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    Lewd Town Adventures v0.14.5 – Jamleng Games


    Welcome to Lewd Town.

    Lewd Town Adventures v0.14.5 by Jamleng Games, In this place, Lewd Town Adventures is an lewd game about things are quite a bit different than you might expect.
    Romance takes a backseat to the story of our protagonist (YOU), an imperfect young
    man who grew up as the target of bullying, a real nobody with a literal bag over his head.

    After a series of tragic circumstances, his life will change completely and he will rise from having been
    the biggest outcast of all time to become either the biggest pimp the world has ever seen… or to rise above his
    primal urges and stand up against an organization that has become the world’s worst bully and take it down.

    Will you choose to be a sadistic enslaver or a noble saviour of the world? Or will you blow it all up and lose everything?

    The choice is yours…

    Updated: 2023-12-14
    Release Date: 2023-12-14
    Developer: Jamleng Games Subscribestar – Discord
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.14.5
    Length: 7-14 hrs
    OS: Windows, Linux , Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dgame, 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, anal sex, animated, BDSM (optional), big ass, big tits, bukkake, corruption, creampie, drugs, exhibitionism, female domination, futa/trans (optional), handjob, harem, humor, comedy, incest (optional), interracial, impregnation, lactation, lesbian, male domination, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, mind control, mind break, mobile game, multiple endings, multiple penetrations (optional), NTR (optional), oral sex, parody, POV, pregnancy, prostitution, religion, romance, sandbox, sex toys, sleep sex, spanking, stripping, teasing, trainer, urination (optional), vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism.

    1. Extract game to its own folder
    2. Run
    Cheat Codes
    Greedisgood = 10k cash.
    Whosyourdaddy-on = incest mode on.
    Whosyourdaddy-off = incest mode off.
    – 4 Christmas events got added throughout the game for a total of 39 animations and 441 images.


    – The prologue interface was not displaying correctly.
    – Said interface didn’t correctly change to chapter 3 later on in the game.
    – Lilly’s living room displayed the wrong image.
    – A bunch of events were remade for a total of about 200 images.
    – The final changes have been made to the journal and added.
    – Updated corruption/love levels up to day 130.



    Lewd Town Adventures 0.13 update notes:
    – 45+ new events.
    – 2500 + new images.
    – 550+ new animations.
    – 300 pages of dialogue added.
    – World Map overhaul (finally).
    – A bunch of remade scenes.
    – 22 new songs.

    Bug fixes:
    Numerous bugs, inconsistencies, and typos have been resolved, resulting in enhancements to the overall user experience.
    A comprehensive list of these improvements spans 30 pages and is too extensive to enumerate here.


    Patch notes:
    The game has become more Christmas-sy and a bunch of events got added:
    – During day 30+ in the living room (Hilda’s house) a Christmas event becomes available.
    – During day 90+ while visiting the bar a Christmas event becomes available.
    – During day 100+ in front of the mansion a Christmas event becomes available.

    There are also a few very small bug fixes but nothing worth mentioning.


    Minor changes:
    – The journal didn’t correctly update for Natalie after visiting her room.
    – Luna’s event on day 109 could never trigger depending on certain choices made earlier.
    – The gallery got a few small fixes, mainly that the player name will now always show correctly.


    Lewd Town Adventures 0.12 update notes:
    – 39 new events.
    – 1350+ new images.
    – 250+ new animations.
    – 1100+ older images/animations remade.
    – Lilly can be found at her house during different times of the day. (Good Path)
    – Sophia can be found in her bedroom in the evening. (Good Path)
    – Mia can now be found in her room during the evening and night. (Neutral Path)
    – Rachel now moved into Pam’s house. (Neutral Path)
    – Stacy can now be visited on the Dark Path depending on what you’ve chosen.
    – Many of the characters had their dialogue updated or will show optional mini-events.
    – Added new dialogue for Mity, Rachel, Lilly, Mia, Sophia, and others.
    – More options added for asking the girls for repeat naughty encounters.
    – A Halloween event got added.

    Remade/enhanced scenes:
    – Tanya’s first two naughty scenes.
    – Pamela first visit to the mansion.
    – Pamela’s house visit.
    – More Pam stuff not giving out spoilers.
    – All toilet encounters in the university.
    – Various early cathedral scenes.
    – All of Chloe’s earlier events.
    – Earlier Mia events.
    – Some Ramoray scenes.
    – Some MC scenes.
    – Emily’s earlier scenes including all the ones connected to the bar.
    + A lot more.

    Qol changes:
    – Added night scenes to certain rooms in the mansion.
    – The university now has now different things going on in the background whenever you visit.*
    – Added a laboratory entrance so you don’t end up in Ramoray’s office every time you visit.
    – Added names to locations when hovering over them. (Pc/mac only)
    – Natalie, Matilda, and Grace have been added to the journal and become available after making the Good/Dark Path choice.
    – The history screen now has dialogue better positioned and the black background that wasn’t supposed to be there is now transparent.
    – All animation transitions are now way smoother.
    – The room system in the mansion is now way better coded so bugs will no longer happen.

    *A special thanks to Master of Puppets that made some of these possible.

    Bug fixes:
    – The hidden ending for Hilda never triggered for like the past 6 updates which was a huge fail on my part.
    – An optional mid-game event for Hilda was never able to trigger either.
    – Talking to Natalie in her room could show a black screen.
    – A save file number bug was fixed.
    – Quite a few inconsistencies in certain stories were fixed.


    Bug fixes:
    – Fixed a crash inside of Nina’s house when visiting her late game.
    – A Dark Path event has been made inaccessible on the Good Path.
    – An event was missing from the journal and has been added.
    – Made a few small changes to the journal.
    – Fixed a missing animation.
    – A few locations during the night showed the wrong dialogue/image. Fixed.
    – A repeatable naughty scene showed the wrong images. Fixed.
    – A couple of typo fixes.


    ewd Town Adventures 0.10
    – 4100+ images/animations
    – 2650+ new images
    – 250+ new animations
    – 1200+ images/animations remade
    – 40+ new events added
    – 70k+ words added (Equal to a full book)
    – New side characters
    – More sound effects, new songs
    – Typo fixes thanks to Jaredh72
    *The total size of this update alone was: 6GB. It’s been compressed for everyone’s convenience.

    QOL changes:
    – Improved the journal by making the hint system way more clear.
    – You can now navigate through the journal using your keyboard.
    – The gallery is now accessible from the computer.
    – Made certain events easier to trigger.
    – Fixed certain out-of-order events.
    – Money/Day are now shown on the map as well.
    – An “End Replay” button has been added when playing scenes from the gallery.
    – You can now rename the save/load file pages to organize your saves.
    + some other small stuff.

    Bug fixes/minor changes:
    *Lots of them.


    Lewd Town Adventures 0.9.2:
    – Added one new event.
    – The Christmas events have been removed, Santa will be back next December.
    – Improved the hints in the journal so people get stuck less often.
    – Fixed two inconsistencies.
    The Major update will be ready in two months.

    Bug fixes:
    Small stuff.


    Here are the patch notes:
    – Christmas came to Lewd Town so the game is a bit more Christmas-sy.
    – Two new events have been added. (200 images)

    One can be triggered in the living room after day 30, the other one can be triggered after day 70 by visiting the bar.

    Bug fixes:
    – Fixed a few dark/good paths that could trigger on the wrong path, especially when mixing.
    – Fixed a bug where the player could enter one of the prologue rooms during the night.
    – Fixed a bug where Mia can be found in her room masturbating during the night in the early game.
    – Fixed a missing animation in the cathedral.
    – Fixed a bunch of other small stuff.

    Dev Notes
    NTR is very easily avoidable.

    This is a work in progress I’m putting tons of work in. I’m trying my very best to make it as good as possible.
    In fact, within less than a year this game has become bigger than most of the games out there.

    As of Lewd Town Adventures version 0.6 – Xo Mo has joined the team, so I will no longer be working on this game alone. Mostly because I wish to have a life aside from making games, it really takes up a lot of time and effort to create a project like this. So expect even more cool stuff coming up in the next versions!

    Choices do impact the outcome of the story over time.
    For vanilla players, you will be challenged by some aspects of this story.
    If you stick with it, the game does have romance and engaging characters.
    The main focus of Lewd Town Adventures is corruption. There is humor, heart, and hardcore fun to be discovered around every corner. This sandbox environment will open up slowly as you interact with the NPC occupants of your home, the town, and eventually the international community…

    If you have any ideas, feedback, questions, found a bug, want to stay updated, or just want to hang out: Discord
    Thank you very much for your time. I truly hope you will enjoy the game.

    This game is pretty big, if you experience lag try the following:
    Press Shift + G in the game. Change the renderer to any other option, you might have a OpenGL or DirectX issue.

    Important for returning players!!!:
    Older save files, can make optional “NTR” paths, unavoidable.
    To fix that, either start a new game or download the save file at the bottom of this thread.

    Greedisgood = 10k cash.
    Whosyourdaddy-on = incest mode on.
    Whosyourdaddy-off = incest mode off.


    Download For Android
    Download For Extra (SAVE)

    Keywords: Download Lewd Town Adventures Game.


    This is an amazing VN with plenty of Kinks for all kinds of people! It's a fun play through with plenty of options, places to go, things to do, and amazing characters that do grow and develop over time.

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    This is an amazing VN with plenty of Kinks for all kinds of people! It's a fun play through with plenty of options, places to go, things to do, and amazing characters that do grow and develop over time.Lewd Town Adventures v0.14.5 - Jamleng Games