v4.0 Stable, I’ll review what’s still missing and seek out the specific pieces that the game still needs for its different building types, jobs, scenes and ethnicities. Also, I deliberately avoided jewellery and other accessories in Beta 3 & 4 because they must be rigged, morph-transfered and tagged a bit differently from normal clothes, so I leave them for v4.0 Stable to do all in one go for efficiency.
    – Add all the logic to use all the new clothes for NPCs (which piece should go with which to avoid clipping, what to wear for which location, etc) will come in v4.0 Stable.
    – Remove all the old clothes (which clip a lot) from the game files, along with some other assets no longer used, making sure to remove any references to these in the game code as to avoid crashes. This is to save space and keep the game’s download size down. Obviously, during this overhaul, over 900 new clothes have been added so even with this clearing out of old assets, the final download size of v4.0 Stable will still be significantly higher than the v3.x versions, but still, it should be a couple hundreds mb smaller than the last update v4.0 Beta 4.
    – A new slider in the Morphs section to “Counteract Vagina Deform”. As you know, the vagina starts to deform if you use tons of morphs when creating your character, this has been minimized a lot in the Beta 1 update, but not 100% resolved. This new slider will do the trick for even the most heavily morphed character, so this should put this long-standing issue to rest finally. Special thanks to Mossrock for testing and helping me come up with this solution.
    – Some improvements and refinements to the NPC randomization logic based on the community’s feedback so far
    – Checkbox next to each line in the Esc > NPC Distribution & Beauty Standards to completely exclude a certain body type / face preset from any new NPCs being generated from then on under any circumstances. For players wanting a world where absolutely everyone is hot perhaps.
    – Bug fixes, stability improvements and performance optimizations. This update is called “v4.0 Stable” after all! Some minor, non-gamebreaking bugs may still remain though and will be worked on in v4.1 instead. Unlike the v3.0 or v2.0 overhauls in the past, I didn’t have the luxury this time to add no new content and focus entirely on bug fixes for the final update of the overhaul (mostly because of the huge number of new clothes). As a result, after all the asset adding and extra coding, I was down to only final two days before the release date to fix bugs so I could only focus on the most important ones and making sure the game is stable.

    v4.0 Beta 4
    This is the fourth of the five updates making up the v4.0 Variety and Polish Overhaul and the second update focusing on Clothes in the overhaul. It’s very similar to what was done in Beta 3, just even more in quantity.
    – 285 new female clothing items, taking the total number of female clothes added during this overhaul so far to 591
    – Notably, compared to Beta 3, the Beta 4 batch of female clothes have a lot more of those with the “Partial Undress’ state available
    – 204 new male clothing items

    Note since this is a beta update, part of a larger overhaul:
    – Even after tons of clothes have been added in Beta 3 & Beta 4, there is still a smaller but more selective batch of around 100 items to be added in v4.0 Stable, focusing on uniforms, ceremonial / religious attire, and accessories. Basically, for Beta 3 & Beta 4, I simply went down the list of assets I have collected, so most of what’s been added are just everyday clothes. In v4.0 Stable, I’ll review what’s still missing and seek out the specific pieces that the game still needs for its different building types, jobs, scenes and ethnicities. Also, I have deliberately avoided jewellery and other accessories so far in Beta 3 & 4 because they must be rigged, morph-transfered and tagged a bit differently from normal clothes, so I leave them for v4.0 Stable to do all in one go for efficiency.
    – Also, all the logic to use all the new clothes for NPCs (which piece should go with which to avoid clipping, what to wear for which location, etc) will come in v4.0 Stable. Therefore, for now, just like in Beta 3, all the new clothes are just for the player character to try on. NPCs still use the old clothes, which clip horribly because of all the new character morphs added in Beta 1 & 2. Don’t worry though, Beta 4 is the final update these clipping-friendly old clothes even stay in the game files as they will all be cleared out in v4.0 Stable to save space while the NPCs embrace the new clothes with all the logic added.
    – After Beta 3 & 4 & v4.0 Stable, the total number of clothing items in the base game would be over 900, which is plenty. Still, this doesn’t mean that I will no longer add any more clothes ever again in the future. So if there’s some specific clothing piece you have in mind that didn’t make it in these 900 added during the v4.0 overhaul, don’t worry. In the future, once every few months, I will dedicate one update (let’s say: v4.7, v4.16, etc) for a new batch of clothes, and these updates will come in the form of easy-to-install & version-neutral optional downloads (just like the optional maps) as I don’t want to keep increasing the base game’s download size. The best thing about these being available as optional downloads is that I won’t have to be as stingy with polycount and texture resolution for them as I had to be with the 900+ items in the base game, since it won’t matter how heavy or performance-intensive these optional clothes end up being since the player gets to pick and choose how many and which they want used in their own game. Basically, these will be “High Definition Clothes Free DLCs”.

    v4.0 Beta 3
    This is the third of the five updates making up the v4.0 Variety and Polish Overhaul and the first update focusing on Clothes in the overhaul.
    – Improve the pre-import procedures for clothing assets to be imported into the game during Beta 3 & 4 (these of course won’t apply to the old clothes, which will still be there in Beta 3 but will all be removed or replaced in Beta 4):
    — Improve rigging to make clothes follow the character’s current animation as much as possible, i.e. skirt bend with legs etc
    — Improve morph transfer to reduce clipping (i.e. body poking through clothes) as much as possible within the constraints imposed by optimization needs (see below).
    — Much better optimization (i.e. poly count & texture resolution only as high as absolutely necessary) for the new clothing assets compared to previous. Because by the time overhaul is finished, the total number of clothes available will be a huge jump from previous (x7 previous is my current estimate), this is essential for the game’s ability to load them without crashing and for keeping the game’s download size acceptable. Unfortunately, there’s no free lunch and the need to keep polycount low for each clothing asset somewhat counteracts the improved morph transfer above, meaning that clipping cannot be avoided 100% especially when a lot of morphs are used, but it’ll be a lot less obvious than before.
    – Basic high heel system to adjust leg pose and distance from ground when wearing some of new footwear with heels.
    – New “Partial Undress” button (dress pulled down to expose boobs etc) during sex and also for testing in the Inventory menu, available for a small proportion of new clothing assets (highlighted as such in your Inventory). Make sure to wear these specific clothes if this is your kink.
    – 306 new female clothing items are added in Beta 3 (I just go down the list of raw assets I collected together, so Beta 3 may overrepresent or underrepresent certain apparel types, don’t worry, not gonna be a problem when the overhaul is finished).
    – Please note: Beta 3 is only the halfway point of the overhaul and the first overhaul update to actually work on clothes. Because half of dev hours for Beta 3 went into improving the pre-import procedures and collecting all the raw assets, the majority of the new assets for the v4.0 overhaul (i.e. the rest of the female clothes and all male clothes) will actually be added in Beta 4. Also, all the logic to use these new clothes for NPCs (which piece should go with which to avoid clipping, what to wear for which location, etc) will come in v4.0 Stable so for now, NPCs either just ignore the new clothes or put them on randomly. Until all the logic is added, the new clothes are mostly just for the player character to try on.

    v4.0 Beta 2
    This is the second of the five updates making up the v4.0 Variety and Polish Overhaul. Following on from Beta 1, Beta 2 will continue focusing on Variety of Characters, before we move on to clothes in Beta 3 (so if you see a lot of cloth clipping this update, it’s to be expected because new chracter morphs were added and clothes haven’t been worked on yet. Don’t worry, pretty much all the clothes will be replaced in Beta 3 & 4).
    – Improve the eyes’ textures and shaders for a more realistic look that matches the quality of the rest of the face
    – Eye color is now clearly noticeable and completely customizable (not just the game picking from 3 equally dark colors like before)
    – Under Character Editor > Skin, 25 sets of bikini tan lines to choose from for female characters, plus a slider to adjust how noticeable they are
    – Another “Step” for the new Morphs > Visual Mode, which highlights the most essential morphs (scale, position, rotate, etc) for each major facial feature (eyes, nose, chin, etc) to give you more control after you’ve done the first step of blending full face presets together.
    – Expand the NPC generation algorithms to make use of all the new customization options added in Beta 1 & 2, with special attention to:
    — Generating NPCs with realistic but distinct looks
    — Generating NPCs from different ethnicities
    — Generating NPCs of different ages
    — Generating fantasy NPCs
    — Giving NPCs appropriate fitness and muscle stats in accordance to their body
    — The attractiveness stat (see below)
    – All patrons’ commissions for April
    (The last two bullet points are very complex to implement and are simply introduced in Beta 2 at a basic level, far from finished. The data and logic involved will continue being worked on and fine-tuned in Beta 3, 4 & Final too)
    – Expand the “Esc > Customize NPC Distribution” menu into “NPC Distribution & Beauty Standards”, where you can indicate how appealing different body types, face shapes, age groups, ethnic features, etc are for each gender (up to you if you want to be objective, or use this menu to set up your player character’s preferences). The default settings use conventional beauty standards and my own taste.
    – In the same menu, you can now set the “NPC Average Attractiveness” for each gender, default: 50 for male, 75 for female. The game will then generate NPCs with the attractiveness stats averaging into this and try to make their actual look justify their attractiveness stat in accordance with your beauty standards above.

    v4.0 Beta 1
    – New system that allows the players to import their own PNG or JPG image files into the game at runtime. In the original overhaul plans, I mentioned this wasn’t guaranteed to be possible, so I’m happy to announce that my experiments with it have finally come to fruition, opening up so many possibilities now and in the future.
    – New Overlays feature (that relies on the runtime import system above) to import custom tattoos, pimples, etc
    – New Real Face Import feature (also relying on the runtime import system above) to make LifePlay characters based on real photos of yourself, someone you know, celebrities or your favorite video game characters. The final character you come up with can of course then be saved as a preset and shared with the community if you want.
    – Some celeb presets as examples for this new feature
    – Beginner-friendly tutorial document for this new Real Face Import feature, because it requires an extra manual preparation step from the base photo before the results can be imported into the game.
    – New morphs for proper ethnic differences: Black and Asian characters won’t just look like the default Caucasian character painted on anymore
    – New morphs for proper age differences: teens and senior citizens will now both look convincing
    – New morphs for orcs, elves and vampires, making them more distinguishable from humans
    – New morphs for feminine-looking men
    – New morphs for subtle facial asymmetries
    – New morphs for complete face presets (like the current Anya, Cynthia, Shu, etc) that can be blended together to easily make a unique face
    – Minimize that long-standing problem where the vagina gets deformed by seemingly unrelated morphs. You should now have much more room to play around with different morphs before things get weird, although it’s still not 100% perfect – it’s just the way morphs work.
    – Remove many ‘junk’ morphs that are barely noticeable but take up resources and confuse users
    – “Visual Mode” – Complete UI overhaul of the Morphs tab of the Character Customization menu, making it a much more visual, interactive and user-friendly experience. I expect 90% of players would find using “Visual Mode” sufficient for their needs cause it already gives you the most signifcant morphs and make them much easier to use. The old huge list of sliders is still in there, now called “Detailed Mode”, meant only for advanced users who want to tweak every little number for minor morphs and experiment with negative values or values above 1 etc.

    – In addition to professional por n shoots, you can also make your own content (+ collab with other por nstars) for OnlyFans. Obviously you don’t get paid per shoot like studio work so remember to pay out your OnlyFans income each month! Your income grows or declines depending on your attractiveness, por n fame, and how much content you uploaded that month.
    – Can become a webcam model. Accepting requests from viewers can yield extra cash.
    – Employees you hired at your brothel or stripclub are now treated as sex workers and can be pimped out. If the customer is left unsatisfied, you can offer extra service yourself.
    – Girlfriend/ boyfriend experience: asked to go on a romantic date with a John before doing the deed, occasionally coming across someone so smitten with you that a genuine relationship is proposed
    – Asked to accompany a rich and powerful John to high-class events to to seal business deals
    – While working at stripclubs, can be asked to go to a VIP room for a private dance and even propositioned further
    – Approached by Johns wanting to roleplay an ‘aggressive’ or femdom situation
    – the final 25% of update will be about prostitutes being “rap… music” by pimps and johns, about ‘rough’ por n co-stars and about being ‘strongly convinced’ to enter the adult industry.
    – All patrons’ commissions for March

    – New ‘Pregnancy Pact’ interaction: a female PC can make a pact with another female friend / relative to become pregnant together, with new scenes then becoming available: double breeding party, paying male prostitutes, going clubbing together to try your luck.
    – New ‘Impregnation Bet’ interaction: A male PC can make a bet with another male friend/ relative to take turns on the same girl and see who can impregnate her
    – If you impregnate someone who is already taken, their significant other may try to impregnate your wife/ girlfriend to make things even. And vice versa if some other guy impregnates your SO first.(+ API funciton to get any NPC’s baby daddy to make these scenes possible).
    – Your friend or family asks you to follow them to a breeding party, saying they want to have a baby, but dont want to go alone.
    – You go to check for pregnancy in the hospital where the doctor says that you arent pregnant, but since you want so bad to have a baby, you can seduce the doctor
    – Sperm donor for lesbian couple: two scenes with the PC as the donor and the lesbian getting impregnated.
    – An ex who can’t get over you suggests one last night together for old time’s sake, secretly with the sole intention of starting a pregnancy.
    – the final 25% of update will be about pregnancies caused by “Rap… music”, which obviously will have unique consequences and shouldn’t just be treated like any other pregnancies in terms of finding baby daddy or your current partner blaming you for cheating. Also, if you’re the impregnator in the situation, depending on her personality, the baby mama obviously will treat you differently than if the pregnancy comes from a loving relationship. If the pregnancy is from female on male, she may ask for forgiveness and to help raise the kid.

    Requirements To Run the Game:
    (very likely you already have them installed if you’ve played other Unreal Engine games)
    DirectX End-User Runtime
    Visual C++ Redistributable



    Download For Win (64-bit)
    Download For Win (32-bit)
    Download For Linux


    Update Only: (requires v5.0 Stable or later)-

    Download For Win (64-bit)
    Download For Win (32-bit)


    Inc*st-NonConsensual-Best*ality Patch
    Download For Guide


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    Real map as the background of the game, a strong sense of substitution, you can do whatever you like in the city you are familiar with. Game updates are fast and don't require too many downloads each time.

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    Real map as the background of the game, a strong sense of substitution, you can do whatever you like in the city you are familiar with. Game updates are fast and don't require too many downloads each time.LifePlay [v2023.04 Beta][Vinfamy]