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    Chronos the Floating Prison Ship [Final][Black Lilith]


    Chronos the Floating Prison Ship Final by Black Lilith, Chronos the Floating Prison Ship is adult game about Chronos wanders in the space… In the Forest Belt, regarded as a taboo area, an operative ship named Chronos that went missing 80 years ago was discovered. Emina and her co-workers stepped into this ship to get some materials to fix their battleship without knowing what was awaiting them…

    Updated: 2023-01-30
    Release Date: 2014-03-21
    Developer: Black Lilith DLsite
    Censored: Yes
    Version: Final
    OS: Windows
    Language: English (Fan Translated)
    Voices: Japanese
    Translator: Rattan Man
    Genre: 2dcg, censored, japanese game, monster, rape, vaginal sex, anal sex, creampie, multiple penetration, group sex, pregnancy, oral sex, sci-fi, ahegao, internal view, female protagonist, voiced


    Planned: Multiple endings, Harem


    1. Extract and run.

    * Numerous aliens strike!
    Aliens in Chronos attack heroines one by one to interbreed!

    * Various types of aliens!
    – Tiny aliens that stick to the groin or breasts
    – Adult and violent aliens in a shape of human with a strong procreative power
    – Aliens in different shape with odder way of sexual approach such as vore and bondage
    – there seems to be an unknown creature that gave birth to all of these aliens…



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    Worth to play!

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    Worth to play!Chronos the Floating Prison Ship [Final][Black Lilith]