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    Adult VR Game Room [v0.5.2][Adult VR Game Room]


    Adult VR Game Room is a game in which you breed unique ACTORS (Artificial Cell Transmutable Organic Robots). Interact with them, VR and Desktop: Single player

    You are in charge of a research laboratory called “Griffin’s Nest”. You will be managing the lab machinery and resources, conducting research, and breeding ACTORS. Create new and unique ACTORS by fusing any two ACTORS together. Combine different species, races, body types, and traits. Apply researched modifiers and mutators during the breeding process to create a one of a kind, exquisite ACTOR.

    The possibilities are virtually endless. The choice is yours. Drop your ACTORS into different customizable environments. Add furniture, props, toys, lights and other items to set up the environment the way you want it. Interact with your ACTORS, control them, pose them, animate them, possess and become them. Do as you please. What will you create ?

    Updated: 2023-03-29
    Release Date: 2023-03-29
    Developer: Adult VR Game Room Steam – – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.5.2
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Genre: 3d game, male protagonist, female protagonist, customization, virtual reality, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, sex toys, lesbian, monster girl, big ass, big tits, group sex, groping, spanking, bdsm,

    -Extract and run.

    How to Install Incest Patch:
    Just copy and paste from incest patch files to your game folder.


    • New environment: Suburban house
    • New physics based locomotion system
    • Lockable furniture
    • 3 new ACTORs
    • New female ACTOR voice type
    • New female ACTOR voice lines
    • Improved genital physics and visual effects
    • New ACTOR customization items
    • New hairstyle variations
    • 3 new Skins
    • 21 new Poses
    • ACTOR heartbeat
    • Wizard staff toy
    • Golden scepter toy
    • Blacksmith hammer toy
    • Orc dildo Toy
    • Beads dildo toy
    • Table lamp
    • Coffee table
    • Side table
    • Improved ACTOR possession
    • Improved ACTOR rig
    • Improved physics stability
    • Improved performance
    • Desktop Mode vsync
    • Bug fixes
    • and more.

    – Desktop Mode
    – Updated login UI
    – Unlocked all furniture props for all Patreon tiers
    – Fixed the actor possession hands offset issue
    – Fixed the actor selection menu issue
    – Performance update for the Griffin’s Nest stage
    – Fixed the dildo/floor collision issue
    – Fixed the attached dildo penetration issue
    – Added a new option to replay tutorial

    Desktop mode. Now you can play on your PC without a VR headset. Use mouse and keyboard to control the action.
    New fantasy ACTOR.
    Improved ACTOR possession.
    Improved ACTOR rig.
    Improved physics collisions.
    Updated multiplayer voice chat proximity.
    Bug fixes.

    Improved global matchmaking. Now it’s easier to find people from any part of the world to play with.
    Increased number of players per room.
    In-game sound system. Environment sounds, object sounds, slaps, moans and more.
    Pain and pleasure system. See and hear her react to your actions.
    Female actor voices.
    Improved player locomotion.
    Improved player physics.
    Bug fixes.

    v0.2 update:
    New movement system and options. ( smooth movement, teleport, dash, snap turn, world drag ).
    New fantasy actor ( female orc ).
    Basic in game tutorial.
    Improved Wrist Menu system and actor control.
    Optimization and performance improvements ( runs 25-30% faster ).
    Graphics improvements and options ( anti-aliasing, updated textures and VR shaders ).
    Updated controls scheme.
    Improved Valve Index controls.
    Reworked UI
    Bug fixes ( too many to list )

    Dev Notes

    Online multiplayer – Connect with players from all over the world
    Voice chat – Real-time voice chat for immersive and interactive gameplay
    Realistic physics – Physics based gameplay that looks and feels real
    Physics based penetration
    Realistic skin rendering
    Interaction system – 
    Pose, animate, control and possess ACTORS
    Customizable environments – Add furniture, props, toys, lights and other items to any environment to make it your own
    Public and private lobbies– Both public and private lobbies are available for everyone
    Possessable ACTORS – Become your ACTORS
    Themed environments and toys
    Desktop (non-VR) Mode
     – Play without a VR headset using mouse and keyboard.
    VR support for Oculus, Vive, Index


    ACTOR Breeding system
    Laboratory and resources management system
    Updated genital physics
    Hair physics
    Cameras with different lenses and filters for recording in game videos
    Customizable clothing system
    Male ACTORs


    Full body tracking
    Toy support: Handy, Lovense
    In game ACTOR marketplace ( buy, sell, trade )
    Customizable ACTOR makeup system
    More customizable environments
    More toys and props
    Oculus Quest standalone version


    Don’t forget to use the patch!


    Version 0.5.2:

    Download For Win/Lin (Patched)
    MEGA  *Already Patched, extract & enjoy it!
    Download For Win/Lin
    Download For Patch
    MEDIAFIRE *There is a more detailed readme.txt but it is quite self-explanatory, basically just extract and replace Assembly-CSharp.dll in Adult VR Game Room 052\Adult VR Game Room_Data\Managed with the one in (you can backup your old one just in case).


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    Overview Adult VR Game Room is a game in which you breed unique ACTORS (Artificial Cell Transmutable Organic Robots). Interact with them, VR and Desktop: Single player You are in charge of a research laboratory called "Griffin's Nest". You will be managing the lab machinery and...Adult VR Game Room [v0.5.2][Adult VR Game Room]