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    Frosh Life [v0.6.1] [Sexy Simulations]


    Frosh Life v0.6.1 by Sexy Simulations, Frosh Life Game is about takes place during your freshman year at Pornell University in the fictional city of Pornell. You play the main character, a 19 year old guy who leaves home to go to college. As luck would have it, you move into a dorm which you share with three girls.

    Then… stuff happens, as it tends to do in life! There will be joy. There will be sadness. There will be victories. There will be losses. There will be blood (no, there probably won’t be…).
    Your goal in the game is entirely up to you. Will you study hard to win the end-of-year scholarship? Will you practice hard to become the national college swimming champion? Will you take on part-time jobs to earn more money? Will you take the time to get the to know the people of Pornell? Or will you simply strive to have as much sex as humanly possible?
    Your fate – and maybe even the fate of some characters – is in your hands.

    Updated: 2020-08-14
    Release Date: 2020-08-14
    Developer: Sexy Simulations Patreon –
    Censored: No
    Version: v0.6.1
    OS: Windows
    Language: English

    3DCG, Male protagonist, Dating sim, School setting, Oral sex, Handjob, Fingering, Internal view
    1. Extract and run.
    1 day of story and gameplay
    1 new location: Aquatic Center (swim arena)
    1 new action: Train Swimming
    Added keyboard shortcut (tab) to toggle fast-forward/skip dialogue.
    Added keyboard shortcut (space) to advance dialogue (same function as mouse left-click).
    Increase lifeguard assistant wage.

    Bugfixes, example black screen and others…


    • 3 chunks of story on Frosh Week Friday
    • UI upgrade, new menu system (some things remain for version 0.4)
    • Quest log
    • Some smoother scene transitions and fades
    • New action in the gym – Social workout (a lot of social media, very little workout…)
    • New menu shortcut – right-click to open save/load screen (in story mode or freeroam)
    • Release notes on the title screen (pretty much what is written here)


    • A new in-game day of content. Thursday of Frosh Week is all about the Soak Fest – an annual water gun fight competition that uses the new water gun fight mini-game.
    • Water gun fight mini-game. It is available to play on the campus location on afternoons. Practice and compete in matches. Here you can also meet the new character Queeny, who has a challenge for you…
    • Rewind function. During story sequences it is now possible to rewind to previous choices if you are not happy with the choice you made.
    • Dialog history. Check what was said earlier in a conversation if you forgot something.
    • Save during story sequences. Save at points in the story where you make choices to come back and try other choices.
    • A new location – the gym. Work out to increase your fitness.
    • Social status mechanic. Earn social points by doing things that your surrounding approves of. Spend them on digging deeper into characters or use them for less socially acceptable behavior.
    • Removed drunk status mechanic. It was not maintainable in the original form. It will be back in the next episode in a new form.
    • Display (some) available actions in other sub-locations as icons above the sub-location icons (the red ones to the left) in freeroam mode.
    • Hover with the mouse on a freeroam action (the blue ones to the right) to see things like how much energy the action requires, how much time will pass etc. Actions like “Wait” and “Sleep” don’t display anything when hovered on.
    • Removed support for 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios.
    • Bug fixes (annoying text line wrap in story sequences, annoying blink in freeroam mode when changing location).
    • Some improvements to the UI.

    Oh, and one potential gotcha. Since the game has changed name from College Life to Frosh Life since last time, save files are saved in another location. The game migrates the save files automatically to the new location, but if for some reason the save files go missing or something, it could be related to this. In that case – let me know!

    First release.



    Download For Win
    Download For WALKTHROUGH
    *So i copied “Frosh Life” folder (in AppData/LocalLow/Sexy Simulations) and renamed it to “College Life” and game works now.
    Probably just creating College Life folder there will do.

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    Loved the renders (very high-quality), water gun game could be better explained though (took me a few tries to realize I could move and reload), all-around pretty good. Looking forward to more updates.

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    Loved the renders (very high-quality), water gun game could be better explained though (took me a few tries to realize I could move and reload), all-around pretty good. Looking forward to more updates.Frosh Life [v0.6.1] [Sexy Simulations]