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    Incubus Realms [v1.25][Ghuraok]


    Incubus Realms v1.295 by Ghuraok, Incubus Realms Is a game about “Trapped in a cell you must find a way out and possibly help the people you find along the way. Many paths and options are given to the player right from the start, none of them are wrong. During your adventure, you face the reality that no one in this world is being held against their will. In fact, your own desires are the real enemy here. The Incubus awaits you, he knows you can’t resist his call…”

    (Note: This is a Alpha, so a lot of content is missing.)

    Updated: 2023-12-01
    Release Date: 2023-12-01
    Developer: Ghuraok – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: v1.295
    OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
    Language: English

    2dcg, 2d game, Gay, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Oral sex, Monster, Mobile game
    – Extract to desired location.
    – Run.

    “Stepping Stone”

    Just like the previous “Stepping Stone” update, this one also introduces a series of more robust systems to future proof the game. They might not all be visible in gameplay, but they will be a stepping stone for new ways to play soon. There are many scenes in the work that will be implemented soon. The Guide will therefore be updated when the 1.3 comes out.

    I thank everyone for the patience and support, I feel like I can never give enough of an update especially as time builds up expectations I can never imagine meeting. I understand this isn’t packed with new content, however my focus for this update was to freshen up those first few minutes of gameplay to be the most enjoyable as I have showcased my game at Y/CON last weekend in Paris. It was very stressful, but a lot of people played and liked it. I could also sell a few books and prints to resurface financially a bit.

    While things aren’t perfect, mainly money wise, I’m doing a lot better mentally and professionally. This year had me understand and manage myself better. The house is all patched up, my health is great and I’m starting to look into this thing people call ‘social media’, maybe I can get more people to support the project!

    • Bugs/Tweaks
      • Kafei not interactable when at pilori.
      • Rats no longer require the rope, the pipe is initially closed, that makes more sense.
      • You can now still interact with the cart even while it’s being loaded, after all Kafei’s eyesight isn’t great and the others have their backs turned on you.
      • Amaïr no longer goes in your companions but instead your prisoners.
    • Visuals
      • New main screen art
      • Cells repainted
      • Hallway redesigned and coloured
      • Guards’ lobby redesigned and coloured
      • Fungi close-up redesigned and animated
      • Companions and Prisoner background art added + chains and vines frames
      • Dice roller screen redesign + animated dice
      • New Eye and Sparkles animations
      • Felsic sprite fully integrated
        • Emotions
        • Climber outfit
        • Slime TF
        • Gnome TF
        • Goblin TF
      • Events art finished:
        • Rohan Slendershrooms Amaïr 2/2
        • Rohan Symbiote x Lucien
        • Amaïr x Rohan (intro) 7/9
        • Anthony’s Dad Memory 5/5
        • Anthony x centaur
    • Improvements
      • Video Tutorials with relevant timing:
        • Conversations
        • Focus
        • Turns and Phases
        • Inventory
        • Rolls
      • Interaction menu
        • Organised lexical (Suggestions, Sense, Function, Social)
        • Input replaced by Search with suggestions including all registered synonyms
        • Notes: Summons a screen to take notes tied to an interaction or an item.
      • The party is now split into Companions and Prisoners
        • Companions get 3 slots
        • Prisoners get only 1
        • All will be upgradable
      • New Fight, Flight or Freeze interactive encounters module (Not visible yet)
        • Allows for more in-depth encounters
        • Capture (Experimental)
        • Loot
          • Loot table mixing the encounter type and the current area (such as lost items).
        • Plans are for all encounters to offer a chance of interaction.
        • Use party to help you out
        • Choice to be top or bottom
      • Better control over text
        • Auto-play, no need to click to progress through text, set speed in preferences.
        • Buttons (Back, Auto-play, Skip)
      • Interactions
        • Sparkles to indicate where interactions are (random intervals)
        • More sarcastic responses to actions that don’t do anything
          • Inspect, Touch, Listen, Smell, Lick, Think, Enter, Hit, Collect, Drink, Eat, Remove, Wear and Talk added to special answers.
        • Added more reactions across the game thanks to player feedback.
      • Shorter intro
        • Skipped through disclaimers, stat screens and all the nonsense.
        • Introduction skippable if seen once on device.
      • Dynamic naming
        • Replaces instances of character appellations by a dynamic variable.
        • This allows for characters to reveal their names at any given point in the story but also to have their reputation, your relationship with them, nicknames or physical appearance to be synced with how they’re called across the game.
        • Integrated on Cyril, Amaïr, Rohan, Rodolphe and Anthony.
      • Optional censorship pack
        • Requires red shades to see through.
        • This is mostly for me to showcase the game during conventions
      • Sprites 3.0 (Only Felsic atm)
        • Allows for more flexibility over TF, clothing and emotions.
        • Conditional hide/reveal parts such as the genitals only showing up if no clothes overlaps.
        • Improved organisation.
    • Content
      • New thought corruption: Anthony’s dad
        • There are plans to expand it to have exploration within the memory. At the time being it only requires Anthony’s presence.
      • Extended mines and caves exploration
        • Player is no longer forced to a game over after dividing.
        • Goblin form is available, albeit there aren’t too many options yet besides fusing back.
        • Same for Gnome form, it’ll be possible to wander around, but mainly to find back your Goblin and fuse back.
        • There are plans to fully support these forms within this dungeon, keep in mind however goblins grow weak in plain light, gnomes the same in darkness.
        • Player will no longer be unable to read after the Gargoyle’s trade.
        • Player is no longer forced to game over after coming back to Gargoyle.
        • Freeing the Fey King no longer forces a game over.
      • Unfortunately the Forest and Swamp are still restricted to game overs. The later updates will ensure to open these regions.


    Previous version saves will not be compatible, however some replays will carry on.

    • Bugfixes
      • Bug hunting
      • Blur screen unresponsive
      • Memories don’t crop side images
      • FungusRohanScene—>No FungusPlayerDialogue Sprite
      • Can’t “collect” from tap in CourtyardGate
      • ??? on the bottles in inventory
      • Human cum isn’t emptied
      • Byzeff fuses with the tree regardless if you save him
      • Fae king ??? remains
      • Save before choosing how to save Cyril then Load
      • Wrong EventLog for Rohan in Rat orgy
      • Using guardian seed on hatch consumes flask
      • Ask Cyril tie rope on bridge
      • Anthony Cell says to be Empty but isn’t
      • Rollbacks are blocked in several instances that would provoke crashes
        • Important note ⚠ : Rollback at your own risk
      • Cocooned Victor Loop fixed
      • Typing remove would cause a crash on clothes
    • Improvements
      • Some menus made snappier by removing dissolve transition
      • Title screen visual updated
      • Replays transition in and out
      • Replays list up to 1.25
      • Replays now give you options to set the context of a replay
      • Replays now contextualise music, scenery, character data, etc.
      • Some replays progress through several turns automatically.
      • The Sundew plant now also gives you a vegetal refractory status
      • Anthony has been converted to the new layering system
      • Clothes can now be removed, the Wear action turns automatically into Unequip
    • Exploration
      • Goblins will now lead you into their lair
        • Rock Prison
        • Caveworm Roots
      • 3 Thought corruption locations have been added
        • Symbiosis Ceremony
        • Wisteria’s Sport Hall Lockers
        • Wisteria’s Police Station’s Custody Suite
    • Characters
      • Victor (Sketch)
        • Human (Naked, Police Office Uniform)
        • Boar
      • Daagün (Sketch)
        • Human (Naked, Police Uniform(NV))
        • Gnome (Naked)
        • Hobgoblin (Naked)
      • Baati (Sketch)
        • Human (Police Uniform)
      • Young Rohan (Sketch)
      • Anthony (Full Colours)
        • Human (Naked, separate elements)
        • Ape Lvl 1 (Separate elements)
        • Ape Lvl 2 (Full sprite)
        • Ape Lvl 3 (Full sprite(NV))
      • Harko (Sketch)
        • Naked
      • Feras (Sketch)
        • Naked Forgotten
      • Player (Sketch)
        • Gnome (Naked)
        • Goblin (Naked(NV))
    • Scenes
      • Rohan’s Symbiosis Ceremony
      • Cultivated Curiosity
      • Daagün’s Goblin Gangbang
      • Lucien’s Division
      • A Goblin’s little Gnome
      • A Hobgoblin’s little Gnome
      • Anthony’s Ape Transition
      • Cyril Cavewormed
      • The Hobgoblin’s new interest
      • Anthony showers with Daagün.


    • Rodolphe (Rat king) now reacts to all companions and some items he’s presented with
    • Rohan’s Cell fully drawn and coloured with Rohan physically in the background.
    • Rodolphe has now new topics to ask him
    • Spent a lot of time writing the scripts to have choices already visited being automatically struck through
    • added a QuestLog
    • 3D map & minecraft map of the dungeon
    • Summoning switch (Inspect & Summon)
    • Converted all tooltips to native system
    • Input system : Added suggestions, Clearer input box, Lexical screen added
    • Notification screen :Coding logic prepared, Coded & integrated to New companions, new status, FP addition, new quests,… Still need to add it to several things.
    • Inventory screen : Items can now be sorted , Multiple pages of items can be viewed, New buttons and design, Compatible with trading sequence, Stacks for multiple items
    • Character screen: Dynamic bubbles for character thumbnails, Compatible with trading sequence, Dynamic character view (same sprite for all views, allows for changes to be seen everywhere), New buttons and layout, Relationship stats viewer, Animated bars, relationship levels
    • Conversation Tools (Experimental): Added physical compliment generator for all character based on their traits (Rats,Satyrs,Beard, Short, Tall, Tail, Horns, Anthropomorphic, Chubby,Lean, Muscular, Hairy, Young, Old, PointyEars, Muzzle, XL, L, M), Also you can slap people’s butt, Personalised reactions for compliments currently work for Rohan & Rodolphe, Randomised transition in and out for an organic feel to the conversation.
    • Rohan in cell interactions: “Fuck” added
    • Milking Pods interactions : Player actions (Inspect, Touch, Smell, Ride), Rohan (Summon + Inspect), Anthony (Summon + Inspect), Guardian (Summon + Inspect)
    • Yuvee neutral sprite (Done & integrated)
    • Poisoning status of Anthony rendered permanent until fixed so it doesn’t cure itself after a couple of turns.
    • While giving guardian seed to Rodolphe : Fixed a typo in the reaction tags.
    • More responsive tooltips
    • Fixed Player Overview not showing Rat Player
    • Realigned Summon/Inspect cursor for companions
    • Fixed Reaction commands during Rat companion conversations


    • Fixed Anthony crashing when curing him from Companion menu
    • Fixed Double team Cyril showing human player
    • Items work again on Anthony
    • Fixed CyrilSlimeScene not being added to the memories
    • Fixed relationship status not working
    • Fixed Notification screen showing old notifications in loop
    • Fixed Jerking off during the orgy always branching to Rohan.
    • Fixed double frame on stat creation
    • RatHole.PlayfulRats fixed, must have erased it by mistake.
    • Fixed instance where RatRohan should have been given instead of Rohan.
    • Fixed being able to talk to RatRohan causing a brief appearance of Rohan in his regular form.
    • Fixed Tooltip doubling on the top left of the screen

    It’s mainly a system update preparing the arrival of new content.

    • Fixed “Use” suggested action not working for Sleepy Guardian
    • Fixed Reaction not suiting the possessed Amaïr
    • Fix Memories UI : more visible button & Hints added when memory locked
    • Curse filter has been removed due to unreliability
    • Revamped better status framework, now status will also affect stats/success rates, can stack and will be given their own list where you can check all your status effects with a neat description.
    • All items updated to the new framework
    • Better Companions bonuses/maluses (now using the status framework)
    • Letting Rohan Go in the Guards’ quarters has been fixed
    • Being defiled by rat and being a rat are now integrated in the new status framework
    • QuickStart added
    • Reworked the Interaction Framework with contextual menus giving their own input and suggested actions (if activated)
    • Reworked the status Framework to implement a timer(if there’s one) for each status and remove status at the end of it
    • Integrated diceroller on the cell door but then realised it was broken af so
    • REPAIRED the damn dice roller
    • Entire revision of the script, cleaned all the useless variables, applied all the new more efficient systems everywhere. This is now 100% future proof
    • All Fungus pods can now be used to cure characters from lvl 1 physical afflictions
    • All Characters can now have multiple statuses
    • Generic Answers : Draws from a pool of random contextual answers (item, action) for uncaught player input
    • Character Locations added
    • Anthony Rat Cell Encounter added
    • Rat Cell Encounter will still apply Defiled(Rat) to the characters you leave in their cells with the rope attached to the pipe. (regardless if you’re there to witness it)
    • A couple of new memories, but still working on that
    • Simplified Stats UI, now displays the effective value aside of the base value
    • The rats can now tell if you’re part of the clan and will ask you politely in all situations

    2020-09-15 v1.113
    2020-06-16 Alpha v1.101


    Archive is wrongly labeled, it’s version 1.295


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