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    Foot Of The Mountains More S*x Than Grind [V0.1-V0.9 and V0.11-V0.12]


    Foot Of The Mountains More S*x Than Grind, if you tired doing grind on Foot Of The Mountains this version is for you! This mod is standalone you don’t need to install/download main game!

    Hello Hello! Welcome to Llamamann’s Foot of the Mountain MOD: Sex>Grind!
    This stand-alone mod is a reorganization and rewriting of a great game created by SerialNumberComics.

    Please support them as the original creators of these assets.
    It is an ongoing work in progress, and now features full, never-before-seen scenes featuring artwork from CosmoK and Guuy. As the title indicates; more sex than grind.

    Just down, unzip, and Enjoy!​

    Updated: 30/1/2021
    Main Game: Foot Of The Mountains
    Creator: SerialNumberComics
    Modder: Llamamann
    Mod Version: 2.5 beta
    Game Version: V0.1-V0.9 and V0.11-V0.12
    Language: English

    Just down, unzip, and Enjoy!​




    A new character shows up and muscles in on Daniel’s territory. To make matters worse, aunt Melinda thinks Daniel should spend some time away from the house…


    – Brand new scene with the fantastic fanart of CosmoK!
    – Green text to indicate level up opportunities
    – Red text to indicate seen menu options
    – Ann scenes, and redesigned prank quest line
    – Pool scenes redone
    – New Melinda scenes
    – Semi-auqatic pool fuckest (generates a scene randomly using modular clips)
    – It’s a meaty update

    1.0 New level 4 scenes added, game uploaded and ready for download

    0.9 First relase, leave feedback, and scenes that should be added!

    Follow Greentext to unlock the 4 levels by viewing scenes. Redtext indicates you have viewed a scene entirely and no more progress will be gained on that path. Although certain scenes have different endings and should be revisited.

    A general tip: if you have viewed the same scene more than once and it is not Redtext, follow the Greentext to unlock another level and come back to it.

    There is a cheat function enabled, it unlocks all the levels. But use at your own risk, it has reportedly caused issues.


    *a new game is required for this version
    *orginal game not required
    * Foot Of The Mountains 2 is not yet included


    Download For Win

    Download For Mac
    Download For PATCH
    MEGA *For win/mac only drag to the ‘game’ folder, overwrite file when asked
    Download For Android

    Keywords: Download Foot Of The Mountains More Sex Than Grind Game.

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