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    General Practitioner [v2.1][Bruni Multimedia]


    Live the everyday life of a General Practitioner: go to the clinic every day and meet new patients, develop your skills through study and manage your clinic and your staff. With dozens of items to buy and an always short budget will you be able to treat your patients in the best way?
    General Practitioner features a very long and deep storyline which will take you in a world of mistery and deception. Explore the game’s main story while enjoying the other activities available in town. The whole game contains more than 40 hours of gameplay and it’s growing update after update!

    Updated: 2022-03-01
    Release Date: 2022-03-01
    DeveloperBruni Multimedia – Patreon – – Gamejolt – Steam 
    Censored: None
    Version: v1.13.1
    OS: Windows, MAC, Linux
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, Simulator, Blackmail, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Handjob, Masturbation, Cheating, Interracial, Pregnancy, Management, Voyeurism

    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Click on “General_Practitioner.exe” to start playing.
    General Bug Fixing
    Fixed an issue during Kavitha’s exam
    “Strip Learning” event has been fully-added to the “Teaching Medicine” DLC story arc
    VNMODE: Claudia won’t be upset with you anymore if you told your niece to pursue her dancing wish

    New exam available: Jessica (ID Code 8794299577)
    New exam available: Brian (ID Code 4522015378).

    These examinations won’t be available in EXAM MODE as it is linked to the story. However, you can play it by loading a save right before the game’s credits.
    Brian’s examination will be available only if you hired Dr Borelli.

    (2020-07-03) v1.8.1

    Added an option to turn off NTR Content with Rita when starting a new game in both Visual Novel and Story Mode. You cannot change that option once the game’s started.
    Fixed an issue which prevented, in some cases, to play the “Physician, Heal Thyself” doctor’s own examination by his relative. The issue occurred if you didn’t hire all available physicians.
    This examination is not available in Visual Novel mode.
    Google Analytics’ choices tracking system has been removed from the game.
    Various bug fixing
    Fixed a crash during Katia Lopez’s 2nd examination when performing MRI or Urinalysis
    Fixed an issue which awarded -5 points for not performing an ultrasound exam on Felicity when it was not intended to be available.
    Current release number has been added in the main screen on the lower right corner
    Fixed an issue with Maryanne’s examination not giving you the right points and outcome for your choice to call social services.
    Changed the way you can dismiss Lacey Greene when she comes for her third, fourth, and fifth examination.
    A visual Novel mode is now available!

    New exam available: Kavitha (ID Code 6082756276). This examination has been written upon request as a reward for a pledger on Patreon. You can play the examination in EXAM mode and in Story mode after October 23rd, in-game time.
    A new ending and new dialogues have been written for Rita if you disabled the NTR content.
    A new fully dialogued sex scene with Rita has been added if you follow her path and disable the NTR content.

    – Erika’s “good ending” has been rewritten and fixed. If you had a relationship with her and earn enough points a new scene will unlock with her at the end of the game
    – Achieving the “good ending” with Claudia has been made slightly easier by lowering the number of points needed for it. All the other conditions still apply (i.e. choosing her as you romance interest).
    – Added a dialogue option to dismiss Lacey Greene after her second examination when she comes to the clinic. She will be assigned to another doctor, leaving your care for good.
    – Benedetta Borelli is now correctly referred to as “Psychiatrist” instead of “Psychologist”.
    – Fixed an issue where, in some cases, you could have repeated the same examination more than once

    Updated Codex information about the SARS-Covid-2 disease
    Made small modifications to Hann’s exam’s conversations to update it with new Infos about the SARS-Covid-2 disease since it was released.
    Fixed an issue which caused Katia’s exam to crash
    Fixed an issue which caused gaining money from staff to be unavailable if the option to show the daily report was set to OFF

    TEACHING MEDICINE DLC compatibility patch
    Fixed an issue which caused more pediatric exams to be loaded in Random Exam Mode than intended
    A new option to disable Pediatric Exams has been added in the Settings Screen. This option only disables Pediatric Exams in Random Exam Mode, story mode will still have scripted pediatric patients for story purposes.
    Settings screen interface has been modified to include new options
    When a pediatric patient is randomly chosen by the game a pediatric ward will be shown instead of the generic clinic
    A conversation option to enable/disable pediatric patients has been added to Erika’s introduction to the clinic when starting the game
    An option to enable/disable random examinations has been added in the Settings Screen. If disabled the game will pass randomly generated patients to a coworker every time
    An option to show/hide the daily report (“Today your staff worked at the clinic”) has been added to the settings screen

    Greetings fellow doctors!
    An update of General Practitioner is on its way to your devices! It fixes some bugs you reported and also introduces a new patient with a brand-new examination, codex entry and Steam Achievement as well!

    As you’re undoubtedly aware there is currently a worldwide situation with the new 2019-nCoV “Coronavirus”, which is causing serious concerns on the general population. I wanted our good Casanova Doctor to deal with the virus, so I’m introducing you Hann Mei, a Chinese social worker who goes to the clinic with flu-like symptoms for you to check out.


    Medical authorities are trying to calm everyone down and don’t cause panic, and I strongly believe that’s the case. The Doctor is going to deal with his usual humor with the situation, but I won’t spoiler you anything because I want you to play the exam and enjoy it!
    For those who don’t play “Vanilla” there’s also a brand-new sex scene to unlock, but that’s a secret you don’t have to share :D


    I hope you’ll enjoy this update, it’s my way to defuse the situation and play with it a little ;)

    • Fixed an issue which prevented the on-screen tooltip of item’s descriptions to disappear. Loading a game will solve the issue automatically.
    • Fixed an issue which prevented the “Shut-down phone” tooltip to disappear. If loading a game won’t solve the issue automatically you can use your phone, mouse over any icon, then shut it off to fix the issue.
    • Fixed a crashing issue occurring during “Family time” chapter
    • Fixed an issue which prevented new game+ to correctly state Claudia’s relationship with the player. Older saved games will assume she’s a sister to the player. New games will ask the player to choose (therefore you can change her relationship when starting a new game+)


    • Clicking anywhere when displaying a dialogue during online shopping won’t result in accidental selections anymore
    • Fixed an issue which made the game refer to male children as “girl”
    • Fixed a missing image during Aaron’s Three’s a Crowd conversation
    • Winning the most difficult challenge against Koola in the gym will now grant you 1000$ as intended (from 100)
    • Fixed a crashing issue during Dwayne’s examination
    • Fixed an inconsistency with a dialogue line from “Living Together” chapter if you didn’t invite Claudia to the Festival
    • Fixed an inconsistent line of dialogue regarding a promise you made to Claudia if you never made it in the first place
    • Fixed inconsistencies during Medical Board’s advice on Kamil’s first examination
    • Fixed an issue which caused Alexandra’s abdominal exam to be unavailable before undressing her completely
    • Fixed a calendar issue which caused the calendar to calculate the wrong day in January
    • Fixed an issue which caused an incorrect timeframe after Trip to Japan and Trip to Canada
    • A number of graphical glitches have been fixed
    • Removed a redundant, incorrect diagnosis in Elliott’s exam
    • Fixed an image inconsistency during Joy’s Festival (Erika’s path) by adding two different images
    • Fixed a wrong prescription text in Josh’s 2nd exam
    • Fixed an issue which prevented to examine Kelli’s legs in her exam
    • A rare issue involving achievements is currently under investigation. I reset all the “persistent” entries trying to fix this one, but I cannot grant previously-earned achievements that were affected by the issue. It looks like the issue affects players who played the Alpha release more than others. You can try to manually reset the achievements by deleting the “persistent” file in your “save” folder. Please note that doing this will also reset your ending (meaning the “New Game+” option will be locked again) and any customized setting (i.e. fullscreen, skip options, vanilla mode etc.)
    • It was reported that, in very rare cases, saved games could behave erratically after applying this patch (i.e. right-clicking, hitting ESC not working properly). I made a fix to try to overcome this issue, even though the error appears so randomly that it’s almost impossible to understand its origin. Still, new games are not affected by it and you should be able to play the game by loading it without problems. To achieve that I had to reset any customized setting (i.e. fullscreen, skip options, vanilla mode etc.), sorry for any discomfort this might cause.
      In case you are still affected by the issue just try and reload an earlier saved game. The problem has been reported to disappear just like it appeared.
    • Claudia will no longer be seen sleeping with the Doctor after she moves to Germany
    • Fixed inconsistencies with Erika’s advice during some random examinations
    • Fixed an issue with Vanessa/Aaron not recognizing you got a car when you have
    • Fixed Newscaster stating the security guard was being shot even though she wasn’t during Conrad’s exam
    • After beating Mr. Xuan in Tang Soo Do you will no longer run errands for him nor training with Kiko when starting a new day

    Gameplay changes

    • New medical examination music has been added to random patients
    • The waiting room will now open on May 5th, regardless of the patients you already examined
    • Rita’s, Kiko’s and Julius’ exams are no longer skippable as they are mandatory for the game’s consistency. You will automatically go to the clinic when it’s time to examine them.
    • End credits will now take the player to the Main Menu instead of quitting the game
    • Mr. Ellis’ name is no longer case-sensitive when you have to type it to recognize him
    • The Interactive phone has been restored from earlier alpha builds.
    • You can now click on the “Stairs” icon to exit the clinic without making any clinic-related choice or have to hit the return button
    • New Game+ has been introduced in the game. To unlock it you will need to finish the game at least once (up to the point where end credits are shown) and to Start a new game. The game will then ask you if you wish to start from scratch or from a New game plus. New Game+ retains your money, medical items bought, relationship levels with every potential romance (except Christina) and skills. It will also unlock the Waiting Room right from the beginning. It will NOT include people you met in the game nor already performed exams and events. Other events (pool subscription, gym subscription, Norah’s meeting) are not unlocked.
    • An option to choose which chapter to play has been added to the game. You can go to the Church to “Meditate on your life” and choose a specific chapter to jump to, even previously played ones. Please be aware that skipping makes the game to assume certain choices have been made by default. As the in-game calendar isn’t updated (that’s because events can play in different days depending on choices), it also advances events ahead of time, so you could end up playing the “Christmas Dinner” event in June for example. I recommend you to use it after you finished the game at least once. Also, many events that depend on your romance paths (i.e. Elisa’s whole pregnancy story) are not available to skip upon, since not setting the proper variables would cause the game to behave erratically. Ultimately, this feature is not the proper way to play the game and it could lead to unexpected behaviour.
    • Added the “Experienced Doctor” achievement unlockable by starting a New Game Plus
    Dating System
    Dating system: each time a new game

    Each time you date a character in the game, beginning with Rita in the upcoming update “Ice Dream”, you can choose to bring them to a place you already discovered while exploring the city.


    You won’t know if the date will go well or not, because that depends on fate (and your choices and comfort level of the other one). The more you build up your date’s confidence the more chance of success you will have.
    Each character you date will have a pool of 50 different characteristics (i.e. people they like/dislike, favourite foods, informations about their family or job etc.). You’ll randomly get to know a different characteristic each time a date will go well and, since they’re random, they will be different each time you play General Practitioner or load a save game.



    When you reach a predetermined amount of infos (and then you need to date that person more than once to get all, that also means that each game you won’t discover all fifty), the relationship will grow to a new step where your date will ask you (in a different way according to her character) if you really know her so well or if you’re just using them. You will need to answer up to 10 questions regarding informations you received while dating. If you answer 5 of them correctly you’ll progress in your relationship… if you fail at least 5 of them your date will leave you for good and you won’t be able to progress their romance further.
    Each date’s outcome can be also influenced by what you already know (or don’t) about her tastes. For example you could learn Rita doesn’t like horror movies, so choosing one for your movie theater’s date won’t be the right choice.

    Imagine the full game, as I am doing. In the full game you can date dozens of different people, each one with her own agenda and interests from a pool of 50. Since you can date just one each day you will need many hours to date everyone and you need to remember what turns them on or off (like you would do in real life). This way the game will be challenging enough without becoming frustrating and each playthrough will be different so you won’t know what to expect.
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    Download For ALL
    Download For Compressed Win/Mac
    Download For Walkthrough

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    Decently well-researched medical sim that has sex in it... Sex parts are few and far between however. The sim parts can also be excessively grindy and get extremely repetitive. Money is also a pain in the ass to earn... Its also Renpy engine, so everyone is Uncanny Valley. Decent time waster... I think Vanessa is best girl personally...

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    Decently well-researched medical sim that has sex in it... Sex parts are few and far between however. The sim parts can also be excessively grindy and get extremely repetitive. Money is also a pain in the ass to earn... Its also Renpy engine, so everyone is Uncanny Valley. Decent time waster... I think Vanessa is best girl personally...General Practitioner [v2.1][Bruni Multimedia]